New Pics, THREE!! Years Post Op, 1400 cc's BAEZ Doll! 29 year Old, No Kids, Better Than I Anticipated - Dominican Republic

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So far I've been researching for a few months. I...

So far I've been researching for a few months. I went ahead and got quotes from Robles, Duran, Diaz, Almonte and Baez. All of the prices were fine, especially considering the prices in the US. The deciding factor mainly though has been the wait times in responses. WTF they each can take days to respond. I can only imagine if something serious came up post-op. I certainly wouldn't be getting my answer from most of these doctors (except maybe diaz and Almonte, who have both been very responsive which is great!)

Anywho, now I just need to secure my date. I like both Almonte and Baez's work but in the end i liked the reviews I was reading about Baez and I feel secure also knowing that she doesn't require a deposit. Although it wouldn't be terrible to lose a $300 deposit, I'd feel better knowing I'll pay in person once I see the facilities and the doctor. And if I feel uncomfortable, then I will just be taking a ten day vaycay :) and my boyfriend isn't coming so I can flirt with all the Dominican Papi's like "heyyyyy boo"!!

By the way, anyone going in April? Roomies! We'll be in a shared room looking like 2 fabulous curvy cut up flank steaks!!!

I'm going to post pics of me right now. PleAse by assured that I don't normally wear granny panties but what am I supposed to be wearing, a thong and pasties??

So excited for this new journey!

Thinking of switching doctors....Manuel Diaz might be my go to guy!

So, I've been researching TIRELESSLY for weeks to find a doctor and secure the date for my surgery. I've gotten quotes from all the "top" bbl docs (Yily, Duran, Robles, Almonte etc.) and also from other doctors whose names don't appear very often. BUT I just couldn't get with the long wait times and the unprofessional meat market like dealings with a lot of these doctors! You are a plastic surgeon, but no one ever answers your phones or responds to inquiries in a timely manner?

Heck no, I can't feel safe with that. Manuel Diaz has been extremely proficient in his response times, he has great reviews on his website and Facebook, plus I've seen some good things from him. I admire his professionalism, and out of all the doctors, I can definitely say that I feel more secure with that choice.

As far as recovery houses.....I can say that I am most impressed, by far, by Real Armonia. They are a little pricey, but I figure that I could stay there for about 5 days post op (5 days at $75 for triple room = $375, or 5 days in a double room is $425) For the other 2 or 3 days I would probably stay in one of the less expensive RH or maybe even a hotel and save myself 20 or 30 bucks a night, so we'll say $50 for 3 days = $150.

My quote for Diaz was $3000, flight is at about $450 Roundtrip (it helps if you book the going and return flight separately!) and the total for stay is about $575 so I'm looking at around $4,025. Add in my stage 2 faja ($150) and my post op meds ($150) and I'm looking at $4,325 best case scenario. Then add on extra money for emergency spending and pre-op meds/toiletries, and you're looking at maybe $4700. DAMN, that adds up quickly! **gets off realself and goes back to work to pay for this s***


So I just confirmed with Dr. Baez for April 3rd, and I'm soooo excited I have my date but now I have so much I need to do. I'm going to ask for time off from work tomorrow, and if I'm approved then I'll buy my plane ticket the same day and send Baez the info to secure my date.

Then I'll use my day off tomorrow to buy the vitamins I need to take in advance. I think I've decided to book at Real Recovery Armonia. I have not seen a complaint about them yet. They are pricey, but I'm going to be miserable after surgery, and I'm going to need to be comfortable and well taken care of, especially since I'm traveling alone. I'm all about a bargain, but I will not be cheap when it comes to my health!!

I feel very secure in my choice. I'm so excited to partake in this new journey. Anyway, I have the flu so let me lay my ass back down :(

Pre-op pics

Figured I would add more pre-op pics. I don't see many girls on this site with a similar body structure so hopefully my before and after can give you a better idea of what are realistic results.


I've been trying to gain weight for this procedure, meanwhile I just go over the flu and LOST ALL OF THE WEIGHT THAT I'VE GAINED! Life has a funny sense of humor :) Just a little over 2 weeks to go!

Flight Booked

Booked my flight this weekend. Nothing's really setting in yet....but I know that these 2 weeks are going to FLY by. I've got to finish out this cold, then I've got a gig this weekend (I'm a musician) and next weekend, and then I'll be on my way to the beautiful DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Flight Conf.

My Conversations with Baez

Ok, so I had a really hard time getting in touch with Baez. Sometimes she was really responsive via email or whatsapp, other times not so much. I eventually translated my messages into Spanish per suggestions on RealSelf and she communicated much better than way. I screen grabbed our conversations in case they are of use for anyone.

Lipo foams

I see some people with little triangles they put above their butt and the pears they put over their hoo-ha, then I see people who just get the foams, the I see people with squeems and corsets....But I guess I just dont understand if they all work together, or are they all just a matter of preference which one you use? Help?!

Ass (or lack there of) before

Taking iron

The doctor recommended that I start taking iron, b-12 with folic acid and vitamin c as soon as possible, so I just went and picked up this little gem in a bottle. It's by Nature's Bounty and I bought it at Duane Reade for 14.49. With one pill a day, I get 156% of my daily iron, 133% of my daily b-12, and 100% of both my vitamin c and folic acid.

I've never had problems with being anemic, but if for some reason I should, this should help at least a bit. I read that it could take three weeks or more to raise your hemoglobin even just a little but It couldn't hurt to try.

My BBL backstory..

So I figured I'd give a little backstory to the booty. I am a singer/musician/producer. I'm currently working on a ton of projects in TV, radio and performing a lot, so of course it's important for my body to look good and be in shape. My manager is always harping on my to stay in the gym and eat right and blah blah blah. I also work with a large team of people, who are all in the industry as well and they have to be just as diligent, so the pressure is constantly around at all times. On top of that, living in NYC in general means being surrounded by stylish beautiful people at all times. To be honest though, I've never really let the pressure change my opinion of myself. I've always stayed in relatively good shape (although looking at the pics it may be hard to tell, but I'm honestly mostly muscle!) and have never had a problem getting attention from guys of the opposite sex.

