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I'm going for a round 2 bbl possibly in January....

I'm going for a round 2 bbl possibly in January. My first go around was with Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami. I'm happy with how my butt looks but my hips are uneven (not noticeable unless I point it out) he did lipo on my lower abdomen but not my upper and left most of the fat on my sides and back. Disappointed bc I gained extra weight for it to be left there. I really felt like Fisher rushed on me, I was his last patient at around 10 or 11 at night!
This time around I'm getting my sx done in the DR. I know a lot of people don't trust getting sx out side of the country but I believe anything can happen anywhere. I feel as long as you research your doctor and their practice everything should go smoothly. The doctor I'm seeing has been very helpful so far and I've been speaking directly to him and no messy coordinators. I really didn't want to have another BBL, I wanted to go over the areas that Fisher didn't lipo but my doctor wants to use the fat to my hips and even them out which I'm completely happy with that. My butt is a cute bubble so hopefully we can leave that alone. As far as my boobs I'm a 34B and want to go up 2 cup sizes. Still trying to determine the best profile for me since I have a wider chest area. I really want them to look natural, hoping that my doctor can achieve a more narrow look to my chest without having to get high profile. Details on my deposit and payments will come soon:)


Have to postpone my surgery. I was in a bad car accident today. :(


A lot of ladies on here look at my old review and see the results of my butt and then don't see why I want a round 2. Here's a current pic of why I want a round 2. I'm not completely happy with my stomach bc I seen Fishers work on ladies tummys he made completely flat. I still have fat from when he asked me to gain weight and I want it gone. If u can tell in the pic I have a lot of fat on the sides too. I'm getting the BBL or DBL(what they call it in the DR) just to add the extra fat to my hips not my butt, don't want to over do it but my hips are uneven. Which I noticed that a lot about Fishers work. Also I want a little more hips bc I have a wider chest area so wider hips will make me appear more bottle shape :)

Date Confirmed

Paid my deposit and will be having my surgery on April 6 2017. I was really pushing to have my surgery this month so I could recover right before summer. I'm excited to get this redone and I can't wait for new boobies:)

Maybe I won't get breast implants..

I can't decide whether I really want to get breast implants with this surgery, I've been thinking about it so much the past few days. Since I already had a round 1 for bbl, I know how hard the recovery is and getting breast implants will make it even worse. On another note I actually have a pretty set of boobs, they're average(34B) and they're perky and even.
My main concern is sleeping! Like how will I sleep?? Some doctors have their patients sleep on they're side after a bbl and breast implants but my situation will be slightly different because I want to add the fat from this bbl to mainly my hips and a little fat to my butt to get it to look how it first was when I was swollen after my first sx. I really think once Mallol goes over my upper abdomen where my last doctor didn't lipo, my boobs will appear to be larger.
My friends and boyfriend think I should leave my boobs be. I honestly only want bigger boobs so I can fit some clothes better without a bra on.
The video I'm posting with be how I want my butt to look again when I first got out of surgery. At the end you can see my boobs for a quick second. My butt isn't small now, it's big and I get lots of attention but if I'm adding more hips I think it makes sense to add a little more to my butt.

Disappointment and changes

I might have to change doctors. I love Dr. Mallols work, he does an amazing job with hips which is what I'm looking for. I emailed him after I sent my deposit and told him I no longer wanted breast implants and asked him what would my price for surgery be removing the procedure. He emailed me back and said that the quote he gave me for 5600 was the quote for the BBL only. Which is definitely not true, when he sent me the quote it was for BBL+BREAST AUGMENTATION, this was actually the recovery house package. Basically if he can't adjust my price then I will need to find a new doctor because I'm not paying for a procedure that I'm not getting. :(

Time is flying

35 days until my surgery. I was undecided on what doctor I was going to but I'm sticking with Mallol after all. He adjusted my price for my surgery and removed my breast augmentation that I talked about in a previous post. I'm super excited and I'm still debating on posting pics.


