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Hi ladys! Like most of you I have been stalking...

Hi ladys! Like most of you I have been stalking this wonderful website for a month now. I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of different patients of Drs. A little about me, i am 21 yrs old, I am 5'3 and my current weight is 119 lbs, I will explain my weight gaining issues on another post, just because it's alot to post on this post. Anyways I have been wanting to get surgery since a few years ago. I want to get a second breast life with implants this time(I will explain why a second bl below) / bbl with liposuction on my stomach, and sides./ & a rhinoplasty.
The reason why I want to get a second breastlift is because in 2013 I got a breastlift without implants because my boobs grew saggy and big. So I got that surgery and was not happy with the results, after two months my boobs went down again. They look better than before, but I hate how they look when im naked. I just want some nice round perky boobs, i am currently a cup 34c.
So I have gotten quotes from a lot of different Dr's. But the only ones that interest me were Dr. Oscar Polanco, Dra. Duran, and Dr. Edgar Contreras. Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago 3 women died in the same week in hands of Dr. Polando so he is definately off my list. I was so upset because I was obsessed with him the way he molded those girls waist and shaped their asses. Halleluya! But anyways he is no longer an option. Second Dr. Duran is very hard to reach as al you ladys know, I emailed her like 4 times, and then I said to myself "What the hell are you doing?" Why do you have to feel the need to send multiple emails to a Dr. Practically begging for them to be your surgeon? Sure she is good at what she does but there are surgeons who are as good as her and not so hard to reach. And anyways I have noticed from looking at her ig pics that she is more esperiece with lipo, tt and bbl, whoever i have only seen a couple of pics of breast she has done, and only one pic of a rhinoplasty. That is a big NoNo! Bc if I am not gonna let someone touch my nose they better know what the hell they are doing. So Dr. Duran is no longer an option for me.
Now on to Dr. Edgar Contreras this guy knows what he is doing. The first reviews I read here on rs were from his patients and they look OMG! Lol he has a lot of experience doing rhinoplasty, breast lifts and lipo with bbl. at first when I saw that he has a couple of deaths under his belt I felt sad and decided not to go with him. But after researching and looking at his patient reviews I decided to go with him bc something tells me I should.

Sorry lady's for all this writing, I just have a lot to say. I will post another post, to talk about my weight situation and other stuff. Hope my revies and experience will help you girls looking for info.

Weight gain

Hey ladys, so as I said on my first post I would talk about my weight issues. So the last couple of years have been rough on me, due to personal issues I lost a lot of weight. And ever since it has been a real struggle gaining weight and maintaining the weight. Last year I went up to 128 and I was oh so happy! But it when away.:( but now since I am really set on getring this lipo and fat transfered to my butt, i want to have enough fat to make my butt nice and pretty. I am a petite female, so I don't want a huge ass! I just want a tinier waist and a rounder butt with some nice hips. I asked Dr. Contreras if he wanted me to gain weight so he can be able go accomplish the projection I want and he said no. But mind you im only 119 lbs so I decided to gain atleast 10 pounds. So I would like to be around 130 or 135 by my surgery date. I started trying to gain weight about two weeks ago and I already gained about 5-6 lbs. 10 more to go. I am trying to eat more but I am also buying a 30 pack of ensure plus, I just finished my first box, started on my second. Every box is suppose to give me atleast 3 lbs. Anyways I already have my amazon cart filled with everything I need for the surgery. However my surgery is not 100% for sure. Reason why is because it depends if I get approved for a loan I am after. So im praying that everything turns out the way I want it to. Also ladys, those of you that want to increase your hemo levels with natural home remedies, let me know so I can make a post with the ingridients to a dominican home remedy that boost hemo up. One more thing, im not sure if I should post before pics now or after the surgery along with the post op pics, what do you ladys think?

