28 Years Old in Need of Lipo in the Back Stomach and BBL :) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Ok here it goes ladies!!!! so i'm 28 years old and...

Ok here it goes ladies!!!! so i'm 28 years old and i can't wait to see Dr. Molina. I'm about 5'8-5'9 and weigh about 180- 185lbs (haven't weighed myself in a while). I have one child who is 9 years old. I've always had a pretty nice shape, even after i gave birth to my son i didn't have that much of a gut and always had a little bit of booty. In the past year that all changed drastically, im not sure if its my IUD which i had inside me since 2011 or when i moved in with my now ex boyfriend that i just started gaining weight all crazy. I cant even say its happy weight cause he use to get on my darn nerves lol and made fun of me gaining weight. However i love food -_____- and so maybe i've been eating too much. I don't know what the Problem is but i'm fixing it and that's what counts. I hate this gut that i have now.... it gets on my nerves and my arms... lets not even discuss. If all this weight can just go to my ass ill be the happiest girl ever... ughhh. So anyway i recently started doing some research after a home girl of mines told me that she was going to Dr. Abreu in D.R. I got so excited when she told me that i started doing research for mine. Now i would've went to D.r Abreu but my mom and aunts went to him and he is a family friend so i rather not!! and i don't think he specializes in BBl's in my opinion he does nice tummy tucks and breast. After doing some research i came upon Dr. Molinas instagram and really liked the way he contours the body, he is one of the safest and was quick to give me a quote. I told him that i will get back to him on a specific date because im starting school in the spring semester 2016 and i believe our brake is end of May. He told me that he needs a deposit of $1,000.00 to book the date. I told him as soon as i know for sure my date of surgery i will send him the money. He was very nice via whatsapp and said that that was fine. I sent him some wish pics of lira galore lol. Cuz her body is so beautiful. If i can get something like that i will be so happy and he said ok. Now im really skeptical about recovery houses i have family in DR but i really want to stay in a recovery house at least for a week. I don't want to bother anybody with staying and taking care of me so i can just bother and wine to the people at the recovery house until i feel better and i also want to get massages. I am so happy but nervous about making this change. I just hope and pray i look like a doll afterwards. I've noticed that many girls do not post post op pics after getting surgery with Dr. Molina which is so aggravating..... like hello we want to see. so i will be very detailed with my journey. I wont post as much until ive finalize and paid for my deposit. My mother thinks i should lose at least 10 lbs before going to see Dr. Molina so i can look like a barbie. Does she not know i can use all that fat in my ass?? like hello lady i needs the fat!!! i need to be able to swing my weave and walk all crazy across the street and make my butt jiggle. lmaoooooo. ughhhhh. I know of a few massage therapist here in NY so im not worried about that, i'm straight.I'm just scared to get lumps, seromas a burn or a ugly belly button although im not getting a tummy tuck!! those are my biggest fears!! I do have light stretch arks on the bottom of my belly so i hope it doesn't look so bad after lipo.. :/ Whelp ladies ill keep you posted on my journey and let you know how it goes. The other day i went to the Doctor and my hemoglobin was at 12.0 so i need to work on that but i still have time. I also should start getting stuff to take with me little by little but don't want to until i pay my deposit. I hope i can build friendships here and that i get informative info from you vets out there. I really hope im making the right choice!!! stay blessed.

Post Op Pics.. -______-

Ok so I think I'm gonna try to lose Atleast about 10 pounds before surgery with Molina. I just don't want to waste too much fat... ughhhh the greed of wanting a big booty. However I want my ass to match my legs cuz I hate when you can tell the ass is fake :/


Lmao you guys might think i'm crazy for saying this.... but whatever. i keep getting paranoid because im not giving my deposit to Dr. Molina until January and probably pay some more of my quote when i send him the money... (Half of it). I keep stalking his instagram and noticed that he was on tv in D.R. What if he becomes super famous and gets booked and shit and then i cant do my surgery until a year from now?? like Dr. Miami who became super famous and now i heard its a 1 year wait to book with him ... ughhhh i just want to do my surgery so bad lol. i keep thinking crazy none sense.. im also thinking about going to the gym to tone up a little but don't want to lose to much weight but then dont want to look like i am now (fat -__-) either. Le struggle is real. I just want to snap my fingers and be in D.R Im thinking changing my hair color and getting a nice weave when i recover.. i keep day dreaming of my new body :)


I am annoyed a little because my aunt came from DR lats week and i told her about my journey im taking. She asked all kinds of questions like which doctor? how do you know he is safe? then she said ive never heard of him, you should go to Dr. Abreu we all went there etc. I know that she wants me to be safe and Dr. Abreu is a safe doctor but i really want to go to Dr. Molina. My mom keeps nagging me about the same thing. I was a little surprise that my aunt didnt know who Dr. Molina was, being that she is out there in the middle class/ high class social parts of DR but who knows maybe people just don't share much about him. I wish i had the money to go to DR for a weekend and consult with him :/ in the mean time im just sticking to my first gut and im just gonna go with Molina. Later Dolls

almost time to pay deposit!!

