25, 2 Kids and I Am Ready to Get SNATCHED HONEY:) (6 Days Left) Dominican Republic, DO

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So far I have been communicating with doctor Diaz...

So far I have been communicating with doctor Diaz faithfully since January. I knew he was the right doctor for me after speaking with him. At the beginning, his responses were very prompt. He would respond within hours. Recently, his responses have slowed up, but he still gets back to me within 72 hours. Whatsapp is much more effective than email. I am getting lipo, hips and a breast lift with implants. The price of 6k includes everything from the blood work, garment, medications, massages, food, and stay. I leave in exactly one week. I am soooooo nervous. Just thinking about it now makes my heart beat fast! I just thought that this review would be helpful for others thinking about going through this surgery. I know it will not be an easy recovery but it will be worth it!

Omg I can't believe this is about to happen!

So I'm siting here thinking OMG I'm really about to go through with this! This is a big BOLD move! But if I have my mind set to something I always do it! I can't wait! So far I have purchased water pills, socks, anti itch cream, arnica cream, hands to shirts, two sundresses and two skirts and poise pads, wipes, shower caps but I still have to buy the electric blanket, compression socks, go to my physician to get a few volumes and some stronger pain medication! Ugh I just feel like I need another week but I know it'll all work out:)

Before pics

This is very embarrassing but since you want to see :( here are my pre surgery pics. I would've gotten the buttlift but Dr Diaz won't touch my butt because 5 years ago I got illegal butt injections. So unfortunately I cannot get it done. I'm hoping he changes his mind but I know it's more dangerous so I'm thinking I should leave it alone!

Omg 5 days ????

Is it normal to think "is this what I really want?" I mean, I know I want it and I've been wanting it forever but I'm so nervous! More so nervous about pain???? I don't know what to expect and after reading reviews today, I'm even more nervous than I was yesterday :( this is crazy. My time is almost here. Part of me just wants to get him to do my boobs and then I could get my past doctor to do my smart lipo( the recovery for that is wonderful) but I feel like if I'm getting the epidural in the DR, I might as well get it all done! Ugh Welp I'm just going to go for it! Wish me luck ladies;)

Three days till I meet DR. Diaz

Wow! The time is moving extra fast! I'm feeling overwhelmed! I asked him if it would be okay if I sent him the money before arrival and he said that would be fine but I think I decided against it because I rather give it to them in hand so that I know they received it! Goodness! I just wish this was over lol anyways, I posted a few more wish pics and I've been taking multi vitamins just so my hemo is good enough. My doctor here said my labcorp results were fine and I was okay to get the surgery but I just want to be safe:)

Quote change

So I decided to not get implants with my lift. I want to go for a more natural look plus I feel Dr Diaz's lifts look like implants! I'm excited! Two days till I touch down and three days before surgery. I can't lie, it's all I've been thinking about! This experience is crazy but it'll be worth it. I'm still not packed completely smh! I'm so last minute but I will get it done by tomorrow. So sad I don't have my anxiety meds. I hate planes. But I will make sure I don't sleep for that reason alone. I will stay sleep on the plane the entire ride! Ttyl ladies:)

Airport Flow

Currently at the airport! I'm on my way to the DR ladies???? I'm excited! I can't help but think WTF am I doing. I know that I'm doing the right thing though. I can't wait to see my new body:) send your prayers up ladies ????

I'm here

Hey ladies. I'm in Santo Domingo. Once I got off my flight I had to stand in line to purchase a 10$ tourist card then stand in another for them to let me through. I then walked to baggage claim and went through another line to exit the airport. After exiting I met Pedro who was holding my name up and he doesn't speak English btw. We then waited on another girl who was staying at the same place only her doctor is Duran. I was sooooo hungry and they didn't let me eat till after my tests were done. We pretty much left to get the tests done right after we dropped our bags off at the recovery house. These ladies here (nurses) are soooo friendly I swear. They make you feel like you're their family. When I got my blood drawn, they took this huge needle out o_O my eyes got so wide but it felt normal but geez if you hate needles don't look. Tomorrow is the day. One girl goes before me so I'm not sure of the time I get surgery. I will post when I'm feeling up to it! Night ladies! O and this place is very clean and home like. Great vibes and great people and the food is pretty good also !

He marked me up!

Morning dolls, so I arrived here at 7. He marked me up, I filled out paper work, and he went over my labs with me. This process took about 3 hours. I'm currently still waiting for him to call me back to the delivery room. One girl went before me. He's so nice, didn't rush me, and it seemed like he really cared. I made the perfect choice. I just met him today for the first time. I'm sad about losing most of my breasts though. Because I'm just getting the lift, I will go from a C/D to an A/b because I have more skin than tissue :( I told him I would just come back for implants If I felt they were too small. Well, at least they will be perky lol I'm so nervous. I've been seeing so many leaving CIPLA and it makes it that more real for me but I'm going to go for it. Hopefully I will have the body of my dreams :) did I mention I was starving??? Ugh well all I can say is eat a lot the night before

I'm alive and recovering

Okay so I had originally requested to not get put to sleep but some how I ended up getting put to sleep anyway because I don't remember the epidural. I just remember waking up and feeling pain but when I talked I could hardly hear my self. The next thing you know I was sleep again and in a cold ass room. I then was transported back to my room. I had the shakes bad for like 3 hours! I had to wait at least two hours to get pain meds. Horrible but guess what ladies !!' The pain isn't horrible. Yes you are sore but I've had tooth aches worse than this lol. The faja is giving me the blues! I'm so uncomfortable in this thing but I Iook good from what I can see when I lay down. I haven't stood up yet. Let me tell you!!! They are stingy with the medications at the clinic so beg or cry for it. Lol and as far as the food, they only give you soup (not bad) but I didn't eat much because I was scared to puke. The nurse feeds it to you. It's no point of hiring a nurse the first night of surgery because one is assigned to your room overnight. That'll save you money:) my boobs feel so small but perky. In a few hours I will walk and see myself! Thanks for the great comments ladies I appreciate you guys!!