Weight gain update

So besides it being a beautiful day out by where I live (nj) 54 degrees, whoot whoot! I woke up so happy, it's hard to be in a bad mood with such a nice weather. Anyways as I said in my weight gain post my ideal weight for surgery is between 130-135. I weighed myself on saturday march 7th and the scale said 119 lbs, so I go back today to weigh myself and the scale says 125 lbs!!!! Like WHATTT?? i was feeling a little more chubbier but I couldn't believe I gained 6 pounds in 4 days that is AMAZINGGGG! Im so happy, im trying to bring my credit up by paying my credit cards and it is going up so fast im impressed. Everything is going great so far, I have a good feeling I will get this loan. Well I have 3 more weeks to gain 5-10 lbs more. Also I hate that you can't see emojis on here lol. I have great day ladys.

Playing around with plastic surgeon app

These are two pics of me, pinched my waist in and popped some hips out. I didn't do anything to my thighs because I have thunder thighs which I love with a passion because once Dr. Contreras inserts all that fat into my butt it will look good because I have some nice thighs to support them. Im not trying to look like kim k lol.


So a lot of things have happened since my Last post. I went to my general Dr. On friday for surgery clearance. I was nervous because It was my first time going to him, but Oh man did I love him. I was not expecting him to be so nice and willing to take care of me for surgery. So as I said on my last post I weighed 125 on wednesday, I weighed myself in the Dr.'s office again on friday and The scale said 126.8 so that mean that I gained almost 2 pounds in two days, INCREDIBLE! I was ecstatic. 8 more lbs to go. Anyways let me continue my experience with my Dr. He was trying to convince me not to have surgery bc he said that I will eventually have kids and it could ruin my results which I know is a possibility but not for sure if I take care of my body, but we all know I am not trying to look good for my future kids lmfao, Im trying to look good for myself and my future man Duh!lol. But he respected my desicion and said that he wanted me to come back a couple days after I get back to jersey from dr, because he wants to check my incisions and that everything is going well. I was like OMG thank you so much, that really made me happy that even though it was the first time he saw me he treated my like a lifetime patient. He also prescribed me 3 medications: antibiotics, percocet, and ibuprofen. So everything is going very well, I have been very positive, today I pick up my results from the blood work and ekg. I hope my hemo is high, whether it is high or low I will make the home remedy I talked about in earlier post, just to boost it up more, the higher the better. And about that home remedy I will be posting it on here for you ladys in the next couple of days, This is a very important week, because I am applying for my loan and asking for a credit increase for surgery. I am a believer of God, and I have been praying everyday about this, if it is in his will everything will continue to go well. I will update at the end of the week or when I get more good news! :)

Hemoglobin homemade remedy recipe

Hemoglobin homemade remedy recipe
As promised ladys here is the home recipe I talked about in previous post. This recipe not only boost your hemo but it does a lot of wonders to the body. It destroys kidney stones, I know this from experience, a couple of years ago the Dr.'s found a couple of kidney stones in my kidney and my grandma made me this recipe but instead of the wine ingredient she used beer(presidente). It's basically the same thing. After a couple of months I went to get checked again and those babies were out of my system .Anyways here is the list. Hope this is helpful for all of you ladys preparing for surgery.
I am going to put them in spanish with their original names and then translate them to english.

-Vino tinto (this is a sweet wine made in dr, you can find it in liquor shops here in nj, idk about other states you'll have to look)
-Melaza (molasses)
-miel de abeja (honey)
- bija (annato)

The measurements for this recipe are up to you, you can put as much of those ingridients as you want. You put them all together, preferably in a glass container. You can drink a cup a day, and everytime you drink it you have to blend it in the blender. If you ladys have any questions just ask.

Another update

My hemo is 13.6 without drinking any vitamins or the homemade remedy. That's awesome, but im still going to drink my vitamins and the remedy, the higher the hemo the better. I weighed myself two days ago and I am at 128.9lbs, I want to be atleast 130lbs by surgery, if I can get to 135lbs that would be great although not necessary. My surgery date was changed from the 9th to the 13th reason why is bc I didn't lock in the 9th and a couple of days later when I made up my mind it was already taken, but whatever it's fine with me. I am about to buy my plane ticket to arrive that friday to get labs done so I can get into surgery on monday the 13th.
Lately I been having so many different emotions, like one day im excited and some days I just want to get this over with. My mom is against me getting surgery with Dr. Contreras(because of his past), which is very sad for me bc I always seek her approval bc I respect her. But My heart is set on Contreras, I pray everyday that if he isn't the right Dr. For me I ask God not to allow me to have to surgery. Bc my mom can be wrong about the Dr. But God will never be wrong, so his approval is more important to me. Anyways ladys I have two weeks til surgery. :)
I tagged a wish pic, I don't know who that girl is but her body is perfect for my body size, her curves and hips are on point, I want that look.