So why change now?'s hard to pinpoint but a few significant things have happened in the last few months.

First thing, me and my boyfriend of 6 years split......2 days before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Was. Devastated. And if you've ever been with someone who you consistently talked about future plans with, planned on moving in with, and really is the only man who truly knows you, you never realize how lonely the world is without them. I loved him. Still do. And to be honest, he still loves me as well. My ex is a very practical man. We both had issues that needed to be addressed. Neither of us were addressing them. We both tried to pull the trigger multiple times. He's the one who actually had the balls to do so. Good for him.

Looking back, we needed time apart. True, it's only been 3 months, but it has been the most eye opening three months in a long, long time. I never realized how suffocating it can be to be as committed as we were. But, I say all this to say that I'm in a transition phase. I used to be very confident in myself, and I still am...but I am also open to change! And this is a change that I have considered but never desperately wanted. And I still don't think this BBL is the end all be all to happiness. But it's still something that I want, and I just woke up one day last month and decided to just make it happen! If I can survive losing the man of my dreams, certainly this will hardly be as difficult.

In the meantime, I've starting dating someone new who is WONDERFUL. He treats me so well that I wonder sometime if I deserve him (I do). And I'm also still in daily contact with my ex, only by phone though (other than seeing him this weekend. I was sick, and without even asking he stopped by with food, meds, vitamins, movies, and tea. I really needed that.) He is the only one who knows about the BBL, other than my sibling, and actually is paying for half of it. He completely supports my decision.

So, I guess now the only thing I wonder the hell am I going to explain all this ass to the new guy?? I'm not sure if I will tell him the truth lol. And also, me and the ex have been tossing around the idea of getting back together for the last few months. Who knows, we have a lot of growing up to do so I know that's not in the immediate future. Relationships are damn complicated.

Not too big but still nice

First the butt, then a fleet of red bottoms


Becoming a fat ass to get this fat ASS

So I've continued to gain weight. I never realized how easy it is to go from having a nice shape to practically shapeless in only a matter of week. I think I need to be slowing my roll a little bit, and yes I'm referring to the roll I feel forming on the back of my neck! And possibly to that extra buttered roll I should have said NO to at dinner last night. I guess I'm subconsciously continuing this weight gain because my biggest fear would be that I'm not satisfied with my results, and it would be my own fault for not having enough fat to work with. I cant imagine myself going for a round 2, especially since I don't desire that humungous video vixen butt that requires 2 or 3 rounds to achieve. So here's to hoping this will be a one hitter quitter!!

I wish I had some measuring tape so that I could take some pre-op measurements. I'll have to find some, but in the meantime I really have got to order these supplies TODAY. On my list of things to cop:

Female Urinal (which seems to be a MUST on nearly every Vet's blog)
Maxi Dresses
Jumbo pack of heavy, long maxi pads
Lipo foam
Arnica Gel

Forgetting anything? You bet I am. :) It will come to me.


Side joint helped me take my pre-op measurements. Went ahead and told him why I was going to DR. He was cool with it, surprisingly and even considered coming with! To which I said hellz no!!

Bust: 35
Waist: 30
Hips: 42

This is after gaining what I assume to be about 10-15 lbs. Baez, turn this belly into some jelly!!


Gotta give a shout out to my girl 30'sDaNew20....she definitely keeps me on my toes. HEY Girl!!!!

So so far my supply list is as follows:

Super maxi pads
Antiseptic Skin Cleanser (for pre-surgery)
Grapefruit oil facial wipes
Alcoholic cleansing wipes
Tons of baby wipes
Gauze pads
Gauze tape
Benadryl cream
Nutritional Drinks
Spray on deodorant (easier for post-op than roll on)
Cotton balls
Compression socks
Sleep aid
7 day pillbox

Man. It's starting to hit me that I'm actually leaving in a few days to do this. And alone. Like so many women before me, I'm feeling anxious yet nervous. I will just be so grateful to be on the other side. And I pray that God protects me, and all of you other dolls who are having a cosmetic procedure, here or abroad. I have prepared for this surgery, researched for months, always taken great care for my health, and in 3 days my work is going to pay off. I feel blessed!!

Lipo foam will be delivered in the morning tomorrow. I just need to get some wife beaters, t-shirts and maxi dresses picked out, and then I am fully prepared to leave for DR on Wednesday.


Thinking I might turn a towel into a make shift log shaped pillow for under my thighs on the plane ride back. Boppy pillow was too confusing for my dollop-sized brain to comprehend. And I'm quite frugal so I'm going to wing it!

Scratch that, I just did it with 2 towels rolled up and the ass is suspended nicely while sitting. Yaaaaasssss!!!


My ex just dropped me at the airport. Ahh why did I decide to do this alone. I can feel the tears burning the recesses of my tear ducts. Damn eye precipitation! Ladies, bring a friend or relative if possible. I would be feeling much more confident instead of having regrets as I am right now.


Ass is HUGE. Was not expecting all this. Still in the hospital and feeling well, considering I just had surgery yesterday. Baez had a nurse spend the night with me, plus a nurse who checked on me every hour since I've been here and another doctor as well. This trip has been beyond my expectation. In depth review when I arrive back to Real Armonia.


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. You have no idea how even one or two kind words go a long way. Thanks for supporting me RS sisters. I promise I have a ton of pics and stories to share for you all.

Mas pictures

Couple more pics 1 day post op


I just wrote a long ass review with a ton of pics and it deleted smh. I'm too tired to re-write at this moment but I will update my measurements adn re-write my review later tonight

Before waist: 30
Now: 26

Before Butt: 42
Now: 47

Day 2 Post-op Pics


Sorry that was a typo. Waist is a 28

Pics of bruising

I know I said I would do a full update, I promise it's coming but with wi-if the way it is, I'll write some things then it will get deleted smh. But I can at least show some better pics I have of the bruising, and of the contouring Baez did to my hips and waist. My jaw and the other girls' jaws dropped after my massage today. Baez brought this body to LIFE. As they say, pics do it no justice.

