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Ok! So I have been on this website day and night...

Ok! So I have been on this website day and night for about 4 years now. Constantly debating doctors, paying deposits then changing my mind. Blah Blah Blah... I couldn't decide who I wanted to do my surgery, it started becoming too much for me to decide, the only or sure answer I knew was that I was going to get this done no matter what. So here it is after all these years and all of this damn trouble deciding on who to go to I have decided and I'm super excited. Out of all the doctors I have gone back and fourth about, I'm really happy with my choice.

Ok ladies I've decided to go with Dr. Israel Manon.

I found him by following one of his patients ( which by the way I had no idea was his patient... I just saw butt) Anywho she posted her doctor and said you can watch her surgery on youtube. I watched some of it but I couldn't finish it but from what I saw he's very attentive and shapes you to your body shape, type or whatever. Anyway I started following him on IG and when I was looking at his girls I was blown away with his work. I like the fact that he works with all shapes and sizes, now I'm not a big girl ( even tho 185 is huge) I like that he can work with skinny, medium, and healthy ladies. It just shows me that he's really good. I see many doctors who say lose this or gain that but his page has them in all sizes.. Follow him ladies his IG is (Israelmanon) and all of hi whats app info is on there. Just in case some of you have never heard of him and want to check his work out. I know I didn't lol

Ok so moving on to me sending him a message on WhatsApp. I sent him a message Jan
20th and he responded the same day about 30 mins later if that. He spoke and asked me if I could contact his assistant Rossa and he sent her info. Very understandable. He did state that if I needed anything I can contact him but his assistant Rossa answers all of my questions. I mean I message her asking her all kind of crap and she answers everything. Moving on...

Rossa quoted $4,000. for BBL and BL... I was liiiiike whaaaat???? sent her another message asking if that was the right price and she said yes. So I had o message the same question in a different kind of way so I asked how much for just a Bbl and she said $3,000... So then I'm like so what if I want my breast done too and she said $4,000 for both. Yaaaaaas Hunty!!!!!!!

Deposit was $250 and I will post whats included with a picture because its too much to type

Anyway I paid my deposit and my surgery date is April 12th
I fly in April 11th and fly back out April 19th
I'm leaving from Houston my ticket was $530 but I paid extra for first class on my return flight so it came up to like $571 or something. Still cheaper than I expected. I got my ticket from Insanely plane tickets .com.......INSANELY is the name... they have wonderful prices...

I chose to go with Maria Recovey House. Right now she is running a special $60 a night with free transportation if you stay 6 days or more and massages are $15. I saw many reviews on her recovery house and everything I read was good. Plus when I contacted her she replied right back always and was very informative whenever I asked a question. I did find another recovery house that I would have loved to stay at buuuuuut I'm not trying to spend $1000 on a recovery. The lady Jules who I spoke with was so cool, sweet, and real but shes not in my budget but I will say ladies.... her food looks amazing and shes very sweet. Her recovery house is called Healing Heaven Recovery House. Anyway back to Maria... She has a facebook just type in maria recovery house, her food looks good and her prices are amazing... I'm going to try my best to double up on those massages for $15...

I will be traveling alone so if theres anyone traveling during my dates then contact me, I'm open to having a traveling buddy. Just know I've already paid my deposit with Maria so that's where ill be staying :)

Ive ordered my passport so it should be here sometime next month. Ive been taking iron pills and eating right so that my hemo is good because I'm trying to have both surgeries.. I don't want to come back home without new boobs.

Items I've ordered, which isn't much. After having a few girlfriends go and following so many ladies its really not a huge list to get..

