19 yr Old, Looking into Bbl Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello my loves!!! This is my first time posting!...

Hello my loves!!! This is my first time posting! Obviously, I'm very new to this but i am always creeping around on other peoples page on the bbl subject! I would love some feed back and opinions on anything and everything! I am 19 years old (yes i know im young), I am looking into getting a BBL in dominican republic, im originally from there so the stories dont scare me as much. I weighed 210 3 months ago but now im 165 because i am in the gym and eating right everyday!! and im very proud of the outcome so far, i plan on losing 15 more pounds for the best and most natural results i can possibly get. I just want to shape my body and create my big booty with a projection from the side view and back view and i am in so much need of hips! Any advice you have is accepted! Thank you babes!! :)


Hello you guys! i really need help deciding on which doctors to choose for my surgery! i have the money ready i just need a little advice on each. I am stuck between 3 doctors. Dra Tenia Medina, Dra Yily De Los Santos, Dra Katherine Feliz Camilo. I have done countless reasearch on all 3 and i did not see much on katherine but i am leaning more towards on Medina or Yily, but Katherine is 1000 cheaper. I just need pros and cons or some advice. Anything will help!!


I am depositing 300 to Tania Medina tomorrow to lock my date in!!!! im so excited and ready to do this guys! after that ill be booking my flight December 21 here i come


looking for a travel buddy for dra tania medina this december 2015! anyone interested?

Booked my flight!! :)))))))

Booked my flight to Santo Domingo for December 14th 2015 and returning on the 24th! already emailed Dra Medina my flight info so ready for this transformation!!!!

wanted to pay 3700 total but...

i was planning on paying 3700 total but shes a little bit more pricey.. which is okay her work does her well.. i just wish the take home medication wasnt extra


what are the most needed, manditory must haves that i should buy for my BBL surgery trip? i seriously have not bought anything and my surgery is only 5 months away. Heeeeeelp


i have not bought anything for my surgery and i need to know some stuff i should definitely have on my list. im going for a bbl! any suggestions? thank you!

okay so....

Hey guys!!! So far these are the only items ive gotten i know its not alot, it was totally last minute! I can't believe surgery is only 2 months away. I know there's so much i need to buy but this is what i have so far!


I'm leaving in literally 2 weeks!!! The time has passed sooooo freaking fast!!!!


The time has flown by so fast.. I'll be flying out tomorrow and I'm EXTREMELY nervous ????????????????


Okay so I'm having surgery tomorrow and I'm super excited. I arrived to the clinic late and unfortunately they told me they did not have room for me but we vouched our way in because helloooo I'm PAYING for this. It was frustrating at first because no one seemed to know what time I was going to have surgery, no one knew anything. The nurses were nice but so unsure and clueless about some stuff. The doctors who took my blood was very nice & the one who checked my heart was nice as well. So far I'm rating a 6.1/10... But Yeah here's a couple of pictures. See y'all on the flip side! Pray for me

Surgery done!!

Sorry it's been taking me a little longer than I thought it was to update y'all, I've just been in a little pain. After the surgery I threw up almost everything I ate, I threw up atleast 6/7 times & felt horrible. She took out ALOT of fat but it's been replaced with swelling and I am super huge right now. I get massages everyday and everyday I feel a little better

Here are some pictures

Don't mind the swelling, she took a lot of fat out and said it'll take months for it to go down
Tania Medina

ANY SUGGESTIONS IN DOMINICAN REP I have seen and looked into a couple of doctors on here like Dr. Duran, Dr. Yily and Dr. Baez but there work almost seems too artificial and cheap. Don't get me wrong, i've seen some beautiful results from each doctor but i've decided to go with Dra Tania Medina. She is SOOOO kind and understanding, she takes time out of her day to reply to my emails within the day and she has her own facebook group, instagram, twitter and SNAPCHAT which she added me on all of them and she just talks to you, shows you what goes on behind the scene of the surgery and makes you feel comfortable. Not to mention her work is beautiful, she speaks english almost perfectly and from a woman's perspective makes you feel like you have a connection with her instead of having a shitty/ to no communication at all. So far i love her and her kind soul.

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