29 wiith 2 Kids ready for a BBL

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I've been in contact with Dr. Yily got a quote for...

I've been in contact with Dr. Yily got a quote for a Mommy Makeover. Not sure all is needed. Set on the BBL but don't want the scar from the TT and don't know if I want to go with the BA just yet. What are your opinions. I feel like I could be ok after the Lipo. Dr. Duran seems like a great Dr. As well. I have been stuck between the two. Waiting for Dr. Yily to get back to me with the quote for just the BBL. I'm a bit scared to go out of the country but I've pretty much made up my mind.

Got the quote from Dr. Yily

She quoted me $3500 for just the BBL that doesn't include the stay at RH. Debating if I should stay at RH or rent a condo, get a private nurse, and bring somebody with me? Any opinions? I'm adding some more wish pictures. Will be making my deposit next week!

It's been a while..:

Soo... I haven't been on since sometime in Feb but I'm still set on getting the procedure done. Lately, I've been looking at Dr. Miami's work and I'm loving the results his patient's are getting. I also like the fact that he is in the states. I haven't gotten a quote from him as of yet but he seems to cost abt 5K more than Dr. Yily. I'm just so afraid of going out of the country to get work done. I have a friend who recently got a TT and BA from Dr. Robles and all went well. She tells me it's not as scary as it seems. Also, I recently got approved for care credit. What all does that cover? Does anyone know? I want another baby sometime next year. Anyone feel like the baby destroyed the BBL results? Anyone do really well at keeping everything in tact? I'll be on more often. I could really use some insight. Another thing that's been bothering me is the fact that my bf doesn't understand me wanting to get work done. He says all I need to do is work out. I just feel like he doesn't understand. How can I express my desire to get the work done with his support? Thanks guys.

Change of Plans

Ok soooo...after looking at all of your reviews on RS I'm thinking about switching to Dr. Hasan in Miami. 3 reasons, I'm loving his results, he has DR prices, and I won't have to leave the country. Waiting on my quote. My boyfriend still isn't understanding. He says anytime some puts you to sleep you are giving them the power to take your life. He says I can get the same results from working out. I'm pretty sure he won't mind when I'm walkin around with a fat ass. Anywho I'm trying to get in before years end, it would just be sooo much easier with his support.

Hasan it is!

I just talked to Lia and set my date for Oct. 6th! She said my BMI is 26.1 which is perfect because the doctors like to keep it under 30. She said the only concern was that sense I have stretch marks I may have loose skin. It looks loose but it's fairly tight so idk how loose it will actually look. But she said if I was ok with that we could move forward. I told her I was. I was surprised they didn't try to upsell a tummy tuck. I'll be using care credit but they won't be accepting care credit until Oct. so I will need to put down a 1000 deposit to keep my date and then they will refund me once they start accepting it. Since I'm getting the surgery financed I was quoted at 4,500 instead of the 4,000 cash price. Here's the email I just received:


The Brazilian Butt Lift with Doctor Anthony Hasan is originally $5,000.00, right now it's on special for $4,500.00. This price in an all inclusive price as it includes all your surgery room fees, full panel of lab work, all consultations/ follow ups, compression socks, general anesthesia, & an anesthesiologist who will be in the room at all times. Liposuction & liposculpture on your full back, full abdomen, & waist (I.E. Bra line, Love handles, Flanks, Waist, Upper & Lower Abdomen). With the fat transfer into the butt & hips. With two lymphatic massages & a compression garment.

The Recovery Home is available for $1,000.00. This includes a five day, four night stay in our home or hotel. Transportation the whole time you're here, from the moment you step foot in the airport, to the moment you depart. A caretaker to stay with you overnight after your surgery & a nurse to visit you. You also get all your mandatory extras, compression garment, lipo foams (2), lipo board, four lymphatic massages if needed & your needed medication. You're allowed to bring a guest to stay with you free of charge & you both receive complimentary breakfast.

You will place a deposit of $1,000.00, & it will either get refunded back to you at the same to process your finance or we will process your remaining balance.
You can do a wire transfer from your banks to ours or a cash deposit into our bank account.
You have to pay half of the procedure, to book a surgery date.
I need you to send me a picture of the receipt for verification purposes to (786)-671-7857.

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery/DBA Vanity Cosmetic Surgery
8504 SW 8th ST.
Miami, FL, 33144

Switching to Fisher I think...

I think I'm switching to fisher. I'm seeing the results I want in a bunch of Fisher dolls!


Ok, so here's the thing, I got the call from Vanity today. I had my heart set on Fisher and was ready to book. I want to go in the next month or two. Shari told me that was perfect because fisher was booking around the end of March. Then, she asked how I wanted to pay, and I told her care credit. She then told me Fisher no longer accepts care credit and the only Doctor they represents that does is, Jarial. Problem is he has very little reviews on RS. I saw some of his work on his website but I just haven't seen the kind of work I' m looking for. I could go back with Dr. Ortega but he's just too conservative. I want vixen body! No stomach, hips, and projection! Anybody know of any doctors that can deliver and accept care credit? I'm willing to travel!

