31 Years Old, No Kids, Lipo + BBL = MEDINA DOLL!!! - Dominican Republic

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30 year old female who has had body issues from a...

30 year old female who has had body issues from a teenager. No matter how many times I dieted and exercised I could NOT get rid of my tummy! Been researching Dra Duran and the Lipo and BBL for a year and a half and finally have decided that Dr. Duran would be the best person to give me my dream body

Ok Posting My Pics - Ugh!!

Ok guys I'm even mortified to be posting these pics but here goes. This is how I am currently. I'm 5"5 inches and weigh 170 pounds. If I had kids I could understand but I can't believe I let myself get this bad~!!

One last set

I forgot to add these frontals.


Ok ladies I'm hella upset and cried like a baby these last few days but I am no longer going with Duran because I have a medical condition and she refuses to even give me a quote much less operate. The Phenom beauty ladies tried their best but she refused to even give them a response for my quote so I have contacted Dr. Anthony Hassan from Vanity Cosmetics in Miami and he has agreed to do it based on
1) I take my meds right up till surgery
2) I get a note from my doctor stating that my condition is controlled and will in no way affect my health during or after surgery
3) I do a full physical a few weeks ensuring my blood count and my body is in good operating condition.

It's gonna cost me about a stack more (*bawls*) but at least he was open and honest and told me my condition should not directly threaten me or jeopardize me in any way long as I take my meds and my doctors signs off on it. So at least I am greatful that he is willing to make my dreams come tru.

Just sad that my other Duran dolls who I was planning on goin with I now won't be able to! And after researching for a year and a half and having my mind set on her....I'm just severely disappointed she couldn't even grant me the courtesy of a reply or explanation. With that being said I am now going to be a HASSAN DOLL!


So Vanity is a trip (and I haven't even officially paid them yet) *rolls eyes* Anyhoo Hassan gave me a quote of 5,000 for Liposuction and BBL + arms. I have alot of arm fat and I have always hated my arms. AT first I was informed that Vanity had a special of $4,500 for Lipo of 12 areas AND BBL....now I got an email saying it's now $5,000 (extra 500) because arms aren't apart of the lipo'd areas and that's extra. I was like fuck it...I need to get my arms done. My tummy and my arms are the bane of my body so however I'll find the money I'll do it.
So my coordinator at Vanity Anna says I just have to pay a deposit of 1,000 and I can be booked for June. I wanna be theee first patient he sees so I'm hoping by November I can save enough to wire transfer 2,500 in part payment to her.
Any HASSAN dolls thinking about surgery in June? Hit me up


Sorry I haven't posted in a while ladies. Been hella busy with work. loll..Sooo I still haven't paid my deposit with Hassan at Vanity yet. One of the reasons is that I'm not doing my procedure until JUNE which is over 6 months away and with Hassan's prices being sooo unstable (high then, higher now, highest in a few weeks, then dropping by a thousand or over again) part of me is just waiting to see if the prices will drop because there is no way in hell I am going to pay over 5,000 for my surgery! I am on a budget here and I refuse to have my surgery done and NOT have my arms done and Vanity charges an additional 500 dollars for any extra area...so as it stands when Hassan had a special of BBL + Lipo it was 4500 plus 500 for arms. Now its 5000 for BBL + Lipo and according to the multiple coordinators calling me Hassan is GOING to INCREASE his PRICES. Dafuq!?
So seeing as I am in no rush and have plenty of time until June I'll wait and continue to research on other doctors..maybe even in the Dominican Republic. My Realself sister by another mother DANCINGDOC is having surgery in DR with Dra Duran and even though she didn't give me a quote cuz of my condition other doctors HAVE been giving me quotes from the DR! And hunni they are wayyyyy cheaper than Hassan's ass right now! So I am still looking and weighing my options. But if I choose Hassan I will be staying at Keyla's RH as I have heard nothing but good results! I have even spoken to her assistant on whatsapp and Instagram and they have answered all my questions and assured me of their practices so I am impressed. Also they charge 130 USD per day (Breakfast only included) which for me is reasonable for any dolls on a tight budget and wishing to recover at a good place in Miami. So I would highly recommend KEYLA's to anyone seeking a budgeted RH in Miami region