Lipo Board
Lipo Foam
Surgery Tape
Lots and Lots of baby wipes
White Tees
Maxi dresses
House Slippers
Arnica Gel and Pills
I'll have to look over my things and see what else I have but that's what I can think off the top of my head, My first garment is included and I will purchase stage 2 there since I have no idea what size my butt will be... Literally

I think I spoke about everything ladies so if not just reply with a question or inbox me. I will keep everyone updated on my journey. Thanks for reading this looooong ass post lol Sorry if I misspelled anything I was typing fast

Update on Ticket

Ok so I had to call just to double check to make sure my wheelchair service was added to my return flight and it is. I will be flying with American Airline, and they are perfect. Now here is so wonderful news I received from the representative, She told me that with flying wheelchair service I did not have to pay extra for first class or main cabin extra seats because its included. She said that I'll be among the first to board and that they will sit me in the main cabin. Also my 1st checked bag is free, not sure why but it is and that's a plus. Not sure if that's because I have the wheelchair service or what but just make sure to ask ladies. Oh and the wheelchair service is FREE..... I believe its free with most flights but ASK THEM.....Now that all of that wonderful news is out the way. I called INSANELY CHEAP FLIGHTS which is where I bought my ticket to cancel the payment part for the extra seats and the guy did it with no hesitation. I saved $56.63 on not having to buy those seats... So I'm all set with my flight.

Houston Lymphatic Message

I found about five people in Houston who does the manual lymphatic message. The price ranges from $60-85 and Home Visits are between $120-170... I also found one place who have a few interns that perform the message and the intern price is $30, maybe ill try that lol then if not I can always pay the $60. Whooooo these prices are so high compared to me being somewhere like Miami where theres big butts everywhere. I will try my best to get as many as I can while in the Dominican Republic for $15.

Here's the information I gathered for the Lymphatic Message if you're in the Houston area



PRICE $85 + $25


409 233 7604


30MINS $60 1HOUR $120

INTERN 30 MIN $30 1HOUR $60


DELMIE 832 729 5323

40 MINS $90


B PEICING 281 497 6844

1 HOUR $85


Dr. Manon is Amazing

The more I see Dr. Manon's work the more I'm in love. April isn't coming fast enough!

Loving my doctor more and more!

I just love my Doctor! So I spoke with Rossa (assistant) today about garments, arm lipo, and arm compressions. I wanted to know how much extra was it for my arms because I could not remember if I told her that I wanted them done. She texted back right away saying No Extra Cost!!! Wow I love it. She told me to order arm compressions because I would get them cheaper here in the US other than buying it there. So I did at the website she sent me and it was $25. I will post the website and the one I bought. I also went ahead and bought a stage 2 garment because it was cheaper than getting one for $140 from my doctor. With my weight now, I believe I will be in a Large garment after surgery so she told me to get a Med garment for stage 2. I will have someone alter the one they'll give me to a small instead of buying a third garment but then again who knows. I've heard really good things about the garment I bought so I may want that brand in a small. I'll post that website also. Oh the garment cost me $103 Total, it's has sleeves and a zipper even by the crouch which I love (I wanted sleeves because of my arm lipo) I'll post a picture. Anywho I just wanted to give an update, Toodles ladies

Garment Website


Arm Compression Sleeve

Corrector de postura

They give you an option for English on the website

Physician Visit

I went to see my physician today, I got some really good and exciting news. Ok so where do I start.... I went in for my regular check up but he drew blood so that we can check my Hemo. He also does Ekg and all of what I was going to go see a cardiologist for so he scheduled me to come back and do that. I'm so happy I can do it all with him instead of seeing two different offices. The really exciting news is that Rossa sent me my post op meds and my physician is going to prescribe them to me so that my insurance will pay for them. Yay for me!!! He's also going to prescribe me some other meds to help with pain (meds they give in the US) thank goodness. He will also prescribe something for a yeast infection because I will be taking so many antibiotics. My Ekg test will be done March 21th, he and I aren't worried because I'm healthy so I know I'll be ok. He and I just want to make sure my Hemo is up because I have problems with that. Anyway this is just an update on my good news ladies. Toodles 30 more days


Hello Ladies! I have most of my supplies all here and ready to go. I'm waiting on my post 2 garment to arrive and my darn passport. Anywho, I will share what I have so far and show you all the vitamins I've been taking which has brought my Hemo to a 13.5. I will continue so that I'll have no problems once getting to DR, whoooa im 28 days away. This is exciting lol


