24 BBL/ BL with Implants in Dominican Republic

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Hi im 24 and I'm started to realize the older i...

hi im 24 and I'm started to realize the older i get the harder it is to keep my body in shape, i go to the gym all the time but i really struggle to get rid of my love handles, and although my but is on the big side, i don't like the shape of it, i want it rounder and my waist smaller, gym doesn't seem to be helping so its time for some nip and tuck, i originally wanted to get my sx done in miami with vanity but I've been living in NY on a temporary visa, I'm from london, UK and I'm planning on going home in 2 weeks and won't be able to come back to america till september ( by which time i'll have a whole new body :D) so I'm browsing around surgeons in DR, a lot of them really don't respond quick enough, and I'm a lil suspicious of the ones that respond too quick.. like why aren't you busy?, where are all your patients? but maybe I'm just being paranoid, I'm paranoid about the whole DR to be honest, but i know i'll be alright, i always am, so i got a rather quick response from Dr Contreras, I've seen some of his work on girls here in newyork and they look good and he quoted me 4000 including the implants but his malpractice record is crazyyyy and a lil scary, i set a date with him for 23rd of june but i'd really like a response from Cabral or Duran ( if anyone knows a more direct way of me contacting them please let me know) my surgery is only about a month away so i really need to start buying some necessities anyone know what the of vitamins i should be taking ?


Sorry i haven't been on here in a while, I put my surgery on hold. But I'm now 3 days away from flying to Cali Colombia to have my bbl & ba with dr giovanni Cortes. I'm super excited and nervous cause this was a very last minute plan for me. My quote for the surgery is 5,500. When I go in for my consultation I'm gonna see about adding in arm lipo, I'm so unprepared it's a joke but jazmine from Belvita told me the essentials and that I can get most of the other stuff in Cali. I'm also staying at her new recovery house 'beauti sleep' It looks amazing in the pictures, I'm exciting about seeing Cali too, could do with some sun flying from ny. Will update you guys and leave you with some pre-op photos :) x

Post op !!!

I'm soooo sorry guys, I'm so terrible at this..... So I had my surgery & I'm a week post op tomorrow, checked in at beauti sleep and the next day I did a few consultations with a few doctors and I ended up going with dr Leonardo buritica, my surgery lasted ages and when I woke up I just remember being so cold and wanting to go back to my recovery house.... That night was absolute pain I literally could hardly type without hurting myself, nothing prepared me for the pain of liposuction it is so serious. Recovery has been up & down I was so swollen my first few days.. I still am but it's getting better day by day, I get the stitches from my breast removed tomorrow hopefully x

6 days post op

Finally getting my stitches removed. Will post more pics tomorrow x

My stitches removed -_-

So today has been annoying, I'm woken up most mornings really early for no reason... But that's minor. I had to put my foot down on having my stitches removed cause they wanted me to wait till Monday and today is Friday... My stitches were started to look 'healed over' but I wasn't sure.. I'm not an expert, anyway I haven't seen buritica since the day after my surgery and I'm a week post op now, he sent me and another girl who is staying at the recovery home flowers which was nice but he's apparently on tour with some famous reggaeton artist so he's really not bothered about us or our recovery.. Dr alder Haneo assisted on my surgery so I was told I would be seeing him today to take my stitches out, only for me to get to his office and he's in surgery -_- so his nurse who wears like hello kitty scrubs had to take my stitches out and yup they were overgrown, she had to leave some in me and made a lil hole in my breast around the scarring, my house mate was with me and she was more pissed than me about the way they did my stitches and the fact that they wanted to leave them in even longer if I hadn't insisted on removing them. The whole thing was a wreck I've been out of touch with buritica and his office since my surgery I feel, part of the package were 2 stem cell facials and I've been asking them for days about it and I feel the question is constantly avoided, a lot of little things have been pissing me off but I'm not gonna spread negativity just trying to share my honest story. I'm gonna upload some pics of my breast today... They do look reall hurt in the pics but it isn't as bad as it looks x

Boobi pics

Luz Miriam the massage lady

Luz is amazing, a part of my package with buritica are massages with her, she's so good at her job even though my massages hurt so bad (but they have to) she's really attentive and she speaks perfect English so we just chat away through my massages, she gives good advice and she's the only who's really explained the stages and process of liposuction to me, I was so worried about my swelling but she gave me all these tips on how to decrease it and not to worry about it, she messages me daily to find out if I'm ok or if I'm having problems communicating with buritica's off she will reach out to them for me & she's so pretty. She does ultrasonic massages and is really good with her hands, I always leave hers feeling better thankgod she's here x

Lil sneak peak me in my faja

Lil sneak peak of me in my faja

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I'm still so swollen so it's hard to tell what I actually look like :(

More pics

Dr. Edgar Contreras

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