Pictures Pictures

Things That I Wish I Knew

So I promise I will go head to toe, start to finish with this thang, but I'm still in the Recovery House in DR and I will at least wait until I'm sure my long post won't get deleted again to put up. And also when I can get a full opinion on the trip. But here are things I never knew before coming.

1. The girls in your RH (at least the one I was at) are like your family. From day 1, be courteous and they will be the same. Share! If you have extra Ensure, share! And when you need those extra baby wipes (which you will) they will do the same.

2. Girls are in different stages of healing, and some girls heal differently. Most of us were up and about 2-3 days post-op. One of my roommates fainted day one post-op and hasn't eaten or gotten out of bed since, 3 days later. DO NOT BE THIS GIRL. We all feel like shit. But get your ass up, drink tons of liquids, and EAT! The more you lay in bed, the harder it will be to recover. And the nurses are always on hand to help, do not be afraid to ask. And DO NOT let yourself become bedridden because it's downhill from there.

3. Most people plan to stay a week on 2, but get homesick and change their flights to come home after 4 or 5 days. I'm not saying you should do this, but I get it. I am in the process of changing my flight back home from Friday to Wednesday. To be fair, I'm getting my drain out Tuesday, and my doctor has approved my flight home. Listen to what your doctor says is best. Many of these doctors do not offer personal post op care. Baez does. But many girls when they realize they will not be seeing their doctor again, they think that it's better to have their primary doctor care for them at home. Again, different strokes for different folks. I'm just letting you know my experience. Being in the RH, no matter how great the care, is depressing and boring after the first 3 days. I wish I had brought a friend.

4. Most girls have unrealistic expectations. 99% don't look close to their wish pic, and pick over every little thing they don't like when overall, they look beautiful. Be happy with yourself first and THEN enhance. And different bodies hold fat differently. It's not the doctor's fault, and it's not yours either. It's just the way it is.

5. Believe what you read about certain doctors. There is not a lot of pre or post care for many of these girls. They come, have 3 procedures, and leave 3 days later. It is true. I'm not judging it, just confirming.

6. The workers will over charge you for medicine and supplies.

7. The locals will take advantage of you and overcharge you for everything.

8. If you go to the mall, take pesos or else they will take your money and will not give you change or won't take your money at all. The clothing stores are more expensive than american stores. It might not even be worth the trip.

9. Knowing even a little spanish will take you a long long long way. I don't even know a lot, but I can tell you that I had to translate for a lot of girls in the house. Even I had difficulty getting my needs across at certain points but many other girls got angry, frustrated, and aggressive with the staff due to the language barrier. You are not in the US, you are in DR. They don't have an obligation to speak in English, so please do them and yourself a favor and learn a few easy words such as:

Quiero: I want
Necessito: I Need
Ayudame: Help Me
Agua: Water
Lavar: To Wash
Limpio: Clothes
Comida: Food
Hoy: Today
Ahora: Now
Luego: Later

And the list goes on. I'm not even sure if these are 100% right but I guarantee they will get the message. These are real nurse's and they are willing to help and will try to help if you can help them a little. Heed this warning! The language barrier is real.

10. Almost everyone sits on their butt post-op. It's inevitable.

11. After 4 days of spanish food I'd give anything for a slice of pizza. Domino's does deliver here!

That's all I care to write for now. Netflix until I fall asleep. Until next time chicas!

Proper Before/After and Day 3 Post Op Pics

Played around in a bikini today. The pic of me sucking it in is gag worthy, stomach has never been this flat. I won't even post that yet, but these pics look great too.

Spanish Words EDIT

Limpio means CLEAN and ropa (rolling the r) means CLOTHES! LOL see how important it is to study? Thanks @GinalaCubana!

Drain out today

Thank ya LAWD!


Leaving Friday

Went to the mall today with @pretty_lady, had some banging ass Outback Steakhouse (haters were jealous LOL) and bought some FIERCE traveling home outfits. Homegirl is SICKENING in her new white dress. Waist is the size of my pinky and ass is like KABLooOOoM! Cabral did that!

I also picked up a crop top and body hugging skirt for myself. We've decided my ex is going to nut on himself right there when I step out the airport lol excuse my language! I'll post a pic of the 'fit tomorrow but I'm soooo ready to be back home :(

Sad seeing a bunch of my girls go today. We are so tight, but luckily most of them live in NY so we definitely will be getting together soon.

My drain was coming out and leaking 4 days post op so Baez removed it and stitched the wound. She also snipped off the stitches from my back and stomach. She wants me in a stage 2 ASAP but I'm going to get my faja taken in here, and purchase the stage 2 in NY where I can save about $50. Prices here are cray

By Request

I had a couple requests about CC's. From Baez:

Now, I do not have the exact number but I think each buttock 1400 and nearly 500 in each hip.

So there you have it ladies! 1400 cc's in butt and 500 in hips. WHOA

More pics!!!!

So I'm bout to drop some hot fiyah on this mofo when I walk out my terminal looking like a damn video vixen tomorrow in my black skirt and crop top. Chileeeeee I might have to give him some through my faja if he ackin right!!! Lolololol

New faja today too. Sooooo comfortable

Another note...

I am really really pleased with my results already. I just wanted to say, I'm still very swollen, especially in the lower abdomen. That's not gut ya'll! Trust me the fat is now tucked neatly into my ass. So as good as I feel I look right now, I know it's only going to shape and get even better weeks and months down the line. So I hope that you take my bodily changes, bloating, shrinkage, and plumpage in stride as I am. A lot of girls do not want to post immediately post op and I totally understand why. These are not the end results. So I just hope on my good days, bad days whatever that we continue to support and uplift through out recovery. Thanks ya'll!!! And thank you guys for all the positive feedback! It really really lifts my spirits and hat's the honest truth.

