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Hello Ladies, well I've been a member here since...

Hello Ladies, well I've been a member here since 09/2012. I have always been interested in getting a BBL but I wasn't sure what doctor I should go with. Well I've finally decided to go with Dr. Duran after reading so many reviews and seeing her before and afters. I was also impressed that I emailed her yesterday and she contacted me back last night responding to my email. She answered all of my questions, gave me a list of my before and after items for surgery and she gave me a wonderful price that fits within my budget to say I would have to buy a plane ticket, book a recovery house, and buy items I would need. I will be calling her office Monday to find out a date to set my surgery. I've so scared and excited at the same time. I will be posting just incase anyone would like to follow my journey. Thanks dolls

NO LONGER GOING TO Dr. DURAN.!!!! I believe I found my doctor. DR. SALZHAUER

Well after doing so many reviews I have officially changed my mind about going to DR. I read so May good and bad things but then I had to stop reading and do the only thing I knew to do which was pray pray pray. Now I know going for plastic surgery there will be a lot of things that could go wrong but I don't want to be in another country if anything should happen. I also said to myself that when I look for doctors I want someone who's going to make me feel very safe and comfortable and I know I will not feel that way being somewhere where there's a language barrier. I also read too many reviews about the utensils they use not being cleaned. Yes I know this could be anywhere or anything can go wrong but like I stated before I don't want to be so far away from the US just to get the correct medical treatment. I was so upset that I was changing my mind but when I sat back I realized I never thought about going to another country until I saw so many people on the Duran band wagon(NOTHING wrong with that) and then she quoted me a price that was unbelievable. I mean she quoted me such a good darn price I was going to email her telling her I wanted my boobs done as well because they sag a little. But then I thought why so little and after the horror stories and people dying behind what I feel "careless mistakes" I can't put my life in that persons hands. I'm new to the website so I hope no one jumps down my throat behind anything I write or take it personal and if you do too bad. This is how I feel and I would want to see someone's review on how they really feel about going to another country for a surgery to look beautiful but in all may never make it back home to show off the beauty due to someone not cleaning there utensils or from them needing blood or anything. I was so down with going but after fully doing my research and talking with my doctor here in Houston it's a no deal. By the way my doctor is no surgeon but when she looked at me with tears starting to roll down her face ( She's been my doctor for 2 years now) and she begged me not to go to another country for surgery. She stated you are healthy but it's not just about your health think about if something happens, they don't have half of what we have here in the US to help save your life. She said, " Girl if you want your booty done go for it but if it's the price, you save up and prepare yourself for a time you can afford to go to someone right here. Someone whom if something goes wrong you're able to get to an emergency room." So my search started again

I looked up Dr J again and I said No No No. Not because he's bad at what he does but he's too expensive to not give me what I want which are hips. To me in my opinion he only gives big butts. Then I looked up Dr. Cortes and I really really liked his work especially since he's right here in Houston with me but he quoted me 9500. That's too high for what I really want to spend to say I'm not huge and I reviewed him so many times, he's so good but I start noticing every woman looks the same to me. I'm very particular, I want a doctor who's going to look at my body and shape me a booty with hips that fit for me. I want a little cuff with a little hip to pop out. So I kept reading and I kept finding so many people posting about there doctor in Florida but none of them stood out to me except 1. His name was Dr. Salzhauer..... I fell in love with his videos, and I love the way he shapes a woman body by looking at that woman and not just give her a huge butt. I read so many reviews on him and I have spoken with 4 of his patients who I met here on RS and they were amazing and their body looks so good I imagined me already have a Salzhauer Bootay. Lol

I emailed to hopefully speak with someone and see about getting a consultation and I absolute love that he's doing a special right now. I'm happy I found someone I think I will like and I hope I feel the same way and better once I speak to his team. My post is already so long ladies but I will deff post once I speak with him

I hate my back and stomach

I hate the way my back and stomach looks but this is a site for me to be able to post the good bad and ugly. Before the beauty so here goes. I have a little butt but this picture makes it look bigger. I have thighs but they don't poke out like ill like. I also have love handles a back with rolls and a stomach but I'm going to just post a pic.