Ok ladies and dolls, sorry I have not been updating on REALSELF in a minute. Between work and my depression I was in a really low place. Especially financially. But God is God and he never gives me more than I can bear. I was kinda stressing because Even though Hassan was my choice based off the fact he could give me the big DONK I wanted (loll!) when I was adding up the costs for my overall procedure plus to stay at a RH in Miami plus the cost of massages AND a private nurse I realized I had flown wayyyyy past my budget!! There would be no way in hell I could afford the surgery in 2016 when I got the total figure as I still had bills and car loans and living expenses here in Jamaica. Plus with the USD raising to JAD $120 to 1 USD it would be twice as hard to save and buy US for the surgery.
Another doll had told me to watch out and see if Hassan would do specials (Like 4,000 for Liposuction of 12 areas PLUS BBL!) but you would basically have to stalk realself religiously day and night to catch him on those deals. And when he does offer those specials they are only up for a few days at best before the prices increases to 5,000 or higher! That and the fact that Miami is very expensive! The cost of a Recover House for a few days would work out to ten days or more in Domincan Republic! The cost of five Lymphatic Massages in Miami would equal to fifteen in DR! So you get my drift.
I was a bit down but then my REALSELF love and now new bestie DANCINGDOC put her shoulders to the wheel and literally took it upon herself to find me a surgeon in DR that would not only be affordable, but highly accredited and certified with the board of plastic surgeons. We found Dr Tania Medina! (Even though there were other who gave me quotes such as Dra Robles, Goico and Almonte)...I chose Dr Medina after four weeks of extensive research on her and reading multiple reviews and reviewing past patients pics.
I also watched Youtube videos from RandomKim who was a former patient of Dr Medina and I was sold right there and then! Plus Dr Medina answered all questions, whether I texted her late at night or early in the morning! She even befriended me on Gmail social circles and added me on whatsapp and answered any concerns or questions I had no matter how stupid it may seem to a doctor like her. lolll. Plus I loved the way her BBL's were..even though I wanted mine to be Duran/Hassan/Fisher outrageous and huge!!! (I love BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!!! HAHAHAHA) I'm sure whatever she gives me I will be fine with it because anything I get will be an upgrade from this old broken body I have now.
Dr Medina quoted me 3,700 for Lipo and BBl plus an extra 300 to do my arms (YAYYYY!!! Within my budget!!) plus me and my surgery buddy DancingDoc will be staying at Princess Recovery House. In total I have decided to spend 14 days in the DR. Landing Sunday June 26 and leaving Sunday July 10th. Dr Medina only does two patients a day (See? Personal care!! No 4 or 5 patients...no long waiting, no room with a million girls back and forth, no chattery nurses ignoring you after surgery and leaving you in a room by yourself while you're in pain and need help). Dr Medina works at CECILIP and TRUST ME hunni!! That place looks like a modern art gallery/hotel!! I am super excited and I knew in my heart that Dr Medina is theeee one to lay hands on me. I trust her, and I believe in her. And my spirit is telling me to go with her so with her I shall go.
I have attached some pics of Dr medina's work that I screen grabbed with my phone. Leave your comments ladies. Lemme know what you think.!


Ok so both me and DancingDoc have decided to wait until after christmas to make our deposits. DancingDoc is going with Duran and I with Dr Medina. Seeing that quotes and deposits are only good for 6 months we decided that making our deposits in January would still safeguard us until June. Plus seeing that it is Christmas time and christmas shopping and bills will have to be taken care of it just seems best to get all that out the way and start the new year fresh.
We both have also decided to cut down on the spending. Especially during this holiday season. It is soooo easy to get caught up buying gifts and presents for our loved ones that most people start the New Year not only in debt but BROKE. And hunni I ain't having that!! So luxuries that I used to indulge in like buying clothes or doing nails or even going to the gym has been cut to save for this surgery. I do my own damn hair or pay my sister a small money to do it for me. I run in the evenings or mornings instead of paying money for gym membership every month. I dont buy any new clothes just wear what I have and mix and match. I try not to go out too much as well because going out (even to watch a movie, head to the beach or go parties) means gas money, food money, club money, new outfit, makeup etc....and that ALLL adds up. SO I live like a hermit and just go to work, jog, and try to do odd jobs on the side to make that extra money.
Dr Medina also does very goood tummy tucks. I have attached a few of her past patients tummy tuck pics as well. Well dolls when your heart tells you something it's best to follow it. And my heart has been telling me to stick with Medina even though Dr Robles booties are to die forrrrr!! I loveeeee how she shapes her bums and of course they are hugeeee!! But once again research is important and my heart was just not that into Robles. I dunno even when I tried to convince myself to choose her I was just not feeling it at ALLLL. Plus reading about how her staff has treated patients. Their lies, the way they try to hustle you out of extra money, the lack of follow up after surgery with Robles, and how it is damn near impossible to get through to Robles after surgery when you need her for anything is a huge turn off. Plus the inattention by her nurses and staff to you...that shit is a negative in my book. After surgery you are at your most vulnerable and even though you may stay at a Recovery House God forbid anything goes wrong you need to get back to your doctor ASAP!!! So yea....ummm...no thanks. Medina it is. I am still a little sad about Dr Hassan but I refuse to go broke and come back from my surgery in a huge ass debt and still have bills to pay. I am satisfied with my choice and am glad I can afford to do my 'medical tourism' in the DR. Plus even though i was a bit concerned with coming to the DR alone...I am glad for Realself! If it wasn't for you ladies, the Vets, the newbies, the recovering and the potentials, I would have never had this much information on who to choose, where to stay, what to buy and what to expect. AND I wouldn't have found my friend Elaina (DANCINDOC) who is a godsend as she is like my sister from another mother and we have bonded over our surgeries! Found her on a buddy forum here on Realself and we communicate everyday since!! Now I won't be alone and I'm glad because God could not have chosen a better person to pair me up with as I go on this journey. Ladies, especially those who are coming by yourselves, if you feel you are strong and independent enough to go through this alone (and with the help of a private nurse and your Recovery House) then Kudos to you. But for those who are worried or nervous of travelling to a strange country to do such a serious procedure check out Realself forums and blogs. Find another who is goin the same time as you. You may not go to the same doctor but at least stay together at the same Recovery House. Trust me it's a nice feeling to know that even though your spouse/boyfriend/friend/family may not support your decision to do surgery for whatever reason, your surgery buddy and you share the same common goal and reason. She will be able to support you and you her when negative people try to turn you from your path. Plus after surgery when you've puked up all over your bed and your faja is blood stained and you've peed yourself cuz you couldn't reach the bathroom and you're in a shitload of pain, SHE will be the one to either help, call for help, or damn near call the doctor and demand they come assist you. SHOUTOUTS to my beautiful ELAINA/DANCINDOC...God bless you love!


More Photos of Dr Medina's work

Attached more photos of Dra Medina's work! I am totally excited for June!!


Soooo super excited!! I paid my deposit for surgery to the lovely Dr Tania Medina!! I am now officially booked and confirmed for June 28th, 2016!!! Whooppppeeeee!!
Now all I gotta worry bout is coming up with an additional 4,500 to come up with between January to June. loll. But I know I'll find a way! I'm a hustler damnit!! I'll make dat money! God got me! But right now I need to start doing some serious saving! Shit just got real! I'm really going through with this!!

