30 Year Old going to Dra. Tania Medina for BBL - 10 Days Left!! - Dominican Republic

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Hi dolls, I want to get a BBL for 2 years now....

Hi dolls,
I want to get a BBL for 2 years now. Here in Europe the results for BBL suck! You pay a lot and you almost don't see any differance. So I decided to go to Dominican Republic or Colombia. Colombia is really too far away (flight is 16 hours), so I decided to go to dra. Tania Medina in Dominican Republic.

I chose her because she was the best at communicating of all the plastic surgeons in the DR (she answers every message the same day), I love her results and I haven't read any negative comments about her so far (no deaths as far as I know). I spontaneously booked my flight and payed my deposit. If I'll not go right now, then I'll never do it!

I'll stay at the Tropical Deluxe recovery house. Their prices are lower then of other recovery homes and they have a pool and a beachview.

I'm soooo nervous!! I'm concerned with all the deaths in DR after surgery. What do you guys think about my decision?

4th day post op BBL Tania Medina

Hi dolls,
I wanted to let you know how the surgery went. I had my surgery with Tania Medina this Tuesday. Everything went well. It was better than I thought. After surgery I didn't have that much pain because of the medicine they gave me. I wasn't feeling that bad. A private nurse (Nubai) stayed with me and she was awesome. I'm also happy with the results. I'll post my pictures later. I only had less feeling in one of my legs, but after a few days it was gone. So that was fine.

The recovery is another story. They day the first 3 days are the worst... Well the first 3 days weren't that bad. I have a lot of liquid build up and bruising now and that's really hurting!! I had 3 massages and they are getting more painful every day. The liquid that is inside of my back and stomach burns like hell and the have to push it out of your body with the massages. It burns so bad!! I had to push away the nurse who was massaging me a few times, because it was hurting so bad. The second time I had a massage I almost fainted by the way. They took out the liquid in the hospital with a syringe, but I still have a lot of it, so they made my faja (garmet) tighter. I cant even move or sleep like this. Tomorrow they will try to take out the liquid with a syringe again. I don't really know what to do now. I try to drink a lot of water and walk around for the circulation. What can I do else?

Review Tropical Deluxe recovery home

Hi dolls,

So I'm finally back home. I feel so much better already. I almost don't have any liquid and the bruising is for 80% gone. I'm very glad I chose Medina. Ill review her later. Now I'll review Tropical deluxe for you guys. There were things I liked and things I didn't like at all.

Things I liked:
1. The apartments looked nice and were very clean with a beautiful beachview.
2. The food was good: 3 meals a day and 1 snack.
3. It was very save. Every room had a camera. I haven't heared before that other recovery homes had cameras.
4. They were flexible. I booked a double room, but it was too noisy for me so I asked for another room and they gave it to me without any problems.
5. The owner (Ruth) was very nice.

Things I didn't like:
1. They switched up our medicine by accident. Please doll, take your own medicine no matter where you go.
2. The driver was rude and he had a cheap car with no good air. He tried to ask me for more money (10 dollars) for bringing me to the supermarket, which was 5 minutes away from recovery home. He didn't do that to other girls. I never payed it.
3. Almost every day there were problems with the electricity. The air and wifi were switched off a few hours a day.
4. The daughter of the owner was trying to sell the medicine and a second faja very bad. I'm sure she asked more for it than they actually cost. She never gave a receipt for anything.
5. They didn't have emergency buttons in the room.

Actually not sattisfied with Tropical Deluxe

After I wrote the review that's above about the Tropical Deluxe recovery home, I saw that while I was staying there they had an offer: 65 dollars per night with 7 free massages if you'd stay for 15 days.

Well dolls, I stayed for 15 days, I payed 70 dollars a night and I had to pay 25 dollars for all the massages (I only got 1 lousy massage for free). So they ripped me off! They also ripped me off with the medicine and try to ripp me off with buying another faja. The driver tried to ripp me off by asking me more money for the trip. Not satisfied at all!!! I don't recommend it to anyone.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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