Molina Doll 2 months post op & Contreras doll(sis) 3months post op

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I've been researching a lot on BBL with many...

I've been researching a lot on BBL with many different doctors. I am currently residing in Houston, & it would be nice to not have to travel for good results, but in this case, I don't ind traveling for the best doctor. Let me start by saying Dr.Cortes in Houston is a great doctor & has many great reviews, however, his quote was incredibly high & once I started looking up different reviews, I found Dra.Robles! I got a quote immediately after sending my pictures & have been emailing back & forth with Laura, her assistant. She has answered all my questions & has been very helpful. I have not made my deposit to secure my date just yet, but I wanted to write my story & to give anyone else who is undecided my review. Feel free to write comments & please oh please answer mines as well :)

Undecided Dr.Robles or Dr.Duran :O!?!

Okay.. so I after tremendous researching I am not sure of what doctor to choose! I spent so long trying to convince my sister that Robles is a great surgeon, but I really think it was myself I was trying to convince.. Don't get me wrong, Robles is an awesome doctor, however.. many of the reviews Ive seen are for women who have had a tummy tuck included or got talked into doing by Dr.Robles. I am too young & have no kids or excess skin for a tummy tuck & although she recomended aggresive lipo & bbl, I remembered reading a comment by a fellow RS member mentioning that Dr.Robles is great for TT but Dr.Duran was better at Lipo. So my new search began as I came across Dr.Duran's instagram & looked over her patients aka "Duran Dolls" they look great !!! & there were many Lipo & BBL no TT so I was happy to see my wish body could be possible through only lipo & bbl. I have sent my pics to Dr.Duran this morning & haven't gotten an answer yet, I hope it's soon I am so anxious to see a new email from her! lol
Ladies if any of you have any suggestions of which dr I should choose please DO! Thank you !!!

I finally got a response from Dra.Duran! :D

Sooo I thought it was silly how some girls got anxious & had dreams about their procedures & so on, until it happened to me last night! LOL I have been so anxious to see an email from Dra.Duran, that I actually dreamed that she had wrote me back & told me I could not have a lipo nor bbl, she said all she could do for me was out me in a diet! LMAO
Anywho, that dream was the reason why I decided to call the D.R. office & I actually spoke to Dra.Duran! However, she re-directed me to her office so I could get the information I was looking for. I was actually on my lunch break, in the drive-thru of McDonald's as I was on the phone trying to give them all of my information lol what a rush!
In conclusion, I finally got a quote! I was quoted $3,800 & I think it's a very reasonable price. I couldn't wait to get on RealSelf & tell you all :)
To anyone who is trying to reach her, try sending a DM via Instagram, I sent her a screenshot of my email, & I think that's what caused her or her assistant to look for my email. You guys, she is really a busy woman, I am so thankful she is one of those doctors that actually take time to connect with her patients, I hope I can confirm that after my surgery! ;)

Can't change my doctor on this! :/

I am trying to change my doctor from Dra.Robles to Dra.Duran but everytime I press "edit your doctor review" it goes to the bottom 7 when I press "edit" next to the doctor, it only let's me write my review on her not actually change my doctor. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't wanna have to make a completely different review.

Need a travel buddy for March or April 2015!!!!

Is anyone going on Late March or Early April to Dra.Duran?
I would really like to travel with someone, this would be the first time I travel alone :( & it seems I am getting no type of support from my family or boyfriend, which only makes this emotional roller coaster worst for me :(
Please let me know if any of you ladies is interested so we can exchange information & stay in touch.

Need help on Vitamin usage????

The email I got from Dra.Duran says:

"i like to know hemoglobin level if it possible If not You can use a month before:
Iron with acido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)"

Does this mean I should get my hemoglobin level at 13 like she asked & not tale those vitamins? Or does it mean I still get my hemoglobin at 13 & still take vitamins one month before trip?

She also listed some vitamins I will need after surgery? Do I have to buy those?

Anyone who has gone through this please help!
Also, did anyone have to pay an additional cost for medical insurance to cover in case you need to be transferred to the emergency room??

