30|5'11|3 kids| Impatiently awaiting my [BBL,TT,BA,BL] Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey there fellow Real Selfers! I'm a 30 year old...

Hey there fellow Real Selfers! I'm a 30 year old mother of 3 (14/10/2) and wife. I stand 5'11 and am currently working this baby weight off at 235lbs (size 12). I had a BA/BL in 2006 with a doctor who botched my ass from here to timbucktu. She hadn't a clue what she was doing. I've managed these 10 years but now that I'm older and wiser, I'm getting the best of the best. I'm trying to book my procedure in the Dominican Republic beacause the way they are sculpting these dolls...it's unfucking real. Like...what type of voodoo juju is going on here? Teach me your sorcery!! Better yet, just work it on my flat back having ass. Growing up, most women dream of theur Prince Charming, riding by and sweeping them up on their white horse. Or have dreamt of an extravagantly glamorous wedding. Na unh. Not me. I've always just wanted a big, juicy, plump ass. An ass with alllll the fixins. Now, I have been blessed with height and when you're tall, it's easy to look kinky or goofy if you will. You're pretty much flipping a coin. Thankfully, I was blessed to be the complete opposite. I've been called a stallion many a day but....how the fuck can I be a stallion with no ass? That's horseshit if ya ask me. So, I'm done having children and ready to treat myself to a nice body makeover so I can feel fresh and anew. It's time. My husband loves me and continuously tells me how sexy I am but when I look in the mirror, I don't see what he sees. I'm happy mentally and if I never got these procedures I'd still be good BUT, I'm grown now. Have money and can make it happen. So like, it's going down. At first I was hip to Dr. Miami and even put in my deposit but my sx date isn't until 6/7/17. I've slept on it for over a month now and I just can't wait that long. That's faaaaaaaar, mane! Wtf wants to wait that long. Shit, I'm getting borderline tired of obsessing about it the way I am ie: searching reviews and looking at big booties at work, on the toilet, in the car, on the toilet. This shit can't go on for a year and a half. I'll need a booty annonomous meeting or some shit. So I ran across Dr. Duran and holy shat! She can sculpt a body like a true artist. Crazy. Miami can too but Duran, she gives you that exotic look. That's who I really want to go see within the next 6 months. I'd like to lose 25 more lbs before I go in though. Now with all that being said...I have come across Cabral. I know the stories behind him. Read up on it and my theory on that is it can happen to any one of us with whom ever we chose. We're all taking a risk. Sadly a lot of women also are so gung-ho on getting the work done they'll go as far as falsifying their info and past. That's not good. If you smoke, be honest. If you've had complications in the past, be honest. It's YOUR health. Now please don't get me wrong, in absolutely no way am I saying that it was these ladies faults and or theirs alive. I'm simply saying it can happen to anyone and it's a risk you're obviously willing to take when we put our lives in another persons hands.

Deep breath.

Ok, so those are the doctors I'm leaning toward in DR. I'd love to hear about your experience with these doctors and your stay at a RH. Best nurses, Cipla issues. Must have items etc... It's greatly appreciated! And don't be a stranger, I love people. I'm also ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Exact supply list w/o overdoing it

I know there is 1k+ supply lists on RS but I'm in search of an exact list without going overboard. You know carryon and check in bags can get ugly real quick with those unplanned fees. I'm sure I'm already going to be stressed enough and I'm going to encounter a plethora of road blocks w/my flight, RH etc... I'd like to pack the bare minimum but still have every necessity and where else to find the exact list but here on RS? So, if you've had sx in DR, please post your packing list on my thread. It's more than appreciated.

Queen DURAN or King CABRAL?

Look, I'm on the verge of pulling an '07 Britney Spears if I don't figure this out. This is some Matrix red or blue pill shit. No pun intended. I'm bout to lose it, you hear meeeee?!

Duran's Personal Quote Directly From Her

This is how I reached her via WhatsApp (809) 707-7163. I first reached out on this app 7 days ago. I've been emailing for a full month with no response. I use Google Translate and communicate in Spanish. I figured it would be easier for her not to bypass that way. Her direct quote is $100 more than the Surgicooridantor's. That's ok because it would still be $100 cheaper than utilizing their services.

Duran's Stomach Liposculpture Instead of TT?

Since she's unsure if she can do my BA/BL/TT/BBL at the same time, I was wondering if I'd make good with just liposculpture on the tummy. Has anyone seen her make a HUGE difference in someone's tummy by doing this? To me, it seems as though TT would be the only way to go but you never know unless you ask.

Post Baby Body

Dreaded nude photos. Hate this body but not for long though! I'm also at my biggest I've ever been. 5'11 and 235 in a size 12. By sx date I'll be 210 and in a size 9.
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