OmG super excited, its almost time for me to pay my deposit with Doctor Molina!!! im super excited but scared. Not gonna lie the most recent review scared me so much bu i cant imagine not getting this procedure done!! i have purposely stopped going to the gym because i want to have enough fat in my booty but will start my vitamins soon. My insurance is effective January 1st so i am planning on going to the doctor here in the states first to make sure that i can even do surgery.... I need to build up this hemo!! last time i went to the doctor it was 12.0...

sad :(

i am so annoyed.... I reached out to Dr Molina via whatsapp to tell him that i will need to go end of July beginning of August since the day that i am starting school changed.... and i also wanted to ask him if he can put a drain in my lipo incision so that i dont retain a lot of fluid.... HE told me no need to put a drain that is usually the back that retains fluid and also that since im pushing my date, My quote might change. He didnt say if he was actually available for end of July beginning of August. I also asked him how much and what will determine my quote to change. He stopped answering me last night... What if he doesnt answer me at allllll man!!! im so sad. I just want him to tell me if he is available and if my quote changes, how much will it cost... I am trying to pay for my deposit by next week and want an exact date so that i can start looking for flights etc. I also dont want him to think im a stalker.. I send him the messages last night at about 9-10pm.. hopefully he responds soon.. i would really really hate to try to find another doctor after i did so much research and got sooo excited to do it with him. :(((

Paying deposit friday!!!!!

Ok girls, so Dr Molina got back to me after i thought he fell off the planet of the Earth and didnt want to do my surgery anymore... I will pay for my deposit end of this week baby!!!!! :) i can't fucking wait... I keep starring at my gut and sucking it in while i stare in the mirror and imagining bigger hips!! lol.. i am now going to do some research on venus recovery house since he recommended i stay there for after care... since im only staying at the recovery house for about 5 days.. i think i might just stay there... I am going to try to lose about 5lbs starting next week and wanted to go to the gym but i just really don't want all my fat to dissapear on me... I will let you girls know when my deposit is paid for.

On another note... Something that really bothers me is that a lot of the Molina reviews some girls post are very detailed until the girls get their surgery and then dissapear forever... They never usually come back and finish their review which is so scary to me. What if something went wrong?? why do girls not post their aftercare?? why not post your what you look like afterwards??? I will not post much until is almost time for me to start prepping and getting stuff together since my surgery is not until July... Hope all dolls are doing well :)

Made Deposit!!!! :)

Made Deposit and I'm all set to go with Dr. MOLINA... my surgery date is July 25th I can't freaking wait!!!!! I'm so happy I can scream from joy right now!!!! paper chasing time!!!! I hope he snatched me to the Gods!!!!!!

Venus Recovery

Hi dolls... Tired of me yet??? lol!! So i think i am gonna go and book venus recovery.. I just spoke to the person that books for this recovery house and i think this will be great for me since i am only trying to stay no more than 5 days and then staying with family.

I am waiting for her to send me a quote for the days i am staying and then i will pay deposit for my recovery home on Thursday. What convinced me is that the woman whom i spoke to said that they have a doctor who runs the recovery house whom i assume is Dr Molina's wife, 2 nurses and a 24 hour nurse. That will put me at ease because i know that if anything is wrong they will be able to help me. I also know that my family will be at ease knowing that there are professionals there to help me 24 hours a day.

I really dont care about no food or how it looks or what size bed or nothing i just want to get my surgery my cute ass booty and waist heal and head to my family and wait for my ass to fluff... lmaooooo i cant wait.. i keep think about a fatty and small waist. what hair color am i changing my hair to, how imma walk and dress.... the stank ass look im giving my ex while i walk i walk past his dumb ass lml idk im crazy dolls... I am about to save up all my coins will let you guys know when i paid for my deposit for the recovery house. I am also gonna try to get my plane ticket this week. keep in mind that i have to buy two tickets because im taking my son with me so that he can stay with my family while i get milfy... :)) kisses dolls :-*

5 months post op...

Hi dolls. Just wanted to show you girls some more post op pics.... I look and feel horrible. I hope July gets here fast enough!!! I already paid half of my payment for venus recovery and I'm only missing 800 for my surgery now 200 more for the recovery and need to buy my plane ticket... I think I'll have the rest of my surgery money recovery house and plane ticket in a month. Then I'll start saving for spending money... I have to save up because the lady who is coming to massage me the whole month I'm in dr charges 35 dollars for massages... but I heard she works wonders.... Ill show ya my wish pics too... love ya dolls :)

Flying with Faja...