Changed my doctor.. & set a date! DR.CABRAL IT IS, MARCH 20TH!!!!

Soooo ya'll going to think I'm crazy, I remember seeing other reviews & thinking to myself, "why couldn't they have just done their research & then made a review?" Well, it's simple.. You start browsing through other ladies's reviews & you learn from them, you start noticing different doctors have different perspectives of the "barbie/doll" body & so, with that being said, I chose Dr.Cabral as my doctor!!!! :) I sent him my picture via WhatsApp & received a quote within seconds! He was online when I wrote him & responded all my questions. I sent him a wish pic & he said he would see what he could do. He said he will try to get as much fat as possible to inject into my butt lol. When it came to setting up an appointment, he asked to me to call his office. I spoke to Maria Isabell or Isabella not sure, & set my date for March 20th! I am so excited!!! If anyone is going for that date send me a private message I plan on departing March 19th in the morning time. I would love to have a buddy to travel with!!! I am a little sacred to travel alone.

Recovery Houses

I've called many many recovery houses, & the price isn't really an issue although I want to save as much as I can. But I noticed many of the recovery houses I've called have the typical "what do you want" attitude. It is really annoying since I work in the customer service industry & when they answer me in that way, it makes me want to hang up in their face. Anyways, there's only a few RH that caught my attention. I'm debating between "Real RH" & "Angela's RH" the women I spoke to are very sweet & were very detailed about my stay. Hope to stay for a maximum of 7 days, no more, no less. I saw a review of this beautiful lady who only stayed for a total for 4 days!!!!! I rather stay a few days because I know how much a baby I can be lol


1. He always answers all my question promptly via Whatsapp or email.
2. He is very proffesional.
3. He builds a bond with his patients.
4. He can make dream bodies come true :D!
5. Your health to him is priority.
6. His prices are THE BEST!!! (3,500 for LIPO,BBL, & BA!!)
7. He has his own facility & RH so no need to be moving around too much.
8. My gut tells me he is the doctor for me LOL
I can go on & on lol but the fact is, after much more intensive research, I believe he is an spectacular doctor, his reviews are always positive, and he really does answer all my questions. Here's something you all did not know.. well it kinda just happened a couple of months ago, my sister is going with me to DR!! & SHE'S ALSO GETTING LIPO & BBL WITH CONTRERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!! If any of you ladies plan to go to Contreras between March 19th-26th, see you there! :)
And to any new ladies on this site looking for post op pics or more pics on your choice of Doc (Contreras,Duran,Cabral,Yily,Robles, even Colombian Docs) you will definitely find them on IG, I suggest if you are serious about sx(surgery), you make a "SX Page" better know as "Journey Page" because of all the drama an open account on IG with nothing but pics of boobs & ass al over the place can cause with both men & haters. Feel free to follow me IF you have a journey page. Contrerasdollstobe I plan to post my pre & post pics on there & here as well. but you wouldn't imagine all the information you can get from these pages!

27 More Days to Go!!!!!!!

Well, nerves are kicking in, my sister & I have purchased our plane ticket, we have most of our supplies packed lol & we are absolutely ready! I have been following other dolls's journeys on instagram & I found this amazing transformation by Dr.Contreras & man oh man I can't wait! I have also been thinking about Juvaderm on my lips.. HMMMMM :)

19 Days away..... The BBL PILLOW

I am now exactly 19 days away, I now have all my supplies ready, just waiting on my BBL Pillow. I know, I know, you must be thinking, what in the heck is a bbl pillow?! Well, the BBL PILLOW is designed for post op ladies who have just had a BBL & sit around a lot. I have a front desk job so I am on my butt all day & I can't afford to sit on my new booty. lol You are told after your surgery to avoid sitting on your bottom or apply any compression for best results. From my research, there are two types of pillows that can be used for bbl. One is the BBL pillow which you can purchase at  or "the booty buddy". I would have like to purchased the bootybuddy because it seems like it has much more cushion support, however, it has been sold out & they posted it would be back in stock in about 3 weeks, & ain't nobody got time for that! My sx is in 3 weeks! The bbl pillow I ordered is perfect for me & I plan to cover the "BBL Pillow" sign on it with some tape or sharpie LOL Well, I hope this helps someone.