Me Voy :)

Butt-in vs. butt out faja and changes in size

Ok, so everything that I've been reading over the past few months is starting to make sense. I never got the whole butt in, butt out thing but I'm going to tell you what difference I notice. I have 2 fajas, the stage 1 is butt out (Baez gave me) and the stage 2 is butt in. The day I started wearing the butt in, like 3 days ago (I posted about it earlier) I noticed my butt and waist had shrunk overnight. I chopped it up to be just swelling reduction. Then after sitting on my flight home yesterday, my butt was like half it's normal size. Still looked great, but it wasn't the massive booty I had been tooting around for the past week. So last night, I decided to experiment and wear the stage one butt-out faja to see if it relieves some of the pressure on the ass. I can officially confirm: the ass has plumped naturally back to its previous size thank ya LAWD!! So I will definitely be modifying my current stage 2 faja to be a butt-out as well. Even my roomie agreed that the difference was noticable. So that's just my 2 cents, the butt in faja, unless it's loose enough on the bottom, it will shrink your hips and ass!! And in celebration of this scientific discovery, I give to u more pics.

Plump plump plump

I can confirm that the ex did indeed but in his pants :) luckily I had some baby wipes in hand and that was that. No faja sex but in 2 weeks when I'm cleared from Baez it. Is. Going. DOWN.



**did indeed nut. Silly autocorrect!

Pics not uploading

Sorry, pics are giving me a hard time.

Assimilating Ass Into The Work Environment

Assimilating Ass Into The Work Environment

Feels Like I Have a BRAND New Wardrobe

The ex came over last night. He's such a tease, why are you coming to my house smelling like expensive cologne, wearing a sexy ass sweater that hugs all those pectoral, neck-toral, and chest-toral muscles, lips looking all moist with your 6'3'' ass!! SMH how annoying. He knows what he's doing. :) LOL but I digress... I had something for his ass though. He wanted to help me rid my closet of all my clothes that didn't fit anymore. Ladies, I tell you what, we were watching that new episode of Game of Thrones in the background, (his fave show) I slipped in and out of each outfit, child couldn't keep his eyes off of me!!!! He forgot the tv was even on! It was heaven. I caught him saying "damn" so many times he had to apologize!! And before I could zip or unzip anything, he was right behind me talking bout "let me get that for you" LOL! After a while I started to play helpless and let this fool give me a "medicinal" backrub, apply my neosporin and cocoa butter all over my body, and put away my laundry!! HAHAHAHA I should have made him take pics because the clothes that actually fit, fit me in a way I NEVER thought they could. Even the throw on dresses that are mostly for comfort looked great. TOO good. I'm not sure when I'm going to reveal all this ass to the world yet (I've been layering up when I leave the house) but when I do it is going to be a PROBLEM!!!!! None of my work clothes, save maybe 3 outfits were work appropriate, and then only appropriate when worn with a blazer or sweater, so your girl WILL be doing some last minute shopping tonight before I have to walk up in my office looking like Nikki Minaj and one of the geezers on my floor drops from a heart attack or something. SMH. And I only have 3 pairs of jeans now so that will be next on my list of purchases.

The Attention

So I finally worked up the courage to wear a cute outfit and catch some drinks with my mentor. Went to a nice jazz lounge, and let me officially confirm...the attention is astounding. Stares, pointing, winking, some guy sent a drink over to me no more than 3 minutes after walking into the joint. Side piece came through for a bit and said I looked like Nikki Minaj. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not but I tell u what I'm going to have to get used to this shit. Not looking forward to the first time I go clubbing with a form fitting dress. The attention will be on a thousand million trillion. Trying to process it all, but honestly, be prepared.

....the hell?

I swear this thing is expanding. Feels like I got two basketballs bouncing behind me at all times LOL. ALLEY-OOP! Went to buy some new clothes for work (bc nothing fits anymore) and soon realized that what looks demure on the racks looks like Miracle Watts on your body! Figured I'd post some of the stuff I tried on. Clearly, I bought NONE of these for the workplace. Actually maybe I'll post some of the stuff I did buy so you can see the silhouettes that work for business environments. Ciao!


Ok, thanks for all the love guys!! I now have 300 comments! I will continue to share my experience in the hopes that u all could benefit from my BBL experience hopefully at least until a year post-op.

Sooo, I spent the night at my ex's last night. Man, I don't know why the FUCK this man is so damn perfect, it's practically sickening but he is just so damn nice and sweet and sexy! Ugh! So we watch an episode of Game of Thrones, and he proceeds to tell me around 10pm to go take my shower so that he has enough time to give me TWO massages before I go to bed. Uhh, exqueeze me? 2??? Mann, I flew out of them clothes so damn fast you would have thought I had on Velcro. End up taking my shower, come back, and he's got my neosporin all lined up with the cocoa butter ready to go. (Oh, and before the massage he snipped my last stitches out of the crack of my ass lol, if that ain't love chile). Needless to say, the next 20 minutes were pure freaking heaven, and between the moments that my skin was burning and feeling like it was going to slide straight off the bone, it was blissfully erotic.

The 2nd massage was much better, and I actually fell asleep. When I woke up it was like 3 am and I was tucked into his bed, him cuddled next to me with his arm around me. Swoon! Die!! So cute.

Uhhh the thought of it is like sickening. On the subway going to our respective jobs this morning, he kept doing sweet little things like adjusting my skirt or holding me by the waist when the train jerked or tickling my nose. Smhsmhsmh. I'm a mess.

In other news....finally saw side joint since being away. Meh, he's cute and all but no **spark** ya know? And on top of that, he's not an ass man, so he was neutral about my new hardware. Uhhh....excuse me???? I look fantastic u dick! (I actually said that :) ***sidenote I'm sitting in my car at a bus stop and two people just fell off the bus step flat on the sidewalk in a row and i'm dyingg laughing right now!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA***

Anyway....I'm rambling. The drama continues!!!