Another hemo booster!

Hey ladys, another recipe that will boost up your hemo in a matter of days is made up of the following.

Fresh orange juice or the already made ones. OR beer(O cerveza)

Peel 2 whole beets (pelar 2 remolacha)
Peel 2 carrots (pelar 2 zanahoria)
1 glass of water (un vaso de agua)
2 tablespoons of beer (2 cucharas de levadura de cerveza)
Blend all ingridients in the blender, you can store it anywhere you want (keep it refrigerated)

Use: drink a glass every morning for atleast 9 days.

Benefits: it is great against anemia, boosts up hemoglobin, it helps circulate the blood. Beet contains large properties of vitamin A, C, folic acid, and B complex. Which is all the vitamins you need to take before surgery, so this is an alternative if you don't want to drink all those vitamins and just want to have it all in a glass of juice. Orange juice contains vitamin c, and carrots contain vitamin A. This does so much more than what I listed, check it out ladys.

Super anxious

It's feeling real ladys! My flight is next fridah on the am. I get to dr at 10 am so I will go straight from the airport to the my lab test done. I just want all this to be over and have my mermaid little body lol. Anyways I need to buy everything off my amazon cart thank God I have prime so everything will get to me in two days. I haven't been to dr in almost two years so I am also happy to go back to the mother land. Also know as "Quisquella la Bella" The good thing is that I will be staying at my grandmas house, two very close cousin will be there from italy for the weeks I will be there so I am so happy and excited to reunite with them. Im renting a car and since I won't be able to drive after surgery my daddy will be driving me around everywhere lol. My current weight is 129.4 like I said If im at 130 by the surgery date I am okay with that. I don't have to be 135 it's whatever im not going to force my body 5 more lbs this next week. But if I gain that weight hey I won't be mad either lol. Anyways, I will post all the things I order for surgery once I get them.


Oh my God! I'm so stressed out it's not even funny. My back hurts so much from the tension I feel. I feel so exhausted, I fly out in three days and I have so much to do before I go. I have a lot of homework I have to do before I leave because when I get surgery I'm not going to be able to do it, nor will I be willing to do it. I'm so anxious, nervous, I just want all this to pass so I can relax. On Another note, I found this image here on RS and I just love it, I know that God will be there with me through surgery. Well, have a goodnight lady's I need all the sleep I can get.

All ready to go.

Ladys I forgot to take a pic of all the items I got for my procedure. I will take a pic and upload once I get to DR and unpack. Im feeling good right now, very excited and anxious.

Im here

So I got to DR at 10 am and went staright to the clinic to get my kabs. Wow I thought that I was going to be in there for a couple of hours. To my luck I was only there for like 20 mins, got my blood work done. However I need to go monday morning very early to get my ekg bc the cardiologist doesn't work past 12 noon on fridays so keep that in mind ladys. Anyways I got a positive and tranquile vibe from Plastica Contreras. I am scheduled for monday, so wish me luck.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Im very excited and just want to get thid over with. I am waiting for one of my major credit cards to clear so I can pay half my surgery cost with that, hopefully it clears by tomorrow if not I will mpt be getting the surgery. Im just praying that it does clear and I didn't come here for nothing. Im hoping everything works out for the best. When I was getting my blood work done on friday I saw about 3 girls that were marked up for surgery hope they came out good, I also saw 2 other girls that already had surgery and looked great. I tagged a pic of the surgery items list I bought, I can barely connect to wifi bc my grandma doesn't have internet and im ccurrently using my international roaming plan which sucks. I got my hair done right after labs, my stylist did a great job.

