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Hi! This is my first entry. I happened to stumble...

Hi! This is my first entry. I happened to stumble upon this forum with no intentions on getting any work done in DR but after reading all of the great reviews and seeing everyone's results, I decided to look into plastic surgeons in DR! : ) After reading all the reviews about the top doctors in DR, I've narrowed my choices down to two doctors: Dra. Duran & Dr. Hector! I've seen many before and after pictures from both of their patients and I'm confident that either one of them will give me the results that I'm looking for. Dr. Hector is my first pick. I emailed both doctors my pictures and height and weight just two days ago and after hearing (from other patients) that the doctors aren't prompt with responding to emails, I impatiently Waited for a response from either one or both of them. : ) Behold! Dr Hector responded to my email with a quote within two days!!! And to my surprise he quoted me roughly $3,500!!! I'm stoked! Where do I sign?? Hehehe. I am waiting to hear back from him to see how I can send my deposit in to secure a date. I'm looking to go at the end of February, first week of March. Fingers crossed! : D

All Set for 02/17/2016!!

I still haven't gotten a response from Dra Duran with a quote but I'm completely okay with that. Dr. Cabral was my first pick and he responded first so it all worked out perfectly. I didn't have to choose between the two. : ) I follow Dr Cabral on IG and he posted a screen shot of the number of text messages that he's received on what's app and it was tons! I immediately got anxious and was worried that he would be all booked for Feb & March so I decided to call his office to get the ball rolling on securing a date and making a down payment. When I called the office, the receptionist gave me the available dates and told me that the Dr doesn't require a deposit. 0_o what??? So of course I booked my surgery date. I'm set for February 17!! I asked the receptionist if she could tell me what I need to do to prepare for surgery i.e. Take vitamins, get a physical, etc. She wasn't very helpful to say the least. : / Based on what I've read from other dolls who have had surgery, there are some things that I need to do to get prepared for surgery but I'm a little unsure what those things are. If anyone could provide some insight on whether I need a physical for a BBL or what vitamins to take to prepare, please let me know. Also, how much weight I should gain to ensure I have enough fat to transfer. I'm currently 5'7" 164 pounds. I'm usually 146 which means I've gained almost 20 pounds but I swear it has mainly gone to my butt and thighs. My top is small. I'll attach pre-op pics soon.

Less than 30 days away!

I am less than 30 days away from getting the hips/body that I've been dying for! I wish that the date would come sooner. I've gained so much weight! My clothes have become really tight and uncomfortable. I haven't been this big since I was pregnant 7 years ago. I've gained about 20 pounds. Tho I've gained a lot of weight, the majority of it goes to my lower body and my butt! : / I guess that may work in my favor because I won't need the majority of it transferred to my butt. Dr. Cabral can concentrate on transferring the fat to my hips. : ) I hope that I have enough fat in the right places to be sucked out and moved where I want it to be.

Secured a RH

Today I sent money via western union to secure my recovery house. I decided to go with Real Tropical recovery house. Based on other's reviews, it's a nice modern condo and they take good care of you. I was happy to secure the RH today because I'm getting down to the final days and the RH was filling up for the month of Feb. Thats one more thing that I can check off my list. : ) I feel relieved and it feels good to be making progress.

My measurements

I measured myself today so that I can have a record of my pre surgery measurements to compare to my post surgery measurements. They are as follows:
Breast: 37
Upper waist: 31
Lower waist (closer to my navel): 33
Hips/butt: 42
Ideally, I'd like my waist to go from a 33 to a 25. I can't even imagine my waist being that small! : D The thought of it excites me. I'm still eating high calorie unhealthy foods in an effort to gain more weight. I contacted Dr Cabral today on what's app and told him what my current weight was and asked what he suggested it should be so that I could determine if I needed to gain more weight but he hasn't responded yet. I'd like to gain four more pounds so that I can atleast be an even 170. I'd feel comfortable with that amount of fat. Until he responds, I'll keep eating. Hehehe


I started taking my vitamins exactly 30 days pre op surgery. These are the vitamins that I'm taking. The iron pills make my stool hard and dark. Those are some of the side effects of the iron pill. I am going to buy Blood Builder in addition to the vitamins as I've read a lot of dolla say that it worked to boots their hemo level.

Wish Pics

I found a couple pictures online of women who have curves that are absolutely amazing!! I hope Dr Cabral can delivery these results for me! : D I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my body looked like this!! Again, my focus is to get more projection in the hip area. That's the main area that I'd like to improve.