More About My Fajas

Thanks for the question 30'sDaNew20. Ok, so I explained before that I have 2 garments, the stage one butt out (I never use it) and the stage 2 butt out which I use everyday. It's a large. I got it large because originally it was a butt in, and didn't want it to compress my butt. Once I cut the butt out, it was too big. So I would say, if u are cutting the butt out, buy it in a smaller size. If u are wearing the butt in, buy it to fit the size of your butt as not to compress it. I also bought a salome waist cincher that I wear in a size small and it is TIGHT like rib-breaking tight. But I wear that to compensate for the slight looseness of my stage 2 garment. Also, my stage 2 garment in a Large, I'm almost positive I would not have been able to fit pre-op. I'm super tiny up top now so even these larges and extra larges are still comparatively small.

Next time I'll work out in a moo moo!!

Smhsmhsmh whyyyy did I think I could get something normal done, like walking down the street, dressed like a normal human being. Traffic stopped in both directions!! I think someone got hit by a car!! and was still looking!! It was to a point I had to duck inside a bathroom at a community center to collect myself and regroup. Put a sweater around my waist, but I had to take this pic first s.m.h.

Why are men so obsessed with butts???

It's quite strange! Just a thought.

Cherry Popper

Finally consummated my new ass last night with none other than..... (Drumroll please)...... *****drums rolling*****

My Ex!! Lol, it was sort of planned, I can't front. I have been making excuses to my side piece because frankly I'm just luke warm about him (although he did help me get my keys out of my locked car outside of a Trader Joes Saturday and was sexy as shit the rest of that day).

So, anywho sex. Right. Yes, chile!!!! That man is foine. I couldn't stop rubbing on his body, he couldn't stop rubbing on mine, and the BEST part was when he said "DAMN baby your ass is so FAT!!" You damn skippy. He was sooo gentle with me, scared he was going to hurt me or something. Admirable, but uhhhh...... Nigga smack that shit!! Hahahahahahaha's looking like we might work things out :) but I'm not depending on it. I just gotta live my life and see where it leads!!

Act like you can't see my pubes please!!

Bout to give ya'll a panoramic!!!!

Un poco mas

Un-before seen before pics

I look back at these pics, and it's unfathomable that this was me just ONE month ago. I feel like this has been my body my whole life. But looking back I'm more confident and happy that I made the decision I did. Love my new body!!!!!


Vets, is it normal to be checking myself out so much? For the first time, I'm actually 100% in love with my ass! It's the perfect balance between being big and juicy yet natural. I'm so happy!!!!! Now if I could stop scratching the stitch in my crack in public I would be flawless!!!

Heart shaped bubble that jiggles and smiles when I walk :)

I'm such a tease >:)

Damn pictures never post!!!!!!


Been in the process of moving the past 2 weeks. I didn't forget about ya'll!!! Life has just been a bit hectic but u KNOW I'm going to have to give an extra heaping helping of big booty Judy pics as a consolation.....expect those next week!

Still loving these hips

As promised..

Finally bought some clothes that FIT thank ya Alllaaaaaaahhhh Jehovah Jireh.


I really must be letting all these comments about me and "The Ex" being a real couple make me start believing that crap, because I literally just moved from Harlem to the BX (BRACKKA BRACKKA) only TWO blocks from his condo. :) Granted, he was 100% behind this transition and helped me move all of my stuff, but I'm interested to see how this will change the nature of our "relationship". Of course in my mind, I'm expecting us to get back together, have lots of next door neighbor sex, then I'll move into his condo, have lots of condo sex, then we'll get married, and have lots of married sex etc etc etc. Meanwhile, he probably is just wants to have the pussy (and booty) on call. **shrug** **sigh** **pinches bridge of nose and shakes head**.

What are we doing! This is some real cohabitating perpetrating right here. I blame you ladies!!! And I'll be damned if I see some chicken heads clucking and flapping around his doorstep while I'm here, I'll u-haul my sh** to Connecticut so damn fast, I'll leave tumbleweeds in my wake he better not test me!!!!

Crazy ex-girlfriend rant finished :) Who knows, it might work out for the best. If a ring ain't in the future, at least I might get some new lingerie out of the deal. I don't mind being a big booty hoe for the time being! :-D

Fancy Schmancy event last night *pic*

Ass Update

Haven't talked about my ass in a while you go.

Sitting: I've been sitting literally almost since the beginning as I have stated before. It's not always comfortable, I'll tell you that. It sort of feels like I'm sitting on a mound of clothes at all times unless I position myself correctly. That was a stupid analogy, I'm sure of that.

Lying down: I'm not supposed to lie down on my back for 3 months but I have been lying the last 2 weeks. Much more uncomfortable than sitting, and when I catch myself doing it, I almost always turn on my stomach or side because of the discomfort.

Having sex: all the time please.

Working out: It's still sort of difficult because the lipo'd areas are still rather sore but I try to do minimal stuff like squats of leg raises and that isn't too taxing.

Lipo: Damn that shit hurts!!! Feels like little people are poking me with acid soaked needles.

Appearance: awesome

Spanx: I stopped wearing my faja all together about a month ago. I now wear spanx and I cut the butt out of them. They make my butt look HUUUUUUUGE and gives me an everlasting booty crease which for some reason men think looks good, whilst I think it looks absolutely retarded. I only wear it really when I'm going to the club or going to see...... "The Ex" **dun-dun-dun!!!** I've also just now realized that this is exactly what Kim Kardashian does when she wants her butt to have that bubbly look. (Don't believe me? Look at the pics of her butt in clothes and out of clothes. Still big, but not as bubbly).

