23years, No Kids, New York, BBL and Breast Argumentation with Dra. Tania Medina - Dominican Republic

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Very excited to go do my surgery, surgery date is...

Very excited to go do my surgery, surgery date is October 31st, I fly out Oct.29th...I've been following her in snapchat as well as Instagram and is very impressed with her. After doing my research on her I can say I'm comfortable moving forward with her Anyone traveling on that date to Dra.Medina ?...


So yesterday I went out n buy all the stuff I needed to for my surgery trip
•Arnicare gel (4 tubes for the massages)
•maxi pads
•granny panties
•bacintrin cream
•iron tablets
•Vitamin A
• wound wash
•loose tees
• 5 maxi dresses
• cotton tanks
•boppy pillow
•bio oil

I'm also trying to gain so extra weight so I've been eating sooo much food but at times a lot of my weight goes to my thighs..really hope I gain more than enough fat for my surgery

A peace of Mind

So I've spoke to Dra.Medina and told her about me gaining a few more pounds before my surgery. I asked if its possible to do a lil Lipo on my thighs being at times when I do gain weight it goes to my thighs and she said yes??So that gave me a lil ease to mind that I can take out a lil fat from there being I hate that my thighs stick together...I'm gonna continue to eat all the different fatty foods that I've been longing to eat for a while lol cause God knows after this surgery (if all goes well) I shall not be doing it again lol

Feeling a lil down

So today for some reason I woke up with a dry cough. Very annoyed by that. I'm starting to feel a lil down cause I've been trying to gain weight and it's very hard being I have a very fast metabolism. After each meal I immediately need to go to the bathroom, but since I've been on my iron tablets it kinda slowed down. I'm not use to eating a lot of food especially starchy or fast food, so my body feels a lil off n just having two bites of a slice of pizza I'm full. But today for breakfast I had sliced turkey sausages sautéed with onions, scrumble eggs with cheese and cola champagne...lunch I had red lobsters shrimp Alfredo, shrimp scampi and fried popcorn shrimp with the remainder of the other half of the can of the cola champagne..dinner I had a dr.pepper milkshake from Burger King, an Italian slice of cheese pizza and a bacon cheese burger....I'm so tired n full ...eating different is also killing my sex drive lol for some reason i just don't be in the mood...I just really want the results I'm looking forward to having

Sicky feeling :(

Ughhhh so I officially have a cold :( ...,woke up with the worst headache and body just feel so tired and weak...last night I had some NyQuil with Vicks and a sudafed candy drop...I even tried having sex but definitely just wasn't in the mood lol my body is just feeling a lil weak I guess, but I still manage to do my daily runs n work even though I wasn't feeling too well..notice my metabolism really slowed down since taking the iron tablets only going to the bathroom now twice but having this slight cold is giving me the worse migraine ever...I just can't wait to feel better n build back my immune system

New Best friend :)

So I started drinking homemade beet juice my mom makes for me and taking hema-plex and blood builder...it's a good way to get my hemoglobin levels right especially being that I'm anemic


I must say ever since I started drinking my homemade beets juice on a daily, 3 glasses a day, taking my hema-plex and blood builder my energy levels been high :) it's hard for me to fall asleep lol. My body has been feeling like it received a SUPER BOOST and even stronger

Pack on the Pounds

So today I sent Dra.Medina pictures of my weight gain. I started gaining a few pounds before my surgery but a lot of it is going to my thighs, :( ughhhhh and yes it becoming uncomfortable and just a lil painful being that my thighs are rubbing together...so being that the area is becoming a lil dark I make sure my skin is properly moisturized and oiled up especially within that area

Doctors Visit

Getting my hemo check today by my doctor

New iron tablets

These are apparently stronger and won't make me constipated my doctor prescribed these to me


So I did my hemoglobin last week Thursday n my doctor just called me back this morning with the results n it was 14.1 so I'm happy bout that being I was really stressed out with it being low n anemic so I'm gonna continue to drink my moms homemade beets juice and take my iron tablets :)

Sky's the limit

Omg so it's getting real...I've booked my flight n I can't wait omg....


