28yo Family of 5 Been Needed This - Dominican Republic, DO

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Well I'm finally writing a review because my...

Well I'm finally writing a review because my husband is tired of hearing me talk his head off about it lol. Anyways I'm so confused on which route to take idk if I want to go with Almonte or Baez...uuuuggghhhhhh if I just can figure it out. I already paid my deposit to Almonte but I'm also ready to pay this deposit for Baez. With the Alminte group I choose Armonia recovery and same with Baez except you do the contacting your self

Update on decision

Well I decided to pay the deposit to Baez also I know it's a lost of money but at least I'll have a back up for Baez 6/7 or Almonte 5/9 that month in between somehow makes a difference with my money. Like my mother carrying it like why would you leave those kids with him for two weeks I'm like because that's they damn daddy he can handle it. To make a long story short she sm won't let me use her frequent flyer miles unless I leave after 5/14 because that's when she be back from Germany and she wants to help him like he can't do the shit himself smh but whatever have a great day ladies

46 days & counting

Yyyyaaasssssss I have only 46days until one my drama come true. Ready to take flight August 9th for surgery on the 11th. Plan on staying 10-12 days with two recovery house in mind have picked one yet but I will bye Friday. So far I lost 12 pounds and only have 13 more to go but I at least want to be at 190 surgery time

Wish pics

I don't post wish pics because I want to be a better me. Yea I have ideas of how I want it to look but I can't consume my self with that bullshit because I will never find happiness trying to look like somebody else. Idk to each's own but that ain't for me. All I know is I want flat tummy with a nice waist and a full round ass that's juicy????????

Date set back

So I moved my date back by one month because I have a lot going on the month of August and don't want to be stressed or worried, so that's what's best for me and the fam. In a better note I lost 13 pounds yyyaaassss bitch


So far I have gotten a few supplies such as:
Triple antibiotic ointment
Hibiclens skin cleanser
Cotton balls
Normal saline
Wound cleanser
TED hose knee high
Abdominal pads
Media honey
Measuring paper tape

Just a regular night

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