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I am so excited and eager to find the perfect...

I am so excited and eager to find the perfect doctor to get my BBL. I've been on this site constantly for the last 2 weeks or so.. At first I was looking in Miami but I decided to look in DR. I am so impressed with DR. TANIA MEDINA. Her work is awesome. She responds so fast and she quoted me 3700 :)

Thinking I want to work with Contreras :)

Honestly I read all about his past and I have been going back and forth. But after hearing some reviews from girls who recently got work done by him and checking out his instagram, I might go for it. He responds very fast and answers all questions. He quoted me 2500 which is awesome and that includes lipo of the abs, waist, flanks and back. He does aggressive work and gives you an amazing booty. With that price included is anesthesia plus one night in recovery clinic. An extra $500 will be spent for the exam, faja and meds. The guest house is 60/n and if you share with someone 80/2. You get 3 meals plus 24 hour nurses. They give you transportation round trip for 75 USD. Massages are $240 for 10. This is amazing for the work he does. I did extensive research all day and I think I can forgive his past. The girls look awesome! I will let you guys know. Contreras and Medina both gave me a great impression and I love both of their work!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Medina quoted me 3700 for the BBL. Recovery House included shared room all the Meal, Nurse 24/7, AC, Wifi for US$75.00 per night. 10 nights US$ 750...Transportation included Airport Pick up, Medical Check up and bring you back to the airport US$100.00 Total price US$ 4550.00. I think I want to proceed and get this work done on February 12th. I want to heal before the summer time so I think that's a perfect time. She requires a $300 deposit and then have it paid 48 hours before surgery I believe. I am so excited. Her work is so amazing man. I just want to elevate my appearance. I already have a pretty face and 34dd it's just going to be awesome to have no waist and a nice booty. ( mines is average I guess) I'm 5'4 153 and I can't wait for my weight to be distributed where I want it to be. Wheeeeeeew. I also reached out to Dr. Baez but haven't gotten a response yet. I didn't want to go out the country but those doctors are awesome. I also wanted to see about dr. Voskin in Brooklyn but haven't seen too many pictures of work he has done and barely seen reviews. I will be there on Friday and I will see what he's talking about but I have a feeling I'm going to go with the sweetheart Tania Medina. I'm so hype lol. Real self is so addicting !

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