The days are counting down, 26 days away from being Touched by Dr. Manon. & I have been reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube, now there are some girls who aren't happy with there stay at Marie's Recovery House. They said they were at the first house which I guess is the old house so I contacted her and asked her which home will I be in and she said she will not know until my date is closer. I would like to stay at the new home to avoid the horror stories lol but then again everyone has there own experience which is what I have trained my brain to know for and throughout this whole process with everything. With that being said I will go with where she puts me especially since I've paid a deposit and go from there. Talk with you later ladies

forgotten frustration

So I left out how I have been patiently waiting on my stage 2 garment to arrive, only to find out it was delivered yesterday to my home. You would think that's good news, NOT!!! I was gone all day yesterday and I checked the tracking today which said it was delivered, I looked outside and it was nowhere, even upon returning home last night, I did not see a package at my door. I live in a good neighborhood but I also live where many cars pass by so I'm praying no one stole my package, because its nowhere to be found. I called the post office and they said they'll have to speak with the delivery guy who dropped it off. You guys, I am soooo darn pissed. There is a gate in front of my door that I keep locked when I'm not home, I'm pray he didn't leave it and just took it back with him. Lord, please let there not be a package thief in my area.... ill keep you ladies updated.

Hemo is going up

Ok I just spoke with my physician office and my Hemo is at a 12. I'm still taking my iron pills so hopefully I can get it up to a 13 and higher by the time I am ready for my Surgery because I'm in need of having both Bbl and BL done. I also asked about my BMI and I am at a 30, but I'm still walking everyday and doing light workouts so hopefully I can work on that. I made a appointment for April 1st so that I can have my last check up and blood work done before heading out. Just a little update

Update on my lost package

I'm so upset and frustrated about my package usps lost, especially since I paid $100 for my garment and the insurance is only going to cover $50. I did contact the company I purchased the garment from (bellavita) and she told me she was going to check up on all the information I gave her and she would get back to me. I guess I'm at a waiting process right now, I'm just praying I don't have to come out of anymore more money. This surgery, pre op and post op has me BROKE on top of me having extra money to bring lol I don't have money to buy items I've already bought lol.... I pray that Jazmine from Bellavita will work something out.

Post Op Meds

I picked up my post op Meds that Dr. Manon's assistant sent me. I looked up the generic names for the prescriptions and my physician wrote me a prescription for everything, my insurance covers the majority and I pay $5. That's the insurance I have so I'm not sure what the price would be for anyone else. I'm beyond happy Rossa sent me the list of what I would need because that saved me some money. My physician did not prescribe and hard core meds for pain because he said he would like to wait for me to come home first then he will give me something. He gave me clearance for surgery just incase I left that part out, my x ray and ekg test came back with no issues and my hemo was at a 12 the last we checked so hes convinced I'll be all set for both procedures.

I called to check on my passport today and thank God I did, these ghetto always rushing everyone, get nothing right a$$ people who woman didn't get ish right in the system. I absolutely hate the humans in the post office, I am so ready for them to upgrade and get rid of there asses. She spelled my first, middle, and last name wrong. How in the hell do you not copy down exactly what you see, or better yet why not proof read these very important documents you are submitting. Geesh, they are not writing a free time blog like realself, this is a document that has to be verified. Anyway, I'm happy God put it on my mind to call and check on things, now it needs to just get here. Ladies please call and check your information for your passport just to be safe. 19 days away