Hemo Level & Pre Op Check Up

I wanted to get an idea of what my hemo level was at this point so that I could see if I needed to do some additional things to increase my hemo so I went to see my primary doctor here in the states. She called me today and told me that my hemo level is 13! I was so excited and shocked!! I thought it would've been in the high 11s. I'm not sure what the minimum level can be in order to still be able to get surgery. I think it's an 11 or 12.
I also took my vitamins with me to my visit so that she could read the labels and see if I was taking the correct dosage because Dr. Cabral never specified how much of each vitamin I should take. I just started to incorporate Bood Builder into my daily vitamin intake a couple days ago and after she read the back of the Blood Builder label and compared it to all of the other vitamins that I was taking (frolic acid, B12, iron, etc) she advised me to simply take the blood builder because it has all of the other vitamins in it. Now that I know that my hemo level is pretty good, I'll take her advice and solely stick with the Blood Builder. Taking all that iron was making me light headed.
Even though I've been eating super unhealthy, my cholesterol and everything is perfect! I'm still at 166 pounds. I haven't gained or lost anything. I think that if I don't gain any additional weight, I'll still have enough fat to get good results but I will try to gain another pound of two, just to be on the safe side.

The Countdown!!

I can't believe I'm 7 days away from getting a new body! It's surreal to me. Everything has been falling into place as far as my finances are concerned and getting the necessary supplies for recovery. I ordered the majority of my supplies from Amazon. They should have arrived at my house by now. (I'm not home at the moment.) I will post a list of the things that I was able to get from Amazon. I also bought a boppy for my booty from Walmart. It's so cute! : ) I sat on it to test it out. It feels like nothing more than a pillow but I decided to keep it because if my doctor feels it's necessary and I don't have it when I get to DR, I'll have to pay more for it there than I would in the states.
I feel pretty confident that my hemo level is still at 13, If not higher. I'm still taking my blood builders.
I also sent more money to the recovery house that I'm staying at to cover my stay. It wasn't required but I wanted to cross some things off my list.

Things Purchased on Amazon

I was able to find a few things on Amazon that aren't in local Walmarts and/or Target and are needed for the recovery stage. I purchased the ab board which is to be worn under the faja, a P EZ for urinating easily while wearing the faja, compression socks which are a must. Be sure to purchase socks with compression between 20-30Mmhg. If the socks don't provide enough compression, they won't be sufficient. I also got arnica cream which is to be used during massages. It helps with bruising. In addition, I got arnica pills as well. Bromelain pills are an enzyme from the pineapple plant and are good for breaking down protein. The doctor will require you to get these pills, as well as the arnica cream and pills so you might as well buy them ahead of time because it may be cheaper to purchase them on Amazon versus from the doctor.

Headed to Santo Domingo!

I just boarded my flight to DR. I'm not as excited about my surgery as I should be because I got my menstrual a few days ago and I don't know how that will affect my hemo level. I haven't checked it since my last visit to my PCP weeks ago. I'm hoping that it has increased since then. I actually started taking my blood builders just two days prior to my visit to my PCP and at that time, it was at 13 so I'm hoping that the blood builders have increased my hemo level. That way, my menstrual won't affect my levels too much. I guess we'll see in a few hours. I am going to go straight to CIPLA when I land so that I can get a consultation and get everything scheduled for tomorrow. Plus, I want to get done of this money off me! It's way too much cash to be carrying around. I'd rather give it to the doctor and not have to worry about it being stolen or lost. Wish me luck! I'd hate to come this far and not being able to get the surgery. : (

Real Tropical Recovery House Info

Here's the flyer/contact information for the Real Tropical RH where I'm staying. I just got here. It's so clean and modern. Ruth is in charge. She greeted me at the door with a kiss. Loved it! And her daughter is even better. Her daughter is around my age and speaks amazing English! She's been in my room talking to me like we've known each other forever. The place is really clean and modern. The furniture is modern. The sheets and blankets on the bed look new. Everything meets my standards this far. The condo reminds me of condos and apartments in Miami. In my pic, you see two beds but I will Not be rooming with anyone. No way. Hehehehe.

Ruth's daughter told me that Dr Cabral is the best! She said his lipo is veryyyyy aggressive but you will not be back for a round 2 or 3. He's 1 and done! Please keep in mind that the flyer I'm posting has rates good until Feb 5 as stated on the flyer so the rates may vary depending on when you come.

Today is the Day!

I'm at CIPLA right now waiting to see the cardiologist. I wasn't able to get my blood work done or see the cardiologist or get a consultation with Dr Cabral yesterday because my flight was delayed. By the time that I got out of the airport, the cardiologist had left for the day so I have to do everything this morning prior to my surgery. I had my blood work and x rays done just now. I'm headed to the cardiologist now. That's the least of my worries. : )

I've only seen the lobby of Dr Cabral's office. It's nice. His receptionist is very polite and professional. Everything looks and seems ok this far. The office looks like an office that you'd see in the states. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Made it to the other side!

