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I just really want a nice womanly figure (im the...

I just really want a nice womanly figure (im the opposite of most woman) after i had my daughter 3 years ago i lost all my womanly figure and shape; i mean like i still fit into pants from highschool !!!! Which isnt bad but i wanna feel like a 26 year old woman not a 15 year old little girl. Ive been wanting to do these procedures since for ever and i feel like now is the perfect time i wanna spend my 27th birthday somewhere nice with a great body to go with it ughh i cant waittt i want curves and hips a nice bum and some boobs to go with it!!!! Ive been researching doctors and trying to get quotes for a few weeks now hopefully someone responds to me.

So ready!!!!!!

So ive gotten quotes back from Dra. Duran, Dra. Tania Medina and Dra. Yily de los Santos; Duran was ultimately my first choice but then i started doing the math and in her quote a recovery house wasnt included and it was going to become too pricey for me. And I know when it comes to these things you cant think about the money or price when it comes to your life but i also have to think about my responsibilities. Dra. Tania Medina included the recovery house in her quote with airport pickup and everything but i never really heard of her the way I've heard about Duran and Yily (not saying she isnt good or known, I am not talking bad about her just my personal feelings) So when i emailed Dra.Yily she quoted me a better price than both Duran and Medina and the recovery and airport pickup was also included (and she was my second choice anyways) so i decided to go with her. Ive done countless amounts of research on her and I've seen alot of before and after photos of her work and let me say Im impressed. I just emailed her to see when i can set my date for i really want to do it in april, hopefully she gets back to me in a timely manner; although all three woman responded to me in no little to a day or less. For soo long I've wanted to enhance my body and now that i actually have the guts to go i really want to do these procedures. Hope you all have a beautiful day dolls!!!!!!! (As soon as i get my date i will update you all)

decisions decisions

So I've been gone for some time regarding family issues, but I'm back now on my quest for surgeons, So I'm ready to book a date I know exactly what I want I'm just not sure of what surgeon to go to; when i started my search i really wanted to go with duran or a surgeon in DR but now I'm leaning towards Colombia but I'm having a hard time finding a good surgeon from there that someone actually reviewed on this site. If any one has any recommendations please let me know as I'm ready to become the woman I'm supposed to be.

Wish Pics

So I have a set date I'm really excited yet nervous but its all good I know that the outcome will be better its all about a matter of time. So since my sx is coming up heres a few wish pics I found I'm kind of slim so I'm not sure how my outcome will be

Ayyeeee guess who booked their flight.....

Finally booked my flight this feels real nowwwww, Im soo excitedd you guys!!! lol anyways this bihh right here is outtt lol sorry I cant contain myself, ok I'm done *calms down and proceeds to powder face*. . .But really tho 41 dayssssssssssss!!! What am I going to do for 41 days lol I've been in hiding basically all summer; no social media at all for a whole year before this, i don't know, shit i might take up a sewing class, or play bingo lol cause a bih cant do shit lol but forreal tho this is actually happening little by little, I'm happy now and i thank god for giving me this opportunity, cause this was way overdue hunni.

Colombia not Dominican republic anymore

Ok so i cant change the country up top which i think realself needs to give you the option to change it since many girls on here do not stay with their first choice. I have nothing against DR this is nothing more than trying to make sure my review is correct (I am dominican and puerto rican)...So im going to Cali, Colombia with Dr Luis Eduardo Plazas for those of you who would like to know since it is not yet stated above. Have a great day vixens!

Surgery Voucher & RH all set!

Soooo in just 33 days vixens I will be in Cali, Colombia Staying at sophistique solutions. The owner is Xiomara and she has been very pleasant with me thus far; I have read some reviews about this place some are good and some aren't but that's with EVERY business, you cant please everyone! To be honest I just don't want to hear anything negative unless i experience it myself when I'm there. Okay so i will be staying there for 10 nights and 11 days; I will be arriving September 4th and leaving the 14-15th (i guess i have an overnight flight) and my surgery day is September 6th with Dr Luis Plazas. My doctor is not really mentioned on here as much as the other DR's but he does have an Instagram and his website and whatsapp, all of that and the few girls who have done reviews on him here I have read. So that's a lil update for y'all, btw i been had my voucher i was just waiting to get confirmation from the RH to post my update. Now i just gotta focus on doing a good cleaning all my laundry and getting the rest of the supplies I need.

*Supplies that I have purchased*
1. Jumbo pack of pads
2. Bed pads/ chux
3. Body wipes/ feminine wipes
4. Facial towels
5. Woman's underpants (they like adult diapers just in case, a bihh aint tryna pee on herself lol)
6. Compression socks
7. A travel bag that came with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo and conditioner, hairspray (which idk if i need), a shaver, deodorant and the bag is cute i could use it for makeup later on lol it was 10 bucks at Walmart
8. I got a travel size lotion cause i hate being without it.
9. Merderma scar gel for after I'm back I got a small one to try out at first.
10. Hydrogen peroxide

Anything you ladies may think I need or should try please don't hesitate to comment below! Have a great day my fellow Vixens!!! xo

19 more days and a great hemoglobin!!!!

Hey ladies, hows it goinnnn???! Lol kinda excited; So on friday i had my pre-op appointment and just got all my results today, soo excited because im officially cleared for surgery. My hemo levels are at a 13.6 and everything else can back normal, so im good and ready to go! I just have to keep taking my vitamins and eating healthy and everything should be a piece of cake! That was a quick update for you ladies and also quick question if im traveling with money would anyone happen to have some tips on where i should put it? Or if i do decide to carry it with myself (which i really dont want to) but if i do will the people at the airport or immigration ask me whats it for ? Idk im nervous and I rarely travel so its kind of nerve wrecking. But if anyone has some tips please feel free to help a fellow sister out, thank you all!
Dr Luis Eduardo Plazas

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