Torn in Between the Two

So I'm like so sold on Dr. Salzhauer. Just by seeing his work and reading his reviews. Then I spoke with someone from his office today and she was so sweet and she set my consultation up for tomorrow but then of course IM ADDICTED to REALSELF and looking up pictures like really looking. Lol I like his work but none of the women I saw on his website had any hips. That's like a really big thing to me. I really want a natural shape that's a little hippy. I didn't really get that. Also! I have to add everything and when I did I may as well just go to someone here in Houston. Let's say 7,500 bbl
350 plane ticket
1000 for a room
Maybe 100 for massage
300 shopping list
150 food & transportation
That alone is 9,350. Nope I'm deff not trying to spend that. Especially if I don't see a body he's done that I was wowed behind.

So I kept searching and came across Dr. Ortega... It was so hard finding reviews on him, I mean out of all the names that constantly come up on RS his was not one that I've seen but I believe he came up at the right time. He read reviews then looked through a lot of his pics. I saw more than 4 woman on his site that had my jaw dropped and I couldn't stop looking. At least 2 of the woman have the same exact body shape that I have and he gave them the exact booty I want. SERIOUSLY!! He had a lot of woman who's body looked great and what I loved the most is it didn't look like he just threw a butt on them it looks like he looked at there body and framed them. Very proportioned. So that was the first check. I only needed to check one more thing and that was call and get some information. Well i filled out his consultation page and I received a call this morning and man was I like a fat kid getting a call telling me they were sending a free year supply of cakes to my house. Lol Evelyn! I loooooved her... I've never seen this woman a day in my life nor have I ever spoken with her before but she was soooo nice and so upfront and just all around I loooooved her. And 2 this isn't worth much to many but I have a very hard name and no one ever says it right and she did that was a check off top. I like for people to at least try. But anyway she asked me about the procedure I wanted (BBL) and she went right into all the details. Price... 5999
Yep Dr. Ortega is running a special and it's 5999
Includes everything needed

Up to 12 areas of Lipo
Transportation to and from airport and appointments
5 days recovery stay
2 meals a day
Nurse first 24 hours
Care-giver ( meds, food, etc )

$500 deposit and up to a year to pay for surgery but I won't need that long but to me that's a perfect deal. I may stay longer than the 5 days that they provide if I decide to go with him but so far he has taken the number 1 spot. $6000 for all of that and my plane ticket when I checked was only going to run me 250 round trip. Even better. That leaves me with enough funds to purchase all before and after care I'll need for surgery and enough just incase anything happens to go wrong I PRAY NOT. If any of you ladies have any suggestions about Dr. Ortega then please comment. I don't bite

Wish Pics

I like for the booty to big big but you can see the hips a little. Like these pics. Looks natural to me


Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Ortega? Any suggestions or advice.?

Dr. Ortega.!!!!!

These are 3 ladies I loved who looks amazing by the hands of Dr. Ortega. My type of BBL

What's the problem

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the spot since I never get a response to anyone on here. I had been stalking this website for the longest reading reviews on the BBL and I finally made up my mind to finally finish setting one up. I really liked how the women got a response and how helpful a lot of the women were but no one I mean no one has answered me. Maybe everyone is busy HEALING lol hopefully someone sees my blog and give me some advice on Dr. Ortega because I chose to go with him. Thanks

Back at Square One

So I've been gone for a couple of days. A little but not really. I've been working so much and in my free time I get on here to see the ladies who have gotten there Bbl and deciding between doctors since I've canceled Dr. Ortega.
Yes he has been canceled because of the lack of communication. People are on RS complaining about Yily and Duran not getting back to them at a timely matter but I've been waiting for 11days just to get a phone call from Dr. Ortega when Duran emailed me the same night I emailed her and answered so many of my questions. & everytime I talk with Evelyn she promises the doctor will call me tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow and everyday it's im sorry I promise he's going to call tomorrow. On top of that I asked her to email me something to my email letting me know something but the only thing I get when I call is Evelyn saying the same thing. His price is 5999 including everything but dang I can't even speak with him or get a email or call letting me know something, other than a verbal convo from her. She's sweet but not enough communication for me. Soooo with that being said I don't want to use him as my surgeon. Yes I know someone will read this and think damn she just said no to him because of that but I want to be able to talk to my surgeon and to say he's not suppose to have so many patients a day he's soooooo busy to even keep the consultation she supposedly set up numerous of times. So with that being said I'm back to looking for another doctor that's in my price range