Recovery House Changed

Ok ladies, I was very pleased with choosing Maria Recovery House, her special was amazing and no one was beating her $15 massages. I'm all about not being bias when looking at someone's experience and I'm all in for everyone has there own feedback. Well, as always, there are good and bad reviews of course but there are just certain things I will not allow myself to test out especially when I will be in a predicament of a zombie lol and cant really take care of myself. Well I saw too many reviews on Maria's old house (she has 2) not being up to par, ladies were saying she had too much going on as far as (hazardous). I'm ok with a old home as long as its clean and someone is attentive, but when women are saying 5 and 6 things are plugged into one outlet out of and extension cord, or a ceiling fan kind of dangling, or the nurses not coming in a timely matter or not at all, that's just something I'm not willing to test. I will be fresh out of surgery in need of a good clean environment with nurses who are there waiting on me hand and feet lol I don't want to take a chance. What helped me change my recovery house was when I asked maria will I be at the new house and to please place me at the new house she responded with well doll I'm not sure where you will be until your date is closer. I do not want to end up at the old house with hearing all the issues so when calling to check on my money transfer, they said she didn't pick it up yet so I changed the name and had it sent to Gianna at Dream Barbie Recovery House.
I kept hearing about her recovery house but she was a little high in the price range for me but after following some of the girls who went to my same doctor (Dr.Manon) they all said the stay there was wonderful. I spoke with Gianna, the owner and she was amazing. She responded within seconds and worked it out for me so I will be staying with her. Her price is $75 a night EVERYTHING included, transportation, 3 meals etc, 10 massages. That works for me especially since her house looks clean, her IG pictures are recent, the girls absolutely loved her, the food looks good, and I feel more at ease. I feel that maybe its a reason Maria didn't pick my deposit up, I kept having mixed emotions so God placed me elsewhere.

Let me say, Maria was a great person. She responded every single time I had a question, She was very informative and her prices are good. I just did not want to chance staying at her first house. Also when comparing the prices I was not really going to be coming out of pocket too much or at all because $75 with Gianna includes the massages I will get. Anyway just an update on my change of homes lol.

Passport :(

Yay! My passport came today... Tears because my name first middle and last is spelled wrong smh. I guess when the person corrected my names when I called could not submit the information in time because they processed my passport. Monday morning I will be going to my post office to see what's the steps in getting it fixed and back to me in time. Too bad!

My version of a BBL Pillow

I found a pillow on Amazon that I will be using for my Bbl Pillow. It was 10.99 and I like it, hopefully it'll get the job done. It's a Donut but you can't see the whole because of its cover but I tried taking a picture of front and back. I also bought some little House slippers that can be worn inside and outside from Walmart. Oh I almost forgot, I bought a lock for my suitcase from Amazon

I also dropped my passport off yesterday so I'm waiting for it to get back to me, they said I should get it tomorrow. Fingers Crossed!!! 12 days away :)

Garment Update

I love good people. My neighbor dropped off my package that was mistakenly dropped off at his address instead of mine. I finally have my garment. It is exactly what I wanted, it has a zipper for me to use the restroom when need be and that's exactly what I wanted. I'll post pictures.

The website is http://www.beautibybellavita.com
The garments are a great price also.

Passport is Officially Here

My passport came back and everything is corrected. I'm all good to go. Since I changed Recovery Houses I had to purchase chux pads, medical tape, gloves, etc so that's the only package I'm waiting to come in the mail which should arrive some time this week. If you can tell, I'm an online person, I hate shopping in the stores.

Countdown Begins

I'm officially 10 days away from Leaving for DR and 11 days away from transforming. Ish is getting real!

P.S. Remember ladies, always stay positive and remain confident and beautiful. Toodles


OMGOSH! Is it me, or are the days going by sooooo slow the closer my date gets. 7 days away.

1 day away :)

Wow! I'm 1 day away from leaving for DR and I'm all packed and ready to go. Whoooa this is really happening

Money Sent

Ok ladies so I made a last minute decision to send all of my surgery money to Dr. Manon. Well his Assistant. I didn't want to travel with so much money, plus I had some trouble with western union before so they gave me a promo code so I only paid $15.00 to send the money through Wu Pay which is western union through your bank. I'm happy I made that decision, now I don't have to worry about walking around with so much cash. My flight leaves at 7am from Houston, and I'm sure I'll talk to you ladies along the way. Chat later dolls. :)

Oh and I'm going to send Gianna the rest of her money tomorrow morning. I was a little nervous about paying for my recovery stay before getting there but I'm trusting in God that I made the right decision so I'm stuck with her. Lol
10 Hours Left!!!!!!

