23 1 Kid Breast Aug, BBL and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm going with Dr. Luis Mejia In DR. I picked him...

I'm going with Dr. Luis Mejia In DR. I picked him even if he doesn't have many reviews. His assistant Lefny is super helpful and nice. They reply fast I also love that via email or whatsapp. Most of the pictures I saw were on IG I actually don't see him doing extremely aggressive lipos or BBL's which makes me feel better. Yes I do want amazing results but I don't want to put my life at risk for extremely crazy results. I'm so excited I can barely sleep at night. Any tips on what I need after a Bbl this is the one I worry about the most. How will I sit on my flight back home? gah??! Any tips ladies?


I'm so freaking excited. As the day gets closer I even get more crazy excited. Even got myself an appointment for a new hair cut and hair color to have a count down for that instead. Since I feel like I'm losing my mind waiting! I been looking at sooo many boobs it's insane. I know for sure I want bigger breast but I don't want them to look big with my clothes on lol only with my clothes off. I'm 5' tall I feel like no one is nearly my height so no good examples. Please if any one has any tips for my BBL let me know! I'm so worried about it.

My Before Pics

Hi Chicas,
Just 5 more days and I will get bobbies! So super excited. I still don't know what size but I know they will be great hehe. I get my new hair cut/color tomorrow that came by so fast! But my sx date feels like an eternity. Picked up my compression socks and some new zipper sports bras today. Still can't believed its all happening. The vitamins and iron make my tummy upset, it sucks and my poo comes out black I know tmi. Has this happen to anyone? Decided to upload my before pics. I wont be getting a tummy tuck even if I probably need one because my husband and I still want more kids. But new boobies, butt and lipo will have to do :) haven't really been obsessing about my butt anymore I'll be getting a boppy and hope for the best ????????

2 more days! Little worried on the Recovery House

Good morning Ladies, I have finally been getting some sleep this last two days! About time because the past two weeks have been hard to sleep with all the excitement. Can y'all believe I only have 2 more days to go. It's been hard since I decided to take someone with me they been changing my recovery home. First I was set for Rocio Ortega, then Kindness recovery. At the end neither as the problem has been its brother a male coming with me. I guess the houses have a problem one which I don't understand since he will be in my room taking care of me. Plus when I was sent my quote they included a guest for $55 more a day they didn't specify on the sex NEVER expected this to be a problem. Anyway they suggested tropical recovery and I'm not trying to be complicated or picky but with the pictures I saw theirs no way I'll stay there sorry but not sorry. She also suggested a hotel and a nurse would come take care of me and cook for me. But reading how so many people have done this and the nurses haven't been as attentive or there 24/7 is not something I'm willing to put my self through. I would prefer a recovery house with real reviews. I mean, I'm paying why not get what you feel comfortable with? She( the assistant Lefny ) has given me a few options but none that I been willing to take. I feel like I'm giving her a hard time :( but l just have this gut feeling that I need to go with a nice, clean, well known and well review recovery home. Isn't the recovery like one of the biggest part for the best out come?! The surgery itself isn't what I been worried about is the after care. I sent her a whatsapp message this morning, she said she found something but hasn't given me the name or location. She said its what I ask for including my brother as a guest with me. Well I'll keep you ladies posted with the name!

Not trying to be picky or rude.

This is the recovey home I denied. Not some where I'd pay to stay.

Prestige Recovery

Hello Again Chicas!
My hair appointment came and went. Went from black to blonde. My hair turned out way better then expected :)
So I'm here at the nail salon getting a Pedi before I need to start packing and getting my house in order before I leave. My plane takes off at 5am which means I need to be at the airport by 3am! I wont be sleeping until I'm on that plane (sigh). Alright I believe the Recovery Home situation has been settled, finally. The new home is called Prestige Recovery my brother tells me it looks to good to be true. Well I guess will have to find out. I woke up super anxious this morning! I hate needles so now I'm feeling scared. I want to calm nerves down I just don't know how. I mean when I got my blood taken out 2 weeks ago they tried in 5 different spots it was that hard ahh and painful. I'm just a big baby. Well tonight I'll be on a plane and I will defiantly let you guys know how my first docs appt goes :) send good prayers my way girls and all them good vibes! Happy SX to you all that go in today.

Pictures of the new home

Happy Shopping!

Doctor Visit/ Recovery Home

Hello Loves!