So I decided to talk to my doctor and ask her to write a prescription for the take home meds I wouldve had to purchase for the surgery...so I would save up some money instead of buying it over there when my insurance covers it

All packed :)

So I finally got the remainder of supplies that I needed for my surgery today...so now I'm all packed n just waiting patiently on my date to leave..so until then I'll be packing on some more lbs

Shake :) Shake :)

So I've been gaining some weight for the surgery

Daily Meals:
•2 slices of pizza with ensure plus (breakfast)
• chips with large Dr.Pepper Milkshake (snack)
•Garlic broccoli, 2 fry chicken wings, vegetable fry rice with just scallions and bean sprouts with milkshake (lunch)
•ensure plus with a sandwich (dinner)

Shake :) Shake :) Pt.2

Booty goal

I really wannna have at least 1000cc in each butt cheek if possible


So this morning, I have finally arrived in DR...My flight landed a lil earlier than expected, so I called Marielle right away cause I didn't know what location I was suppose to put on the custom form so she told me if I can speak to anyone that speaks Spanish well n let her speak to them, so I did meet this guy from Jersey in my flight who's from DR but resides in the states n he helped me out so that was really nice of him... after going through customs and everything I met George the driver outside with a sign with my name and was sooooo sweet to me and there we waited for another young lady who's doing surgery the day after me who flights arrived a lil after mine...after picking her up n getting acquainted we headed to Dra.Medina office which is BEYONDDDDDDS CLEAN N BEAUTIFUL...the pictures online do no justice at all it's totally different it's really really clean n the staff is ABSOLUTELY LOVING AND CARING...I spoke to Marielle I did my consultation with her, filled out the form, paid the remainder and spoke bout what I wanted to get done....after meeting another soon to be Medina doll, we headed to the lab which is also beautifully by the way and did the urine sample, blood work and x-ray for EKG...I was very quite nervous for me blood work cause the last time it's was 14.5 n I had my period after that so I thought it may have gone down but after speaking to Marielle n letting her know my worries n a slight break down I had when arriving to the recovery house she went out her way to ask George the driver to get in contact with the lab n ask them for my results and she got back to me n told me everything's ok...so that was a lil ease on my chest... as arriving to the recovery house u meet other young ladies, the nurses and doctors that stay at the recovery house...they feed u boy, make sure you're never hungry lol :) ...but I showered, took a nap n now I'm up having dinner ...I've packed my overnight surgery bag cause I head back to Dra.Medina office tomorrow evening n sleep there to get ready for surgery on Monday :)

Prepping for the big day

Just got back to Dra.Tania Medina office and got settled in my room...gonna get some rest for tomorrow

Recovery House

I'm back at the recovery house ...in pain, will try to update later during the week


Ok, I'm gonna try my best to type my experience....the night before surgery I ate a box of dominos (small size ) before 10:00pm, the only thing is I forgot to drink water so when it was past 10:00 pm I couldn't drink water n it was crazy cause I was sooooooooo thirsty omg I was thirsty..I forced myself to sleep...I woke a few times during the night till I was really knocked out n th nurse came in to wake me up to ask me if I had showered yet, I told her no n I took a shower with the dial antibacterial soap n then the hibiclen wash...only thing is I got my period the Sunday afternoon n the cramps oooohhhh lord Jesus the cramps..but I got put the surgery gown on n had a pad n a Panty...the nurse put in my IV and then Dra.Tania Medina walked in immediately screaming my name hugging me cracking jokes, she was soooo lovely her staff treated me more like family than a pantient...she had her boobs done twice n made me feel them squeezed them shake them for me n everything...my nipples originally wasn't symmetric so one nipple was a lot higher than the other n she enclosed with me that one breast are bigger than the other at times so therefore I needed a lift..she said she will try her best where I wouldn't leave a scar, so I would basically have the same incrsssions as she did...i also lost a lot of weight when I came I was 158lbs n the day of the surgery I went down to 142lbs mainly because I was homesick n I came on my own so my support was my dear friend T which I met on here and u other beautiful ladies who sent prayers and well wishes to me, along with my mom and fiancé via phone...I didn't have much of an appetite before surgery but now I eat like a fucking pig...ok so she told being I lost a lot of weight I wouldn't be able to have a big but but she will slender my waist n I wa ted big boobs, as well as lipo my thighs, lipo my lower back my waist n lower abdominal cause I had no fat on my upper back n flanks, which would give the illusion of a well toned 5'11 tall woman...going to the or was good the nurses practically carry u cause the blue pill didn't really knock me out so the anesthesiologist gave me something n I was out..I went in with God...waking up from surgery my butt just felt like sitting for a long time n was cramping my chest had lil pressure But the pain was more so my back..during the day was good but during the night was bad I had a private nurse she helped a lot but I cried a lot I cried I cried n asked god for strength cause all I wanted was to stand up... Dra.Medina came in the morning to check me there her massagist Annie cleaned my stitches and she wiped me down oh lord she wiped my body down being I had my period she cleaned all in my vagina my ass everything, I felt awkward but she told me you're my baby now I gotta clean u n she also had her butt down by medina which looks awesome by the way but she massaged me down to my feet it was painful I screamed but my body felt a lot loose after them she dressed me back into my faja and the shirt n surgical bra over my shirt n I was ready to get back to the recovery house after running last check up test n blood works but the night before surgery Dra.Medina don't play she makes u see every doctor in the book before clearance down to physiatrist, psychologist and all and u gotta pass that test they give u which is like a form to fall out n they ask a few questions...when I got to the recovery house I was helped carried by the doctors but passed out cause I was hot gingery nauseous dizzy and overall tired...immediately all nurse n staff ran to my side fan me pour cold water on my face made me smell rubbing alcohol which helped a lot checked my pressure and got to my meds..they feed fresh pineapple juice they grow n blend infront of u n lovely chicken soup with pumpkin and I felt waaayyyyyyyyyy much better...but right now I'm in bed just had Pizza Hut cause I'm eating like crazy lol lol the doctor only recommended two small slices and fresh passion fruit juice..Dra.medina posted my boobs on her snapchat I'll post screenshots of it but I'm just in pain n I just ask god to give me strength, I've gotten this far but with him n I just continue to ask him for strength..peeing is very hard for me especially to get to pee but the nurses lift me though n thank god the vagina carry looking thing to help females pee standing up cause that helps alotttttttttttt but I'm good just pain here n there but god is control and I just ask him for strength and get through these first four days