Today is the day!!

So I got to the clinic at 5 am as told to do by the security guard. He came at 6 am like he told me, I was the only one parked outside, so im thinking damn I can't believe im gonna be first. LMFAO I was very wrong, when the security guard got there and I went in he was like oh here you are #4 lol I wish I could use emojis for this. But anyways I guess whoever pays in advance gets to sleep at the clinic and be the first ones. But whatever he told me that it's better that I am #4 bc I have to getmy ekg done and I'll probably be back in time to be next. Btw ladys I was originally getting breast life with implants, lipo and bbl, and a rhinoplasty but sadly I couldn't get enoough money for my trip so I will leave the rhino out for now, I'll come back maybe in the summer to get that done. My credit cards cleared so im good to go. Right now I am sitting in the cardiologist waiting room, hopefully I can get this done early. Well ladys, I am confident that I will be getting out of surgery in the same perfect health I am going in and with a banging body LOL. My family is cristian and they have been praying for me for weeks for this. I am in GOD's hands.

"The Lord is my Shepherd"

Because of my God I am on the flat side and in perfect health. After God I give credit to Dr. contreras. This pain in my breast are no joke, waiting to be heavily drugged in a few minutes bc it is killing me. Ladys let me tell you the experience in the OR was a little frustrating, I was very drugged, don't remember much, just remember that I kept yelling Ouch! OMG it hurts! Ay me duele!!!!! Sheeeshhhh! LMFAO Dr. Contreras must have been annoyed with me. But whatever, I was sleeping since I got out of surgery until now, waiting for them to sedate me again bc this pain in my chest is unbearable. Anyways had to take these pics for you ladys.

I made it to the barbie side lol

Ladys I saw my waist a little while ago, and you know I had to take a picture hahahha. I love it and Im very swollen so I know that I am dedinately gonna be loving it even more when the swelling goes down. Heres a pic. Dr. Contreras should letting me go in a couple of hrs, can't wait to be home. I tried to go to the bathroom to pee and OMG pain pain pain, I got really light headed almost puked. But Im feeling better now, last night wasn't that bad but I kepted waking up every hr for some reasob.


This is not to scare any newcomers, please just consider my exprience, I don't think I can do anything to feel better I guess all this pain is part of the process. But let me tell you ladys I have much more respect for girls that get lipo and TT and breast augmentation or whatever. I only got lipo with bbl and breast lift with implants, and when I tell you lady's this pain is no joke. I really unferestimated how this would be. Especially when put on my faja it sucked the life out. That go girl urine thingy is a life saver, seeiously the best thing out. Sorry ladys if I mispeled anything, im so tired and fslling asleep over here. I tagged some pics with my faja it is a xxsmall.


I got my first massage today, it hurt like hell. But when she finished Lord! My waist was so much more defined and it is my first massage, I can only imagjne how good im gonna be looking by the end of the 10 sessions. Btw I got a lady by my grandmas house to do the massage for me, she is great and she is also charging me $80 for the 10 sessions, so I saved $200 by not going to Dr. Edgar contreras clinic to do it. I am also doing two massages a day just so I can speed up the process. I tagged some pics of my breast which I am lovin so much, a very big difference from what they looked like. They need to drop still and I know they are going to look great, I ask Dr. contreras to do a lift with implants but leaven them same size they were. And he did just that.

My bbl!

Ladys I screenshotted this from a video that my friend was taking while I got my massages yesterday, thought I should share bc I am loving how that bootie is looking on that pic.

Made by contreras

The left pic was before surgery and the one on the right was today after my fourth massage. Feeling really great.

I just need to vent!