Hi dolls.. I have a question.. when coming back from D.R do u keep your faja on? Or take it off then put it back on when u get home. I'm just wondering if I fly back home with my faja on will TSA make me take it off for security purposes.

Plane tickets booked!!!!

Ladies..... I just got my tickets a couple of minutes ago... I was just browsing on jet blue and noticed that they were getting a bit higher in price from the last time I checked and snatched that ticket just like I'm gonna snatched my waist!!!! Lmaoooo of course I had to text Dr. MOLINA and tell him I got my plane ticket!! He probably so tired of me texting him lmaoooo. I can't help myself. I knew it was real when I sent him my deposit... but now.... it feels amazing.... can't wait for my lil waist. I am really going to be snatched to the young gawd and definitely gonna have some good aftercare.. I have to speak it into existence right??? Now is really grind time cuz I done spent money o wasn't supposed to be spending for them flights but I prefer to buy it now then regret not buying my ticket later on.. my mom was nice enough to let me get some of her jet blue points so I got a pretty good.. 4 months to go!!! I will get there 7/20 5 days before my sx. Enough time to do everything I have to do. Doctors appointment tomorrow to make sure I'm in the clear..... getting things done around here! (Drake voice) my mother said I'm gonna be sure annoying when I get back lmaooooo. I'm just loving life right about now. :) so thankful so greatful so full of positive thoughts :)kisses

Helpful Tips

Hi girls.. so unfortunately.. I can't stop obsessing over mu surgery. All I do is research and search for shitt. Lol super annoyed with my self. I just can't help it. I feel like I need to learn and jeep researching. All I do is think about my new sexy bod. Anyways. I posted some helpful tips and info that can help us heal and good tips for future or post op surgery healing. Take a look at the pics if u want.. hope all of you girl are doing good.

Pics didn't load

Helpful tips


OMG... seeing all the dolls snatched is making me so eager... i wish i can snap my fingers and be snatched!!!!!! 4 months is not going fast enough.. Ive been trying to eat a lot healthier and even purchased a grill and been grilling a lot of my proteins and eating more veggies. I also signed up for hot yoga for a month. Today is going to be my first day trying hot yoga. hopefully it goes well. Finally get my results from my doctor for clearance on Saturday. God's willing everything is ok and i can get snatched!!! every time i think about it i get a rush.. im super super excited and super happy that for some this experience has been a blessing, im just waiting on my turn. My friend is also going to be traveling with me just to keep me company since the flights are not pricey at all and although ill have my beautiful aunt with me all the way at least ill have someone to stay with me and make me laugh for a week. :) Happy healing dolls you girls give me hope :) SB: My son almost made me cry yesterday, we were talking about my surgery and he says that he doesn't want me to get it because im beautiful just like i am now and because he doesn't want guys hawking at me.. He so adorable i love him. on another note..lol i feel super gay because i cant stop looking at fat asses. im completely obsessed and cant stop looking at wish pics. Dr Molina is gonna be so over me lmaooo.

Cleared by my doctor!!!

Hi dolls. My doctor cleared me for surgery. I am Healthy :) have to work on my hemo tho. My hemo is 11.9 it's cool i still have 4 months to do so. I am so happy. I can keep saving my money without having to worry about if I can do my surgery or not. Started my iron and folic acid yesterday :D so so happy

Ghost Dolls

I really promise myself that I will try to give you girls as much info and post as much as possible. On a serious tip everybody says they will document their experience and post pics but 50% of the people that say that fall off the planer of the earth. The only way I will not keep posting is if I don't have WiFi when I'm there, other than that I promise to show the real, the ugly, the un healed.. not only when my body is looking cute and almost heal... if that was the case I would've made my review after the surgery and after I've healed because is very scary to see some dolls never come back to finish their review. Smh.

Surgery today

Hi girls... it's been along time.. I was completely off this for a while because I found a molina sisterhood on ig that was very helpful and had lots of info to give but I did not forget about RS.... today is my surgery with Molina. I am super nervous can't even sleep.. o will keep you guys 0sted on my recovery as o promised I would.. pray for me.. it's about to be lit... lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I reached out to Dr. Molina a few weeks ago about getting a procedure done with him via whatsapp and he answered me in a couple of hours. I sent him pics and he gave me a quote. He was very nice and answered all my questions. I told him i will get back to him when i know the exact date i'm going (sometime in May 2016) and to send my deposit.

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