Alright here we go. I arrive to the DR save and happy. The drive felt more like 40 minutes as traffic was crazy. The driver George was a sweet heart I hugged him as soon as I found him holding a sign with my name. I felt emotional and fought back tears. First I stopped at a clinic to do an X-Ray we were there only 15 minutes. Then to the clinic Cecilip its very beautiful, modern and all the ladies are nice with amazing bodies hehe. I met Lefny right away she was very sweet and helpful. They offered me a drink right away I felt comfortable immediately. I mention I was hungry and she went with me next door to an amazing little take out place it was called "Chef Pepper" I believe delicious burger. We got 2 burgers 2 fries and 2 cokes for $12!!! All in all I maybe waited 30 minutes to see the doctor since one of the other ladies went in first. He was nice immediately met me with smile and we went straight to business. I got undressed he complemented my breast *blush* this is the second man to ever see me naked lol besides my hubby. He pulled on my breast checked them out then my belly pulled and wiggled it gah it was awful. Then my butt he looked real quick told me it was going to look amazing. We talked about how big I wanted my breast I said as big as you can make them he showed me some 325cc I said no he said the biggest he would do is 365cc I honestly wanted bigger but Im short and he is the surgeon so ill take his word for it. Eeh.. Okay so then I got to the how big I want my butt he said he can do real big. I was like okay as long as I don't look bad. Alright here is where I got a little bothered I felt rushed to put my clothes on because he had to go to surgery. Yes he wanted to answer my questions but I felt rushed. But he assured me we would talk more tomorrow. After I got out I went to get my blood count that was super scary for me I hate getting blood taken out but the nurse was seriously an angel with the needle didn't even feel it I was just terrified! We were done quickly I went back out ate my delicious meal. Ok here is were I got angry we went in to pay I payed Lefny answer all my questions then she mention the recovery home it was CHANGED! Now this really irritated my soul I mention how badly I needed to sure about my home. She assured me it be ok. i waited for a while maybe 2 hours then off to the recovery home we went. It was not for me to say the least at all.. No hot water a bit under construction. The ladies there were super sweet but the place was dark and gloomy and I just couldn't do it. I immediately booked a suite at the Weston and called Lefny to get me a taxi. She was apologetic but helpful got here with in 15 minutes! The Suite is beautiful with a stove and microwave And hot water. I wish I had pics of the house but I got out as fast as I could. I'm very picky I'll be honest. I'm glad my brother is here with me or else I wouldn't have had an option but to stay. Overall I'm still happy to be here and to be able to decided and control were I stay.

Pictures of the clinic should have taken more..

The Weston

Recovery update

Hi Dolls,
So much has happen since I last was able to update y'all. On Wednesday I went in for surgery waiting outside for 3 hrs the Doctor calls us over that one of us has to wait he can't do all of us that day "annoyed and bothered" the waiting around sucks! Well anyways I decided to take one for the team. So I decided to get surgery the next day first one in on Thursday. Girls, I was terrified I got
There waited a bit then the doctor took pictures of me and sharpied me up lol. I took the famous blue pill 10 minutes later NOTHING. The blue pill did nothing for me. So when I walked in the operating room I was freaking out! I kept asking them to wait for the blue pill to kick in. But they said we have to start now they tried putting in the IV in one hand and nothing never worked then they switched hands at this point I was crying terrified finally the IV went in and I don't remember anything else from the operating room. I woke up an hour after my surgery. already in my room and with a Faja on. Both my brother and the doctor were right there When I woke up. I immediately asked for water and I was shaking but I knew exactly what happened I was scared to wake up after the anesthesia but it actually was great it wasn't that bad. I just had the chills for two minutes then I was in and out of it until an hour later the pain at the hospital was bare able they have you hooked up to an IV and shot up tons of tranquilizers that helps also having the catheter in is a relive to not get up. The next day at 4am my back was KILLING me I couldn't wait to get out of bed I beg for them to let me out they said I could till the morning after breakfast at around 7:30am. They gave me a shot of something and again another tranquilizer. Didn't sleep I just couldn't wait to get up. Finally I ate they still made me wait 30 minutes till my food was down. She said I seen this to many times you puke or faint and want to lay back down. Well the doctor came in with a nurse still taking forever until a friend of mines who is from the DR went out there and demand that someone got me out of my bed and they did. WOW getting up was a rude awakening for about 30 seconds my boobies felt like they were going to slide out of my chest it hurt badly specially one side. Then I loved being up and walking helped my aching back! My brother got my things ready and we left! Got to the hotel and they had some booking errors moral of the story is we left and are now at Holiday Inn. We love it here as well but no kitchen. Room service is crazy over priced. The cards to open the doors and elevator don't ever work is very frustrating! I got a lipo on stomach, back and arms lord jesus I decided on the arms last minute wow that was horrible my hands were so swollen I couldn't hold my phone I pretty much couldn't do a thing the first 4 days. My brother is an Angel he is the very best nurse helped me way more than the nurses in the hospital did. Don't get me wrong they are nice but they don't know what the should do or the best techniques. My brother stayed at a recovery home with my Grandma after bypass surgery he said he learn it all from there helped in and out of bed everything. I should pay his car note type of help. DONT COME ALONE even if u are in a RH please bring someone

With Faja

Wraps were taken off first time seeing myself

Lipo to back, tummy, and arms. BBL and BA



Its ok wish he would have done more

Im extremely swollen still

As you can see the Bbl was not what I expected so so


Hello Loves,

I have yet to rate the doctor because so far I love my results but im waiting till the swelling and healing is over to give you give you guys my best raiting ;)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

No review just yet I'll make sure to post it soon ladies!

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