Back H O M E :)

Home now
Will give a full on detail on my last week in DR but to sum it up DR.MEDINA IS BOSS!!!!!


So the healing process is happening especially as I'm taking my arnicare pills, the itching is the worse especially my boobs omg I be wishing I can just scratch the shit out of them....the only thing I'm dealing with right now is the fluids that I have that are coming stiff on my sides and the fluids in my stomach and back but I do my massages everyday and walk, I'm also on water pills so that helps a lot and I drink 8 bottles of water like medina suggested..she also gave me a prescription for this awesome cream for my scars which also works so good


Getting there
So my home process has kinda been difficult especially trying to heal...I have busted a few stitches in my boobs but that's me bending over and trying to do things I'm not suppose to especially going back to work within 4hrs of reaching back to the states but my doctor has been checking up on me daily as well as my massagist here in NY and have been dressing my wound daily...I go get my massage everyday Monday-Friday especially that my body is retaining fluids...the fluids are very painful but I'm on water pills drinking a lot of water and finally getting rest like I'm suppose to...ppl tell u the before and after but never the "in between" and that's where a lot of the spending come in...it's a hard process but it takes a strong mind and good support to help u through it and there are my days y I'm very depressed and just wanna give up but I'm very thankful for my babe " medina doll 26yr old bbl" I met on here..she has been my rock n biggest pusher on a daily basis to keep fighting and to stay strong

Common sense is not really common as some

Ok ladies on a serious note, I do give every one of my update a title and I do choose a title wisely...after my surgery it took me a few days before I updated y'all cause #1 I was in PAIN...I didn't really update throughout my time in the recovery house cause it's called a RECOVERY HOUSE for a reason cause I was recovering...I flew back gave a quick update n took some time off for MYSELF...everyone handles situations differently in life and I just put my body through a tremendous change and is trying to adjust and recover..the constant asking for pictures of Booty is not so pleasant at all instead of saying I Hope you're doing good and the recovery is coming along nicely ..as women we must uplift each other...yesterday I posted an update and titled it "Struggle" the whole update was based on the main thing that's affecting me right now which is DEPRESSION but yet some still felt the need to ask me bout the amount of cc's or how big is this or let me see this..NO approach me with more concern n respect towards my feelings and to be quite honest from now on any comments made on my updates that are inconsiderate I'm straight blocking u ...on that note have a happy holidays everyone
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm so excited for my surgery. I've been speaking to one of the nurses practically every day getting info and also Dra.Medina herself via whatsapp.

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