Hey ladys, i just want to share this with you. It's been one of the worst things I've had to deal with my surgery. So I got a very small faja, the brand is Fajate. I did not get it from Dr. Contreras because a girl I saw at the cardilogist told me that his are no good. So I bought the fajate in a size xxsmall :( i got it when I left the clinic after surgery, when the girl put it on it felt so tight, but since I am new to this I thought it was normal, so I bought it. I forgot to tell you ladys that I got a little bit of fat taken out of my inner thighs bc Dr. Contreras suggested it. Anyways, a couple hrs after I put on the faja and leave the store both of my inner thighs start to swell and bruise a lot, I have a pic I will show you guys and that was the start of it, it got even bigger than that. Also my vagina got very swollen and when I say swollen I mean freaking big. You couldn't even see my other lip bc the other one was so big it was covering it. It was so painful for me to walk or lay down. The reason why my vagina was swollen was bc Contreras suctioned the fat from my inner thighs through an incision he made on the upper part of my vagina. Anyways the faja didn't help because it was so freaking tight it was cutting my circulation. Anyways I called the Dr. Yesterday bc I just couldn't take it anymore and he suggested that I take the faja off for a day and see if the swelling Goes down, I did just that and half of the swelling went down. I felt so relieved without that faja massages were going great and everything. Well I today after the first massage of the day I put the faja back on thinking it was going to feel better. I was very wrong, it was even tighter than the day before I thought that it was maybe bc they washed it for me. But I only lasted 4 hrs with it on today and took it off bc I felt like I was going to pass out. Conclusion: I started to think what can I possibly do to make this faja a little bogger bc I know that girls make them smaller bit never heard of someone making it bigger. But I thought of an idea, I thought that it would be a good idea to add an extra row of hooks to the faja so That would make it four hooks and I can put the faja on the first hook until swelling goes down. And also sew in an elastic band on both of the leg openings so they give my thighs soace to breath and the blood to circulate. You ladys don't understand how frustrating all this is. I just want to have a normal faja that is tight but doesn't suck the life out of me. Anyways my step mother is going to be sewing kt in for me tomorrow, I'll let you guys know how that goes.

Bruised leg when I put on faja for first time

Comic Relief!

Well lady's I have to say that I am feeling very happy, After a week of torture and pain I fibally finished my 10 massages yesterday and I don't have any more liquid or fluid in my body all I have is swelling which hopefully will go down quick. Anyways I was feeling so down about my faja, today I went for my first checkup, after that I was gonna go get my faja fixed like I told you girls. Well while I was waiting at the clinic something told me that maybe the faja would fit today, since the swelling on my whole leg and my vagina went down conpletely and Damn!! Was I right, I asked Dr. Contreras to please put it on for me and let me tell you ladys he knows what he is doing. He put it on with perfection. And the faja fittight but oh so much better. Not like a few days ago, and I am now on the way to a full recovery. :) overall today was a very good day. Now I just can't wait to fly back home, I leave sunday.


This faja is seriously annoying me. I should be on hook 2 or 3 already. But I understand that I didn't wear my faja for about 4 days bc of the problem it was causing me. Sometimes I get frustrated with my body because it hurts so much sometimes, and my lower back is still very swollen and sensitive, and I can't feel it I guess the anestesia still hasn't worn off. But then again I remember that I am only 9 days post op, and i am being very cruel with myself bc I am expecting too much. And my body is responding very good, i am walking around town where im stayiny. So that is a good sign. So maybe I should just let my body do it's thing. My butr has gone down a little bit, but Its normal I knew it wasn't gonna stay the way it was last week, sadly. But im still happy with the shape, it looks full and I still have to big bumps on each side of my cheeks that hace to distribute.


I am trying to update you guys as much as I can, so you can see my progess. I was trying on some dresses on today. I just ate a big plate so I feel like a piggy lol. Hopefully this faja will mold my butt to stay like this. Question for you ladys that have gone through this, does the faja mold you butt? Like does it stay the way it looks with the faja? Just curious, bc this faja makes my butt look rounder and higher.