Change in size: some days I think it looks small but I've learned that it's all in the head. I got a lot in my first round, and I can guarantee I won't be going for a second. Even last night, I was wearing that white skirt (pictured above) no spanx, no nothing, not even underwear so as not to leave a line, and I remember thinking it didn't look that big. But sure enough, that was all I kept hearing. So, I'm probably just getting used to it.

All in all, I be chillin.

Don't mind me ??

More random pics spawned from pure unequivocal boredom

Why am I at home on a Saturday watching Madea?

I can't front though, I forgot how much I liked "why did I get married". Shemar Moore is fooiinnnneee but BOO! Those braids look like dreads! Please LAWD someone shear him bald while he SLEEPS with his sexy self. Anyway, I know this doesn't have anything to do with a BBL but I GIVE ZERO SHITS! Shout out to all the sexy bbl ladies out there on this fine Father's Day Eve. If you have any questions for me, ask away :)

In Depth Review, part 1

Ok....soo Ive never really spoken about my experience in the DR but I think since Im at work sitting still for the moment, this might be a good time to try. Here goes:

I arrived at the airport in DR on a Wednesday I believe. I was feeling good, got through customs and everything no problem. When I finally walked out of the airport to find my cabby, it was utter MAYHEM. I was scared. From that moment until nearly the end of my trip I had this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, which wasnt necessarily a bad thing. I just always tried to remain stay alert and remain aware of my surroundings. So, after unsuccessfully seeing my driver at first, I take out my phone to start calling Real Armonia before you get to DR, make sure you have all the proper phone numbers on hand in case of emergencies. You will need them), when I see the driver with my name on a notepad. He was a cool, didnt speak a lick of English though or at least pretended like he couldnt because even when I spoke in Spanish he barely responded and just turned up the radio. Whatever. Gave him like $5 or$10 and he barely blinked his eyes or seemed appreciative so I remembered that notion.

Got to Real Armonia. It was beautiful, very clean. I really got on well with the scheming employees who work there from the very beginning, even though I quickly caught on to who they were and what they were about!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$ They dont rush you to get in and pay right away, which was nice. I met the girls and got to take a nap. Then came time to pay. Ruth, the masseuse there, she tried to overcharge me by a day. Im all about numbers, I budgeted my trip 10 times over, I know how much my stay was going to cost. I explained it to her in English, she didnt understand. I explained it to her in Spanish, she acted like I miscounted. Fine, called over this other spanish girl that the employees liked alot. She counted with me and agreed that I had counted correctly. So finally after maybe 20 minutes of going back and forth, we agreed to the CORRECT price. Found out at the end of my trip that she had gotten at least half of the girls to pay for an extra day. Sad part is they didnt speak spanish so they couldnt explain that the count was incorrect and were forced to pay extra anyway.

So the next day, Thursday, I go to my first appointment. Nothing much to report there, Baez was ready for me. She never kept me waiting. He brother in law translated, he was super nice. Sometimes I felt like he thought I was an idiot, but whatever. I paid, took my tests. All was well. She said I had a small hernia so she took me to a specialists who confirmed it. I thought that was going to prevent me from having surgery since I heard of one or two more girls who were held back due to a hernia, but she said the just wouldnt lipo close to my belly button, so that was a relief. Also, the driver couldnt come get me so Baez drove me back personally. That was pretty awesome.

Next day surgery. Got there super early, maybe at like 10 or 11. I think the driver was supposed to take me to the surgery area because I went to her office and it was locked, ended up having to sit in this other doctors waiting room for like 2 hours. When they finally found me, which shouldnt have been difficult because I text and called her to let her know where I was, she acted like she didnt see the messages and that things were super behind schedule **pinches bridge of nose** ok then. So I got marked up yadda yadda. I told her to use her discretion when it came to shaping things. I didnt care really about anything except the butt but she suggested hips and thigh lipo too and I told her to do anything that she felt would look best. But then I looked at her and told her "just make sure to fill it up. BIG". And I just remember her showing this wicked little smile and saying "You want Big? I give you big!" And she laughed and left the room. I love her. Blue Pill, IV, within 10 minutes I was in the ER. Scary because Ive never had surgery before. I just kept asking over and over Ok, and I going to sleep now? How soon will I sleep? Will this hurt? They kept insisting I wouldnt feel anything. And to be honest, I didnt. I dont even remember falling asleep. Certainly before getting the epidural.

When I woke up many hours later, I was laying on my back in EXCRUCIATING pain. WHY was I on my back. I tried to turn over, the night nurse from my RH kept insisting I stay laying the way I am. WHY would I get my ass done and lay on my back?? Silly ass stuff night nurses say. The REAL nurse from the hospital came in and said "No no no! You should be on your stomach". She turned me over, gave me some water, and left. That night wasnt actually too bad. I had the nurse who stayed in the room with me, and another nurse AND another doctor who checked up on me multiple times throughout the night. I was in great hands. When Baez showed up in the morning to discharge me she called me "muy fuerte", very strong. She got a kick out of my ass. I think we both were surprised at how massive it was. "You wanted BIG right??" she said with a laugh. And you damn skippy I did!