Happy New Year!! Buying of supplies and list of expense! - MEDINA DOLL

Happy New Year guys! I pray that God be with each and everyone of you and may he bless you all with health, wealth and happiness!
Now down to the knitty gritty. I know most of us dolls realized that January 2016 we were BROKE! lolll. Thanks to the christmas shopping and bills alot of us dolls has had to go without a lot in January. Yours truly is no different. I had been going over the cost to do this surgery (minus all the necessary deposits you need to make) and I realized I would have to go to DR with the bare minimum because I only have less than 6 months to come up with the funds and I may not cut it close. God forbid that happens I may need to borrow the money from an institution. But so far this is what my SX shopping list looks like.

MEDINA - 3,800
Blood Tranfusion (just in case) - 250
Princess Recovery House - 1,000
Private nurse for 2 days - 200 (50 per day/50 per night)
Lymphatic massages + faja - 250
Roundtrip Transportation from airport - 100
Medical Insurance - 150
Post Op Meds - 250 (I may save on these if my surgery buddy is able to supply the post op meds for me. If she does I'll have an extra 250 in case of emergency).

TOTAL - $6,000
And I refuse to go a penny more. Please note ladies this DOES NOT include the cost of roundtrip airline tickets that can cost anywhere from 475 up to 800. Neither does it include the buying of supplies beforehand.

Now what I did was to buy my supplies PIECE by PIECE from as early as December. You heard me. From December. I live in Jamaica and not all the items on the surgery list is available here. So what I did was buy items one at a time, two at a time and sometimes three at a time whenever I had the money. Then ship them to my mother-in-law's residence in Miami. She come to Jamaican every few months so when she's coming I know I would have had 85% of the supplies I needed. The remaining 15 I can purchase out here. Granny panties, SSS tonic, Vitamins (pre op and post op) Maxi dresses, waist trainer, tank tops, flip flops and personal items for women (deodorant, lotion, chapstick, toothbrush etc) I got. So as it stands I should be finished purchasing all my items by THEEE latest March. So I won't have to worry about last minute items I may need. I still have not bought my airline tickets (trying to hustle up the money for those) as, like I said before, I am broke and things are tight. Yes I know I still have time but seeing that I am going in the summer when airline tix are high I need to get that money together ASAP and buy it before it reaches in the thousand dollar bracket! loll My surgery buddy Dancing Doc36 already bought her plane tickets and paid her deposit to Princess Recovery House (as I am yet to do too *shamefaced*) so I need to get on board that as well asap.

So you see ladies, this surgery thing is no joke, financial wise. A lot of things will have to be cut if you're on a tight budget like myself. And remember we have to buy US dollars here in Jamaica and it keeps climbing and the Jamaican dollar keeps sliding. So it's making my job ten times as hard to get that money. But I have no fear or worries cuz I know GOD GOT ME!


Ok now for part two.

I have already deposited my money to Dr. Medina to secure my surgery date. I still have to pay 100 USD to Princess Recovery House to secure my room and a deposit to the nurse as well. So that should cut my budget from 6,000 to around $5,800.00

I started buying the items piece by piece from Amazon. One of the first things I bought was the Pe-Ezy and then I bought a Booty Buddy. The booty buddy was going for 69.00 plus shipping and I figured I would need it seeing that I WAS'NT planning on sitting for three months on my new expensive ass so that was an investment.

Now it is important to note that when initially doing research on this procedure I kept seeing these long ass lists of things to buy. Now I'm not saying that some of the items aren't needed, they are. But the list got so long and the total amount spent so ridiculous I was like there is no way in hell you'll use ALL of that!! After a year I read more reviews and watched Youtube videos of dolls telling that half the shit they carried and spent money on THEY DID NOT USE!! Loll...and seeing as I am on a budget I've narrowed it down (after researching an additional 6 months) to the following.

***PAIN MEDS!! This is the first on the list because trust me, when that pain kicks in you'll wish you had carried that Vicodin or Oxaforte or Percocet that you read about. I've been told Oxaforte is THEE best cuz it has morphine or some other stuff in it. I can't get it out here, hopefully my surgery buddy has somn just as strong so I can get. AND BUY THEM IN THE STATES! The pain meds DR gives you are weak..buy from the states and carry with you!

Baby wipes ( DR water is not recommended to bathe or drink AND i don't plan on getting my incisions infected sooooo...wipe me down for 2 weeks it is!)
T-shirts (old, tank tops etc)
Granny panties (to wear outside your faja if u so choose. If not scratch this off the list)
Thick Pads (Now this maybe optional. If u have gauze u may not need this)
Gauze (If you think you'll be draining blood heavily, stick with the pads)
Neosporin (for your incisions or any open wounds)
Sundresses / Maxi Dresses
Chux - (check you Recovery House to see if they supply these. But best to be safe than sorry and carry a pack of about 25...just in case the RH runs out)
Arnica Gel
Arnica Pills
Hibiclens - Use before your procedure / The private nurses or the assistant at the Recovery House may use it to wipe you down for your 'bath'
Water Pills - Because of the excess water retention after the procedure, a nice doll who did BBL with Dr Hasan from Miami says that taking water pills will get rid of the excess water weight and help lessen bloating. But be careful cuz you will pee like a mother.
Laxatives (stool softener) - Trust me, you'll thank me later. Carry this. #MUST
Gauze+medical tape+alcoholic pads - To clean your incisions/ for dressing and for sanitation reasons.
Toilettries (you know the things a woman carries when travelling)
Gloves (Just carry a few just in case your caregiver who is also handling other girls and cleaning them up doesn't pass on something else to you with her bare hands)
Disinfectant wipes - Again can be used on your own person, to wipe the toilettes you share etc
Sleep aids - Sleeping is a bitch after surgery. U won't be able to. Get something that will help your body to rest and recover from the trauma it went through.
Itch creams - when that skin starts to heal and dry....itch city it becomes!
Bio Oil or Palmers Cocoa Butter (Please see above reference)
Abdominal Board and/or Lipo foam
Compression stockings also known as Anti-Embolism stockings
Antibacterial soap (in the event you decide to shower and not use the wipes)
Bobby / BBL Pillow (or for me I used BBL pillow)
Q-tip - to put neosporin or whatever on your incisions
Anti nausea medz
Arm compression sleeves - For those doing arm lipo
Post-Op vitamins and Iron tonics (Bromelain, Vitamin C, Iron, Folic Acid, B12, Acidophilus Tablets, Chewable Women's Vitamins)

