29 BBL and Tummy Tuck, 29 Year Old Mommy of 5! Getting Myself Back ☺- Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey there! I've been a realself fanatic for a few...

Hey there! I've been a realself fanatic for a few years now!

I've wanted to get this procedure done for as long as I can remember, after my 2nd kid. But I knew I wanted more kids, and that we made happen???? so with that said, I'm pretty much like the rest of the moms out here who haven't been so fortunate to bounce right back to "pre-baby body" after each pregnancy. I'm turning 30 in March. 30s are the "new 20s" lol and I refuse to go into another year of life completely miserable, insecure, uncomfortable and dissatisfied with my figure. I'm a beautiful person inside and out...so everyone else says including my hubby, except me. Go figure. Unfortunately no matter how many times a person tells you they love you for you not for your looks...Womp Womp womp...part if it may be true but it's not the whole truth. Physical attraction in my opinion plays a huge role, maybe not the key role, but definitely a big part in a relationship...from physical attractions evolves chemistry, intimatcey. Not only that if a woman feels ugly...it's going to show in her ability to display confidence in the "bedroom" (livingroom, counter, garage, bathroom, steps, restaurant, car wherever lol ????). Me I'm not shy with my husband at all. However there's been countless times I'm doing my thing and I notice my gut jiggling more than my ass ???? and I kind of stop feel my face melt to a frown, pull a blanket over the gut or my shirt down and continue. Or when he is rubbing me from head to toe when he gets to my stomach all i feel is...bump bump roll ???? i feel like hes driving a car through a terrain of hills! I no longer want to experience these negative feelings. And I refuse to.

My hubby is ...eh not so much in agreement with me. He's going to support me through it but he swears I do not need it (awe what a sweet man)???? but let's face reality. If u stand me next to the chick with a flat belly, full ass, perky tits, he's breaking his neck over my hills ???? i honestly believe i only notice him chevking out other chicks because of my insecurity of myself. I feek inadequate. So im sure once i feel great about myself again that issue will dusolve in time again too. One less topic of arguement for our relationship. Dont get me wrong, i dont nag when he looks, umless its completely obvious or unnecessary and inappropriate, but if it happens i spend the rest of my day feeling destroyed inside amd have to internally pep talk myself out of misery. I want to feel womanly again and not disfigured. I want to be able to put on my bikini next summer with confidence and pride, holding my head high.

Procedure: I was going to shoot for the breast lift along with the BBL & TT but docs suggest go back for the breast lift later.

Salama: I inquired for all 3 BBL, TT & BL. Salama response was do a Tummy tuck with breast lift. Quoted at $9,999 all inclusive. I am not going that route though. I want the BBL & TT first and later do my breasts. His original ad was $8,299 I believe for the BBL INCLUDING multiple areas for lipo. I hear and see nothing but amazing reviews and results from him and his "aggressive lipo" tactic intrigues me. That ensures me he will be able to transfer a really hefty amount of bulb from my gut, flanks, arms and inner thighs to give my cheeks that fullness I desire.????

Duran- in DR quoted me $5,100 not including stay, transportation, blood work, insurance, etc..after everything including flights, I'm guestimating around $7,100. #duran doll power ???????? I definitely also feel comfortable with her reviews. My only concern (my hubby's concern more than mine) I'd traveling there. He's not comfortable with it. He says it's not safe (referring to DR not the procedure).

Hernandez: $5,000 procedure $6,000 special all inclusive including transportation, stay, Recovery house etc...he reccommends the same do the BBL & TT first, later do my breast lift. His results personally to me are phenomenal just as Duran amd Salama. But again the travel is my husband's serious concern. ????????

My current weight is 187. I've just gained back 10 lbs in the past month. ???????? Salama and Hernandez said nothing about my weight. Duran suggests losing 15 lbs before surgery. My BMI MUST BE at least 35 or under. Mine is at 32. I'm going to kick my work outs into overtime and put myself first over the next 6 months!

Believe it ir not I use to have a 6pack (not beer either ) lmao. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I have been slacking though as we are opening a business and have been super caught up in getting things ready for opening. And my crew of children are extremely time consuming! So I feel like I've been going through work outs and 3 mile runs for years for no reason. I've made no real progress to be proud of. This is my ultimate choice, doing this surgery. And I know I'm going to be so much happier and full of life again. I get so excited thinking about how I may look afterwards! The possibilities are intriguing.

So I plan on committing myself to Make my deposit by october. And then begin getting small things in order for it (buying stuff needed). I already found a place near my home for the lymphiatic massages when I return home. Cheap... $35 an hour. ????

I can hardly wait. I just need to decide which DO should I go with???????? SOS!!?? ANYONE!?


So. I've got mine narrowed down to 3 Docs. Salama in Aventura Florida, Duran or Hernandez in Dominican Republic.

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