In depth review Part 2

After surgery is over, it's like a big weight is lifted off your shoulders. You get to actually now focus on recovery and admiring all the work that the girls around you have gotten done. Most of the times were good, hanging in each other's rooms, maybe hitting the mall or going out to eat. Those times made u feel normal. What I DIDNT like was how blatantly the employees at Armonia overcharged at our expense. For example, one of my housemates was interested in checking out a faja store. The gang at Armonia insisted there was none nearby. Ok fine. While we were out one day, we inquired with our cab driver where we could find a faja store. He claimed there were none nearby. Bullshit! Turns out he was being paid off by Armonia not to let the girls go to faja stores on their own. And my housemate paid him for this information. Not only did he know where a faja store was, it was LITERALLY around the corner. No more than a minute or two walk away from the RH. They had wayyy better selection there, and the prices were better too by about $10-$15. It's not that the price difference was huge, but who are you to scam people out of a choice? This is exactly why I Refused to buy a faja from the faja girl who came to the RH everyday. And another thing about that girl. At one point she quoted me a faja price in front of Baez. Baez literally said to the girl "you need to give her a better price. I want her to buy this faja" which was clue to me that she was overcharging. The girl said ok, I can give her a better price. Great! Get back to the RH. Ok, so I ask her the new price. She sad the same price. I say but what about you promising me a better price? No, no she says. Is same price. She could have given me a $5 or $10 discount and I would have bought but the simple fact that I felt like I was being scammed out of my hard earned cash, no. Hell no. Not doing it. The same faja online, $30 cheaper. No, not me. By the time I left, I felt really cheated by the desperate nature of the people who are supposed to be caring for us. And that's never a good combination. I don't say all this to say that they are bad people, but why are they serving starches and gravy laden food at every meal? I was sick for the majority of the time that I was there. If it want constipation, it was shooting stomach cramps or migraines. After 3 days of straight Spanish food I stopped eating it all together, and my housemates can corroborate that. This one particular night, they served this super cheesy, salty cauliflower dish. The next day EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, who ate it was sick. That was one of the longest days of my life.

Part of the reason I didn't want to do a big indepth review was because everyone has different experiences and my experience shouldn't influence that. I still feel I got great care there, especially by the night staff. But the day staff and the food is treacherous. Sheep in wolves' clothing. Con artists. One night we ordered pizza, they told me that one large pizza and a soda was $60 when just minutes prior I saw a coupon, $20 for two larges online! They insisted it wasn't true but I couldn't verify because they had the phone. They took all the roommates money and gave back no change, just one pizza and a soda. That was the last dollar they got from me. When I arrived back to NY I was shaking and I ran into "the ex's" arms in tears. I hate being manipulated and not being able to do anything about it, because honestly u have to play by their rules. So my advice, do your time, make friends with the girls, take your time to heal and take your ass back home. Don't bother wasting your hard earned money on overpriced fajas and food and shopping unless that type of thing doesn't bother you. Your stage one faja will suffice until I get home! Peace


My ladies, my ladies, my ladies!!!!!!! How have u guys been??? Seems like forever since I've posted on this thing. I've been stalking some of you guys on here though and those asses are looking FAT so congrats to all my new booty hoes.

So time has just flown by so fast, I'm already more than 3 months post op now and feeling better every gosh dern day. Biggest complication has been the sensitivity on my back, but old Betsy is still holding strong! Not a day goes by, not a single day when I don't get stopped by someone wondering how I get my waist to hip ratio or what kind of squats I'm doing. This surgery changed my life in so many ways. I don't have ONE regret!!!

So for all of you who have been keeping up with my tragedy of a love life........... Me and "the ex" got back together!!!!!!!!! For good this time I think :) he had a house warming party this past Saturday, and it felt really good to be by his side as his lady, as I should be! Things haven't been better. Our relationship feels stronger than ever. He is really into fashion so I'll post a pic of the fit. You can also see the hips have stuck around too!!

And to commemorate, I will post a pic of my boooo although if he knew he'd be quite perturbed ! I'm naughty though ***bites pinky seductively**** enjoy this beautiful weather! Big booty judy pics coming soon!

Helllooooooooo (to an empty room)

Wazzzzup? Just giving a quick booty update and I'll post some pics later if I choose not to be naughty and forget ;) so, wow! How things have changed for me. Besides the fact that me and "the ex" (dun dun dunn) are still VERY happily together, I'm still loving my body and holding onto this fat like a welfare check!! I can't say that my butt hasn't shrunk a bit, but everywhere I go, all I hear is "damn!" "LAWD Jesus!!" And "The devil is a LIARRRrRrRrR!!!" So I'm going to go with my gut instinct and say it's still pretty damn big. No one knows that I got the surgery done, so I'm verrrrry happy about that. All in all, my decision to go as big as possible was smart because in the end I was left with exactly what I wanted. I am so very very happy. Now if I could just find underwear that fits!!!! Damn Hanes don't come in "donkey booty"....

Anywho, my lipo and everything no longer hurts at all. Back is still a little sensitive but not nearly as bad as even a few weeks ago. Ummmm.....yea! If u haven't, go get your ass done! LOL!!

Mida mida


I had a few inbox requests for pics without clothing, current measurements and Baez contact info. I'm going to post all that up tomorrow. Any other requests? Please let me know, I'm always happy to be of help :)

I'm sorry!!

I know I haven't posted the pics yet. I promise I haven't forgotten, this weekend was honestly crazy, and I need my BF to take them so that they are of good quality but **crossing fingers** I should have them for ya'llzzzzz manana!

Better late than never!!!

You asked for it

Throw dat ass in an octagon!!!

Pre-op Height and Weight and Baez Contact Info

I've decided to post Baez's contact info after being asked repeatedly over the last few months. I refused for a long time because I feel like you shouldn't even consider getting a surgery like this IF YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ATTEMPTED TO DO SOME RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN ABOUT THE PROCEDURE AND FOUND HER CONTACT INFO YOURSELF. A Google search would have sufficed :) Look, not trying to get preachy people but DAMN this is not the time to be helpless. I wonder if some of you take this surgery seriously. It's SURGERY :) It's scary and dangerous. I'll post it one time. Hopefully after this I won't have to answer this anymore.

My pre-op height and weight: 5'6'' and ~155lbs

Baez's Website:
Phone: 809-890-8143

If you'd like to reach her, add her on WhatsApp and download a translator app to text your messages in spanish.

Also, thanks for the love on the "twerk" video. Now I wanna see some twerk responses from some other dolls on here!!!!!!!!!!

Breast implants??

Is this how it starts ladies???? Got your girl thinking about going to get breast implants. I just feel so disproportionate! I would love to see those curves up top that I have on the bottom. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE my new ass but maybe it wouldn't hurt to have some matching tatas? Story developing...