Hi dolls. Cabral gave me wayyy more than I expected. I am loving my new ass and can't believe it's mine. I was the last patient to be seen yesterday. I have an under active thyroid. Oh boy, why did I tell the cardiologist that. He made me go to another clinic to get my thyroid tested to make sure it was stabled. I'd just had it texted three weeks ago in the states and I had my results but they wanted to test it again. The results wouldn't be ready til 4pm and I didn't think Cabral would do my surgery that late but he did and boy did he save the best for last! : D more pics coming later

Feeling Pretty Good

I just got washed off. My faja was taken off for the first time so it could be washed and I too could be washed. I had a lot of drainage from the back, right below my tattoo. I had no idea I had a drain in there until I saw these pics. I'm not in a lot of pain, which is great. It only hurts when you touch the bruised areas. I think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

I'm so happy to be washed out. I felt disgusted laying in all that blood and puss. I was dreading getting my faja off because I thought it would be painful. It wasn't bad at all. You will get light headed when your faja is taken off. That's typical.
My butt is really big. For one, it's swollen and two, I had a nice size to start with. Dr Cabral posted my butt on his IG and some previous patients said their butts don't look like mine but everyone's starting point is different so the end result will be different.
My eyes are extremely puffy from the surgery. The nurse said it was normal. I have fluids moving around within my eyes. The bags or puffiness migrate to other areas around my eyes. I'm going to apply a hot rag to my eyes today.

1st Massage

I got my first massage today. I was honestly dreading it because of all the reviews I've seen on how painful they are. I think because I expected the worse, it wasn't so bad. On a scale from 1-10, the pain I felt in between my thighs when she massaged them was an 8. It hurt pretty bad around my waist as well but overall, it wasn't bad at all. My masseuse was very considerate. She had a job to do but she considered my feelings, literally. Lol. FYI Ruth, the lady who runs the RH massaged me. I just love her!
I could hear the fluids coming out of my drain in the back. That disgusted me. 0_o I see why you dolls say you feel better after your massage. I feel a lot more mobile. I can bend down more confidently now and get on and off the bed quicker. I'm looking forward to my massage tomorrow. It can only can better.
I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait for my butt to go down. It's huge!! I told Dr Cabral 'I want a big butt, but I don't want a big butt.' Lol I think he understood what I meant. I think it's really big because it's swollen but I trust that he didn't go overboard. My main area for improvement were my hips. I took a couple pics in my garment today. I'm really swollen so there's not much to see but I know you guys like visuals so I'll post them anyway.

Before & After Back Shot

Here's a before & after comparison of my butt from the back. Major difference! Even in my back. The fat is gone! Thank the lord. The back fat was so uncomfortable. I think that the after pic is really gracious. My ass is Huge in person. It makes me really nervous. My common sense is telling me that it's swollen and will settle. Fingers crossed.

Hump Day

Day 5 must be humpday! I'm feeling the best that I have felt since having surgery. I decided to be proactive last night and take two Tylenol extra strength and two sleep aids so that I could finally get a good night's sleep. The night before, I had taken two tylenols and one sleep aid and the sleep aid didn't do anything for me so I increased the dosage last night. I slept throughout the majority of the night expect for waking up to adjust at times. The RH that I'm staying at doesn't give pain medicine prior to going to bed. Idk if that's how they all are across the board so I would definitely suggest that you bring your own OTC medicine so that you can get some relief at night.
When I got out the bed this morning, I was able to walk around pretty well. I walked around in my room just to get my blood flowing and see how much physical activity I could do. It felt really good. I feel the most pain in between my thighs where I had lipo and right under my butt cheeks. It's so sore when I touch it but I'm trying to work through the pain and massage it a little. I don't have my compression socks on and I'm not swollen! It's such a choir to put them back on after massages so I didn't put them back on yesterday after my massage and bath. I'm not swollen at all on my legs. If I were, I would've put them back on but since I'm not, I skipped them for now.
I am going to CIPLA in a few hours to get my drain taken out and see the doctor for a check up. I think by the time I leave here in two days, I'll be pretty mobile. : )

Home Sweet Home : )