Doctors I spoke with

So since I've been away I have had good luck with other doctors I've spoken with.
I changed my mind about going to the DR for surgery but I had to think really hard on it and I realized it's not all about the cheap prices they have. When I look at the doctors work here in the States everyone looks the same to me. Some give nice body's but they are charging a arm and a leg for the same body everyone has. This is my opinion so please don't judge. Once again there are some surgeons here in the States who's girls look great but I would not pay them to do my surgery because everyone to me looks alike. Now when I look and compare the lady's who have had surgery in DR have a very nice curvy shape. I have seen so many different body types of women who have gone to DR for surgery and most of there butts fits there body. So a little about the Doctors I've spoken with
Dr. Baez she has been so sweet and her price is so wonderful she quoted me 2800 for bbl and 4300 for Bbl and BL. I haven't seen many girls by her but the ones I have seen look good so far and she has responded to everything I emailed and whatsapp her. She doesn't speak much English but I have Google Translater so I was emailing her in Spanish. Super cool and it worked because she emailed me back instantly and we talked for about 30 mins. She didn't rush me and I felt comfortable. Now of course I would prefer to have a Doctor who can speak English kind of fluently because I want us to be able to understand one another with no problems but Hey I would be traveling to DR so it's expected.

Dr. Duran like I stated before has quoted me 3800 for Bbl and she also has been responding to my questions in a promptly matter. She's sweet as well and I love that she speaks English. Now I've heard good and bad things about Duran but honestly I can not judge her because many doctors even here in the states have made plenty of mistakes and if I let things I can't change worry me I will be stuck with my square body forever. Nothing is promised when it comes to surgery. We just have to tell the surgeon what we want to look like and pray that with the profession they were blessed with they can give it to us. Duran gives a beautiful body hands down waist is amazing and honestly the shape I want she has been one person who I know can give it to me (from what I see.)

Dr. Diaz now he was my other favorite I ran across. I was searching one night and I saw one of his beautiful lady's Jenn. Her body was so natural and curvy I fell in love. He's another person I couldn't really find much on but what I did find was good work. He also got back to me right away on his whatsapp and answered all of my questions. He quoted me 3000 for a Bbl and 4500 for a Bbl and BL. He also speaks English which is another plus in my book.

All the prices I have been quoted were good and the Doctors from what I see are very good. I have no idea who I'm going to choose but I'm going to take my time since I'm not going to have my surgery until December. I want to make sure I'm picking the right person to put my life in the hands of. Well even tho I barely get a response on here I'm going to share every step of the way because one day it'll be a sweetheart on here just like myself who wants to know the journey from beginning to end. Plus us lady's need to know that's it's ok to say Yea he's the Doctor or Yea she's the Doctor then change our mind. It's perfectly fine. Take your time and choose wisely do your research and you'll know off top who's the right surgeon for you when you do that. Enough of my ranting it's 230am I'm going to sleep. Toodles

Dr. Diaz girl

Duran Dolls. Perfect Front Back & Side

I'm so in love with her work. It's amazing how she's so on point with a woman's body.

Wish Pics :-)

I want a big nice butt with the hips to match. And a slim waist like take all this stomach away lol

You can NEVER have too many wish pics.!!!

Just Being Honest About It All.!!!!!!!

So, I'm not writing this to be rude but this is just how I'm going to say this because I have been doing a lot of my own research and I got a great understanding of this plastic surgery thing. Now I've been wanting a Bbl for a very long time and when I first started looking I was definelty looking here in the States because I didn't want to go to DR because of all of the horror stories I've heard but then someone else had a good talk with me and told me to fully do my search on the doctors here in the States because it was really no better. Now for one everyone say that the medical staff in DR isn't as prompt to getting us help if something is really wrong but honestly I don't know where people are going like real people with real insurance who have to fill out paper and wait for hours to be seen whether it's a bone sticking out or blood everything . Both. Regardless they are not as on top of it like everyone praises. Another is everyone talks about waking up and the procedure being done by someone else other than Yily or Duran in DR. Well here's something that I was eyes wide open for me, ( Physicians who call themselves "cosmetic surgeons" could be trained in any specialty, including a non-surgical specialty, because anyone who has a medical license can legally call him/herself a surgeon even if they have no formal surgical training.) Even a student can perform surgery on you under supervision of the PS. So I'm just saying it's not only in DR but it's here in the States too. Also, I'm not understanding why so many people are telling others to run from DR when I've come across and spoken with a few woman who have been critically harmed by doctors here in the States but yet and still no one has said DONT GO TO THEM. If I see a women who has burns and she gets evaluated and they tell her the PS didn't use the machine correctly I would be Running from him. After reading that Florida laws allow any licensed medical doctor to perform plastic surgery even if they are not trained or qualified as a plastic surgeon worries me also.