I look so good????????

Just wanted to share a few pics

Big ole butt

Just wanted to clear something up, yesterday I mentioned a nurse at the hospital stayed but wasn't paid. She was actually part of the recovery houses staff. She was the bomb and she took great care of me and my roommate! She definitely needs to be hired! That $50 is worth it. Since my surgery all the other girls in the house have been saying my booty is huge! That is soooo exciting

Diaz is the best doctor here!

Not to sound biased or mean but Diaz has been having a lot of diaz dolls in this recovery house. Let me tell you!!!!, these Duran dolls in here and yily dolls and even Cabral dolls have nothing on Diaz. Diaz created nothing but masterpieces in this house. One girl is even about to switch from Duran to Diaz! I wanted to post a few more pics today :). I slept ok and I realized the oxy is good for night time use. I actually use acetaminophen during the day only no lie. It works just fine. I also took my laxative piLls and they worked wonderfully. I feel so light and refreshed. The only thing I hate is that you can't flush the toilet paper down due to their poor sewage line. And the food has been chicken so much that I requested fish. But it took so long to get that I wasn't hungry for it anymore lol I'm okay though. Just figuring out how to not sit or lay on this bootie;)

Enjoying the DR.

So I turned this into a vacation forreal!!! I went to the mall twice. I went out to eat yesterday and I am going to the beach tomorrow! I didn't come this way just for surgery. I am fine, my soreness isn't too bad! I we getting tired of sitting in the house. My drain is annoying me in the back and ladies, I just realized the drain goes around your entire waist :( I'm nervous about the removal process but I want this shit out! The food is still awesome and the breakfast is my favorite! They have the fluffiest pancakes here goodness it's delicious! The nurses are still sweet too and when you come, call David as your taxi. He works with you and he will stay with you for cheapppp!

Pics ladies

Hey ladies here are pics and his info

Pics hope this works

I hope these pics show up

Before and after


Ugh pics

I hope they show


Finally you guys see my pics! I'm in love with my body. Today I didn't take anything but Tylenol. Their Tylenol out here is bomb.com lol it's very strong and it makes you sleep. My soreness is minimal but this drain is so irritating. At first I didn't feel it but now it's all I feel! Ugh tomorrow it comes out so I'm happy af about that! I will let you know if it's painful ladies! Wish me luck

8 days post op

Hey ladies so as of today I'm sore. I got my drain out on Monday thank God. It wrapped around my whole torso but don't fear it! It doesn't hurt when it's removed just uncomfortable. They then close the hole with one stitch. It's just one pinch then it's all done. My butt is a little smaller as of today I guess because the swelling it going down. I miss my donkey but it still looks great. In fact I have abs again on my torso and I am so happy about that. I haven't taken any medicine for soreness in days but I want to when I feel stiff. I ran out of pills so ladies before leaving, please get as many pills from your primary care doctor as you can. I'm still lumpy and swollen all over. I cannot wait for this part to be over. I stumbled across a post talking about a ultrasound that helps with lumps so I'm going to purchase it. I will post the pic here:)

The itch is real

LORDDDDDD THE ITCH IS REAL YALL! Beware lol I'm itchy and sore at the same damn time! Ugh I try my best to not scratch much because it makes me itch even more. I went to the doctor today to get more pain pills. Although I'm not in pain, I am sore and I get super uncomfortable at night and I wake up through the night. Hopefully these percs help;) I also want to walmart today and got a personal massager that has the same attachment as the massage lady had in the DR:) I'm winning because it was only $30!!! Hopefully the lumps will be gone next week. I will do it twice a day each for 10 minutes ! Here are some before and after pics ladies. O and I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks! Hopefully I won't lose anymore. I am no the size I was pre baby but now I'm shaped better

Before and after

Feeling great looking better:)

Hey ladies, I'm still recovering. Sometimes I'm very stiff and sore but it's nothing I can't handle. My nipples seem uneven but doctor Diaz said to wear my bra consistently for one month and see what happens. He said he will fix it if need me. Besides that, I'm healing nicely. My booty and hips are everything and I swear I stop traffic with my new body! Here are more pics ladies #teamdiaz

Quick update

Hey ladies. It's been over one month since surgery. I'm still happy with my results. I am still sore and swollen but that is expected. I cannot wait to see my final results at 3 months. Here are a few pics :)

Feeling great these days

Hello ladies! So finally, I've taken in my garment! I did it myself and I look great. I'm not really in pain anymore and I'm hardly stiff. I feel really good actually. I've attacked some pics
Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman

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