2014 Yily Doll - Dominican Republic

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I am new to this website and I'm very nervous...

I am new to this website and I'm very nervous about posting!
I'm a inspiring Yily doll. I've done so much research on bbl and tummy tuck and I feel she's the one for me. On the quote website I don't see a selection for Bbl procedure. Which procedure should I select? I'm looking to have my surgery done either the end of April early May. Any input, information, or suggestions are gladly excepted.

I received my quote!!

I received my quote today!! It's 4500 for tummy tuck and bbl! That's a really good price for me! Now all I have to do is set a date. My husband and I had a heart to heart talk last night. He assured me he loves me just the way I am. I know he does but I explained to him that this is something I wanted to do for myself. Since my first child, my body turn horrible!! As a result, I've never been comfortable with myself with my clothes off. I honestly believe this will be the confidence I need. My next step is to get medical cleanse from my PCP. Wish me luck!!

It's Time!! 2016 is my year!

I didn't want to post agin until deposit was made and flight was book. I started my journey back in 2014. I became very hesitant due to all of the horror stories and the fact that you are being hustled out of money once you land in Dominican. After further research and a few changes, I have decided to go with Dr. Lima. I was previously planing with Dr Yily but after hearing that she schedule so many women in one day is crazy! I personally am scare of Cipla and CECIP. Dr Lima has his own clinic and his assistant Janet has been amazing. Like many others, I didn't see much of his work online so I asked Janet for more of his work. She added me to his Facebook groups and I was able to talk to many women around the world and see their before and after pictures. They continue to post their progress as well. My husband will be going with me and we are staying in a hotel (Marriott). With my job, I travel a lot so I saved points to be able to stay for free. I preferred for my husband to be with me because he knows me better than anyone. He will be able to stand up for me when I need it most whether expressing my symptoms or ensuring the payment process is smooth. I am schedule for SX February 8th which is about 16days away. My flight is book and deposit paid. I am in the process of packing. I don't plan on bringing a lot but I will post my supplies along with my before pictures sometime next week.

I welcome all suggestions from women who have gone through this process. My procedure will consist of bbl, lipo, TT, and BA.

It's a Wish!

Just a few WISH picture!

One Week Until the New me!

This time next week I will be in DR. I'm very excited and nervous. Im tieing up the loose ends at work and arrangements for my children. I am fully packed. Hotel, rental, and flights booked and reserved. I had hotel points for serval hotels. We will be staying in the Holiday Inn, Marriot, and Westen Suites. We will be staying a total of 10 days. Have anyone came home sooner? Just asking because I'm afraid I will get home sick. If anyone have any advice please let me know. Her is a list of items I've packed:

Iron pills
Vitamin C
Fish oil
Tylenol PM
Tylenol extra strength
Folic acid
Stool softener
Womb cleaner
Triple anabiotic cream
Wash cloths
Boppy pillow
Dounut floaty to sleep on
3 Maxie dresses
Gain detergent
Ab board


Can someone please tell me where they got their messages and how much???? I'm schedule to leave Sunday and I want to have all of this together.

I'm alive! On to recovery!

Wow! I am alive! The procedures I received was TT, ba/bl, lipo, and bbl. Right after surgery I was awake and fully alert. My husband and I was not expecting that. I talked to my husband most of the night. For the first 8 hours I Didn't feel pain, I just felt tightness and pressure. After the meds wore off, I had a very rough night! However today I'm feeling much better. I am very swollen and I have posted pictures to show you the progress. Dr Lima aggressively lipo my back. So far so good. Will write a lengthy review once I get home or fine time too. My husband has me a on a strict resting schedule.

2weeks po

Today I'm two weeks post op. I'm doing good, just stiffness and tingling sensation in the areas of lipo. I was told that is my nerves healing. The first 2-4 days are horrible. You have to remind yourself why you had surgery. The pain meds in DR sucks big time so it was worst for me. I arrive home last Wednesay and the airplane ride was miserable for me bc I couldn't get comfortable. My stomach is completely flat. I am on the third hook in my stage two garment with lipo board. I've ordered another garment and hopefully It will be here this week because each day I get smaller or the swelling is going down. I have not went back to work yet so I still have about a week to heal more. I wish I would have been prepared for the sensation in the areas I had lipo. It catches you off guard and it feels like needles sticking you in those area. I will post pictures when I shower. I only shower ever two days until all of my wounds are healed.

If you have any questions let me know.

2wks post op

I'm not where I wanna be now due to the swelling but I'm happy for the change. I'm loving my results! I was considered a big girl. 5'1 180lbs . The stretch marks look bad on the pictures because it's the end of the day and I'm swollen. They are not that bad.
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