And that therein is my list. Hopefully it helps some of you ladies. Ya'll can add or take away what you want. But the thing is not to overpack or overspend and end up not using most of your supplies. Feel free to comment when you guys have time!


Well Ladies it's been a rough few weeks but I am happy healthy and alive so all praises be unto God. Financially it's been very bad but the silver lining came last night in the form of AMAZON supplies!! My surgery items came (delivered by my wonderful Mother-in-law!! Thanks Mrs. B!!) And trust me...if I had doubts about this surgery or if I was going to be able to save up enough to do it THIS motivated me enough to get shit done!! Lolll...there are times when we have doubts about whether or not to go ahead in getting surgery, if it's a good idea, or for persons like myself, If we are going to be able to save enough to get it done because with bills and the like it's rough. But getting my supplies lemme know 'ish just got REAL!!

All of the stuff I bought from Amazon (and the Booty Buddy) were supplies that were not available here in Jamaica. Like the PEz, Hibiclens, Booty Buddy, Bromelain, Arnica pills and cream etc. The remaining ten percent of my supplies I can get out here (Vitamin C, SSS Tonic, multivitamins, granny panties, tank tops etc) but this constitutes the bulk of my supplies so I am officially pass stage 1 of my journey and now onto stage 2 which constitutes paying my deposits AND finding the money for my airfare which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later. Stage 3 for me is the final stage, saving the remaining 4,500 I'll need within a few months as before you know it June will be here and I can't afford to waste any time! I'm almost 4 months Pre-Op and I need to set my shoulders to the wheel and HUSTLE HARD for this one so pray for me ladies!! I am determined to get all this done and within the time frame set!

The most expensive thing out of all the supplies was the Booty Buddy as I refuse to sit on my ass for 3 months. It cost $75 dollars inclusive of shipping. I also bought the Scar Away gel from Amazon as it has gotten multiple positive reviews and I don't want my lipo scars to be noticeable in the future. THAT cost me $31 dollars plus shipping (Yikes!) then the Mega Foods Blood Builder all natural tabs came highly recommended from past dolls who were concerned about building up their hemo levels and found this tablet to actually work quickly and effectively so I went ahead and bought it. It's 90 pills (one pill a day) so I will start taking it in May (remember to take it with Vitamain C to aid in absorption) and I bought some acidophilus and Vitamin E, Folic acid and some muti vitamins which I am currently taking (but must stop a month before surgery as per docs orders). Things like Chux, gauze, tape and the like Princess Recovery House states they will supply so I am not going to bother buying those. Well ladies I am happy this Stage is complete. Now on to the next. :-)


Good afternoon Barbies and barbies to be!!
Ok First off I wanna thank my fellow Realself Doll Roza112 for giving me some sound advice on what to take and pack to DR to save me some dollars!! Also for letting me know that it would be easier (and cheaper) to change my Jamaican dollars to DR dollars!! I had no clue!! And since my last update the Jamaican dollar has jumped to 122 to 1 US dolllar so I am under extreme pressure to come up with extra money and fast!!
I cant believe time is flying! I paid for my ticket to travel to DR and will be leaving on Sunday June 26th (two days before my scheduled surgery) on Inter Caribbean airlines (wayyy cheaper!!) Even though i am afraid to fly on small planes my budget is not allowing me any wiggle room right now so I gotta put on my big girl panties and find the most affordable way to achieve my goal. BUT I have made sure on my return trip I will be taking Jetblue 1st class (with extra leg room) so I can stretch out fully and move my legs around so as to keep the blood flowing!! I dont care about the layover...I just wanna be in a big ole' plane with enough legroom and space to stretch and get a mini exercise going! (No to blood clots!)
So I have purchased 95 percent of my supplies I am happy to say. The only thing to purchase now is my return ticket AND get the remaining money together for my surgery. I have also paid $100.00 deposit to Princess Recovery House (FINALLY!) and all that's needed is to now pay Yaniri (Lymphatic Masseuse) and my private nure that i will be hiring for two days after I leave Dra Medina's!! I can't believe I am really going through with this!!! Soooo excited!!!!!


OK Ladies I am sooo stressed out by this surgery experience that I actually had to go to the doctor for my pressure was high!! Let me inform you on what happened.