Lost some weight

For those who asked, yes the ass is holding on like Lebron's hairline, even after weight loss. Currently 166, down from about 182! Yasssss boo

I only remember to take pics when I'm in a dressing room

I'm terrible. Promise to get to my crazy inbox and respond to comments this week. U guys rock! Keep your dreams alive
Muh Fuck**s!!

Insomnia Update

All is well!

Thanks to @sweetchocolate322 for reminding me to continue updating. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to give a quick update, I am still in complete and utter love with my new body. I was one of the lucky few who has thick thighs already to match the ass so not too many people have ever suspected anything, but I can confirm that I am still extremelyyyyy shapely. My butt is HUGE. Huge. And some days I think it's still getting bigger.

It seems silly, but sometimes I wish it wasn't quite as big as it is especially since a lot of guys make comments and stuff when I'm out and about, but otherwise it really was a life changing decision that I don't even regret for a minute!

I did gain some weight :\ but that was because I got TWO promotions and had no time for the gym at all. But I'm losing it again pretty quickly and will likely be back to a nice athletic size by summer. My butt loses weight proportionately to my body, so no matter what, it always always looks huge.

As far as me and the Mr. we are together and happy and he loves my body as much as I do.

Can't wait to upload more pics. Talk to you all very soon

Pics (Sorry these are so very late)

Ya'll I got fat :( sorry. That is definitely a down side of this whole thing!!! Your body always looks good "proportionately" so you don't really notice you've been walking and looking like a duck until it's too late. Oh, and guys won't tell you you're gaining weight!! Now all of a sudden all those rolls are "thick". Bitch, you're fat! (Me talking to myself in the mirror). I ain't never had back rolls before but now you could slap them off, boil them, and eat em between a hotdog bun.

No lie I'm like 190lbs in these pics but I'm starting the "master cleanse" this week and have been introducing juicing into my diet so I'll post more pictures as I lose weight.

And don't y'all dare tell me I don't look like a duck. I have to stop myself from eating crumbs on the ground from time to time so I already know what it is. Anywho, hope you all are well. I'm currently getting my Master's degree so time has been slim but it is nice to see how everyone is doing and thanks everyone for allll of the awesome comments and messages. U guys make me feel really good ????????

No implants

Oh, I keep meaning to address this. I did not end up getting implants because my breasts got SOOO big. I went from a 32 A to a 36D in a year. I can't imagine it's from anything else other than the fat transfer and gaining weight. So now I can die in titty and ass peace ??


Three years post op, WHEW HOOO!!! I mean where to begin? So much to say.

So, for those girls who are hesitating or nervous about making the jump, GO FOR IT. I feel great about my decision and I LOVE the way my body looks. However, if you want this surgery to make you feel better about yourself or more confident, forget about it. That comes from WITHIN. Even when your body looks better, there are still many many beautiful exotic women out there and you literally are not meant to compete with those women. Be confident in YOURSELF and NOT confident based around being the most beautiful woman in the room, bc a lot of times you won't be! But you should always FEEL like you are.

Anywho, as my body has become a noral thing for me now, some things I wish I knew b4:

~sleeping comfortably on my back/sitting comfortably is kind of hard with a big ass!!!!!!!! Like literally my back hurts and shit lmfao and I'm not even joking. Nothing unbearable but similar to how women with big breasts struggle. Shit it real!

~weight is going to fluctuate like CRAZY. You see how Kim K and Blac Chyna and Amber R. start looking sloppy when they get bigger?? DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. I got gassed, I guess, because my body was looking so voluptuous that I let myself GO, like I'm talking I was up to 200lbs. I'm finally coming back down and I'm not 170 and I won't stop until I'm my pre-op weight of 155. So stay in shape, can't stress that enough. And your ass is going to change in size based on your weight but it will still look good for your body.

~Big butts attract a certain type of attention. I hate it. But the men I've cared for the most love my ass and my body but don't fall in love with you for it. Don't get drawn in by some skank who keeps commenting on how big your ass is! Bitch, you didn't even notice my smile??

~None of the guys that I dated cared that it was fake. None. But I've still only told about 5 ppl. Keep that shit to yourself.

~I work in a professional setting and I am able to dress it appropriately. But for a year or so my coworkers would make snide comments about my clothing and spreading gossip!! I was NOT inappropriate, but I soon realized that it was jealousy. Now let me break that down. I am not saying that all women are jealous of my body, but the women at my job are all older (say late 30's-60s) who havent been fucked in years and who hated to see me climb the ladder in my profession. For the first two years, I spent a lot of money buying different clothes that looked more "professional" (basically baggy clothes) and I threw out or stopped wearing a lot of stuff. Meanwhile, over time I realized that they were wearing very low cut outfits or tight stuff, WAY more innappropriate than anything I ever wore. The only difference was they were overweight or out of shape. So finally I decided, fuck them! If they can wear that shit, then I can certainly wear what I want. So after all the rumors died down, I started slowly wearing things like I used to wear, like a pencil skirt or a nice fitting dress, and I would get compliments! So then I went even further, and started wearing the SAME....literally the SAME dresses I wore two years prior (that I got complaints about from my director) and even SHE gave me a compliment on it! Dumb bitch didn't even remember that was the same dress she said was innapropriate. I knew then and there that it was envy. So be careful and don't let anyone try to make you feel bad about having a nice body! Just because my body looks good does not mean that I am trying to be sexy, because a skinny woman can wear certain things and no one will say anything.

I think I rambled, but I didn't really have anything of value for ya'll lmao except just to give you a nice 3 year update. I LOVE my body and Baez was the right choice. I hope all of you ladies are well :)

This didn't post smh


You can't make hanges once you post an update? That crap had so many grammatical errors. But I just want to reiterate my weight and measurements

Weight: 155 LBS
Waist: 30
Ass: 42

Immediately Post-Op:
W: 155 LBS
W: 28
A: 47

Today (3 ys Post-Op)
W: 170 LBS
W: 28 (My waist is still tiny! Yay!)
A: 46
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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