SnapChat and Instagram

Follow me on SnapChat. I will be posting my journey ladies. Pink_Shelly :)

I'll also be posting pictures on IG but if you have any personal questions please DM me. Instagram is Brennae_Shelly.

Airport Flow

I'm here at the airport ladies. It's early and I'm ready to go lol. Flight boards in about 30 mins then we are heading out for 7am. I have a connection then I'll arrive in Santo Domingo. Whoop whoop

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I'm here

I've finally made it to DR. I wish I could have gotten pictures while coming into the city but I had a middle seat by the wing smh lol. I took what I could get at the time. My flights were great, they went by really fast. Thank you to all the ladies who wished me a safe travel. I will give a cap of my day once it comes to an end. Talk with you later dolls.

I have a few pics haha

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I forgot

I forgot, I have nooooo Service!!! This ish is crazy!!! Thank God the clinic has wifi

Day 1 is over. Labs

Hello ladies, my day has finally come to an end, I'm at Barbie Recovery House (Gianna) which is amazing. Ive ate my lunch so before I shower and eat dinner I'm going to let you ladies know about my day.

Arriving is so exciting because the only thing going through your head is OMY I'm about to having a banging body, Oh but once you get off that plane everything changes lol The airport is Hell. I stood in my first line to get my tourist card ($10) which wasn't so bad but my second line WOW I was so aggravated. You have to stand on the visitors side which takes so long then once you pass the guy who gets your receipt from the tourist card payment you have to stand in another line and the lady who took me spent 10 darn mins on each person seems like. Please ladies have the address of where you will be staying because me not having the address held me up even longer. She called someone over whom I'm guessing is over her and the lady said I could just give the name and number but save yourself time. I was not asked why was I visiting I was only asked for the address of where ill be staying. After that I went to get my bags which quick and easy I just showed the lady my baggage ticket, once getting my bags I passed the other lady my immigration card and walked to the main airport area. As soon as I stepped into the main area I heard my name and when I looked it was Gianna waiting on me. I was so happy to see her face, after all of my long lines and crap I just needed to see someone who knew me lol. She helped with my bags and we walked outside to wait on her husband which was pulling right back up as soon as we went outside. Gianna is so sweet and she was exactly the same in person as she was, on WhatsApp, and to add to that she got me in and out the clinic. When I say she played no games that's what I mean. We went straight to the clinic and she took me right in the office with Dr. Manon's assistant. We went over a few things then she took me to get my blood test, ekg, and x ray. If there was a wait she wasn't having it, she would say ok come on and we would walk in and I would be getting my testing done and we would be moving right along. By the way she knew everyone lol Maybe that's why I got to go in and come right out. I loooooove the fact that Gianna stood by my side the entire time, she had to take me to another clinic to get an eco testing done (heart test) and she had no problem doing so. (eco test $45) The doctor told me when listening to my breathing he wasn't so sure about a few things so he wanted me to get that testing done. I was cleared by the doctor, everything was good. Now don't get me wrong this ish will take hours, the good thing is Gianna is there to say no lines we are going straight in lol but it still takes time. I see why they want us to come a day early. By the way I'm already dreading my ride to the airport because the streets are raggedy and the traffic is horrible. Ok so basically everyone drives however and wherever there is space lol I swear I was scared that someone was going to hit us or that one of the damn bike thingys was going to ram us but honey Gianna's husband was driving the hell out of that car. He wasn't playing any games, oh and her husband was always on time waiting on us to finish. Her husband also didn't let me touch my luggage once he got a hold to it until he placed it in my room. Gianna is good with English but her husband is fluent. Another thing, I have no need or desire to want to see this city. I took some pictures while driving in the car and that's all I need. This is not a place that anyone should be wanting to see, or at least that's my opinion.