So I have been planning this surgery for over 2 years now, I knew the doctor I wanted (THAT didnt work out...but got Medina instead), I knew the stuff I was to buy (THAT didnt work out cuz I ended up buying more shit than was informed!) and I knew the Recovery House I was gonna stay at (I Guess u figured the answer to this right?). I always said I wanted to stay at Princess Recovery House. I loved their high customer service comments and their glowing reviews. Plus the photos and Instagram videos of the placed didnt hurt. Now I know that there were two girls working with Princess. GISSELLE and another lady named NINOSKA. Anyhoo I had the two of them on my whatsapp and been communicating with them over the last few months. Both me and my surgery buddy decided that we would band together and stay at Princess. My Buddy DancingDoc36 went ahead an paid for her stay at Princess up front. I just paid the deposit cuz my financial situation is a bit tricky. Since we have been communicating via whatsapp imagine my surprise when I was informed by Gisselle that I could no longer stay at Princess RH (after we forked out the money which she readily and quickly accepted). After a heated argument and a few rude emails sent from me to her I found out that Gisselle is (Surprise SUR-MOTHER-PHUCKING PRISE!!) is no longer with Princess Recovery House but is now working at OASIS RECOVERY HOUSE which is a new RH that just opened in March!! Gisselle took our money knowing full well that she was NO LONGER with PRINCESS RH and after taking our money let us know the deal. Needless to say we were pissed!


Now as a fellow Caribbean national and DR's neighbor I was highly disappointed and upset but cant say I was not surprised! Sometimes my fellow caribbean people can be downright greedy and money hungry for the good ol' US DOLLAR!! My surgery buddy could not deal directly with the issue as she is in school and this additional stress was distracting her from her studies But what Gisselle did was downright shady and deceitful!! AND she did not have the money to refund us!! I figured that part out after a few days had passed and she was yet to send us back our money. THAT PISSED ME THEE FUCK OFF!! Therefore we had no choice but to stay at Oasis. Now my SX buddy tried to turn this mountain into a molehill and showed me the bigger picture: We needed a place to recover in peace and without stress and to be taken care of. YES it was not Princess (not even close) and the food may look blah and the actual ambiance may look like deaths closet but we had already paid and seeing as though we were not getting it back to just endure this hand that we had been dealt and stay at Oasis RH and give Oasis the benefit of the doubt. After 3 days of trying to plead with Dr Medina to intervene (who understandably as a doc could not really help. She knew Gisselle and gave some of her clients to her but as a doctor what could she do? Talk to Gisselle yes but she couldnt get our money back) , Ninoska of Princess RH (who was pissed that her clients were being stolen from under her by her former partner), Gisselle as well as someone else who claimed they were the actually owner of Oasis (didnt get their name and wasn't sure at this point if they were REALLY the owner/manager/con artist or not) we just decided to let bygones be bygones and stay and try and make the best of the situation.


So ladies, be warned!! If I ever have to come back for a Round 2 in the DR next time I will definitely stay at Princess RH. I'm not gonna say anything negative yet about Oasis as I have not stayed there as yet. That is for when I get there in June. But just shady people pisses me thee fuck off!!!


Lord I have been so busy working extrrrraaaa hard selling cars and finding ways to get this surgery money together I have had NO time to update my review but here goes.

I finally have about 90 percent of my money together (THANK GOD!) It wasn't easy but I am there. Elena my friend has been a rock throughout this ordeal and I am soooo glad I met her here on Realself and she has become a true, dear and genuine friend to me. Trust me this surgery thing is very stressful and the closer you get to the date it seems like all sorta shit just keeps popping up in your personal and business life.

Stress 1) - Oasis RH and both myself and Elena still been having a wee bit of communication issues as to whether we were booked to stay or not as Gisselle it seems is no longer with Oasis. SO of course we were freaked out as if to whether we were still booked to stay there. We were assured by Oasis peeps that we were so right now all I gotta do is have faith

2) Plane ticket prices have been rising like oil prices and I had not purchased my return ticket until a few weeks ago. That shit was pricey as hell. Decided to fly back on Jetblue on their extra legroom (what is considered first class or whatever) because I figured I would need the extra space to lie on my side and wiggle my feet around to keep them active (no bloodclots). I also requested wheelchair assistance because based off a few dolls experiences I refuse to stand in line for long period in a faja while i may get bloated and miserable

3) The USD here in Jamaica rose again so buying us money is wayyy more difficult now

4) Personal stress with the fam and the hubby has literally caused me to eat and gain an additional ten pounds. I've literally broke down a few times crying on Elena's virtual shoulder as trying to come up with this money and the stress of saving and bills and everything else was just too damned much

So as of right now I am basically in the clear and the end of my journey is almost here. Right now I'm looking forward to more sleeping and relaxing than this surgery as My vacation leave is my surgery recovery period so I just pray I get an uneventful surgery and rest. That's all I need. The next time I shall write is when I am in the airport on my way to Santo Domingo.

P.S. I bought some Travelsox Compression socks because I have heard they are number one in compression socks for travellers and have read nothing but good reviews on them.



OK I know I said I would next write a review when I was leaving or when I got there but am too excited. I got 5 more days until I join my surgery buddy (dancingdoc36) in DR!!! EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! I can't believe this journey is finally coming to a close!! Just sooo excited! My bags are already packed and I'm just making final monetary plans to get all my stuff in place!!! MEDINA SEE U IN 5 DAYS!!!

ARRIVED SAFELY - A full review coming

Hey Dolls
Just a quick note to let you guys know I arrived in Santo Domingo safely. But my journey was drama filled from the moment I landed to today June 28th where I am less than 2 days away from going homee the
I had my surgery, but it was nothing as expected. Lost a lot of blood, almost died. Seriously if it was not for staff at Oasis Recovery House and my surgery buddy I do not think I would made it. Please bear with me


Hello Dolls.

Thank You for being so patient. I arrived back in my native country Sunday July 10th and was back to work bright and early Monday morning. Monday and Tuesday were both rough for me as I'm a secretary and trying to stand and do my work was both physically exhausting and hurt my legs really bad. Had to sit at some points (thank god for my booty buddy!) but was overwhelmed by the amount of work I had piled up on my desk so I am only just getting to write this review so here goes.