I don't know if you lady's heard the news, but I am very saddened for the young girl that lost her life yesterday while in surgery. She was beautiful and I cannot imagine the pain her family is going through, I imagine it is unbearable. My condolences goes out to her family and loved ones. I hope that this gets resolved and if it was a mal practice to be justice and if it wasn't unfortunatey things happens, sometimes we are in perfect health and the anesthesia gives us a reaction and we can easily die from it, and from other complications. I don't like it when people judge Dr.'s when something happens without knowing the cause of death etc. right away they accuse the Dr. Of malpractice.let me just make it clear that I am not defending the Dr. Nor am I judging him, let's leave that to God. I just wish all you ladys even if I don't know you the best and to be very careful darlings.


Quick update, this is more pics than anything else. Ladys this might sound funny but every day when I wake up the first thing I do is look at my butt in the mirror and take a pic to make sure it's the same size HAHAHA! im obsessed lmfao. Anyways my stomach has been a roller coaster at forst it was obviously swollen than it began to go down and start flattening and then it got very swollen again, so I guess that's gonna take sometime to adjust. I am uploading a lot of pictures and these are all from yesterday to today. My stomach was sort of flat today so I didn't wear my faja for a couple hours to take some pics in real clothes. Anyways I think im forgetting something not sure though, but if I am I will include it on the next upload. Im content with the size of my butt, dr. Contreras gave me exactly what I showed him to fill my butt up, once my waist and back goes down more it will pop out a little more. Anyways today is my last day in DR, I leave tomorrow morning thank God I am so homesick. Damn I said this update was gonna be short and look how much I've written lol. Enjoy your weekend lady's. Oh btw I included a pic of my belly how it was like two days ago very swollen. And also a pic of me trying on some jeans and they do not go past my thighs, im not even gonna conplain though, this is what I wanted. I brought like 4 pair of jeans just to try on after surgery and none of them fit. This is now my real struggle lady's lol.


Hey lady's, a little update. I got back home on sunday and just trying to re adjust to my normal life again. I got back to work on monday and it is tough, having to drive and get in and out of my car is so uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. On monday I moved to hook 2 Yayy! I was so happy about that, something that is frustrating me is that when I wear my faja during the day and I take it off at night to give myself a little massage to put it back on to go to sleep my stomach is so swollen, but when I wake up in the am it is flat as a pancake. Ugh! Anyways my stomach has gone down, Im not flattered with my waist just yet, I need all the swelling to go down so I can start appreciating it. Don't get me wrong there is a huge difference in my waist before and after, but all that swelling annoys me. Ugh! I know im annoying, im only 16 days post op and im expecting my body to be completely back to normal. Lol anyways just wanted to give you guys that little update.



Please Please Read Lady's!

Lady's I have somethings to tell you, please don't be mad at me or think that I am just saying this to keep girls from getting surgery with Dr. Contreras. I feel like I have to say what im about to say, after you read what I have to say you have the right to do whatever you want with your life and in who's hands you put your life in. What I am about to say is based on real experience from a family member of a close friend and also from researching. Before I start let me just say that before getting surgery with Dr. contreras I was well aware of his past and the women that have died in surgery with him, and I still decided to get it. Honestly I don't know a surgeon that has not had atleast one death, so I didn't see it as the end of the world. that young girl's death made me so sad, I still am. But anyways let me tell you something I experienced while I was waiting to get checked by Dr. Contreras for my first check up after surgery. I got there at 10 am and I got out of there at 3 pm, Ridiculous! There were a lot of women in there waiting before me so I understood, but each girl that went in only took like 5 to 10 minutes. Then this other girl when in and 1 hr and a half past and we were all waiting so I decided to ask his secretary why that girl had been in there with Dr. Contreras for over an hr, and she was like "no he went down through his elevator with the girl, she left and he went to surgery" I was like WTF??? So he left girls that were in pain post op waiting, and he mixes surgery with post op visits. That is insane, most Dr.'s have a day for checking their patients and all other days for surgery, very bad time management skills. Anyways I am gonna continue this on another post, please keep reading below.


