19 and Ready to Be Confident

I am finally starting my journey after months of...

I am finally starting my journey after months of research that has grown into a major obsession. I was kind of scared to do a review but then I was like fuck it. I am 19, a business student, and I am ready to do this. Since the beginning of my journey I have changed my doctor several times which is why I did not want to start a review, but I figure that I can assist someone else in their journey while discovering mine. My mom took pictures of my body and I am embarrassed shit more like mortified but if there is a will there is a way. I want my doctor to suck this fucking fat out of me. Make my ass look like the crypt keeper, lol JK, but on a serious note this damn surgery has unlocked a love for myself that I didn't know I had. I am contemplating on doctors at the moment and I am considering Cabral, Flores, & Dermistecs in the DR. I know the risks and I still want to do, so don't hound my ass because I do know Cabral's history. I'm probably going to update you guys A LOT & I won't keep you guys hanging. Sending positive vibes to you all !

Forgot info

I realized I left a bunch of shit out lol. I am 5' 4", 170 pounds, and I intend to lose 10 before May or August which is when I expect to get my surgery. I will have ample time off before school because I am trying to graduate early. I am also here to you lady and ready to share information with you guys if you need it.

There's a skinny bitch living inside of me

Ik there is a skinny bitch living inside of me. I just have to set her ass free! I love Flores work but he is not as aggressive with Lipo like Cabral or Dermistic. I am going for a particular look & Ik these doctors can give me that. With the weight lose I might not get arm Lipo but everything is just a waiting game. I am going to inquire about quotes today, so wish me luck!


I am also going to get braces while I am in the DR but finding a great ortho is hard af. Ik I can get quality work done there and just follow up in the states so that's what I am going to do.

Flores Quote

I got a quote from Flores : 5500 without tummy tuck & 6500 with. This means he is out of the running. I'm going to drop 20 pounds which is very easy for me. I don't think I need a tummy tuck so I'm not going to get one. What do you guys think?

Workout Was Great

I haven't worked out in months because I thought I was losing to much weight but now I am back on my workout train and aiming to lose 15-20 pounds to get a quote. They usually quote on your size and I want to be close to my ideal weight to get the BBL & Lipo so that I can get an accurate and cheaper quote. I am going to be on a very strict budget but I will be extra money but I want a doctor to base my quote off of my body type and not just money. So I'm going to inquire a quote from Cabral and Dermistetics after I lose the weight.

Adding Yily

I'm atarting to like Yily's work. Her older work is really bomb af but lately she has been kind of hit and miss. I'm going to throughly do more research and as August gets closer I'll decide which doctor is bet for me.

Patience is Virtue

I've just realized that i will be in school for most of August so I would have to push it back to December or the beginning of January. It's great because I can save an ample amount of money and get mentally and physically prepared. Everything is going to happen for the best and my best friend advised me not to be discouraged.

More Wish Pics

I want big sudtle hips, a big ass, and a very tiny waist
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