28 ReAdy to Be A Cabral Doll. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies i am new on here but decided to start...

Hello ladies i am new on here but decided to start a post. Ok so I am 28 I have 3 children Before I get any work done I def want to drop at least 30 LBS. I have always heard the better fit you are the better results you will get. Which I believe is true. Most of these girls on these social networks that have amazing bodies seem like they were semi fit or fit when they got any work done.And beside am like 230 I Really need to lose weight I sent Him an email on What's App he got back to like the same day am so ready to get a TT, BL, I SENT HIM THE PICTURE AND HE SAID 4800 I WANT ALL THIS BACK FAT GONE LOL I told my boy friend what I wanted he said he got my back so we been saving I hope he don't start acting crazy when I get it this work done Well dolls need help what I do next

Loseing weight

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL DOLLS OK I BEEN GETTING UP WALKING AND DRINKING NOTHING BUT WATER BUT NOW BOYFRIEND /VANUATU FOR 10 YEARS ACTING DUM now he ask me Why I want it but u said u had my back that's OK I'll gone wait till my funds come in am gone am not even making a appointment am just gone go because he think he gone stop me Not Ms sassy he just don't know I feel like packing my shit and leave little creep Lol am serious Dolls I don't wait to choose a date soon as I get the money I want to leave soon as I have it can I do this

Wish Pics

My wish pics


Hey ladies yes am have not gotten my surgery my poor money just setting in the bank am gone get it done I just hate to go by myself and u see what that gotten me still waiting but I had to lose some weight first so. AUG25 I gastric bypass so now am good I done made a lot of progress for myself now Dr Plazas told me to wait six months after my bypass

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