November 15th Cabral DOLL :) - Dominican Republic

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Heyy Ladies :) I'm 19 And going to Dr on July 6...

Heyy Ladies :)
I'm 19
And going to Dr on July 6 and having a bbl & full lipo with Doctor Hector Cabral .. Yes I have did plenty of research I know about his pass so NO need to post news links to his deaths etc .. I'm not sure which recovery house to go to. If anyone is looking for a buddy message me I'm in los Angeles ...
I'm 5'1 and weigh 130 I will add pictures later :)

Recovery house ? hmmm

Hey girls !! Its so crazy how finding a GOOD recovery house is the most difficult part of surgery I'm thinking of going to New Life Recovery House I heard they step things up :) so that's great , I'm also looking at Queens Recovery house.. I still need to apply for my passport but I'm such a last minute person I'm sure I'll probably do that at the last minute LOL I'm such a procrastinator .

Cabral or yily?

I really want to get this surgery done before my birthday (September 29th) and 3 months later do my breast :) ! I love Cabral work but he is just way higher then the other doctors . I'm looking at yily I wonder if she has any openings in June ? Anyone know how book she is ?

Baby Steps

Finally went to go apply for my passport i hope it come in fast because July is almost here ... I am set on Cabral i think I am done with going back from doctor to doctor !


Here are my wish pictures !! I hope Cabral can give me this :) if not MORE

Good & Bad News ?!

Hi ladies , I wanted to come and give you girls a little update because a lot has changed since I wrote my last review So.... What do you want first the Good News Or the Bad News ??? I'm going to give you guys the bad news first lol well I couldn't get my passport ;( they couldn't verify my identity I'm not sure why my friends told me to take anything down there with my name on it so I'm doing that Monday and also my period track thing says I'm going to be on my period during my surgery time and I can still get the procedure done but NO just NO lol I have the worst cramps EVER and then the Bleeding from everywhere Lol & THE LIPO pain I would be a damn fool to go lol .... The good news is my surgery is PAID for Like Yassss I'm so happy I sent it with western union :) Cabral is really the Man Like No deposit & I can send my whole payment in ummm yes I love him !!

More wish pictures ;)

man oh man I hope Cabral don't get me right like this I'm really going to be conceited (JK JK lol ) in other news Have you ladies seen Dr Manon Work it's Amazing he is really slept on He quoted me 2600 like man don't make me get on the plane tomorrow with that type of quote ahah But I'm sticking with Cabral cause I need hips and a big booty

Ya girl finally got that passport :)

Hey ladies , Its been some months but I finally got my passport so I'm all set :) !!!! Im not sure when I'm going my birthday is next month and Cabral is going on vacation some time next month so next month is out .... even though I sent my surgery money too Cabral I still been pretty undecided about if I want to go to him but more then likely I'm going to him lol

New Date :)

Hi dolls ! How is everyone ? I hope good :)

I finally set a date for Nov 15th YAAAY im super excited like it's really getting REAL now I booked my ticket and put down a deposit for High Class Recovery ! If any of you have stayed there please tell me about your experience , I would love to hear about it . I stopped taking my vitamins because my hemo was so damn high my doctor was like " You need to stop building your hemo its way to high " I might start back next month closer to the end though.. I purchased some supplies from surgery queens I'm so lazy I didn't feel like reading the list of things we needed and getting it one by one LMAO smh so I just purchased from them which is great because it has most of the things we need for surgery in it :) anyway I need to upload photos of how I look now ughhh :/ I'm not that bad but to me I am lol So many ladies had surgery this month Happy Healing dolls !!!

I want a buddy :) !!

Is anyone going the same time as me ? And flying out from California ????????????

Second thoughts on the recovery house

So i have seen some recent reviews on high class recovery that were bad a group of ladies actually went to another recovery house .. I honestly do not want to stay there now but i have already sent wendy ( owner) a deposit so im not sure . everybody experience is different of course so we shall see how everything works out ! Sometimes you have to go through these things for yourself because A LOT of ladies are very misleading and mean HARM ! Like This one chick that Talked SOOOOOO BAD about cabral and told me i shouldn't go with him and really bashed him and was telling me i should go to another doctor just a whole lot of things that would make someone that do not have their own mind not want to go to him , then she turns around and GO TO HIM and guess what SHE LOVES her results and its just like you were just bashing this man ( YES he has a bad history ) but what was the point in you bashing him and telling ME to go to another doctor and a month later you go to him !!! Follow your mind and DO NOT listen to every review you hear without facts

Almost My time :)

I'm super excited it's getting closer and closer :) I'm not nervous yet ?! Maybe it will hit me when I'm on the plane ? Lol who knows I been doing the liquid iron mixing it with orange juice .. I haven't checked my hemo though .. Any way good luck too you ladies :) and happy healing

2 days PO

Hi ladies , i had surgery 2 days ago the wifi here is weak hopefully i can get this up i will add pictures ( before also ) and give a full review as soon as i get home

Sorry I'm everywhere lol

Hi dolls I know you guys want to see photos ! Message me and I'll share some with you ;) first off let me say that my phone was stolen in DR :/ I just got a new one .

Cabral is literally the best I kept going back and forth on rather to go with him but I KNOW I would not have been happy if I went to anybody else .. He is such a sweetheart and a great person and he does everything to make sure that you are happy . And please please PLEASE bring extra money !! Don't think you are going to DR to get a cheaper price because they have so many hidden fees !! especially if you are going to Cabral no Hun you paying U.S prices out there I knew that though I went to dr because of the work not the prices I don't care if I had a million dollars I still would have went out the country ( no shade, but YES SHADE ) lol and at the end of the day it's still cheaper then dr but I want everybody to have extra money because girls I didn't even know where asking me for money and I'm like why come all the way from another country and not have extra money like I understand everybody ain't ballin but you need at least 2K extra ! Because you might need a blood transfusion your iron might not be up to part that's a extra 100 .. just bring extra money ladies !! I wasn't in much pain . I purchased a pain pump I believe that was 200 .. Now to recovery house i wouldn't recommend high class recovery they don't change sheets and clean up everyday and the beds are hard as fuck lol I understand it's a poor country and all but I honestly would have settled for jail beds then that ! I'm not trying to bash Wendy ( the owner ) because she's a great girl and the nurses there are amazing ! But she does have a few things she needs to fix and I told her about them because if she get those few things together she will have a great recovery house !
Dr Hector Cabral


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