I left DR today and flew home. My flight was 3 hours. It wasn't so bad. I was pretty comfortable. I sat on my bobby. I got up a good bit because I'm paranoid about sitting on my butt. I avoid sitting on my butt as much as possible.
I got my stage 2 faja before leaving. I started wearing it yesterday. My recovery house got it for me. The difference between the first faja that you get from CIPLA and stage 2 is night and day! Stage 2 hugs you to the point where you think it's harming your organs. 0_o It makes it extremely hard to sit in it because you can't really bend. I'm either standing or laying on my stomach for now. Those are the only positions that feel semi comfortable. The thing that I do like about the faja is that it squeezes you so much that it masks the pain. You can do more walking and not feel sore.
I got a total of 6 massages before leaving DR. The masseuse said that I would need about five more once I got home. My bruishing is starting to clear up. I'm bruised pretty badly.
Someone asked what exactly I got done so I'm going to elaborate. I got lipo on my inner thighs, my sides/back, my stomach and my thighs right below my butt cheeks. When i gained weight, I started to collect fat under my cheeks so Dr. Cabral suggested that I get lipo there. It helped to make my butt project. I'm glad he suggested that area. My inner thigh area was my personal choice. Again, when I gained weight, it went to my inner thighs and I hated how tight my thighs were.
I saw Dr Cabral before leaving today. He lovessss my new body. Lol He said he put 850cc in each cheek. He hesitated when telling me which makes me believe that he doesn't quite remember and is estimating. I'm sure he's done at least 80 women since my surgery last week. His office has been packed!!
It feels soooo much better to be in the comforts of your own home. My bed is way bigger and softer than the one I've been sleeping in for 8 days....The things we take for granted : )
I hope I answered some of your questions.

Previous & Current Measurments

Bust 37 37
high waist 32 29
Waist by navel 33 1/2 31 1/2
Butt 42 1/2 44
I'm still very swollen and have a long way to go before I'll see my final results. Someone inquired about my current measurements so I posted them.

How to Contact Dr Cabral

I've been getting a lot of questions about how to contact Dr Cabral. Email him full body pics of yourself with an explanation of what you want done. You will receive a response with a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay. hcabralplasticsurg@hotmail.com
Once you receive the estimate, call his office directly and book your surgery date through his assistant. She will tell you what dates are available.

Lymphatic Massages in Atl

Does anyone know of any masseuse in Atl that specialize in lymphatic massages AND are reasonably priced?

Finally Seeing Results

Hey guys. I haven't updated in a couple days because I've been on an emotional roller coaster. This surgery process can take a toll on your mental. I'd like to think that I'm emotionally stable but I get frustrated and upset about this whole recovery process and the pain that I'm constantly in. I am still not completely healed. I can't bend to the floor. My back is really tight. I can't comfortably sit on the toilet. I am still not sitting on my butt; per Cabral's orders. I lay in the house all day long on my stomach which isn't comfortable because the faja is pressing into my skin. I started working out two days ago and put myself on a diet because I have to go back to work this weekend and I couldn't fit my uniform two days ago. That has been stressing me out because I have a job interview for a promotion with my job and I HAVE to look professional and nice in my uniform. Since I am semi-mobile, I decided to start working out at the gym. I walk two miles a day on the treadmill. I can't run yet. It hurts my lipo areas. Something is better than nothing, right?
I tried my uniform on this morning and it fit better! I was so relieved. The swelling has gone down a little and I have lost a half inch around my hips/butt. I'm feeling so much better today. I took pics today and I'm in love with my results! I am still swollen and my body isn't at its final stage but I'm moving in the right direction and it's making me happy. I was honestly worried that Cabral put too much fat in my butt and hips. They were HUGE but now I can see that it was mainly swelling. Cabral is amazing at what he does. I don't see any room for improvement. Cabral transformed me. I feel so sexy. My stomach has a bulge at the bottom. I just put my ab board in for the first time after taking these pics.

My current Measurments are:
Bust 37
High Waist 28
Lower Waist 29
Butt 43 1/2

Measurments taken 6 days ago:
Bust 37
High Waist 29
Lower Waist 31 1/2
Butt 44

Progress! : )

When I first thought about updating my blog, I was going to say that much hasn't changed with my body. I measured myself and my measurments were pretty much the same as before but when I put my pics from my last update next to pics that I took today, I see a difference in my body! : ) My waist has gotten smaller, despite my measurments remaining the same. I had a lot of fluid in my back on my previous pics, which I don't have as much anymore. I'm not 100% healed, even at this point. My inner thighs where I had lipo are still hard. My flanks and back are tender to touch, especially when I don't have my garment on. I had my faja taken in so I'm back to the first hook.
I've been exercising which helps with the healing process and I'm sure with draining fluids. I'm really happy with my results at this point but I know my results will continue to improve. I'd like to lose at least 6 pounds. I weight 163 which is overweight for me. I do like having a big butt, but I want to have more of an athletic build more than anything so I'm in the gym trying to lean out and turn my muscle into fat.
Dr Hector Cabral

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