23years, No Kids, New York, BBL and Breast Argumentation with Dra. Tania Medina - Dominican Republic

Very excited to go do my surgery, surgery date is...

Very excited to go do my surgery, surgery date is October 31st, I fly out Oct.29th...I've been following her in snapchat as well as Instagram and is very impressed with her. After doing my research on her I can say I'm comfortable moving forward with her Anyone traveling on that date to Dra.Medina ?...


So yesterday I went out n buy all the stuff I needed to for my surgery trip
•Arnicare gel (4 tubes for the massages)
•maxi pads
•granny panties
•bacintrin cream
•iron tablets
•Vitamin A
• wound wash
•loose tees
• 5 maxi dresses
• cotton tanks
•boppy pillow
•bio oil

I'm also trying to gain so extra weight so I've been eating sooo much food but at times a lot of my weight goes to my thighs..really hope I gain more than enough fat for my surgery

A peace of Mind

So I've spoke to Dra.Medina and told her about me gaining a few more pounds before my surgery. I asked if its possible to do a lil Lipo on my thighs being at times when I do gain weight it goes to my thighs and she said yes??So that gave me a lil ease to mind that I can take out a lil fat from there being I hate that my thighs stick together...I'm gonna continue to eat all the different fatty foods that I've been longing to eat for a while lol cause God knows after this surgery (if all goes well) I shall not be doing it again lol

Feeling a lil down

So today for some reason I woke up with a dry cough. Very annoyed by that. I'm starting to feel a lil down cause I've been trying to gain weight and it's very hard being I have a very fast metabolism. After each meal I immediately need to go to the bathroom, but since I've been on my iron tablets it kinda slowed down. I'm not use to eating a lot of food especially starchy or fast food, so my body feels a lil off n just having two bites of a slice of pizza I'm full. But today for breakfast I had sliced turkey sausages sautéed with onions, scrumble eggs with cheese and cola champagne...lunch I had red lobsters shrimp Alfredo, shrimp scampi and fried popcorn shrimp with the remainder of the other half of the can of the cola champagne..dinner I had a dr.pepper milkshake from Burger King, an Italian slice of cheese pizza and a bacon cheese burger....I'm so tired n full ...eating different is also killing my sex drive lol for some reason i just don't be in the mood...I just really want the results I'm looking forward to having

Sicky feeling :(

Ughhhh so I officially have a cold :( ...,woke up with the worst headache and body just feel so tired and weak...last night I had some NyQuil with Vicks and a sudafed candy drop...I even tried having sex but definitely just wasn't in the mood lol my body is just feeling a lil weak I guess, but I still manage to do my daily runs n work even though I wasn't feeling too well..notice my metabolism really slowed down since taking the iron tablets only going to the bathroom now twice but having this slight cold is giving me the worse migraine ever...I just can't wait to feel better n build back my immune system

New Best friend :)

So I started drinking homemade beet juice my mom makes for me and taking hema-plex and blood builder...it's a good way to get my hemoglobin levels right especially being that I'm anemic


I must say ever since I started drinking my homemade beets juice on a daily, 3 glasses a day, taking my hema-plex and blood builder my energy levels been high :) it's hard for me to fall asleep lol. My body has been feeling like it received a SUPER BOOST and even stronger

Pack on the Pounds

So today I sent Dra.Medina pictures of my weight gain. I started gaining a few pounds before my surgery but a lot of it is going to my thighs, :( ughhhhh and yes it becoming uncomfortable and just a lil painful being that my thighs are rubbing together...so being that the area is becoming a lil dark I make sure my skin is properly moisturized and oiled up especially within that area

Doctors Visit

Getting my hemo check today by my doctor

New iron tablets

These are apparently stronger and won't make me constipated my doctor prescribed these to me


So I did my hemoglobin last week Thursday n my doctor just called me back this morning with the results n it was 14.1 so I'm happy bout that being I was really stressed out with it being low n anemic so I'm gonna continue to drink my moms homemade beets juice and take my iron tablets :)

Sky's the limit

Omg so it's getting real...I've booked my flight n I can't wait omg....


So I decided to talk to my doctor and ask her to write a prescription for the take home meds I wouldve had to purchase for the surgery...so I would save up some money instead of buying it over there when my insurance covers it

All packed :)

So I finally got the remainder of supplies that I needed for my surgery today...so now I'm all packed n just waiting patiently on my date to leave..so until then I'll be packing on some more lbs

Shake :) Shake :)

So I've been gaining some weight for the surgery

Daily Meals:
•2 slices of pizza with ensure plus (breakfast)
• chips with large Dr.Pepper Milkshake (snack)
•Garlic broccoli, 2 fry chicken wings, vegetable fry rice with just scallions and bean sprouts with milkshake (lunch)
•ensure plus with a sandwich (dinner)

Shake :) Shake :) Pt.2

Booty goal

I really wannna have at least 1000cc in each butt cheek if possible
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm so excited for my surgery. I've been speaking to one of the nurses practically every day getting info and also Dra.Medina herself via whatsapp.

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