Barbie Recovery House
Theres a gate on the outside of the building, its not a house its a huge townhome or something. Anyway it was very cleaned and it smelled so good because the cooking lady was cooking lunch. I cant remember anyones name right now. Anyway Gianna walked me into my room which I have to myself for now. Its a nice size nothing spectacular but it works for me. Gianna said the tv was being fixed but again I don't care because I have my laptop and I downloaded so many movies and shows so I wouldn't have touched a tv anyway. (I came prepared) I got settled in, then the nurse came in and told me to come eat. The food was really good. Ummm that's pretty much it for day 1. I will post pictures of what I have.

Oh I almost forgot I met my doctor. Gianna saw him walking behind us up the stairs and she spoke Spanish to him then she introduced us. He gave me a hug and asked how was I and I replied happy to be here and I'm ready for you to snatch my body, we both laughed then he said see you soon and that was that. In just a split second he made me feel so comfortable.

Anyway ladies this may be junky and worded all crazy but I was typing as I was remembering things. My surgery is set for 8 am but I have one girl ahead of me so I'm sure it'll be a long wait. Talk with you ladies later.

Oh one more thing, No Gianna does not have a fancy car whatsoever but it got us to where we had to go and her and her husband has been by my side every step of the way. Sometimes its not about what someone is driving its about the compassion and the concern a person shows.

Ha I forgot the pictures

Here are some pictures from today, I was just snapping pictures while in the car. :-/

Posting pictures will not be my friend because this took about 15 mins smh


Ok ladies I've had a sad morning. Gianna came in to tell me that my Hemo is at an 11.9 so I would need a blood transfusion. So I decided to not get my boobs and I'm waiting on Rossa (Dr Manon) assistant to see if he can just do lipo and bbl since I'm only 1 point away from an 12. I'm going crazy waiting on an answer so wish me luck. :-( sad face


Please please ladies make sure you have a good cell phone service before coming here because I have no service at all and it's killing me not being able to make any calls that I really need to make. I can only use whatsapp and that has been hell to say I needed to contact western union and I can't smh. Ugh

Great Update

I went from waking up for surgery this morning to spending my entire day having a blood transfusion because my hemo was low I'm guessing because of my flight. I was there from 12pm to about 5pm but the good thing is wherever Gianna took me I only paid $72 Whoop Whoop. By the way I'm not sure if I have said this before but switch to Barbie Recovery House with Gianna was the best thing I could have ever did. I LOOOOOOOVE HER, I feel so lost when shes not with me which is hardly ever because she goes everywhere with you. I mean I have not one worry when with her. She is amazing and her house is so clean and the food is really good. The nurses are all amazing, with me being here and haven't had my surgery they are still here for my every need. They are always on time and ahead of time. I'm happy to be here for my days ahead for recovery.

Moving forward, After spending all day getting my transfusion they took my blood and my results came back at 13.5 so I will be going home with a whole new body lol. I'm super duper excited. My surgery is at 6am which probably means 9 or 10 but who cares its for sure tomorrow lol
I just wanted to keep you ladies up to date. Thank you so much for checking on me and following my journey, and wishing me well its highly appreciated. You all are my inspiration friends online, every girl needs one haha. Toodles

Short Update. At Cecip for Surgery

I made it to Cecip for surgery ladies. I will see you guys on the other side. Follow my snapchat if you want a steady update because I may not have time to always come write a review. Toodles

Snapchat Pink_Shelly

I'm out of surgery

I've made it to the other side. I have been sleep on and off so just letting you ladies know I'm safe and thanks for the prayers. Im not really in pain anymore just discomfort. I'll post later on wjat ice experienced so far but I'm doing great. Back to sleep I go

I'm already in Love

I'm sorry for the late update but these last few days has been up and down but I'm totally loving the progress of my body. I'm still very swollen but While my faja is being washed I took some pictures like promised. Manon did the damn thing.

