19 and Ready to Be Confident

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I am finally starting my journey after months of...

I am finally starting my journey after months of research that has grown into a major obsession. I was kind of scared to do a review but then I was like fuck it. I am 19, a business student, and I am ready to do this. Since the beginning of my journey I have changed my doctor several times which is why I did not want to start a review, but I figure that I can assist someone else in their journey while discovering mine. My mom took pictures of my body and I am embarrassed shit more like mortified but if there is a will there is a way. I want my doctor to suck this fucking fat out of me. Make my ass look like the crypt keeper, lol JK, but on a serious note this damn surgery has unlocked a love for myself that I didn't know I had. I am contemplating on doctors at the moment and I am considering Cabral, Flores, & Dermistecs in the DR. I know the risks and I still want to do, so don't hound my ass because I do know Cabral's history. I'm probably going to update you guys A LOT & I won't keep you guys hanging. Sending positive vibes to you all !

Forgot info

I realized I left a bunch of shit out lol. I am 5' 4", 170 pounds, and I intend to lose 10 before May or August which is when I expect to get my surgery. I will have ample time off before school because I am trying to graduate early. I am also here to you lady and ready to share information with you guys if you need it.

There's a skinny bitch living inside of me

Ik there is a skinny bitch living inside of me. I just have to set her ass free! I love Flores work but he is not as aggressive with Lipo like Cabral or Dermistic. I am going for a particular look & Ik these doctors can give me that. With the weight lose I might not get arm Lipo but everything is just a waiting game. I am going to inquire about quotes today, so wish me luck!


I am also going to get braces while I am in the DR but finding a great ortho is hard af. Ik I can get quality work done there and just follow up in the states so that's what I am going to do.

Flores Quote

I got a quote from Flores : 5500 without tummy tuck & 6500 with. This means he is out of the running. I'm going to drop 20 pounds which is very easy for me. I don't think I need a tummy tuck so I'm not going to get one. What do you guys think?

Workout Was Great

I haven't worked out in months because I thought I was losing to much weight but now I am back on my workout train and aiming to lose 15-20 pounds to get a quote. They usually quote on your size and I want to be close to my ideal weight to get the BBL & Lipo so that I can get an accurate and cheaper quote. I am going to be on a very strict budget but I will be extra money but I want a doctor to base my quote off of my body type and not just money. So I'm going to inquire a quote from Cabral and Dermistetics after I lose the weight.

Adding Yily

I'm atarting to like Yily's work. Her older work is really bomb af but lately she has been kind of hit and miss. I'm going to throughly do more research and as August gets closer I'll decide which doctor is bet for me.

Patience is Virtue

I've just realized that i will be in school for most of August so I would have to push it back to December or the beginning of January. It's great because I can save an ample amount of money and get mentally and physically prepared. Everything is going to happen for the best and my best friend advised me not to be discouraged.

More Wish Pics

I want big sudtle hips, a big ass, and a very tiny waist

Got a quote for braces

I received a quote from Dr. Nova for $450 for braces and you cannot beat that damn price. I'm always inquiring prices from other dentists but I am leaning towards Dr.Nova. I've also been working out and on my weight loss journey. Endulged myself in some vegan sloppy joe tonight and it was delicious.

Protein & School

I've been drinking these protein shakes and working out everyday. I decided to treat myself and order a veggie pizza and those cookie-brownies from Dominoes. :) They are my weakness. Lately I've been engaged in school and getting ready to finish this semester off WHOOP WHOP!


I am so grateful that I have parents that support my decision and can even joke about my surgery. I know that some ladies and maybe even gentlemen do not have a solid team behind them but I want you guys to know that I am with you 1000% and I know this journey goes smoother when you have someone to relate to that won't judge you. If anyone ever needs to information or even support, I am here for you.

Hello Dolls

I've been so busy with helping others and just finishing out my first semester of school (WHOOP WHOOP)! I have really been slacking when it comes to working out & it has been difficult to lose weight due to my hypothyroidism which is kicking my ass. I am in the process of researching a natural cure to my problem and I will find it. I do not like to take medication unless I REALLY need it. My period is taking forever to come down and it's causing problems with my weight as well, but I will lose this weight and keep it off for surgery. If I want it, I'm going to make it happen! (Boss Shit) & you ladies should do the same. As I always state, I am here for you guys if you need it.

Investment In You

It is time for us ladies to start investing in our dreams in aspirations. If you are reading this, this is your first step. You are following through with a dream to become a better version of yourself. Why not invest in something that sets your soul on fire i.e health, service, beauty, fashion, art,etc. It's time that we do more and be more, I know I am so are you ladies coming with me!?


Release anything and anyone that has a hold on you and your spirit. It is time to let go of anything that is toxic including family and so called friends. There is a difference between hate and honesty so please determine the difference. We tend to love people that do not mean us well because they give us a thrill, but if you are not getting what you need physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually then it is time to let it go. Believe in you and who you are; never let anyone define who are in any way, shape, or form.

