23 Yrs Old,Mom of 1...Pancake for an Ass - Dominican Republic, DO

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Little bit about myself... I am 23 yrs old, 1 kid...

Little bit about myself... I am 23 yrs old, 1 kid at 20 yrs old, married when my son was 5 months. I have neveeeeerr had a "sexy" body! My breasts were always somewhat dropped, a large space in the middle and they both faced left and right (pretty much like wings on my chest lol). Now after nursing they are winged and sagged! Neveeeeeeeeerr had a flat tummy always had a punch and fatty sides. And the ass....what ass?? My back and hind leg look like 1! So being from the Caribbean you don't get a pass if you don't got no ass. I've been tormented most of my life. But f*** them, my pretty face kina saves me on a daily. Worst of all my clothes don't fit properly in the butt area. Lots of room in the waist and back. I want to feel sexy...like every woman does.
Ok so I have narrowed down to 3 docs. Dr. Fisher in Miami. His lipo sculpting is beautiful and I can achieve a flat tummy without a TT ( I do plan to have another child soon and would rather not do anything that may potentially cause complications in my pregnancy) Sadly he does not do BA with BBL (would have liked to do everything in 1 shot.)
Dr Almonte in DR. Price is excellent but I only see her work on bigger girls. Her BBLs are great. Not looking for a TT so i am not sure if she can give me that flat tummy with lipo only. I have not seen any pics with that. And I am not a fan of her BA.
Finally Tania Medina in DR. Her BBL's look great, BA almost the best I have seen out of the DR. And she would do those procedures together if my Hemo is high enough. Yayy. And her price is actually great.
Will post before pics in my next update. Anyone who had a tummy and was able to achieve flatness with Lipo only no tummy tuck with Medina or Almonte..please share your experience.

Hemo 12.4!! Yayyyy

My Hemo is 12.4!! This is good but not great. I am trying to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. So I need my hemo to at least 13.5 to even consider having Lipo, BBL and BA. If I can't have all these done at one time I'll settle for Lipo and BBL/ Lord knows mama needs some new breasts. Nothing otherwise to report. Life is happening so while trying to save all these expenses keeps coming up :-(

Awful pre op pics

These are my pre op body pics. Ewwwwwww!! If i were a man I would NOT get turned on by this. my nipples have met their cousin (my navel), my stomach is larger and has more curve than my butt. In clothes I don't look this bad. I wear a padded panty ...actually i cut out the butt area of the padded panty and turn it upside down in watever undies i am wearing and pin it in place to my undies. I do this to avoid that dredded shape and lines that show you are wearing a padded panty and because the top of my butt is more flat than below. gives it some projection. UUUUgh so sic of having to wear that thing. cant wear it with bathing suits, very short pants cant get dressed in the same room with someone.
Anyway my phone has mash up so I cant upload more current preop pics n wish pics. But I am working on that. I swear to load my review with as ,much pics, research and photos as i can. To the ladies that have done the same I thank and appreciate your help on this roller coaster.
Still saving $. I am halfway there. Will try to get a loan in January. I do not want to have exact sx money! need to have money for post op and any unforeseen expenses.

Wish Pics!

I just want a shape in my clothes. Nothing big. A lil ass for the hubby to smack Lol! oh. I know that Medina does the banana roll liposuction. It's the roll of fat right under the butt and at the top of the thighs...it makes my back, flat butt and thighs look as 1. *tears tear*

More precise op pics

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