I need sum more junk in my donk!!!!

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Omg! I can't believe I'm actually gonna go thru...

Omg! I can't believe I'm actually gonna go thru with this!!!! Okay yall, so I'm getting the bbl...no tt but I am an emotional wreck!!!! I'm seeing soooo many bad reviews AFTER I already sent my deposit to Dra. Yily.....people waking up in pain during summer to getting their face slammed! To hear tha yily is quite mean is even bothersome!!! I can't take it!!!! Now I'm seriously reconsidering drs...I love a Dr Cabral but I've seen reviews where he gives a lot of lipo burns and I'm light so I can't go thru that...any dolls that recommend any other docs that give amazing results????

lipo research

Sooooo I'm looking up some info on liposuction and I get scared!!!! It said that not only can fat grow back bit it can grow back in other places.... yeah I heard this before but I didn't think they were talking about the fat growing in other places like the kidneys or liver or LUNGS!!!!!!! Now I don't know what to do...Yily already has my deposit.....pH the agony!!!!

surgery date changed to july 13

yeah...I had to change the date cuz my car needed repairs and bills came out of nowhere....at least I have more time to lose some weight. Kinda bummed tho cuz my sis is going to dr robles may 24th...may be interested in getting my vajayjay snatched too while im there....lol

considering another surgeon

Just seen a girl who went to yily and I'm not impressed.....hopefully the fluff gods come soon....I even seen a pic from a yily doll whose skin looked bad and severely botched..... may be thinking about going to duran or maybe even looking at a few drs in colombia....they been snatching and fluffing lately!!!


So since i cant update my dr and their location in my profile ill just do it here......im switching to Dr. OSAK OMELEPU for my bbl.....I came to the conclusion that if i was gonna get it imma stay in the states.....i seen some of his work and i think he can give me the result im looking for.....not looking for a big ole Deelishis result but a better and rounder booty that fits my tall and pearlike shape......this journey is crazy and im so ready for it to be over....My new surgery date is November 30. Ill be updating my oage and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask IF I HAVENT COVERED IT ALREADY IN MY PREVIOUS POST!!!!

Photos before i forget

Im so nervous guys!!!! I been stalking realself and instagram tryna make sure im making yhe right choice....but all that did was complicate things!!!!! Im seeing all kind of reviews of some of dr. O patients having staph infections...some say he hit or miss....and then some have great results!!!! I just dont know what to do now....im afraid of being saggy and lumpy and infections and just not liking my results overall.....GOD please guise dr. Omelepu hands as he works my body....

Last minute worries

Im so nervous yall!!!!! All i can think about is my results and if im gonna like em......Dr. O better make me over frfr!!!

the big day

So i finally make it here to spectrum aesthetics...Not exactly too fancy as i thought...his assistant is nice but kinda slow actin...however his anesthesiologist chris is pretty cool and cute....just got my iv put in and now i just wait i guess....lol ...

so i been recovering ladies!!!

This will be short but i wanted to let u guys know that im doing fine!!! Today i had my final followup with dr o and i was so happynthat i unexpectedly started crying happy tears yall!!! Lol....but i will do a more thorough review on sunday when i make it home....but heres sum pics

Having big doubts about this

Sooooooooooo(sighs).......im officially 2 weeks po....and i was happy at first til the swelling went down....oh boy, once that happened things started to appear. First thing is, i noticed that my right cheek is bigger than the left...like seriously noticeable!!! It sits higher,and pokes out more, and is bigger!!! And my hips also has like an unsymetrical shape alnost like he took too much fat out the front part of my right hip bone and put it up on the top of my right cheek, which what make it sit higher...Thats a problem for me...then i notcie that i have hard, tight, lumplike tissues and dimples under my skin....my skin is soft but super tight in those areas....see why im regretting this???? I asked a few girls on instagram and they said its normal and that itll subside and go away after 6 weeks but i heard but some girls say their 9mos po and that they still have those lumps....i dont think its swelling i think it inflamation of the tissues... i guess i wouldnt be so stressed if it was only one problem or the other but to have all these problems at once is crazy!!! Then on top of it all, i cant feel my skin on my back at all!!! So numb...so i think i might regret this


Feeling very down despite what others say......i just dont understand all of why my body looks crazy....i wear the damn garment 24 hrs 7 days...i drink hella water.....i self massage and get pro massages every 3 days....even the masseuse says it look incomplete.i look wayyy worse than my before....i should not have done this....u guys may say i should give it time but i feel deep down that im stuck with a bogus lipo job....i specifically asked for non aggressive lipo and it look like he did a rush job on me....yes my butt may look good to u guys but id rather kept my smooth scarless buttery soft skin if i would have known all of this was gonna happen to me....i talk to a few girls and they told me they seen an improvement everyday....its opposite for me....i dont feel sexy...he told me it only took him 2 hours to do me....yall just dont know how much i reaally wanna believe that its gonna get better.....and if it does get better i will admit that im acting worrisome...but as of now im disappointed and very bothered by this and i really just wanna cry.......

back swelling

Soooo...i was complaining about the hump in my back right...well i put the triangle on that hump area along with my lipo foams for a few days and that has helped A LOT!!!! so now i can breathe a lil bit easier...i need a longer faja tho...by me having a longer torso im not getting the compression that i need....are there any companies that would make me garment for my shape...about to look into it

3 mos PO

So im feeling a lil better....body is coming along slowly but surely....im thinking once im able to start working out and lose some more fat cuz i see dr o skipped a few spots on the lipo...this right ass cheek still is bigger tho....im officially 3 weeks po now and im now able to comfortably lay on my back AND sides..lipo areas are still itchy tight and hard but im using a roller pin....other thnnthat im actually ok now....theres hope for my future

photo as of today...

I seriously think i need to get another faja....its denting in my upper tummy area, even though that area has been uneven since surgery....its the zipper and it keeps folding causing it to dent my skin....

still nothing

Hey ladies.....just checking in and letting guys know i am absolutely over this whole surgery.....this for me was overrated....i wish i would have loved myself before i got lipo......i still have the exact same hard spots and lumps.....same bigger ass cheek and same uneveness.....i still get frequent massages and i just gave up on that damn faja 3 days ago...and u know what? I feel that i actually look a lil better when i swell a little.....but as far as a real change? Nah, cant see that with a pair of binoculars....rd 2 it is....on the lookout for a revision dr......called spectrum and was told i gotta wait 6 mos and i gotta pay at the most 2000 for a revision.....???????.....got a quote from dr molina and was told i could wait 3 mos....imma look around a lil more so i can get a solid understanding and expectation of this 2nd and hopefully last rd....

I dont really know how to feel about this at this point.....

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