29, 2 Babies and Ready for BBL!

Hi everybody, after two years of research I'm finally ready and have booked my date! I've decided to go with Evolution MD after coming across the Doctor Lipo IG page. I originally wanted to go with Cesar Velilla but he won't be in the office the week I'm booked. I didn't realize that the IG page was for both doctors so now I am excited to be having the surgery done with Dr. Zayas, especially after his most recent post. ???? My surgery coordinator is Cecillia and she has been beyond amazing. I'm going to have a BBL done with smart Lipo and local anesthesia. I was scared to get the surgery while awake but I've watched a few YouTube videos and it seems like a cake walk. Plus, the recovery seems easier and my boyfriend is afraid of me being put to sleep. Not to mention the fact that it's $1000 cheaper. I was quoted at $5K for the procedure and $70 per massage since I am an out of town patient. I'm paying with care credit. I will be traveling from Chicago. No one seems to be able to go with me so a buddy would be nice. I'll be in Marimar April 4th-12th and will have my procedure on the 5th. Does anyone know of any recovery homes? Cecilia says they work with a care giver named Maribel. Has anyone had her? Let me know about your upcoming surgery. I'm interested in interacting with all of you!

Plane ticket purchased !

Hey everybody! I booked my flight about a week ago to Miami! I paid $106 with frontier. Can't beat it. Next week I have to get my blood work done. Just a little over the month until surgery. I'm adding a picture I just took. Can't wait until there's no belly and more projection.

Still looking for a buddy!

Anyone getting surgery in Miami around April 5th? I'm still looking for a buddy. Also does anyone have any info on RH?

Less than 4 weeks and I don't have time for this shit!

Soooo I emailed my coordinator to ask if I still had time to switch from local anesthesia to general and she asked if I wanted to switch from 4/11 to 4/15. I'm scheduled 4/5!! She hasn't responded back yet but I really hope she was trying to go off of memory because I'm going to go ape shit if I have to change my flight and all that!!

Nerves setting in

Soo im still scheduled for 4/5. She said she got me confused with another patient. I switched to General anesthesia. I was afraid of the pain, I'll pay an extra 1K to be comfortable. I'm getting nervous as I get closer to surgery. I'm going alone and I don't know what to expect. I still don't have anywhere to stay. Anyone know of any places near Miramar, FL? PLEASE HELP!

Surgery paid in full!!!

So I paid my surgery in full. I also spoke to Maribel. She charges $150 a day and doesn't require a deposit. I've also seen that you can get a hotel for a week for around $500. It's less than half which is perfect for saving money but what could I do for a caretaker? I'm 15 days away and I'm starting to get nervous about going alone. My boyfriend told me no working out at the gym when I get back because he will have no personal trainers touching me! Lol I'm excited but nervous. Any Zayas dolls??? I'd love to see your results!

Wish pic updates

2 Weeks (14 days away!!!)

Ok, my nerves are starting to set in. I'm trying not to worry because I'm praying and you know what the bible says about that! I think it's just a matter of being away from my babies for 8 days! So, I'm considering changing my flight to leave on 4/8 which means that I'd only be spending 5 days (4 recovery days) in Miami. It's gonna cost me an additional $140 to change my flight but it'll save me abt $450 in RH days. I talked to Maribel today and she said that she does in fact have space for me. Have any dolls left before the recommended amount of time? I plan on getting all 5 of my massages while I'm out there. I just don't want to be away from home for that long.

7 days.

I'm super nervous yet excited!! Idk what to do, I'm already sick to my stomach. No more alcohol just waiting for surgery. I still haven't packed and I need to do some shopping. I'm feeling the money pressures and I'm thinking how much I'd be able to save if I cut down my days at the RH.

Hit a wall...

So... 3 days until I'm supposed to board the plane and I've hit a wall. I've officially run out of money. I still have care credit but not enough cash to stay at the RH for a week and emergency money since I am going alone. My boyfriend offered to give it to me but, that would be taking from our rent. My main thing has been to take care of home first and I just wouldn't feel right getting a brand new body and coming home to my rent unpaid or partially paid. I'm thinking of rescheduling for a week or two out but, that would mean repurchasing a plane ticket (I had purchased from frontier) and it would leave less recovery time before we leave for vacation on May 7th. I don't know what to do. Prayerfully this money comes through before I leave. I'm going to give it until Saturday and if it doesn't go as expected, rescheduling it is.

Welcome to Miami!

