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Hi everyone my name is ericka and I consider...

Hi everyone my name is ericka and I consider myself a confident plus size woman I started my journey earlier this year in January 350 pound the main reason I started my journey is I knew being 25 I was going too far and it was no excuse for me to be almost 400 pounds with no kids so I knew it was time to get it right on top of that I always knew it was a few things I wanted to work on. Especially since I do modeling I want to be a hundred percent sure of myself and looks cuz even in the plus size industry you don't want to come off unsure cuz you will get tore down. Fast forward to now July I just sent my deposit in to Dr Fatima Almonte in the Dominican Republic. I have been heavily researching her work and I'm very impressed but since I'm just coming out of the 300 I have to really get a push on this weight loss cuz my surgery is scheduled for December 17th this year so that's over 60 pounds to lose in less than 5 months so I'm really looking to hear from you ladies ideas and tips I just completed the green smoothie challenge which I lost a total of 17 pounds in 10 days and managed to keep it off since the beginning of July so I will be starting another round of the smoothie cleanse in August and also I'm looking for a trip buddy for anyone traveling in December to Dr almonte office in the Dominican Republic. I will be in the Dominican Republican for a total of 2 weeks from the 14th through the 1st of January cuz i have to bring in the New Year with a new body and be in a new place for all around new beginnings so if you're coming anytime at the end of December just let me know. alright ladies let's embrace on this journey together we need to stick together because no one knows how hard it is for us women so let's go let's embrace our beauty no matter what the size!!

it's official Date locked in for December 17, 2915!!

I'm excited Lesley just confirmed they received my deposit. My surgery is schedule December 17th!!

My green smoothie diet resilts Round 2 in August with the Hcg drops

I have did the 10 day green smoothie clease. And I had great results I lost 17 pounds in 10 days 7pounds was in the first day. the first three days are the hardest but after that you will have a boost of energy... What I did was the full cleanse for breakfast lunch and dinner then boiled eggs and veggies for snacks and at night I took slimming herbal tea. I didn't do the Sea salt flush in the am but that will double the results along with the herbal slimming tea. I give it 100% approval you will lose minamal 10 and I only worked out the last 5 of the 10 days.
I used herbal slimming tea it's no joke best used right before bed. The book is 13 dollars on Google and it's really helpful. I got most of my ingredients from Dollar Tree the frozen fruit is a dollar and I got about 5 of each bags and the spinach and kale I got from Walmart 3 dollars and the mason jars I got from Walmart for $12 for 12
Jars this all together cost me about $50 it was so cheap. For more info follow my social media and let me know and I'll follow back

Fb/instagram @sheseverything3

legit Hcg drops??

I been looking on internet and I can't find anything to prove that the actual site is legit or fake products I'm just trying to purchase the real thing please leave a link to were to buy the real thing!

Be careful ladies a fake Dr.Almonte account

There is a person going around stealing money for women deposit in perpetrating there self as dr. Almonte so be careful

round 2 starts today!!!

Today starts my round 2 of the green smoothie 10 day cleanse I will also be using the hcg diet and drops as well. I lost 17 pounds my first round. I'm excited to see what I I will lose this one with both diets combined together let's go!!!

Recovery home selected for Dec 2015 My home recovery house

I went with my home because of the hospital beds and from heavy research on rs and fb they overall have satisfying reviews. Any dolls going in dec if so which recovery home?

Weight loss update round 2 of green smoothies cleanse results

Gm just a little update on my weightloss journey after my round 2 of the 10daygreensmoothiecleanse and htc I'm finally out the 3 hundreds i gained 4 for the hcg diet but and all lost 19 pounds total i no longer do the hcg diet it wasn't for me but i will be starting my master cleanse Thursday and my 3 round of the green cleanse will be in sept????????????????

Update ladies I'm still in this !!

hey everyone a little update I was in a car accident and all that jazz so I been in physical therapy but that's not stopping me. I'm still losing more weight I tried on clothes and I can fit a 18 and just this may I was wearing a 26 so I cant believe it. I got obsessed with the scale so I wont weigh myself till the day before Halloween. But I been going hard ladies believe me I will have my surgery in December! Never give up ladies work hard and make no excuses and you will accomplish anything I'm rooting for you ladies.

Oh and congrats to our fellow doll @deelite21 she is almost two weeks post and she looks amazing she very inspiring and a amazing person

Looking for Hair salons and nail shops in the DR HELP!!

For my vests any recommendations for hair salons in nail shops in the Dr it's hard to really look it up if you don't know where to go any suggestions will help!!

Hi ladies Im back

Im still getting surgery but I have switched from almonte to Israel manon follow my new thread I have a lot to share

Hi Ladies most of you know me I have switched...

Hi Ladies most of you know me I have switched doctors to Israel manon from almonte. Forthose who don't know me here's a little about me.my name is ericka and I consider myself aconfident plus size woman I started my journey earlier this year in January 350 pound myhighest weight was 387. The main reason I started my journey is I knew being 25 I was goingtoo far and it was no excuse for me to be almost 400 pounds with no kids so I knew it was timeto get it right on top of that I always knew it was a few things I wanted to work on. Especiallysince I do modeling I want to be a hundred percent sure of myself and looks cuz even in theplus size industry you don't want to come off unsure cuz you will get tore down. I have a videocoming soon to update you guys on my weight loss journey. I cant wait to help you ladies out Ibeen thur every trial and error. I think I got a good idea on a weight loss regimen that can workfor many. I haven't got on a scale in a long time and let me tell you I cant fit anything I have. Myweight loss has been fast and drastic my boy short panties are now shorts.

Realself Error Surgery date March 31st

I started new thread realself combined reviews My surgery date March 31st

Why I switched from Almonte to Manon

I was going with Almonte first but her work is always incomplete no doll gets there full tt,bbl, lipo, from my realself own personal survey only around 40% gets all there surgeries also she's more popular which means more surgeries in one day, her assistant is great tho. Her work she does is great but her bbls are bare minimum she does the least amount of cc's.(plus size work) majority of the the 40% who gets all procedures done are under 25 Bmi or under so that pretty much sums it up. Her tummy tucks are flawless and her assistant Lesley is a sweetheart.
Dr. Manon gives you ass for days lol. He snatches waist to the gods. I was quoted 4000 for a TT,bbl and liposucture and chin lipo. Only the procedure is included no recovery home. When it comes to his work around 80% of his patients get the procedure. His assistant Rosa is nice and quick to answer he's not as popular so he only do 1-2 surgeries a day. When it comes to plus size dolls or those with special health issues. He will require the cardiologist to be in the surgery room during surgery to monitor you. Which is fine extra precautions put my mind at ease. This is just my own personal opinion based off my research.

Walkin in labs get hemo checked for 24 dollars!!!

Ladies with no insurance you can get your hemo and full blood count for 24 dollars at
Just pay and print they send results in a day that you can download online

hour before surgery

Hi Ladies I'm here about to get my surgery. See you on the flat side

made it to the flat side lady's

Surgery was good but that first night was horrible it wasn't the pain I was very uncomfortable and you can't do nothing about it. Dr. Manon came to check on me and his assistant rosa she a angel she was with me the whole way even before surgery she was there with me at 4:00am the support here is amazing

finally seen my new belly

My incision is flawless

My before and after natural weight loss and surgery

Enjoying my new stomach

Enjoying new body looking forward for round 2

Hey Ladies

I hit my one year mark ????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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