I didn't have my surgery :( Travel permit was denied last minute

Long story short... I am currently on probation & my travel permit was denied :( I was so sad & pissed at the same time since I've never done anything wrong, never asked to travel before, make all payments on time & never failed a UA. My PO said it could have been because I chose the wrong dates around spring brake, IDK but I was so upset, I was so prepared to do this. Life goes on & I've recently submitted a second request, I pray it is approved, & will keep you all updated. The good news are.................

My sister went through with her surgery as planned :)

My sister had to travel alone, she got help from a friend who's mother is living in DR. She had her tests done early morning & had sx that afternoon. She had lipo & BBL. Dr.Contreras is a bashful man, he is very sweet but very quiet, he will listen to everything you say & makes you feel at ease. ALL of Plastica Contreras staff were all super nice to her, she even stayed at the clinic an extra night. She had most bruising in her thighs (which she had lipoed), under arms & groin. She was mostly fine first days post op, it was just major soreness & discomfort. She was put in a XS faja since she is a short thing lol (4'9-5) She is now 2 weeks post op & is back at work, the only thing she says she can not bare with is the itching!! She applies arnica, benadryl & anything she has been recommended to use, but it is expected to stay for a while since she is healing. Overall, she loves her results so far, is still swollen, but is continuing her lymphatic massages, drinks lots of pineapple juice, and my mother has made her some arnica tea as well. I have been her personal nurse lol I am low key jealous (the good kind of jealousy) that she had it already & I didn't but I will stay positive & hopefully I too can look as amazing as she does!! Here are some pics, I wish I could have posted some pre op pics but her dumb butt accidentally deleted them -_- when I can get a hold of some old body shots of her, & when her swelling is down, I will post them for yall to see. #Contrerasdoll :) finally

Contreras is not doing surgeries ............... TRAVEL PERMIT WAS APPROVED!

As many of you may know, Contreras had some complications with one of his patients last month & he is currently suspended..... I do not want to get into detail about that, but just for the record, I would have definitely gone to Contreras if it was possible, but, since that won't be possible, I am now going to Dr.Molina!!!!!!! :) I have sent my deposit & my new date is JUNE 15TH!!!!! Woooohooooo!! I love Molina, I have heard nothing but marvelous things about him from his patients & I feel safe knowing he is my surgeon. I tried uploading a new review but I don't know why it's not posting? If it doesn't go up by tomorrow, I will continue my journey on this one. I just didn't want you dolls to get confused or to think I am crazy for switching so many times lol but I am a true believer in "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON"

This is my sister's update! 3 months post op, Contreras doll!! After the "fluff"

As promised, here is my sister's 3 month post op booty, it hasn't gotten fuller, smoother, and obviously plumped :) I will post some more later.
NOTE: I changed our Instagram name since I am now going to Dr Molina.
New name is: contrerasdollandmolinadoll


*It HAS gotten fuller, smoother, and obviously plumped

Information for dolls in Houston

Here's the information on the lady my sister has been going to for her lymphatic massages. Hope someone finds this helpful!

Sorry it didn't post the first time

They also have a boutique for fajas!

2 days away from becoming a Molina Doll!

I have mixed emotions, I am excited, yet scared, but then again I'm anxious lol I have everything packed, I've sent my 1k deposit to Dr.Molina via QuickPay (Chase) & there were no fees what so ever, which is awesome. Dr.Molina has answered every single one of my questions in a timely manner, he's been very sweet, caring, & attentive although I'm not his actual patient just yet. When I tell ya'll I feel safe with my doctor, I mean, I am absolutely awed at what all his patients have said about him. I will be flying out this Sunday, wish me luck dolls

1 day post op

Okay ladies so I am trying to post according to date, my first day post op I was in zero pain, when I woke up from surgery, I had on my faja & some electrical compression wraps on my legs (didn't use my compression socks at all) I was very sore, unable to move, & very thirsty. The staff were nice but I suggest you all have an overnight nurse because there were times when I was thirsty and couldn't reach the phone for assistance.