I ended up talking my Grandparents into loaning me the money for a couple weeks. Problem is they wrote a check and it hasn't cleared yet. I literally came to Miami with $80. Ok. So, I'm here in Miramar at Maribel's. Here's how my day went, my sister drove me to the airport at 4am made it at about 5:30 and I boarded the plan at 6:15. I pretty much slept the entire flight. I don't know why but, sometimes I get nauseous on planes. So I had to run to the bathroom a couple of times but other than that, easy flight. I got to Miami airport around 11 and had a hard time with figuring out what I was going to do for transportation since I was 30 min from the clinic (I was supposed to fly into Fort Lauderdale). I tried to do ├╝ber but for some reason it always says my "card is invalid". They quoted me $29 but I didn't think they took cash so I just said forget it and hopped in a taxi. BIG MISTAKE. First of all the cab driver had no clue where he was going and I was so irritated at the money rising that I didn't even think to look at my gps. So we had already passed the place when I told him I would get out and call transportation from the clinic because the meter was already at over $60. The driver told me he would accept $60 so I paid him (PISSED) and got out. I called transportation and they were there in 15 min. The clinic was literally 3 min away. So I got there filled out paper work (not bad) and was in the room for my pre-op Dr. Velilla came in first and introduced himself. He asked just a few questions and told me Dr. Zayas would be in soon. I waited for a bit and Dr. Zayas came in. He sat down and took his time, he asked what areas I was most concerned with and I told him. I didn't show him any wish pics or anything. He said that because of the stretch marks may skin may be loose so in 3 months or so we will look at my stomach and see if need a mini tuck (they have to tell you that). He was very nice and said he would see me tomorrow for surgery. Next they told me I had to sign consents and because it was Zayas bday and they were all partying in the back they completely forgot about me for an hour. That was really only my one complaint. I was literally in the clinic for 3 hours. So I signed consents and then called Maribel. Maribel came to get me in her cute lil BMW within 5 min. Her house is really close to the clinic. I explained my money issue to her and she eased my mind by telling me not to worry about it. She told me that if I happened to need more money she would pay for whatever I needed and once the money cleared I could just pay her back. I thought that was really nice of her because you can tell she's genuine. It's not just about the money. So we get to her house (mansion) and it is absolutely beautiful!! She has a sunroom in her house with an indoor pool in her sunroom. I'm the only girl here until Thursday. She cooked for me Rice, beans, some beef ribs, and plantain. With some pineapple juice to drink. Soooo good! I told her I want to leave Saturday but she says I'm not going to go. Lol. I'm starting to believe her. I could get used to this. The coordinator called and said my surgery will be at 2pm tomorrow. No eating after 12pm. Maribel and I are going to run to Walmart to fill my prescription in the am. And then shower and off to surgery. :) My day went from bad to ok pretty easy. I'm not nervous yet, I'm just trusting that God is going to see me through it tomorrow. Once I feel up to it after surgery I will post and add photos.

Overall Happy...WITH MY RESULTS...not necessarily the clinic.

I go home on Tuesday. There's a lot I have to say. I'll post when I get there. Here's some after pics for you guys

Ask what you want

If There are any questions you guys have feel free to ask. Right now I'm measuring 31-26-35.5


So I feel like I'm all healed in the butt area very minimal swelling and not really tender at all to the touch. It's still hard, waiting for it to fluff. I don't know how I'm feeling. Some days I feel like it looks small and other days it looks big. Overall I think I'm happy with the results I just knit pick about wanting more hips and a little more projection. As of right now, round 2 isn't an option. I don't think I could do it again. My abdomen is still hard in most areas, I massage everyday. My skin still feels so tight and a swollen. I HATE wearing my garment, I almost dread it. It's almost like being in jail. That's what I'd compare it to, also I have stretch marks and a bit of loose skin so I absolutely hate the marks it leaves. It's bad enough already. I never got the foams, I've just been using like a workout wrap around my waist for added comparison. It leaves minimal marks and I'm pretty sure it does the job of foams and an ab board. Let me know how you guys are feeling at 3 weeks post op. Is it common to still feel right and stiff? I heard at this point we can move down to 12 hours a day in the garment is this true?

Crazy itchy 5.5 weeks

Omg this itch!! I understand that it means the feeling is coming back but I'm ready to pull my hair out!!!

1 month PO

3 months PO

Things are going well! Very minimal swelling. I don't wear my faja much anymore. I do see myself gaining weight so I am starting to work out. The one thing I'm not happy with is the placement of my lipo scars. I hate that he did them right in the middle of my abdomen.
Dr. Jose Zayas

Overall all I'm 80% happy with my results. I was charged an additional $700 for something we had briefly discussed as a possibility but I never agreed to. The doctor took it upon himself to make the adjustment anyway and when I awoke was told that I owed an additional $700. The only time I saw Dr. Zayas was for the pre-op and during my surgery. The wait times at the clinic are crazy. I didn't even go into my surgery for 5 hours. The staff is somewhat unprofessional, they party pretty much everyday and forget what they have to do as far as work goes. I do like my results and everyone was kind. Everything just seemed a bit rushed.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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