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I recently lost a lot of weight recently and I've...

I recently lost a lot of weight recently and I've decided that before my 27th birthday, I would finally treat myself to something I've been looking into for a few years now. I kept waiting to see if I would have another kid before getting any work done but I've decided that one is enough. My husband has been against this whole thing for years because I'm a very beautiful woman, but when it comes to shopping and clothes not fitting me the way I expect, I tend to get frustrated. Also I'm dying to finally wear a 2 piece once I'm completely healed after this look. So although my hubby was against it, now he's supporting me with my decision, After listening to him for 5 years and letting time pass me, I could finally say I'm doing it!! & Molina is the go too guy for me! & I can't wait because I feel so positive about becoming a better version of myself.

HIGHCLASS Recovery house July 13th-16th

Just finished sending in my deposit for three days, i've decided to only stayed three days because I have family that lives out there and my mom will be taking care of me. The only reason why I'm staying in a recovery house for three days is because I'm traveling with my daughter and I don't want her to see me like that the first three days. I've noticed that a lot of women feel better after the third day and hopefully that will be me. I've heard nothing but good news about high class because Bree and I have a family member who worked over there for a while and she spoke very highly about dum i've heard nothing but good news about high class recovery, I personally know the girl who runs it and also I had a family member who worked over there for a while before moving away and she spoke very highly about them as well. I'm pleased to know that I will be in good hands. If anyone is interested in this recovery house you should definitely check out the Instagram page. Well I care about is Wi-Fi good air conditioning, good food, they also have a 24 hour nurse, A translator for those who need one.

2 months away and I'm being Paranoid about being put under ????

Like literally I keep thinking about that blue pill because I know I'm going to need it! I've been seeing every girl talk about it and how it's suppose to relax you. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies.. Ugh.. 2 months away & I'm here stressing the whole anesthesia situation.

20 lbs less makes a difference

My before and After photo

Wish pic

Eventually I do want to do my boobs, but I'm still debating if I'm going to pay for that last minute once I get there or if I should wait until December to return.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've been researching Molina for some time now, he's done lovely work on a couple of girls I know. I love the kind of relationship he has with his clients, I feel very confident about choosing him to be my doctor.

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