1 week post op

The ugly part of surgery..

The ugly part of surgery that not every one talk about.. I was leaving the office the day after surgery and the nurse came to check on me & gave me all my meds & she started taking off my faja, keep in mind I was still very weary & I don't remember much of this part, but I felt her stuff something in my back so I asked her what was that & she said this a must, you can't leave without it (btw she didn't tell me I woud later be charged for it) So I went with it & let her stuff me ( I thought it was a gauze) and I was dressed to go home. The next day, I have my nurse help me out my faja and bam this shit appears where the nurse forced this back triangle on me :( I was so upset I sent this picture to dr.molina, he told me to remove it immediately which I had already done so and he told me to apply Lioton on it twice a day. This is what some people may call a "lipo burn" or "faja burn" but I am 100% sure that the triabgle board caused it. When I went back for my checkup at the clinic, the nurse said nothing about the burn & said I wasn't going home the next day as planned because I had taken off the triangle & I had accumulated a lot of fluid. :( Just imagine all the crazy things that are running through my mind when I hear the words "you aren't going home" after they removed the fluid, I was seen by Dr.Molina where he said it would be okay to go home & he made me feel so much better :)

At work with my faja plus abdominal board

I flew home after being 4 days post op. I do not recommend anyone to leave as soon as I did, the plane ride was the worst!!!!!!!! Anyways I went back to work (my job is pretty laid back) being 1 week post op

Lymphatic Drainage Massages!

I know I have posted info on these lymphatic massage therapist but based on my personal experience, I have found the best one to be with my masseuse "Delmie" she is in Houston, TX. & I love her, I feel great after every massage & less tight

My boobs <3

I am absolutely in love with my breast! I had 325cc on the left breats, & 350cc on my right EuroSilicone implants, over the muscle, through my nipple & I never had any pain just some very minor swelling, bruising, & soreness. I am so glad I added my boobs. Dr.Molina is the man when it comes to breast work!!!!!

16 days post op

So far I am feeling much better, my burn is scabbing and I can do more things on my own. I am driving now & can't wait to see my final results! :)

26 Days Post Op

This might help someone

So I was very uncomfortable with my lower back. I always thought it was probably swollen because I has fluid in there but one night I decided to try something.. since I am unable to use my back board ( & its super hard) I cut out a lipo foam sheet from each corner so it would fit right where I had the swelling, I slept with it & when I took it off the next afternoon, I could not believe my eyes! It turns out all that in my lower back was just swelling & after taking off the foam, I started noticing an S shape :) which I looovee. I just thought I'd share this with you ladies. This is the order I pack on my compression gadgets lol
1)Tank top
2)Wrap myself in Comprifoam (bought from amazon)
3)Cut out lipo sheet for back
4)Abdominal board
5)Faja (garment)
Works well for me.

My massage therapist in Houston, TX

A lot of you ladies have asked me who my massage therapist is so here you go! Delmie is great at what she does & she also uses the ultrasound machine if necessary on you. Give her a call and tell her "Mari ella" sent you :)

1 month post op!

I am in love with my shape so far! BTW this dress makes me look curvier then what I really am but I love it lol I am still wearing my faja 24/7 except when I shower, or wash my faja & I let it air dry because when I put it in the dryer it shrinks and makes me feel itchy, the air drying takes about 3-4 hrs. I am also still swollen in abdomen and back.

1 month, 1 week post op

Still a bit swollen but feeling great! Btw, the very first pics I posted (with the pink hearts) are my pre op pictures

2 months post op!

Just want to keep yall updated

Breast Augmentation 2 and a half months post op

I did not blur my nipples so you could all see my scar. One of my nipples has always been significantly lighter than the other one, so I've been considering 3d areola tattoo to correct the discoloration, and also to cover up the scar as much as possible.
Dr. Edgar Contreras

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