Dr Manon is a miracle worker

Some of you ladies asked if I can post before pictures so here are a few. Manon did the damn thing!!! I loooooove what he did for me, I have never been so happy. I'm a very proud Manon Doll

Sorry for the late update

Sorry ladies for the late update but I've been really busy. I update on my snap but I forget to log in on here to write a review. I'll post some pictures of myself since I've been getting massages and drained. Things are really coming along great with me, I'm very happy with my progress. My faja is being taken in by someone here in Houston so this waist can be snatched but my Ass is everything. I looooove what he gave me. Manon is the man!!!! You have to get massages no matter if you're a week, 2 weeks, or maybe 4 weeks. They count, and I'm drained every other day and trust me liquid comes out every time. I'm 11 days post op so I have a long way to go but it's been a great journey so far. Good luck ladies

It's 3 months today whoop whoop

It's been soooooo long since I've last updated my post. It's been a healing process but fun as well because I'm enjoying these new curves and this butt. Haha
Ok well everything is coming along perfect, I looooove my ASS and My boobs still look nice and my tummy is getting flat. Yes I've still been wearing this faja every day well every other day lol I hate this thing. Sad to say but happy to say, today is my last day wearing this thing, I ordered an xs waist trainer so I'm moving over to that. It's the kind that is a vest.
Now like I said again I love my body, trust me it's a big difference from where I came from but I'm already planning a round 2.

Yes I said it, round 2.... I've said it many of time that I forgot to tell Manon to give me hips so he didn't and I wasn't able to get my inner thighs liposuctioned. I also don't like how my arms came out. After surgery they had my arms wrapped but not the top half of my arm which I'm so pissed about because my arms are small but then the top half is bigger. I've been working out of course but it's so hard to lose the arms so I'm just going to get them done again and make sure to wrap them properly. I'm also happy about my body because it's so much better than before but I want a curvy body like sexy curvy missnikkibaby curvy. Not that much but you know what I mean.
I'm also not going to Manon again, I'm thankful of what he did my first round but he's not my choice for round 2. I won't be going anytime soon because it's only 3 months post op but I will be going back after 6 months. I want a hour glass shape, that's what I've been wanting surgery for and I don't have that. I wanted curvy hips so bad and I'm so upset they gave me the blue pill which made me nervous and I forgot to tell him. So I'm willing to spend the money again to get it done.
Round 2
Inner thigh lipo
Arm lipo if they don't go down
Hips added
Ass maybe haha lol
Might get my stomach too. I'll let my doctor decide. Anyway here are pics, and you'll see what I'm talking about. My hips are deflated haha so I don't have that s curve I wanted. & my stomach and back is still going down buuuuut yea I'm going for round 2 lol

These are the curves I was hoping for

These are the curves I want to wake up too.

5 months Post Op/ before and after pics

So I don't believe I've showed any before pics and I'm not really sure why I choose to do so at 2am my time but here goes. Im 5 months post op Manon. Liposuction of arms, stomach, back. Bbl with breast lift (no implants.) Thank you so much ladies for following my journey and continuing to follow my journey. I'm doing this because so many women want to know what did I look like before the banging body.

Pre Op I was about 200 pounds. I weigh 168 today. I don't eat right lol but I do walk and try to workout when I have time. I really don't post on here or check this inbox but feel free to follow me on snap or IG if you have any questions. Snap pink_shelly or IG brennae_shelly. Smooches


Some pictures didn't post so I'm going to repost all of them.

Video Alert

I'm always getting questions about my journey so I did a YouTube video answering some questions. Go Subscribe https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aqYhXabw4rM

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New video on YouTube

Hey ladies Thank you sooooo much for subscribing to my YouTube channel! I keep getting so many questions about the supplies I took with me to DR so I will be uploading a video today listing everything I took and answering more questions that were asked. Thanks again for following little ole me :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Manon has been amazing all the way around. He is very sweet and caring and he listens to what you have to say. He gave me the body that was right for me. The best version of myself. I remember him saying "all back fat in you ass" and I was scared because I did not want a huge butt but he said trust me and I did and I'm sooooo happy. My body is perfect, and I know it'll be even better with time. Happy Manon Doll

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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