I Am 25 1 Kid 5 Years and I Having LIPO on Belly Back,love Handles,thighs,breast Area and BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi allll... i am new to this but all of your...

Hi allll... i am new to this but all of your reviews really helped me to make this decision thanks :) i am booked for May 15th :D... I wanted to go with Cabral as well and Robles but they take to long to reply and they prices for Lipo is a killer might as well i do a TT lol.. Yily answered like 2-3 months after and all she sent was the the price not even the break down like come on i need details... i speak Spanish so communication was not a problem but it was hard, with Dr Contreras now i feel safe he laughs at my lil questions etc an makes me feel happy to want to go to him and his price is good to, my friend just came from by him few months and dam she looks great.. i am sooo exited yer scared at the same time so some encouraging will do great.. I will keep you ladies updated i will also post some before pictures and then after


Hi Ladies this may sound crazy or confusing but ive decided to go ahead and do a TT, Lipo on Back,thighs, waist and breast area and of course my BBL although i have a hard time trying to decide the difference between BBL and Fat Crafting cause in reality i do have a good size BUTT but just hate this little whole i have like on my hips sides and also would love for it to be more round and firm... this decision has not been easy cause ive never had surgery and have been debating over and over about recovering and what not... but like they say its a mental thing and after doing more home work and researches than when i used to go to school LOL!.. I can really say i am ready to go ahead and get my Barbie shape that ive always dreamed about (You know that small waist line nice A** FLAT Tummy and space between them legs), i have stretch marks after having my 5 soon 6 year old baby girl and like the doc first said having just Lipo wont give me the results i am really looking for so i am mentally ready for this BIG CHANGE for once i wanna do something for me and not for others... my Doc Which is Edgar Contreras Of course :) sent me back the Quote and Guess what?? its just a 1000$ more and i can have my dream body well damn it lets get it LMAO... I am about to post some pics of how i looked 2years back how i looked last year and how i look this year which i am soooo embarrassing OMG! HUGE Difference also have some wish pictures like who doesnt hehe please let me know how you ladies recover and how is the procedures ect ect really need help here...

here are some pics

these are the pics i promised i didn't show my face cause i am not ready for the harsh comments so just showing my body thanks for the encouragements ladies i tent to be shy but seeing some pics here and reviews ive decided to post the pics

Count down baby....

So i have started packing and buying few things i plan on traveling light cause i don't want to strain so i will be taking a carry-on i can pack a lot in a small bag i travel a lot so i am familiar :)... i cant say i Am not scared cause i will be lying Hello! my life is in this Dr's hands but with faith,believe,strength,hope and a great family supporting me i will alright in the name of Jesus... i have done so many researches and it has helped me Big Time....

12-new granny cotton panties (with ones from home)
3- Hens men long T
2-sweat pants
Few dresses (2-New, 5-Used)
Pads for Faja
Pain Meds
Benedryl alergies
Benedryl itch gel
Benedryl sleep aid
Surgical tape, Gauss, Ban-aid
Muscles relaxers
Antibiotic cream
Sports bra
Compression socks
Ensure drink
Coco butter (for when home)
Kelo-cote (for massaging when scabs are gone)
Thrombocid cream (to lighten up the brusing from Lipo)
Tecassol powder
Antibacterial body wash

If you ladies think i need anything else please help your sister out :*

I have booked for 10 days and staying at a RH

My family, Friends, Boy friend and even my daughter is happy she is like yaay my mammy wont be fat anymore (shy Face).. Even my job has been supportive awwww.. my supervisor is a doll she said to take the 10 days as vacation which is actually 6 added with my off days and said when i get back i can take the other 2weeks as sick days just go to see my doctor she said... Shes from the Dominican republic as well so she knows and her sister also went to get her body done. (Super)... I was not born in DR but my mom was and my Brother and sisters which they now live in the US i live in the Caribbean so i am used to the 100 degree sun heat moisture and sticky skin (i hate it) so i stay inside under AC lol... I i am bilingual i speak French,English,Spanish,Dutch and Creole the language spoken in Haiti my job requires me to speak all these but it comes from my dad back ground i went to french school and got Spanish and English as secondary languages... I wanted to do this in 2010 but my bum ass baby daddy didnt want me to said he didnt want no other man looking at his woman like reallyyy? Well our relationship ended that same year... was single for quiet a while and about 2years ago decided to try it over again his a great guy has no kids yup ( HAS NO KIDS) HAPPY DANCE and loves and treats my daughter as his own he knows the importance of this surgery so his super supportive he offered to pay but i want this to be a gift to my self.. i mean my birthday is in June Mammy wants a new jeep (You know, New Body, new car new everything :P :D) Time to upgrade so he can deal with the jeep :D lol.. I do plan on having atleast 1 more kid but not now i have like 4 friends who have done TT and like a year to 2years after they had kids and yup they still look hot... i asked all the other Dr's and they all said after a year it is ok to have a kid but i will wait 2

I All Done Packing

Lool.. Call it glad frighten or what ever but this shorty is all done packing last night I got all the other little things I needed such as wipes, the maxi pads new toothbrush/toothpaste hand sanitizer ect ect... Just have to get my ensure I wanna get them like the day before

Everything else on my list is checked off Monday I'll get my blood test I am so ready for this new change I went out yesterday an started wearing a Faja lol an all my friends kept telling me I look great what I am doing told them working out so when I get Back they won't see much difference ????????

Sooooo exited

Today May 8th my baby girl turns 6 wooow I have up my body 6 years ago to bring her here now 6 years later I am getting my old an waaay better body back I am mentally an physically ready for this my Dr checked up on me yesterday to make sure I am fine and getting things done... Nice of him! I am done packing suitcase on the side just waiting on the days to pass OMG my last week in this old saggy body an hello new body 2k14 my god is good an I leave everything in his hands ????????????


