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I am getting BBL + Liposuction and a set of...

I am getting BBL + Liposuction and a set of implants, leaning towards a "c cup" kind of want a "d" now. The doctor is really nice, honest and does great work. I wouldn't want anyone else working on my body but him. A lot of my family members are worried because of things they've heard about the Dominican Republic but I'm sure this doctor will do a great job. I've sent the deposit a few days ago, still waiting to confirm my dates but I'm sure it'll be July 11th - July 17th. You usually have to stay 7 days when it comes to implants. I'll keep everyone up to date on this wonderful journey. I'll also be creating a YouTube channel for those of you who are contemplating on getting this done.

I am looking for a surgery buddy. I am going to be...

I am looking for a surgery buddy. I am going to be traveling the 18th of October to the Dominican Republic to see Dr. Kelvin Esuebio. I will also be staying in the recovery house. Is anyone else going to be visiting the Dominican on this day? Surgery is scheduled for October 19th, 2016. Please feel free to contact me via inbox or comment! Thanks!


Hey everyone. I had to postpone my surgery due to medical issues but I am now scheduled 10/18/2016-10/24/2016. I'm for sure going. I know it's only seven days for a BBL and breast augmentation but I can only take seven days off due to work but I work from home. So I literally sit down all day. I'm super excited. Is anyone else going to be traveling to the DR around this time? I'll also be saying at the DR CARE HOME. I was going to be staying at rocios but my Dr. likes both facilities and he recommends the DR CARE HOME. Any questions just ask!

22 Year Old BBL, Lipo Under Chin, Breast Lift with Implants.

Well all! Time is slowly approaching!!!! 19 days! I am having surgery with Kelvin Eusebio. I'm a little nervous! Not about surgery but the flight. I've never been on a plane before and I am traveling solo. I am so confident in his work! The last time I checked my iron level I was at about a 13.2 and I've been taking vitamins (Vitamin C and iron) everyday! I'm going to start doubling up on thesupplements by the end of the week. I also need to get something for constipation. I've noticed since taking the pills my stomach feels a little tight. I am currently 5'11" at 235 pounds. The pictures attached I did end up losing a couple of pounds around this time. I am going to be staying at a recovery house. I've heard so many good things about this recovery house so I'm not really nervous about this. I just hope it's a safe trip there and back. My quote was 4,000 but I paid a $250 deposit so the remaining is 3,950, for lip under my chin, breast implants with a lift and a BBL on my flanks, back abdomen and fat into my hips. My before pictures are HORRIBLE! Ugh ????. Hopefully the after is way better. ( I have faith ) I contacted the doctor months ago and was supposed to have surgery in July but I ended up pregnant, and the baby wasn't growing so I had to have surgery to get the tissue out which postponed my trip but I was cleared to go to the DR. My quote includes all surgical's team, anesthesiologist and hospital fees with one night at the clinic. Pre op labs with a cardiologist evaluation with EKG. Compression socks and a post op compression garment. High cohesive gel silicone breast implants. Post op massages and medication also included ( pain killers, antibiotics, blood thinners and wound soap). My plane ticket was roughly 538.00 the items I purchased came up to roughly 100.00 if that I went to Walmart ) for the majority of my items, got a really good deal. I still have to get Bromelian pills and arnica pills, I'm going to take those two weeks before my surgery, so starting next week. The items that I've purchased are listed below: 

Maxi dresses 7
Tank tops 8
Flip flops 2
Tons of baby wipes. 
Tons of Maxi pads. 
Micropore tape. 
Arnica cream
(debating on bringing my boppy pillow. I don't know if they'll allow it on the plane, has anyone brought there's on the plane?)
Vitamin C pills
Ion pills
More pain killers although they are incldued in my price, per reviews most say they don't give you enough. I need to be painless although I do have a high pain tolerance. 
Antibactieral soap (small bottles) I'm only going to be staying the 18-24th. 
Tooth brush/toothpaste. 
OFF spray. 
Edge control gotta keep the edges down in that weather honey. 
Benadryl cream/anti itch cream. 

Also. I don't smoke so no needed to stop that. I've added some pictures of myself and my wish pictures. I really want nice hips. I don't have any hips. 

Also my recovery stay is 75 a night. Includes three meals and snacks, hospital beds, smart tv and I believe WIFI. So that would be 450.00 all together. 


Oh and also I'm thinking of maybe a "D cup" or a "double D cup" and honestly I want big hips and a butt I want something different. I'm tall like a stallion and want the body to match. ????????????????????????

Surgery is next week!!

Surgery is next week. Excited but my anxiety is kicking in of course. Especially the plane ride. There what I'm most nervous about! I've been taking my vitamin C and iron pills everyday. I also purchased anica pills and gel for my after care.
9 days.


Had to push my trip back a few weeks. November 3rd. Hopefully my doctor says this is okay. Smh!! Life!! I tell you!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My doctor has been really amazing so far. He answered all of my questions!! Even all 5,000 of them LOL!

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