So my flight went off smoothly early Sunday morning on June 26th. I hate flying small planes but it was cheaper and I was on a budget so I sucked it up. Had on my Travel Sox compression socks that I purchased from Amazon and was on my way. Stopped for a time at Providenciales Turks and Caicos and was on my way to DR. Arrived in beautiful Santo Domingo at about 1: 30. Ladies...the men in DR are ALL CUTE/HANDSOME! I am not kidding!!! lolll...I was drooling seeing how fine they were! Almost forgot about my fiancee back in FL...almost! I had already purchased my tourist card online so I didnt have to join any long line for that area. Breezed through customs and immigrations (who looked bored as hell and disinterested in my excited face) and went through this long ass hallway only to go through the door of the airports exit to see huge crowds with balloons and flowers and signs and music! I almost felt like a celebrity until I realized it was just people waiting to spot their loved ones and not for me! Hahahahahahah!
Ok now here is where it gets interesting.
Remember I am staying at Oasis Recovery House. In the cost of staying Transportation is included in the package so I dont have to pay for transport to and from Medina/Cecilip etc. I had already informed Dra Medina twice about this via email and once on whatsapp. I didnt want a driver from Medina's because she would charge me 100 USD for Transportation. So when I landed I saw a dude with a sign with my name on it. Me in my excitement didnt even remember to ask if this individual was Wander from Oasis. I was THAT excited to finally have made it. He was nice and warm and shook my hands and tookk my bags and carried me to his 7 seater where we left the airport. DR is beautiful country,,,and the drive was really good. During the drive I got a text from Wander asking if I had landed. Now imagine my surprise because here I thought this guy was from Oasis. Turns out he's not. It's George from Medina's. I'm fucked. Because automatically I now realize that I will be charged the 100 USD that I didnt wanna pay. If I had known beforehand that this was George i would have politely declined and waited on Wander. I was also upset that Medina still sent George as I told her up to the evening before I HAD A DRIVER and wouldnt need one. Wander was a bit upset (as was I) but brushed it off and said he would meet me at the house. George carried me to a private clinic to have me do my labs as CECILIP is closed on Sundays. Afterwards I saw him driving to what looked like a gated home. I said to him "Is this Oasis" he said no...its My Home Recovery. I told him no no no. I already informed Dra Medina that I was staying at Oasis Recovery House. He tried to tell me that they had a room ready for me and food and all that good jazz but I was already pissed that I wasted 100 bucks and now I felt like they were trying to push me into a recovery house of their choice. I told him no, I wanted to go to Oasis. He called Dra Medina and I guess she told him to carry me there cuz eventually he reversed and just a 5 minute drive later I was at a beautiful 9 storey condo surrounded by other high rise condos, a church, a ball park and beautiful modern buildings. The nurse Judith was there to meet me and carried me to my room where my surgery buddy was already recuperating from her surgery from Dr Duran. There were other girls there and all the rooms were full.
Oasis is very beautiful. There is the balcony where you can view the city and the church right across the road. Inside is a huge living room the dining area and a outer sitting area. They have three rooms (each room has its own bathroom) One room is a single bed unit. The second unit has 3 beds and the third unit has 2 beds. When I arrived each room was fully occupied and I was the last girl to arrive to fill it completely. They have two nurses Judith and Mabel and a next young lady who cleans and just overall helps out (I cant remember her name but she was sooo super nice and jovial and happy! SHe accompanied me to my doc visit at the clinic and was just a doll) Wander is the owner and he carries the girls wherever they wanna go (Its included in the cost) but the girls still tipped him or paid him because he went above and beyond what a manager would do. He is really sweet and tries his hardest to make sure every girl is comfortable. I would definitely go back and stay at Oasis Recovery House if I ever decided to do a round two. Judith is thee best nurse ever!! Even though she speaks no english she understood my every concerns and complaints. SHe helped me through my worst times and trust me....the 6 days after surgery I was seriously ill. If it wasnt for Wander Judith and the staff at Oasis Recovery House I don't know how I would have made it through. Even when I was homesick just listening to Judith and Mabel speak (even tho I understood nothing being said) and talking to Wander made me feel loads better. After the whole outcome with Princess Recovery and Gisselle I'm glad I stayed at Oasis.


OK so Tuesday morning I was picked up bright and early by George and carried to the infamous CECILIP. Ladies let me tell you it is very beautiful, very modern, artsy, shit they even have a spa inside right across from Dra Medina and other doctors offices. The day before (Monday) I had paid my fees including the 100 USD I didnt wanna pay but had to cuz it had already gone bad...PLUS $150 for Medical Insurance. Now here is where I am confused. My surgery buddy and Wander tells me at CIPLA Medical Insurance is not a necessity. You are asked if you want it and you can refuse, which most girls do. AT CECILIP they INSIST that you pay...and basically let you know the surgery cant be performed without it. I asked what exactly I was paying for Dra Medina's obnoxious assistant by the name of Loren (Dont get me wrong she seems lovely...but both her and Marielle are not concerned with anything else but collecting money from Medina's patients and flouncing around seeming somewhat like some airheaded barbie. Their personalities seems fake and contrived...dont believe me ask other Medina's barbies. They just seem self absorbed and all they tell you is how perfect you are and everything is going to be ok even when its not). Loren told me in the event something serious happened after surgery (which it would not) it would cover all major problems that may arise (which it didnt) and would cover specific costs (which has yet to happen). SO I asked her if nothing happens after surgery do I get back my 150..she says no. So I say so why is it a need for me to pay it then if everything is going to be ok and I wont need it. She couldnt answer me and I got even more pissed. Thats 250 USD that I wasted. You ladies have to understand....I had to work very hard to get this money and I was coming to DR with the bare minimum for surgery. No extras. Every penny counted and it seemed to me they strong armed me to pay 250 that I really and truly did not have to pay...and the medical insurance is bullshit. You will see why on my later posts. SO They took my money wrote me up a receipt and I was off to surgery next day. Dra Medina let me know my tummy would not be fully flat after surgery because I had seperated muscles due to the fact that I kept losing and gaining weight over the years. The only way it would have been really flat and my waist small would be if I had gotten a Tummy Tuck and I dont have kids yet so that was a no no for me. I was kinda bummed out because I really wanted my tummy to be flat but at that point anything was better than what I had. She also informed me that the skin on my butt was really firm and hard and it would be really difficult to put much fat in it O_o
Exactly. ANother disappointment. I really wanted my ass to be huge. I worked so hard and fought so long for this moment it seemed nothing was gonna go my way. Anyhoo I just sighed and said ok. She hugged and kissed me and said she would try her best to make me look the best I can be and then the nurse came and gave me the little blue pill. I laid down and was on my phone for a while texting and next thing I knew pure darkness.