Do Not Second Guess

I have been seeing this a lot lately & I feel it is time for me to speak upon it. STOP going to these inexperienced doctors!!! Find a doctor that has the expertise and has a repitore of delivering. Some doctors are better than others with different body parts, but the ass, not every surgeon is an expert at it, so ladies PLEASE do your research. Make sure that you have evidence of their work, bedside manner, and attitude. A lot of ladies fall victim to second guessing themselves and end up with a doctor that gives you unwanted results. Find a doctor that will work miracles for your body type and give you those BOMB ASS RESULTS!!!
Good luck ladies

Surgery on a Budget

There is a things we can not budge in price on like surgery, RH, and much more but there are certain items that we can save on such as supplies. I've listed a few items that you buy with just a few dollars and even a cheaper alternative to lipo foam which I heard works just as well. Most of these items can be found online or at your local stores. I have also heard that a heated blanket is needed right after surgery especially for my DR dolls because of the anesthesia still being in your body.

Change of Plans (Maybe)

Told my parents and best friend that I may be going to Mexico to Dr.Arenas and they all support my decision. My stepdad and best friend said they feel more comfortable with me in Mexico than in the DR. It is ultimately my decision, but it is great that my family and friends are accepting my decisions with positivity.

Decision Made

I am one to always follow my spirit & I have been receiving signs from the universe to get my surgery done in Mexico. I have done extensive research and heard that Dr.Arenas is a very well-versed surgeon. I feel that he will be more attentive with my needs, I heard his team was spectacular and this is not major but it is going to be cheaper. I know what I want as far a cc's of fat in each area (1800-1900 in each cheek, 300 in my hips, & fat added to my thighs to give me the look I'm going for. I am still debating on when I want to go and if I want to go alone or with someone else because I feel it would be difficult to find a surgery buddy going to Mexico. I am comfortable and confident in my change of doctors. Please dolls if you have any questions, comments or info please comment. Peace, blessings & HAPPY NEW YEARS XOXO!


May 2017 grant you peace, blessings, flat asses, & small waists. It is the year of evolution and revolution for all of us. We are going to put ourselves first because if we are not whole how can we give to others? This year is our year to excel in all of our endeavors!!

Working Out Tomorrow

As of a few days ago, I have went completely vegetarian and now I need to start working out more. I am going to inquire about a quote when I reach 160. I have started to take ashwahganda for my hypothyroidism (a natural remedy). Getting that under control will promote my weight loss.

Also I've Been Researching

There not many, if any recovery houses in Guadalajara, so I will be staying at a hotel after my night in the hospital after surgery. I was advised to get my supplies in Mexico because it is cheaper and I won't be compelled to overpack. I am going to bring my personal items, maxi dresses, ab board, lipo foam & an extra faja. I found a flight and hotel on Expedia for about 550 and I was in shock. I am not going to set anything in motion until I have talked to Dr. Arenas and ask him if my vision is possible. I am very easy going but I am specific when something is important to me. I am going to get the ball rolling in February with my passport, buying supplies, & getting everything done.

Back at It

I just finished my first workout of the year and that shit was difficult. I need to get down to 160 & I am going to do that by any means necessary. There is no excuse ladies, if we want it we have to work for it. On my way to a better me & I hope you ladies and gents are doing the same!! :)

Ass ;)

What kind of ass are you dolls going for ? I want a big heart shaped ass & I know I am going to get it. Consumed by positivity !!

Evolution & Revolution

It is time for us to evolve ladies and gents. Evolve into who we wish to become in this lifetime. Life is too short to hate, be negative, & not help one another succeed. During this journey I have met A LOT of amazing people with the same goals in life & that is to BE HAPPY. When you begin to consume and illuminate light and love, it begins to display in everything you do. Our journey has brought us together and we all come from different backgrounds, occupations, economic status, and ethnicity and we have all found a common ground and that is ASS. It's time to progress and shine BRIGHT! If you do not like what you are going through then change your attitude towards it and seek the good in EVERY situation. I know we are not perfect and we go through things but life is too short for you to not be the best version on yourself. Everyday you get a new chance. If you don't like your job, quit, if your significant other isn't giving you what you need, leave, if you want to lose those pounds, YOU CAN! Nothing comes without sacrifice and dedication, so get up and strive for change!

I love you ladies and I am always here if you need me!

Found My Doctor

Dr.Arenas is the doctor for me. I have been speaking back and forth with his assistant Liz and she is FUCKING AMAZING. I'm so astonished at the level of customer service and concern that they have. I am in the process of manually filling out the medical forms Dr. Arenas gave me. I won't send anything in until the end of the month or middle of February. I have to drop a few pounds and I have been working my ass off everyday doing cardio. I want to be around 165 when I send him my pics. I am 10 pounds away and I know I can do it! Always find a doctor that is right for you!

