27 Yrs Old, No Kids, Prior 80lb Weight Loss (No Surgery), Going for TT W/ MR, Liposculpture, BBL - Dominican Republic

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Hi everyone! I'm just getting started with my...

Hi everyone! I'm just getting started with my journey, done a LOT of research, found a doctor in the DomRep that I really believe will do a great job (Dr. Mañon for the win!), set a budget, found a flight, now just prepping myself and reading up on everything! Fajas still scare me lol.

I'm currently 225lbs, 5'9 and a half, down from 305lbs at my heaviest, with large arms and stomach and a wide flat butt lol. I hired a personal trainer and plan on losing 20-30lbs before next May. Going to start the supplements and all next February. I'm going alone (and looking for a buddy!) and that's what scares me the most. But I want this. I want to celebrate getting my Master's (a week before the surgery!) and do something nice for ME. Can't wait to document my journey!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've only done consultation so far, will definitely update as I move forward. He and his assistant are cool so far, not THE best communication but enough that I feel safe and comfortable with my decision. This is my LIFE in their hands.

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