Hey dolls thanks to all of you who have been reading and following up on my journey. So lets continue with me taking the infamous blue pill and knocking out eh?


Ok So all I remembered in my blacked out stage is being lifted from my surgery bed to another bed. I didnt wake up during surgery like most girls wrote about but I did remember voices laughing and talking in spanish. I woke up what seemed like a minute later in a beautiful room at CECILIP and my own private nurse who was such a jolly and lively little soul my spirit loved her instantly. What happened next tho was pain. Real disjointed, discombobulated, sore fatigued pain. Luckily they had given me some more pain meds so after that it was just really really really sore. It hurt to move, it hurt to turn, it hurt to do every goddamned thing! My little nurse (bless her soul) kept me fed, and checked on me every hour on the hour. She said I gave her no trouble in broken english. Dra Medina came at some point either during the day or next day because I think I had blacked out again. She said I had lost a lot of blood. Now I was at this point confused cuz I went into that surgery with my hemo 13.5 so I was clueless as to how I lost so much blood. Then she told me I had to get a blood transfusion for....wait on it...$650 USD!!!!!
Confused? SO was I. Here is how she sent her assistant afterwards to explain it to me. The blonde haired assistant which had no compassion, care or ability to empathize or relate to Dra Medina's patients. THIS is what Ms. Marielle (the blonde haired chick) told me.

I lost a lot of blood. Like, really, a lot. I would need 2 bags of blood @
1 Bag = $200
2nd Bag = $200
Private nurse for day and night = $100
To do the transfusion AT A HOTEL = $150
TOTAL = $650
The look on my face as this bish rattled on about needing to PAY FOR IT NOWWWWWW WHILE I WAS STILL DIZZY AND INCAPACITATED = PRICELESS

I thought this was highly unprofessional. I tried to ask her what the hell the 150 Medical Insurance was for she ignored me and told me that was in case of something major or serious happening. Well excuse me if my blood count dropping from 13.5 to 7 then to 5 isnt serious shit. Cuz fuck my life...just pay ya'll 650 while I JUST WOKE from surgery and ya'll tuck me into a hotel and play nurse with bags of blood and a nurse. Yea, umm, no. I told her I didnt have the money to pay (I didnt) that the price for ONE bag of blood much less two was ridiculous (it was) and that it was my choice to refuse because whoever heard of doing blood transfusion in a fucking hotel (U see where I'm going here?).
They gave me Iron shots and then discharged me. What happened for the next 5 to 6 days was a whirlwind. Wander and the Oasis staff was flabbergasted at my condition when I got back. They gave me iron rich food, made black bean juice, Wander even bought iron supplements out of his own pocket to give me. I was so lethargic and in utter discomfort and pain I wept every day for those 6 days because I couldnt sleep because the post op faja they put me in was ridiculous and cheap looking. It could not compress me enough to keep the fluids from building up in my stomach and back so every day I had to be transported to CECILIP for Hemo shots and to be drained of fluids in my abdomen sides and back. Every. day.
Eventually Dra Medina figured that the faja was problem and after 3 days she told me that she was going to put me in a Stage 2 faja to help prevent the fluid build up and possibly a seroma (which I got) so my swollen lethargic bruised body was stuffed into a stage 2 faja the 4th morning post op. The only good thing was that I was sensible enough to start getting Lymphatic drainage massages right after I was released from CECILIP. And those combined with the stage 2 faja, pineapple juice, arnica pills and walking helped me feel muchhh better by day 8. But I also HAD TO get a transfusion by then because I was like a zombie and feeling weaker each day. Yaniry Rodriguez (The best masseuse ever!) tried her best with me but I was so out of it that Dra Medina called the recovery house mad AF that my hemo was getting lower and I refused to get transfusion. To cut a long story short I managed to make a call and get some money and Dra Medina offered to pay the balance (which I much appreciated because there was no way I could afford the full 650) And I was rushed back to CECILIP on a Saturday morning to start my transfusion. Yes. CECILIP. Not a Hotel. Makes you think huh? ^_^
So I stayed at CECILIP from Saturday morning to Sunday midday where I was discharged. I felt loadssss better more energetic. Its like I was brought back from the dead I tell ya. I was even able to get a massage right after. The stage 2 garment tho is hell. I still had not been able to sleep 10 days post op and seeing that I am a back and side sleeper not a tummy sleeper I kept waking up to my neck spasming and my hands going numb, my face swollen and my joints severely frozen up. Ladies lemme tell you. The first 4 to 7 days after surgery is hell. If it was not for the kind staff at Oasis Recovery House, especially the nurse Judith, my surgery buddy and the other girls who kinda gave me positive words I dont know how I would have made it.
Now about my body. Dra Medina showed me before and after pics of my body. On the surgery table it looked realllll good. Booty be poppin an shit. Tummy flatter than a muvaaaa! Lolll But 8 days after surgery IT DID NOT LOOK LIKE THE PICS MEDINA SHOWED ME WHILE I WAS IN THE OR. My tummy was severely swollen and my booty looked more like a little pear than a damn Apple bottom. I hate to be jealous but even my surgery buddy who was done by Dra Durans booty looked round and full and perky. I just couldnt see what I had spent that money and almost died for. Like, seriously. On one of my trips back to Medina I ran into two females who also got Lipo, TT and BBL by her. Of course the doll with the TT and Lipo and BBL was on fleek! Her waist was soooo tiny and snatched and her booty just stood at attention but after talking to her she said she was not really happy with her booty even tho everyone was saying how good it looked. SHe wanted bigger and was not seeing it. SHe was happy with her tummy and small waist but was not happy with her booty. The other doll says she was giving it some time because even though it was an improvement from what she had before it was not BIG like say, Duran dolls or Cabral's. SO I'm not gonna say I'm not happy with my body as it is a big improvement than what I had before but for what I went through I kinda expected more, much more. Ya know? You spent all this money and go through hell and not even an hour glass shape I got. I still look "square" or boxy up top, and my stomach is not flat. But maybe its too early to say much of anything. I'm still just over 2 weeks post op and all reviews say the magic happens in the 3rd month when the fluffing stage begins and you get the booty set for life so lets wait shall we? But as of right now I am not really happy with how the booty looks. Medina is sweet and is genuinely concerned with her patients and tells you upfront what she can and cant do..but aggressive Lipo she does not do. Neither I think aggressive booty filling...but thats just my perspective. I've seen some other Medina dolls with huge asses and small waist and flat tummy but most of those dolls did Tummy Tuck with Lipo and BBL. And we all know with a TT your booty is gonna pop more and be more pronounced. Anyhoo Pics attached. Feel free to ask questions.

