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Hi , I am 25 and I decided to go with Robles ! I...

Hi , I am 25 and I decided to go with Robles ! I am not "out of shape" but I've always been made fun of because of my small frame. Guys would say " you are very pretty but no ass" and etc and it really has made me self conscious. I want to feel better when I put on outfits and swim wear. I'm 130 plus or minus...it's so hard to keep weight on, But Robles told me I'm a great candidate. I will be having liposuction on my abdomen, flanks, waist, armpits, and back. I went to get my hemoglobin and it was an 11 but that was a couple of months ago. I've been drinking beet juice and taking my vitamins. I don't want an unrealistic butt because my legs are small so my body goals are jlo , beyonce , Selena type booty's. Nothing stripper like because I don't want that much attention.

Wishful Thinking ????

Pictures of me "before"

I was never big in fact I struggled with gaining weight. I just had extra weight in the wrong places and I wanted to correct my imperfections. :)

Week Before Surgery

It's a week before my surgery and I'm getting nervous and anxious. I have never been so ready to see what I will look like ! I'm nervous more so about the after surgery part.
Questions I'm asking myself:
1.) How am I gonna ride the plane and protect my but !?
( I feel like the boppy pillow is not going to be enough )
2.) how will I lay ?
3.) hopefully I retain all my fat and my but doesn't shrink dramatically! ( I know that's not a question)
So forth and so on. Some things I also needed to know from RS ladies!
1.) where do I get compression stockings
2.) does ensure work because I'm seeing no results
3.) how was the plane ride back home

What a fckn MESS!

Ladies I am beyond pissed off ! First off I want to say that I waited for my guy to pick me up 2.5 hours I called every number I had for Robles no one answered ! Do you know how unprofessional and scary that is to me? The communication skills with Laura were awful awful awful... I was so excited to come and as soon as I touched down I felt like I'm being hood winked and bamboozled. After we (me and my mother) finally get our ride we head straight to cecip. No shower no nothing! They take our blood / HIV test ($105) which they did not mention and we pee in a cup. Nobody greeted us we were just told go here do this do that. Then we were in Robles office and spoke with her assistant and she took pictures of us again no time to settle in and freshen up ! Then she told us that we were waiting to talk EKG test why did we wait for an hour while she giggled with her friends...and then came back downstairs and said " I haven't forgot about you! " and then she just told us the ekg man was late so we can go to the recovery home. We came to Virginia's recovery home and it was very very nice and she was nice but then here comes the bullshit ! My iron was 11.5 she says it has to be 13 but I was told 12.3 and so she told me I had to buy Medicine vitamins/ IV/ Iron shots which all came up to $227 ... I'm losing my freaking mind at this point because nobody can communicate the way I want to talk and I'm frustrated because they make it seem like I NEED everything. I'm like so what is "INCLUDED" in my surgery ? And why wasn't this communicated with me... I just felt like they were nickel and diming us because right after they told my mom she needed nothing?! But then she did if she wanted to. Had we had a price list it wouldn't have seemed so bad because I ask her for a price and she says " hold up let me check?" I'm confused how long have you been doing this you should know your prices ! And y'all maybe I am irritated that it's 8:00 and we are just getting settled and eating salami and turkey sandwiches! Mind you the money situation took so long and we still haven't SHOWERED ! :( hopefully the next few days goes well because right now I'm not feeling this shit ! Ima get settled in and do my review on the Recovery house. Oh yeah and she said Ima need to spend another $200 on IV's and lotion to help with burns like I'm losing my mind here smh

Pictures of office

Day 2 (surgery is Friday)

Today is Monday 25th of April and I'm staying at "Virginia's" Recovery home also known as VIP. It is very nice here , the ladies take a excellent care of you. I eat like a queen lol, they love me and Martha speaks excellent english... Like I told you guys before yesterday was a bad day for me but today has been better. I've had 2 IV's of iron, taking vitamins, and 4 shots of iron (one in both arms) since yesterday. I paid 227 for all of this to boost my iron so hopefully it does. Being here so early is making me antsy. Lol but another one who is here said she refused everything because they won't "nickel and dime" her... I laughed and said that's exactly how I feel... The food is good we eat 3x's a day so I can't complain they are caring for me like I was there baby. Making sure I drink all my beet juice take all my vitamins and etc. can't say one bad thing about the recovery home but ladies please bring EXTRA CASH!!! At least $800

This is the hospital that Robles is working out of

So I thought she would be working out of cecip but no she is working at another hospital the reason they gave us is because they just got new equipment and she doesn't want to risk using it... She doesn't like the new equipment. The hospital name is centro medico de vergel. It's maybe 25 mins away from cecip.

So drained

So I have had my blood drawn 3 times total and yesterday it was a 11.7 today it dropped 11.4 so they told me before Robles can work on me I need to be at a 12. My feelings are very hurt because I'm already here and I've done everything they asked me to do and yet still I'm getting the short end of the stick. I feel like the communication was horrible and the care and effort is just not there ! They are treating me like "oh well " and don't seemed to be trying to find a solution on what is going on smh! So after spend $227 dollar on iron that I have been injecting, if my blood is not up by tomorrow I could be going home with no surgery. I just wish they would have told me that if I could not get my hemo up that I would not be able to get surgery. But instead I was told that my hemo is not low but they just want to be sure it's up. I asked before I purchased my plan ticke so what happens if my CBC results stay low and was not told that I could not even be considered for surgery if I don't reach 12. If wasted time and money and they just have this mentality of you got it. Which is frustrating! I'm drained and ready to go fckn home! Sad to say that if I leave Robles will not be doing my surgery! This is inconsiderate and not once did she try to speak with me and offer any information I just got her assistants and etc who barely spoke English.

Just an update

So I wanted to come and update you ladies. I was NOT able to have any surgery done what so ever because my hemo was below a 12. Just want to remind ladies going over seas that my doctors assistants told me back in March that my hemo was not an issue then I get there and it was an issue. Also I won't be going back to Robles. Because my experience was horrible ! I stayed a the VIP "Virginias Recovery" and it was nice. Ladies don NOT let them make you get the oxygen chamber ! It's not a need ! They are just trying to make extra money my mother had surgery and did not get it ... Please bring all of your vitamins , iron pills, etc ! As well as understand that some doctors back in the states will question you about your decision… Because there is no follow up if something goes wrong you have to go to a doctor here in the states. I have decided that I will be going to Doctor Fisher. Vanity Cosmetics his prices are the same as DR and his works seems to be really good and communication this far is wonderful.

Pictures from my trip I just found

Thought these pictures might be helpful to you ladies seeing as how some people forget to update/ upload

More video and Pictures

Video of the room
So you know what to expect and what the area looks like because I think excitement makes people forget to upload what you really need to see.

New Doctor ( Plazas )

So I have decided to go with plazas... I will be going to get surgery September.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Robles and her assistants responded fairly fast and made me feel comfortable. Whether it was email or what's app within 2 days or less I had a response. She would tell me if you have any questions ask at any time. She is going to have transportation waiting when I touch down and even said that I could send money as like a payment installment if I needed. I can't say anything else because I haven't met her in person but I will keep you updated.

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