Just making it clear that there are plenty of horror stories about DR but if you do the research you'll see that there are many horror stories right here in the States as well. I believe I'm going to stay off of here for a little while until I make my decision to chose my surgeon with a date set then I will continue my journey from there.

By the way lady's are suppose to get on this website to get help not to constantly get messages about not going here or there and this and that. It's frustrating enough we want this surgery so bad that we're on this website day and night looking through pictures and reviewing doctors but to have so much negativity isn't what I came looking for. Goodluck dolls and I'll see you next month Hopefully :)

Phone correction

Sorry for the typos

Thanks to some of the Girls

I got a message from someone so sweet and a few other girls that told me to keep posting and don't worry about the negativity so I've decided to do just that since I've picked my doctor. Yes I finally picked my doc and like all women I'm back to the Dr I chose at first which is... Drum Roll... DR. Ortega. I finally got some help from one of the dolls on here and she gave me a few facilities Dr. O does surgery at, and I was so please to speak with someone who didn't give me the run around like I received when I spoke with the first office I called. But anyway I'm really happy I went back to him. Everyone I've seen him do has been great and like some of my beautiful ladies told me, I shouldn't change the Ps I want just because he's at a location with a couple of duds. I will be setting my date for Dec still. Keep you ladies posted

Travel Buddy!!!!

Hey ladies, I need a travel buddy in Miami. I will be choosing my date for Oct or Dec. I will be coming from Houston, I really want someone who's coming from here (Houston) or somewhere close by so that we can meet prior to leaving for Miami. I would like to know who I'll be with but if not then I Just want a friendly roomie to split the pay with. I found a nice room for $89 a night, maybe groupon will have it cheaper but it has 2 beds fridge and microwave the rest is common sense. Anyway lol I think that's a good price to split 2 ways. I'm going to Dr Ortega so it's 7 mins from the facility so that's good to say I still have to get transportation. Anyway let me know ladies and again I'm not picking my date until next month but I do know it'll be in the beginning of Oct or Dec. I'm looking early and wanting to plan early because I like to have things somewhat in order. Really I'm trying to make sure this budget of mine isn't over lol it's a simple room but I'll post pics:)

Really, all of these pics I'm about to post aren't necessary but if you're anything like me then you'll want to see all pictures lol

More Hotels. Airbnb

These are nice for a roomie or if traveling alone. In my opinion


More condos

More condos

I like to have options


More options


More options


More options

Update on Dr. O

Hello ladies, so here goes. I received a call from Luz today, she informed me that the doctor said my lipo would only include my side and my stomach. Very confusing to say that my quote is suppose to include 8 areas. So she said to add my back is an extra $500 bringing my total to $4000. Still a good price but I still don't understand why my back would not be included. Please hell ladies

Another thing is I really want a breast lift also and she said Dr O said I would have to get implants which is 3800. Whoooa that's no type of special to say I would be getting 2 procedures. I thought the price would be discounted but I guess not. I've also had other consultations and no other doc told me I would have to get implants especially since I really didn't want to go that route.

