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I'm 21 years old I'm also a college student. I...

I'm 21 years old I'm also a college student. I have always been chubby. My biggest problem was in 2013 when after having a car accident had to start taking pills for my neck and lower back and also gained weight. From 167 to 236. I've gone so much treatments pills anything you can think of to lose weight and I have but I go back. I've never felt so hope less till after my accident. A month ago I decided to get my body done. I am a very happy socialble person I love myself I allow no one to put me down. I'm just healthy till the moment and very afraid to get sick because of my weight. Ever since I gained weight I'm always tired which I hate! & my feet hurt. And what has killed me was three weeks ago I fell and tread a ligament and have a small joint enfussion on my left knee. My parent were born in Dominican Republic I travel their and lived there when I was younger although I was born in the U.S. I don't have much family in DR I have much more friends and associates. My uncle wife has taken care of three women after surgery she has told me she would go and take care of me if I pay her flight. The best part is she only has two weeks she moved from santo Domingo to the U.S. So she knows the city well. I have a few doctors in mind dr Wilfredo Rodgruiez peña, Dra Fatima Almonte and Dra Duran. I would like tummy tuck, lipo on my whole back and bbl. I plan to to in march 2016 because I'd only be taking a week in a half from school. I'm currently 230lbs 5'3. Fatima Almonte quoted $5250 for tt/lipo& bbl (includes 1 garment 10 days stay at RH and lab fees. Wilfredo quoted $3800 tt/lipo & bbl. I'm not decided what doctor I want yet. Each doctor is better with different things. I know so many ladies that go to DR to get surgery. Duran is poppin at BBL, Fatima with big girls amazing, Wilfredo amazing results. Who to choose?

So when you start to talk to family or friends on your traveling decision

Ugh today was talking to family members and received negativity negativity ! Annoying my decision has to travel out of the country is only because there's a ton of difference with the way the bodies are made here you don't get that real hour glass look. I don't want a huge butt or a ton of anything I want to simply have no stomach, back fat and fat added to my butt so I don't look so flat. I've attached wish pictures. Today I have sent a quote request to Dr Manuel Diez I'm still waiting on Duran.

Do today..

So today I received an email from Dr. Cabral he first emailed me saying I have to lose 40lbs & when I said what would it cost me he estimated $4800-5000 for a tt,lipo & bbl. honestly I'm Dominican he does magic on bodies but has burn a ton of girls has lost his license, close his clinic that I don't think I'm going to consider him but I was wondering what would he tell me. My heart I think is set on Fatima Almonte. I have talked today Wendy today from high class recovery I'm debating to stay there or go to a hotel. Since I am bring my uncles wife with me that has taken care of three girls in Dominican Republic of Cabral it would cost me $140 a night for both of us to stay at high class recovery. Although I'm thinking if I stay only a week I can go to a family friends house after I'm able to walk. Or maybe a hotel is better since I can get one at $150 a day one. I don't know what to do any suggestions? Waiting on Dr. Duran quote to decided who will I pick. Now I need to work on losing 30lbs to meet the 35bmi being home because I hurt my knee has me earring everything I see.


So my aunt has found a new job because I told her I was going to DR for surgery with my friend and since I'll I had planned on a recovery home for a week and staying with my best friend family in Santo Domingo till I'm we were coming back to Jersey. The reason why I wanted to do that was because I would send a box to my best friend family house and take no luggage or a small one with the little extra things we didn't use in DR. I don't want to have to carry anything on the plan. I'm even getting a wheel chair to come back home. Carrying anything heavy can cause ricks of stitches coming out and I don't want that. But now my best friend might not be able to go after I changed my date to go with her because she has also found a new job. Also work for myself hasn't been great but my goal is to get operated this year if God allows my health so I'm going to do what ever it takes even if that mean getting a loan. I'm also going nuts since I'll be getting operated during my last semester ???????? but I can do this. I hope everyone has a good year full of joy good health and happiness.


Goals ???????? working on my weight lost. Tomorrow I'll be calling Dr. Rodriguez assistance I know three dolls he's done I'm debating between him and Fatima so nerves I don't know who to choose. I been drinking herbal life products and being weight I know my birthday is Sunday so I'll be drinking this weekend but I been trying to eliminate outside food and liquor. I'm aiming to be as small as possible but I want my same curves meaning waist size just want a BIG BOOTY and a flat belly with no back fat.

Lates news

So my dad is marrying his girlfriend when he was 13 years old. I'm cool with it so she lives in Spain she is Dominican she got surgery done last year. So my dad has talked to her so it's official she flying with me over there. My dad approves my surgery as long as I am weight wise okay. I think I'm set on Dra.Robles she has dates for September I'm think the 14. I love the hospital she's in same as Fatima Almonte the reason why I've changed my mind is because I feel everyone that goes to her needs a round two. Robles wants me to lost the weight before setting a date so I'm working on it. I've talked to John he does massages if you stay somewhere that's not a recovery home. I'd like to stay at a recovery home but it's to expenses since I am taking someone with me. So I'm searching for apartments to rent since I'll be done with school I can go as long as I need to fully heal therefore I say about three weeks. I been going preposterous massages to move my fat I been peeing fat and in a garment. She also will be doing my massages she's great. If your in NJ let me know ill get you the contact. She told me 20 days is enough because she will do me two massages a day so I'm as small as possible by December to January which is my goal. So far $4350 dr Robles +John $350 +1750 (50massages in NJ) i still haven't purchase my items necessary. I've also found a nurse who takes only two people at a time & offers sleeping with you service. I been thinking if I can contract her for four days I'll be fine with who who I'm taking. Also meet a general Doctor that works with surgeons over there that will be specializing in the states in a few months. She will be checking on me and I have about four people so will be going to help me. Thank god my parents are from Dominican Republic so I should be find. I found apartments for about $600 I do not need to leave the apartment so i don't need a car I'm going to have someone to just take me to the appointments my dads friend told him I can take his car so his finance son can take me. Besides that I only plan on going to the supermarket before my surgery day and a salon to get a lil make cover before getting back. There's a salon called candys luxury hair they do extensions, coloring, nails makeup check out there IG the owner has moved from NY to open the salon over there. She's done by Yily & Cabral. I'm working on my surgery IG pamunecavoy.

I Picked a Doctor

So three weeks ago I went to Dominican Republic with my mom to get a surgery she needed done. I had the opportunity to go meet Dra.Tania Medina and I have paid my deposit my bmi is 41 so I need to loose about 30-35 pounds. My surgery will be march 7th. I will be staying at Bodied Recuperation Spa owner by Emmy. Which I also meet in Dominican Republic. I am a hundred percent comfortable with the choice of doctor and recovery home. If anyone will be in Dominican from march 5-21 send me a massage. I have been buying supplies and I have my pills to start from now I'm 3 months and 11 Days away I honestly can't wait.
Dra.Tania Medina

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