26 / No Kids / 225LBS - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey RealSelfers :) Second time making a review...

Hey RealSelfers :)

Second time making a review here. I went by the other name MistyFine0 on here, but lost that password and email account. I am ready and saving this time around though! My Top 4 Doctors are:
1.) Duran
2.) Yily
3.) Cabral
In that order :)
I am having a hard time contacting all of these doctors.. Any info on how to contact them and what to include will be helpful! I can't wait. I want a date sometime in March of next year, preferably at the end of the month. Saving $1000 a month starting August 2016 so hopefully cost will stay around $7000 or less INCLUDING stay. I am looking to have a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift w./ Augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift done with some Liposculpture. My stats are 5'7 at 225Lbs. It sounds like a lot because it is LOL I want the body I want and I figured if I have to pay thousands for it, it may as well include everything I ever wanted ;) so ladies, keep me in check. Judging by what I read on here on a daily basis, that's realistic right? Is there anyone here who has received all of those procedures at one time..? Finding those type of reviews are few and far in between. So please, with commenting on how to contact those doctors - please leave some RealSelfer profiles down below that have received all of the procedures I am looking for! Thanks in advance ladies <3

My Before Pictures

Hey y'all, back at it again :) These are my before (current body) pics. Remember, I am 5'6 and 225Lbs. I was thinking of losing weight before, but a part of me think that isn't such a good idea. I've read so many stories of girls losing a ton of weight before surgery - that there's not enough fat left for the transfer. I was under the impression that you lose some volume after the procedures, so it's best if you get it slightly bigger than what you want. Please correct me if I am wrong ladies. Seven months is literally TOO far away for me.... Lol

More Pics, this time Clothes On :)

So this is my body with clothes on, which is decent. I don't know why I look that way naked VS this way clothed LOL oh well .. Seven more months, and this body will be a figment of our imaginations :)

Yily wrote back :)

So, I was quoted $6,200 for my BBL/TT/Lipo/BA :) here's part of the email sent:

Your all-inclusive quote for surgery & accommodations: (AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED)

· Liposuction of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist

· Brazilian Butt Lift via fat transfer

· Tummy Tuck with muscle repair

· Breast augmentation or breast lift (choose one)

· Recovery House accommodations: 10 days, 9 nights in a triple room (YOU MUST STAY 10 DAYS)

· Round Trip Airport Transportation from Las Americas - SDQ

· Round Trip Transportation for all doctor visits related to your surgery

Quote for everything listed above: $6,200.00 USD

(If you do not want the recovery house & transportation deduct $700 USD)
I am STILL trying to get in contact with Duran before I send in ANY deposits to Yily. Love Yily, but she is my second choice.. BUT I was so pressed to get an email from her today that I got up and actually did my makeup. For no reason at all LOL ! Here's some of my makeup look from today. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY LADIES <3
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