Hello My Loves

Hello you guys,

I have finally come to the realization that I need to cut sweets and chips from my diet. It's literally become a fucking obsession. I am not more motivated and dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. I have been trying to ween my self off of junk food and it has been difficult as hell, but I'm done making excuses and I'm going to do a 30 day cleanse. I'm going to work out 30-45 minutes a day, drink loads of water (which I already do), eat 3 meals a day and snack in between, and stop procrastinating. I have been eating really well besides the junk, but if I want to see results I have to make a commitment to myself and my health. I am also thinking about starting a YouTube (discussing life, health, spirituality, surgery & real fucking life problems) ladies and gents. What do you guys think? I love to hear you guys feedback.

Healthy Lifestyle Update

School has me busy AF! So I haven't been on here as much, but I have been maintain my newly found healthy lifestyle. As of a couple days before the new year, I decided to go full on vegetarian. Let me tell y'all about that. I feel amazing but EVERY fucking night I dream about eating chicken. I guess Frued was right when he said dreams reveal your unconscious desires lol. Growing up in Louisiana, food was given as an act of love and comfort but we have to stray away from those unhealthy habits. Eating right promotes longevity of life. Many illnesses can be prevented and treated by decided to lead healthier lives. I know I'm ranting like I usually do, but like I previously stated, WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES! Stop making excuses and get on your shit!


I am so sorry my loves for not updated in so long but life has been busy af. I do still check up on you all and comment when I have the time. I recently got a new job and a car plus I have been swamped in school work also. I haven't been working out or eating right since my little sister moved wring my mother, step dad, and me. She has really bad eating habits that are contagious. I also went back to eating meat but I'm definitely going to transition back into vegetarianism because that meat life isn't for me lol. I do feel bad that I reverted by to consuming meat but this is my journey and I am proud of every step I am taking to improve who I am. I've also been thinking really hard about starting a blog to help us deal with life, sx, & relationships. You know that I encourage you dolls but I am want to take it to a larger scale and let you inside of my life more.

Honor Your Pace

I still haven't started working out again. It seems like I've been so engaged in what has been going on around that I haven't had alone time or a moment to breath. I have realized that as human beings we lose sight of who we are and what we are supposed to be doing to maintain who we are; that can be mentally, physically or even emotionally. I am giving myself credit for how far I have come but now it's time for me to refocus on who I am and who i wish to become. It's time to re-center and recharge dolls.


With sadness in my heart, I would like to send love, positivity, and spiritual healing to the dolls that have lost their life. Some of you may have heard about the FDNY EMT that was ran over by her own ambulance in NY. Yadira Arroyo was a Duran doll and most importantly she was a wife and mother of 5. A donation fund has been started to assist her family and can be accessed on Instagram in the bio of Bella Barbies. Also, a 25 year old doll passes after undergoing her sx at Eres in Flordia. More information should be released at a later date. These two ladies have now entered the spirit world and have been reunited with their families and Creator. Please send your love and condolences.

Please Share Your Journey

If you are reading this and have not shared your story, please do. Your journey can be an inspiration to someone else. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I am here for you ladies. We are not here to pass judgement but to be of assistance to each. Don't be afraid to share your journey or life to people who are going to be here for you. Also, with all of the recent incidents I would like to tell you ladies that I love you all and I am here to assist you in any way, shape or form.

Narrowed It Down

I am a hips lady. I have been on a quest to find a surgeon that is going to give me the desired look I'm going for. Yesterday at my job, a regular customer walked in and I knew she had to have gotten a bbl but I wasn't for sure. Finally she came in my line and I was able to talk to her. Her body is definitely fucking goals :) I tried to ask her in the most incognito way I could and she revealed that she went to Yily for a TT & bbl in 2014. I have heard both good and bad information about Yily so I was on the fence but after yesterday she is a top contender as well as Dr. Rodgriuez Pena. I know that Yily is in my price range. I am now obsessed with their work.

Starting New Business Ventures

In the coming months, I will be developing an app, starting a blog (I love to give advice and talk to other people) , & starting a clothing line. This year is my year to make my dreams come true and I know that all of my ideas are achievable. I am about to work 2 jobs and finish this semester of school. Remember, all of you dreams are possible with a little passion and drive.


Lately, it has been very difficult for me to complete school work. I always did well in school but I never had a passion for learning the unnecessary material associated with meaningless courses. I am thinking of quitting school after this semester. I have a feeling that I should focus on my dream and it has been sitting in my spirit to do so for a while now. I do respect individuals that obtain their degree and find an occupation, but that is not for me. I want to be able to interact with the community and follow my passions at the same time. I germinate a plethora of ideas and it is the right time for me to take action. I will be rebranding myself, using social media more (I'm a hermit for the most part), and getting my life together in the best way possible. Surgery is still very important to me but is time for me to be an adult and prioritize and my future comes first. I will be losing weight (I've joined a gym) before I contact my two choices. I do believe that everything will fall into place with some push. I will still be encouraging you ladies pre and post-op.

It's Been A While

Hi my loves. I know it has been a great deal of time since I've posted but I'm back to do an update. I am torn between 3 doctors at the moment: Rodriguez Pena, Gregory Crichlow & Hasan. I am on a budget. Broke college student flow but if there is a will there is a way. I plan on getting it done at the end of the year so I'm going to put it in the Universe.
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