Sucks because my quote from dr Diaz in DR quoted me 3000 for bbl and 4500 for Bbl and BL. If I can not figure these prices out with Dr O then to Dr I will be going. And I'm talking with Diaz on his whatsapp right now and he said in would not have to get implants. By the way he is so responsive, it takes him no time to contact me back. I love that

New Doctor

It's been awhile since I've been on here, I will say I've been on a magical booty doctor search. Lol well with another year of searching and weighing out the best option for me I've decided on Dr. Omulepu. I've looked at his patients before and after pictures and I caught him when he was having a huge special. My Surgery date is Oct. 14th. I fly into Miami on the 13th and I'll be staying at the recovery house that was offered in my price... Which may I say by the way was $4900 recovery house included :) I know right that's a perfect price. I bought my ticket which is round trip from where I am for only $230 that's another WOW!!! Anywho it's late and I'm tired but I will post more info tomorrow and I'll post my papers of what all comes along with my price. Goodnight Dolls.

Signed Documents

Contract showing what areas are included with my price, "I may add my inner thighs but I haven't decided yet." The contract also includes my recovery stay. I'm not really sure where the recovery house is located but I did speak with the owner of the house who's name is Karla. She was very nice and professional over the phone and she made sure to get my date of travel so that she would be to pick me up at the airport on time. She also makes sure I get to my appointments and back to the airport for departure. Good thing for me is ill be leaving from Houston so my flight is only 2 hours and some time... I definitely don't want to be sitting on my buns for long. I'm happy that I only have to stay in Miami for 4 days and 1 day not including my surgery, I'll arrive a day before surgery on Oct 13th and will return home Oct 17th. Aug is going by so quick, I feel like my date is coming quicker than I thought. Sad thing is I haven't even started gathering my items I would need to take with me. That's on my to do list, anywho ladies if you have questions feel free I'll answer what I can. Toodles

2016 Dr. Manon Doll

Ok! So I have been on this website day and night for about 4 years now. Constantly debating doctors, paying deposits then changing my mind. Blah Blah Blah... I couldn't decide who I wanted to do my surgery, it started becoming too much for me to decide, the only or sure answer I knew was that I was going to get this done no matter what. So here it is after all these years and all of this damn trouble deciding on who to go to I have decided and I'm super excited. Out of all the doctors I have gone back and fourth about, I'm really happy with my choice.

Ok ladies I've decided to go with Dr. Israel Manon.

I found him by following one of his patients ( which by the way I had no idea was his patient... I just saw butt) Anywho she posted her doctor and said you can watch her surgery on youtube. I watched some of it but I couldn't finish it but from what I saw he's very attentive and shapes you to your body shape, type or whatever. Anyway I started following him on IG and when I was looking at his girls I was blown away with his work. I like the fact that he works with all shapes and sizes, now I'm not a big girl ( even tho 185 is huge) I like that he can work with skinny, medium, and healthy ladies. It just shows me that he's really good. I see many doctors who say lose this or gain that but his page has them in all sizes.. Follow him ladies his IG is (Israelmanon) and all of hi whats app info is on there. Just in case some of you have never heard of him and want to check his work out. I know I didn't lol

Ok so moving on to me sending him a message on WhatsApp. I sent him a message Jan
20th and he responded the same day about 30 mins later if that. He spoke and asked me if I could contact his assistant Rossa and he sent her info. Very understandable. He did state that if I needed anything I can contact him but his assistant Rossa answers all of my questions. I mean I message her asking her all kind of crap and she answers everything. Moving on...

Rossa quoted $4,000. for BBL and BL... I was liiiiike whaaaat???? sent her another message asking if that was the right price and she said yes. So I had o message the same question in a different kind of way so I asked how much for just a Bbl and she said $3,000... So then I'm like so what if I want my breast done too and she said $4,000 for both. Yaaaaaas Hunty!!!!!!!

Deposit was $250 and I will post whats included with a picture because its too much to type

Anyway I paid my deposit and my surgery date is April 12th
I fly in April 11th and fly back out April 19th
I'm leaving from Houston my ticket was $530 but I paid extra for first class on my return flight so it came up to like $571 or something. Still cheaper than I expected. I got my ticket from Insanely plane tickets .com.......INSANELY is the name... they have wonderful prices...

I chose to go with Maria Recovey House. Right now she is running a special $60 a night with free transportation if you stay 6 days or more and massages are $15. I saw many reviews on her recovery house and everything I read was good. Plus when I contacted her she replied right back always and was very informative whenever I asked a question. I did find another recovery house that I would have loved to stay at buuuuuut I'm not trying to spend $1000 on a recovery. The lady Jules who I spoke with was so cool, sweet, and real but shes not in my budget but I will say ladies.... her food looks amazing and shes very sweet. Her recovery house is called Healing Heaven Recovery House. Anyway back to Maria... She has a facebook just type in maria recovery house, her food looks good and her prices are amazing... I'm going to try my best to double up on those massages for $15...