Any ladies know of the best recovery houses in the DR? Also I'll be making a private Instagram page for the ladies who've been private messaging me and being supportive before the surgery, it's only fair :)

Recovery house help

Does any who's had surgery with mallol already or is scheduled to get surgery know how to set up the reservation with the recovery house? The coordinator I have said they sent a request to the recovery house I'm interested in staying at but the recovery house emailed me back saying that my coordinator should be setting it up so I won't have to pay a deposit since it's included in my package. What was everyone else's steps for this? I'm so confused

Going with my gut

I'm scheduled with Mallol on the 3rd I've been reading good and bad reviews but the bad have really been getting to me. It's crazy that my surgery is a week away and I'm considering changing doctors. But I rather be safe than sorry. I don't want to go to a doctor that is completely booked and doesn't have time to listen to my concerns. Which is the problem with Mallol and not to mention the deathly infections. It doesn't happen to everyone but I don't want to risk it. The man gives amazing results but I want to be 100% comfortable and confident when I lay on that table before they put the anesthesia in me, the last thing I need to be is stressed before surgery. I'm waiting on more info from the doctor I was originally going with so soon as that's done I'll update more :)

Made it to the DR

After a hectic day of flight changes I made it to the DR and I am at the recovery house.
Arriving at SDQ didn't take long but EVERYONE seemed like they had an attitude at the airport if u don't speak Spanish. Mainly the ladies.
Soon as I got to the recovery house I got settled, someone asked what I wanted to eat then I went to get my labs done. Honestly the hospital was kinda dirty, didn't smell clean like ur normal hospital back home, no one speaks any type of English(but I understand bc I'm in someone else's country) the nurse was about to take my blood WITHOUT gloves or washing her hands untill I said something but it took awhile for her to understand what I was saying. She still didn't use gloves but she washed and sanitized her hands. I honestly don't think they had gloves in the office. When I went to pee in the cup the bathroom had water leaking all over the floor and pee all over the seat. I came out to give her the cup and she took it with a napkin, I turned around to fix my purse, turned back around and seen my pee cup sitting on the desk where people sign in and where she works at.(office is really small) This made me really uncomfortable but this wasn't the hospital Diaz uses, I just had to complete my labs at this hospital. so hopefully It'll be better my day of surgery.
Thank god everyone at the RH is nice and make me feel super comfortable.

sx tomorrow

Or should I say today since I can't sleep. Not gonna lie I'm pretty nervous to be staying at CIPLA. Heard so many bad things from them, I got an overnight nurse so hopefully I will be fine. Pls keep me in ur prayers!

Out of surgery

So I'm out of surgery and I was first to see Diaz which made me really happy. When he did my consultation he was looking at me like I was crazy(in a funny way) bc I didn't have much fat to work with. I told him it's ok bc I don't want anymore to butt, just to my hips since I have a wider upper body.
Only scary part of the surgery was that I literally woke up in the middle of it and I could still feel them working, I said as loud as I could "I can feel it, it hurts" about 3times and then I was sleep again. When I woke I was crying and some nice man who was pushing me to my room said "what's the matter? U look beautiful" I think I was just crying bc I literally remembered what happened when I woke up and thank god they had that blue sheet in front of me or I would've seen EVERYTHING. I have my own nurse from when I got out of surgery and the next one is coming at night so $100 for both of them but u really do need both of them bc the CIPLA nurses have to attend to everyone else and they only came in my room about 3times. 1. For soup 2. For meds 3. To check my blood pressure. Not sure what I look like but when I get to the RH I'll post a pic. Hope this helps ladies in the future :)



It's been 2wks since my surgery and it seems like it's been so much longer. Ive been going through the itchy stage for the past 5 days now and sometimes it's REALLY bad. The fact that it's hot outside and I get sweaty wearing my garment, foams, ab board and baggy cloths does not help with the itching. Can't wait for this part to be over. Other than that I'm getting around fine, still numb in a lot of places, and a lot of swelling to go down. I'm doing a lot more than I was my first round. Im also guilty because I've been sitting down ALOT, driving, riding in the car, at my desk, I even sat my entire plane ride home. My first bbl I did not sit at all for about 4-5wks. But I don't see any changes in the size of my butt so maybe it's too early or maybe I'm just lucky, hopefully lucky;)
I've been getting MLD massages, the are so gentle I'm not sure if they're doing anything yet. I'm trying to stick with them because this is what they specialize in after surgeries. These massages are nothing like the ones I got right after surgery when they are applying so much pressure to get the fluid out.

1 month!

So glad it's been 1 month! I'm still swollen and stiff but it's going down nicely. I can barley tie my shoes if I wear sneakers, I just stick to sandals for now. I still itch sometimes but it's not as bad as it was in the beginning. Literally it was unbearable at first, only scolding hot showers would help for me. I haven't bought a new faja yet I still wear the first 2 I got from surgery(size M) but I have a little trick for more compression since their obviously loose by now. So on top of my foams, ab board, and faja I put on my waist trainer on top of all that and it definitely does the trick. My stomach is flatter than ever, everything that I was self conscious about is now fixed thanks to Diaz!


Dr. Derby Sang Caputo

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