Realself acting a damn fool - Uploading more pics

Sorry Ladies but for some reason realself is not allowing me to upload all my pics at once. So I have to do it in stages. Below are the pics Dra Medina took of me before surgery. As you can see in the pic where I'm lying down in the ridiculous post op faja they gave me..it does nothing for compression. lolll.


Ok SO below are the Post Op pics. Trust me...I looked hella good on Dra Medinas table right after surgery. Even two days after when I was lying down I took a photo and loved the lumps I saw. AS of right now those lumps have diminished into moles. lolll. I left DR July 10th and spent a whopping 14 days there. Wander at Oasis RH said I was the only girl he saw spent a full two weeks after having Liposuction and BBL. The reason I stayed that long is because I factored in anything happening to me after surgery I may need to stay longer to recover. And I'm glad I did even though almost everyone left the recovery house in the few days before I left. I got really lonely and homesick but was glad I decided to spend the two weeks. Its always good to stay a bit longer ladies in the event something serious or unplanned goes wrong after surgery, which in my case it did.


Ok SO these are the full frontals I was telling you ladies about. See what I mean when I say the booty goes up and down? Oh and ladies that gentleman there is Wander, the owner of Oasis Recovery House. The most sweetest sensitive and comedic guy you'll ever meet. I'mma post Oasis number in his photo. Also Ladies for the best massage ever I used Yaniry Rodriguez. She is on Instagram. If it wasn't for her my tummy and back would not have looked as flat and as smooth as it does now. My problem is that back here in Jamaica it is difficult to get the Lymphatic Drainage massages from someone who knows what they are doing and is inexpensive. I have not been able to get one massage since I've been back 5 days now and have to resort to trying to massage myself in the shower. Anyone else got that problem?

Quick Update - 4 Weeks Post Op & NOT Happy at ALL

Ok Ladies so I have been trying to get back into the swing of things (work/home/road etc) and believe me this recovery is slow and rough. I am officially 4 weeks post op and some days my booty looks high and huge and others it just looks normal. The itching is all too real. I find I itch mostly when I am at home and at nights but I am trying to ignore it unless it gets reaallyyy bad then I will use my Benadryl itch cream.

I had purchased a smaller size faja before leaving DR (My first stage 2 was a size 34..I purchased a size 32) but with this swelling and this heat I cant seem to bring myself to wear it. I finally put my foot down and decided I would start my size 32 next Monday and then have this one taken in a size or two smaller.

I still have not gotten any massages yet but I have been massaging myself in the shower and making sure I an extremely compressed. I guess the more compression you have the better it is so I am trying my best with the faja. Overall I guess it is still too early to say anything but I really do wish Medina had been more aggressive with her lipo and put more fat in my booty because it does not look all that big at ALL. I am trying to stay positive but its really hard considering all that has happened up to surgery. Its just hard to spend all that money and not feel like you got what you wanted ya know? And now I am actually wishing I had gotten a Tummy Tuck even though I do not have any kids and am planning to in the future but damn man! If I had gotten the TT my stomach would have been flatter and my waist wayyyy smaller than it is now. Maybe I am being greedy but at one month post op I am just NOT HAPPY with how I look. People are saying give it more time and wait until the 3 month fluffing fairy comes so I am trying to be patient. Let me know what you think about the photos dolls

Anyways happy healing and safe recovery to those who are just out of surgery and I hope ya'll are happy with your results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I AM CHOOSING DR. TANIA MEDINA. Dr Medina is easy to access, you can talk to her through whatsapp or email at any time of the day or night and she will respond to your questions or concerns. She has never had a death, is board certified and works at the beautiful and modern clinic CECILIP. She only does two patients a day and she continues to monitor and keep up with you after surgery. Her work speaks for itself and her bootys are perfect!!! I have read nothing but positive reviews from her and her record is flawless.

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