So let me jump into what I really wanted to tell you lady's. So today I was reading a review from one of Dr. Contreras patients, I totally forgot her username, but she did not have a pleasant experience at his clinic. She was okay health wise, it was just the treatment she got from his rh and from his staff was horrible, so I kept reading on her review and she says that a staff member from his office told her that she was crazy if she thought that Dr. Contreras did her surgery, bc he has like 6 or 7 surgerys a day it would be impossible for hik to do all those surgeries. Whattttt????? I don't know if you guys knew this or what you think of this, but this is horrible, apparently he doesn't perform everybodies surgery, which I thought he did bc it is his clinic and at any moment does he say "I am not going to be performing your surgery it will be a different Dr." So I started thinking, and I don't even know if he was the one that performed my surgery, bc the day after surgery when he went up to my room when he looked at my boobs he was like " oh they look really nice katherine" honestly I was still under a lot of anestesia at the time so I paid no mind, but after I was like wait, why did he say that? It sounded like he was surprise towards how my boobs look, those words are not from someboody that saw the finishing results from surgery. And also when I was getting the anestesia and epidural I did not see him, I obviously can't say during or afterwards bc I was obviously heavily sedated. Now the last thing I wanted to share with you iss that my moms best friend, her sister had gotten a couple of cosmetic procedures with Dr. Contreras about 8 years ago, the last surgery she got with him, she went into a comma and soon after went into a vegetative state in which she no longer was present obviously, she spent 8 years hooked up to machines which kept her alive, but two weeks ago when I was in dr she passed away and I even went to her wake. Btw I didn't know that it was Dr. Edgar contreras that had done her surgery I just found out today also bc my moms friend didn't even know the name of my Dr. That is why she never said anything to me. Lady's i am telling you all this bc honestly if I would have known all these things before surgery I would never in a million years even stepped into that clinic. Please take care of yourselves ladys and try to take the right decisions towards the Dr.'s you choose. Sometimes we do things out of ignorance or not knowing certain things but mame sure you fully investigate who's hands you put your lives into. Please let me know what you girls think of everything I just shared. I will be posting an update about my healing which is going very well.

As promised!

As promised lady's here is an update. Today I am exactly 3 weeks post op, i feel like my butt has went down????, I still like it. I lost a couple of lbs so I am trying to gain those 5 lbs I lost prior and after surgery. I have read some reviews and also some good info on google saying that when you get lipo and bbl wherever the fat was taken out of there is less chance of gaining it back(even though you still could) and where the fat is injected that is where it is more bound to go if you gain weight. So Im gonna see if those 5 lbs go to my butt lmfao, bc lil mama got a little booty greedy. Btw girls I've said this since the day I came out of the OR, I will NEVER again in my life get lipo. My God for those of you that know the pain you understand me, and for those of you that don't good luck cuties lol. Even though it is very painful it is 100% worth it. Btw I say I won't get it but as soon as I am done popping out my kids if I need one I will get it,lol. Anyways unfortunately the camera does not do justice to the way my body really looks in person, my waist does not look like I got lipo in pics:( hopefully when it finally goes down it will show and my butt will pop out more. My boobies are great can't wait til they are fully healed so my bootycall(future bf) can take a look lol. Lady's I want to know your honest opinion about what you think of how my body looks. wow! Akward wording.


During the day I give myself two massages, and when I take off the faja my stomach is swollen and big but once I massage it, it goes down. But when I wake up in the am and take of my faja my stomach is flat as a pancake. Maybe it's bc dueing the day I sit and the faja literally bends in my waist area and leaves the mark Ugh! But anyways what do you ladys recommend? I was thinking of buying an abdominal board so this damn faja will stop rubbing into my waist and splitting my stomach in half. Brw I forgot to tell you ladys that I am now on hook 3 Hallelujah!! I been on it for five days now, soon I will be taken in my faja.

4 weeks post op

Since this is my review about my surgery I want to vent a little:( I don't like venting with my mom about this surgery and how I feel about my results bc she was so against me getting surgery with Dr. Contreras and I don't want her to be like I told you so or whatever. She always tells me " you look like a barbie doll" she thinks I look good and im just like Eh!! Yeah sure. But truth is, is that the only thing im happy about is my boobs bc they looked great since day 1 and they have remained looking great til now and hope they keep looking great bc its my second boob job and hope to be the last til 10 yrs from now when I have to change the implants. Anyway, tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op and I am so unhappy with my waist and butt right now:( im not so worried about my waist bc I know it's just being annoying being so swollen so once that goes down it will look nice. But I am worried about my butt, it looked so nice the first couple days post op and after that it just started going down. I really hope this "fluff" theory is true and my ass miraculously grows????????