Woooow so I guess there is no turning back from here eh??!! Damn... I am feeling all kinda of butterflies in my tummy.. But I have one problem I can't get my fatty ass feet to go down I got compression sucks to help they are good while on as I take them off 20mins after boom swollen wth... Guess from tomorrow I'll wear them straight thru till the day of my Sx and see ooooweeee last week in this body can't wait!!! No worries I'll update you ladies details to details I'll try as much while I am up there since I will have more alone time but will try give my general after I leave DR... Kelp me in y'all prayers doll #3Days to goooo Contreras here I come ????????????????

So yes less than 24hr

Tomorrow Thursday 15th at this time 9:30 imma be on the air port bound DR baby with god as my GUID omg I don't have much to say yet guess I will believe it after I drink the blue pill hahha an wake up in my Faja ???? but mentally I can say I am ready get a lil nervous here in there but my family an friends put me back on track I will update as I get a chance

Next Stop DR

So I am all checked in an ready I feel normal right now not nervous more anxious an happy will give datail as I can

In DR baby

We made it safe did I mention I am here with a friend she is doing the same thing well she's like my 2nd mom we are here waiting by the cardiologist an like typical DR there is no dam electricity it's 3:07pm and his secretary said he will be here at about 3:30-4pm let's see OMG typical DR it is hooooooot an humid Eeeuwww!!! Well so far so good the people are nice an friendly our driver is nice an cuteeee lucky I am taken ???????? LOL my brother lives here he will come see me tomorrow at the clinic and will be there with us for the day of the surgery which is tomorrow will give more info as my day goes ???????????????? #GodIsGood

Everything went great thank god

Hi all I am doing fine thank god made it to the flat side save ????????Just adjusting to sleeping on my back that sucks an shortens my breathing but with the oxygen I am good... Pain level varies between 3 & 6 not to bad as yet just more uncomfortable than anything else ate some soup no throw ups thx u Jesus staff so far so nice an Dr C is a sweet heart... The wifi sucks here especially when doors are closed, thanks everyone who is praying for me this group made it possible ????????????????

I'm doing fine

So my drainage came out at day 4 don't ask me how cause I don't even know...they have to manually inject me everyday in my back to get the liquid out ammmmmm!! Yes not a to nice feeling started my massages on Monday faja went on the Tuesday started at the first hook and today Thursday I am on the last Aooouch!!! ????????????But I feel a lot less swollen just stiff like a Grrr lol this morning I was walking straight but after massages and tighten of the faja I'm bend again???? but I feel great Ohhh I did TT, Lipo on back hips an thigh wanted BBl but he said my butt is already to big so gave me shape ????????..

Feeling great and getting there

So I am 2weeks post op today and I feel great everyday is not the same but I haven't had any pain to talk about the swelling sucks but hey it's only the start massages are going great and helping a ton I am up to my 12-13th now I wanna do atleast 25 to really get all the lumbs out I haven't really gone out on the road waiting to feel better and walking straighter I am 90% straight I am on stage 2 faja went from a large to a small and on the 2nd hook guessing I'll need an XS soon will do my best to update as much as possible but I use the groups on FB a lot more! I have days I wake up flat flat and other days like today that I am puff grrrr!!

1 month Post op today

Today June 16th I am 1 month post op... It haven't been all heaven but also haven't been hell, my biggest issues was and is sleeping cause my back was and still has inflammation it's swollen hard and uncomfortable but I now turn on my sides and even on my tummy at times so I try to figure out a comfortable spot, I am up to like 22 massages getting them like every other day they really hurt sometimes cause like the lady told me my skin is now going back into place so it wi eventually hurt I feel sharp pains in my back like needles,cramps everything In One but it doesn't last long... My scar from the outside has healed beautifully I always get compliments "Guess it's called good skin lol" my birthday is in 3days and will be the first time I'll go out without my faja I already have 3 fajas went from a large which I had to alter to a small from Fajate then I both my 3rd one which matirial is harder and that one is a Medium and it's really tight guess it goes how strong is the fabric.. Well yes I read this and didn't believe it but after Sx I lost a friend the same one who introduced me to my doc ever since I came back she only came to visit once we still uses to talk via BBM an what not then I saw her started throwing talks then someone told me she said I went to do this to be in completion with her hahahahah I almost died laughing if we are friends I don't see why compete guess she feels intimidated by me cause even before Sx I always used to dress nice and always has my A game up guess after all she wasn't a real friend my mother never liked her so that alone had to tell me something she just went and had lipo and her belly is still saggy while I had TT lipo she didn't want to spend the money so see what being cheap does to to u lol... She's minus issues cause if she was a real friend then she would be happy for me like the others

Been MIA Sorry ladies

Well I have been feeling great thank god no mayor complains just does lipo pain area beast I've lost like 19lbs so far but most admit I've been eating but I control it now I am still doing massages cuz my body neeeeeeds it OMG!!! I go like once a week an my massage lady is so nice we have become friends I've gotten few free massages I also been doing the paradina it's hoooot but helps drastically I also sometimes wear 2 fajas when I wake up really swollen and it makes me pee a lot so I go down quick like they say beauty is pain lol my doc still keeps in touch today we spoke on Whatsapp real nice guy I also do therapy that my insurance cover he writes on the paper that I need leg therapy an the guys knows haha anything for some euros lol so he puts this things on me like electricity for muscles repairs an then passes this vacuum like machine on my tommy to get the hard lumpiness outt and for my legs he uses these suction like sucks for my swollen feet it extracts the liquid cause as his done I have to run pee
Dr Edgar Contreras

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