I will be traveling alone so if theres anyone traveling during my dates then contact me, I'm open to having a traveling buddy. Just know I've already paid my deposit with Maria so that's where ill be staying :)

Ive ordered my passport so it should be here sometime next month. Ive been taking iron pills and eating right so that my hemo is good because I'm trying to have both surgeries.. I don't want to come back home without new boobs.

Items I've ordered, which isn't much. After having a few girlfriends go and following so many ladies its really not a huge list to get..

Lipo Board
Lipo Foam
Surgery Tape
Lots and Lots of baby wipes
White Tees
Maxi dresses
House Slippers
Arnica Gel and Pills
I'll have to look over my things and see what else I have but that's what I can think off the top of my head, My first garment is included and I will purchase stage 2 there since I have no idea what size my butt will be... Literally

I think I spoke about everything ladies so if not just reply with a question or inbox me. I will keep everyone updated on my journey. Thanks for reading this looooong ass post lol Sorry if I misspelled anything I was typing fast

Update on Ticket

Ok so I had to call just to double check to make sure my wheelchair service was added to my return flight and it is. I will be flying with American Airline, and they are perfect. Now here is so wonderful news I received from the representative, She told me that with flying wheelchair service I did not have to pay extra for first class or main cabin extra seats because its included. She said that I'll be among the first to board and that they will sit me in the main cabin. Also my 1st checked bag is free, not sure why but it is and that's a plus. Not sure if that's because I have the wheelchair service or what but just make sure to ask ladies. Oh and the wheelchair service is FREE..... I believe its free with most flights but ASK THEM.....Now that all of that wonderful news is out the way. I called INSANELY CHEAP FLIGHTS which is where I bought my ticket to cancel the payment part for the extra seats and the guy did it with no hesitation. I saved $56.63 on not having to buy those seats... So I'm all set with my flight.

Lymphathic Massage Houston Tx

Hello! Can anyone refer me to a good lymphatic massage person in Houston Tx? Please

Finally Pre Op

Ok I'm going to post a few pre op photos. I did not want too because I have tattoos but ive tried my best to blur them out so here are the pictures.

Age 24
Height 5'4
Weight 180
No Kids

I'm getting Full Body Lipo

full back, stomach, flanks, arms, inner thighs, EVERYTHING. and Breast Lift.

1Month 7Days Away

Wow I'm 1 month and 7 days away from my surgery. I've been nervous about going alone but Hey, many women on here travel alone so what the heck. Maybe I'll meet someone who'll speak English and staying at my Recovery House when I make it. Other than that I'm excited and overly prepared for this adventure. I've been taking my vitamins everyday and my appointment for my blood work is March 9th. I made an early appointment just incase my Iron is low or something I can work on bringing it up and maybe my doctor will suggest something. Well I don't really get a lot of feedback on here but what I do receive is helpful so I'll still keep everyone updated. I'm off to bed, night ladies.

I almost forgot

I almost forgot, I had a few pre op pictures up but it's a little too early and I was very uncomfortable with my pictures up here so I'll post them when my date is closer.

Houston Lymphatic Message

I found about five people in Houston who does the manual lymphatic message. The price ranges from $60-85 and Home Visits are between $120-170... I also found one place who have a few interns that perform the message and the intern price is $30, maybe ill try that lol then if not I can always pay the $60. Whooooo these prices are so high compared to me being somewhere like Miami where theres big butts everywhere. I will try my best to get as many as I can while in the Dominican Republic for $15.

Here's the information I gathered for the Lymphatic Message if you're in the Houston area



PRICE $85 + $25


409 233 7604


30MINS $60 1HOUR $120

INTERN 30 MIN $30 1HOUR $60


DELMIE 832 729 5323

40 MINS $90


B PEICING 281 497 6844

1 HOUR $85



Ladies I will no longer write under this review, its entirely too darn long. New review is called ThisisHER... Thank you
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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