Im 22 Yo, No Kids, NEED BBL ASAP Lol - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi, im 22 yo. I am 5'6 1/2 lol i weigh 163 and in...

Hi, im 22 yo. I am 5'6 1/2 lol i weigh 163 and in desperate need of a Bbl. Ive been obsessing and coming to this website for about 3 years lol Im Just trying to save up for my Bbl and possibly a breast reduction... my boobs are so heavyyyy lol I am a 38DD. I always wanted to feel confident and its kind of hard when "everybodys a critic." I feel like all i need is that extra boost to feel comfortable in my skin.. im always wondering omgee my butt totally looks like i mean thats BAE but we cant not be twinning lols i need me some hips in my life seriously and for this big kangaroo pouch to be gone. I wonder if there is somewhere i can take a loan out for the operation... Any suggestions? ?

I really have my mind set on Dr. Duran. I want to be a Duran doll soo bad lol ive been folowing her on ig and twitter for about a yr now ha hope i dont sound like a creep :D but anywhoo... ive tried to reach out to her but its really hard, that is one busy lady. I just want to specifically know the cost of my bbl.

No Luck Duran.

I am now 23 going on 24. I weigh 150 now. My boobs are now a 38F smh idk why they won't stop growing and still, I never heard from Dr Duran. It's been years and I've still emailed her hoping for a response. There's girls that's emailed her after me and getting the surgery done or at least getting a quote. I'm starting to get a little discouraged and a bit irritated. I wish that she would respond to emails I've been sending over four years now smh I guess I should move on and find another doc. I've seen contreras iG and even got a quote from him but the only reviews I see from women that have gone to him are so old and nothing recent so that makes me a little skeptical. Can someone please help me get in contact with Duran or refer me to another Dr so I can get this over with? Thanx :)
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