I tried to upload these pics with the last post but rs was acting funny. My stomach is so dark compared to the rest of my body.

Fitting room chronicles????

Lady's I know what you're gonna say when you see these pics, but let me just tell you that big ass you see in those pics are just a miracle worker that my faja does???? I cut out the butt cheeks, it makes my butt look huge but at the same time it makes it look a little bit weird and deformed when you look at it at a side angle. So I kinda regret cutting does butt cheeks out, although when I take the faja off I can see a little bit more of a shelve and curves around my butt.


Hey lady's since I couldn't get my rhinoplasty in DR with Dr. Contreras, I am now looking for a Dr. That specializes in rhinoplasty and is very good at it. I want to get this done in the summer. Please let me know which Dr's you recommend so I can look into them. Dr. Contreras is not an option btw.

Almost 6 weeks PO

Hey ladies, been mia for a little bit but I still check all of your reviews lol. I just wantedto upload some pics and give a little update. On monday I will be 6 weeks PO. Even though I got the 10 recommended massage in DR, I am
Going to get a few more startjng next week, just to speed up the process a little bit. My faja still folds in the middle of my waist and it leaves a very big indent Ugh Annoying. Anyways I found a masseuse that does lipo PO massages by my house. She she is charging me $20 per session which includes ozonotherapy(which I am not sure about getting bc I read some mixed reviews on that, linfatic massage, and cavitation. That is a great price considering that normally the price is $50 or more per session. Anyways I'll let you guys be the judge of my results, still not 100% happy about my butt, but I am content I know that it can only get better from here plus I have to admit that it's full and not flat as a pancake like it was before.

Night out!

I went out last night for the first time after surgery, I didn't think I was going to be able to manage my heels but to my surprise my body is feeling very good and felt like normal. Btw I was feeling myself last night lol.

Long awaited Update!

Hello ladies,
Im back, I know I haven't post any uodated for two months. I complained so much about my PO results that it is only fair that I share the good news and tell you guys how happy I am now. First off I am now 3 months and 2 weeks PO. So let me tell you ladies the fluff is REAL:), ever since like a month ago, I started noticing little changes in the size of my butt. It is not drastically bigger (thank God for that) but it is definately much bigger. I can finally wear clothes, sun dress and my booty jiggles and pokes out Haha Lmfaoo. Anyways I am still in love with my boobs, they have dropped a little more but they look so natural yet perky I loved them since day one. My waist and stomach still get a little swollen when I go days without wearing my faja. I encountered a problem with my faja when I last took it in, It was so tight that it numbed my waist and part of my butt and I could only wear it in the daytime and not at night for some unkown reason. So do to that the last month I haven't slept with my faja but just started to a couple of days ago. This faja is no longer doing anything for me bc I can't take it in anymore and I think it had enough 4 hooks have already broken off. I can't blame the pobre faja lol. so I need to get a new one Asap just have to wait a little more to get the money. Another thing I am experiencing with my stomach and waist is that my skin has become a little flaccid and loose. I read about that girls that get lipo experience loose skin after but also read that it tightens up again and reattaches to your muscle wall again, I just want to know around when will that happen and once that happens will my waist get more defined???? Help me out vets. Sorry for the long ass review ladies lol, just haven't been on here for a while and needed to say all that. Here are some pics of the progress. Also ladies that want to follow me i have a surgery page on ig that I just started. @madebycontrerasdoll

More pics

Dr. Edgar Contreras

Dr. Contreras is nice, but very very shy. I think that as a Dr. He should converse more with his patients, he is always straight to the point. Your convos with him are literally 5 mins lol. But he is a good Dr. From my experience. His clinic is very clean and staff were very friendly to me so was his secretary annette.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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