Full body Lipo sculpture, Breast lift and butt augmentation May 2015!!

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Hello my lovely ladies, My name is Kristal I am...

Hello my lovely ladies,
My name is Kristal I am 26 yrs old and I weight 215 lbs. I am 5'11. I have three wonderful children and I dont plan on having anymore! lol. I have decided that I need some things done immediately ( or per say once I get my money right) I will be getting a tummy tuck, butt augmentation or implant (depending on which on is better for me). I will not be having the surgery in the states, I am looking to having it done in Dominican Replubliuc. My decision on doing it out of the country is for a few reasons. 1. I have family in the D.R.
2. The cost is much cheaper.
3. The results seem more natural and well done. they know how to really sculpt the body. I mean USA has great doctors but can you omly imagine how much it will cost to have all this done??
Anyways, I haven't found a doctor just yet. But, I do have two in mind that are highly recommended. Dr. Yily de los santos and Dr. Gregorio Severino. I am looking to getting my surgery done next year around May BUTTTT!!!! There is only one problem. I am starting a new job and I wont have enough time accumulated to take the time needed to have all this done. I also did mention I am having a vaginal rejuvenation as well. After three kids I need it bad. I want to take this time to thank allll the women on realself that have inspred me and motivated by adding their reviews and keeping us posted with their progress. I truly am thankful that I can relate to soooo many women on this website. I thought I was the only one but now I see I can count on so many of you to motivate me and inspire me to better my looks, the way i feel and think about myself and my overall appearance. Thank you. Please feel free to drop a note (comment) anything I should know, what to expect, doctor referral etc. Love u alll!!!!

Its been longer then expected to do the surgery.

After carefully researching all the information on everything I want done, I decided to do it by parts. First I'll fix my arms and back. I've lost a total of 73 lbs. I decided to have smartlipo on my arms and from the waist up. It will reduce my arm size without any big scar (compared to arm reduction surgery). I have lots of bra rolls thwt I hate. Incan honestly say the damn rolls make me look fatter then I am. I will have my procedures done with Dr. Lou Cole. The technology he uses is very advanced. I am very pleased with the way my conversation went the day of my consultation. My surgery date is July 18, 2014. My PreOp is July 8th. Im super excited. Next will be butt augmentation (BBL) and belly fat. Let's see!!!!! I posted some pics of me jow. ( I feel sorry for myself but happy for giving myself a chance to change my self esteem)..

Update on Surgery: post pone until May 2015

Okay so I was extra scared and skeptical to do the surgery in D.R. So I found a doctor in Georgia. He is the best of the best. I loved his office staff and his personality plus his results were amazing based off his previous surgeries. BUT my mom was like no.. don't do the surgery in the USA they don't mold you waist line and reduce the fat in your back like the way they do it here. " I do remind you I am having: Lipo sculpture all over, buttock augmentation and breast lift" In the USA the charge for just doing lipo on my arms and back and buttock augmentation was $7,149.00. In D.R the cost is less $5,000 this does not include lab work, garment and lung special that needs to be present the day of surgery. But I am getting more done for a decent amount of money. After thinking about it and carefully analyzing the situation I said instead of having a tummy tuck, I'll have laser lipo all over specially since I have lost 10 lbs. in the last month. I was 223 and I am now 213. My goal is to be at 190 lbs. by May 2015. I honestly did not was a large cut on my belly just to have a flat stomach. I have a nice stomach now after losing some weight. If I am able to achieve my weight loss goal all I will need is a laser lipo to remove the leftover fat and shrink some of the skin. I do not want the fake look of a tummy tuck and a new belly button. The Doctor I have decided to go with is Dr. Yira Tapounet. I have been doing research on doctors for four years now and She has been highly recommended to me. Two of my cousins had surgery with her and te results were very pleasing to the eyes. Also one of my very good friends had surgery in the same facility. The doctors there are none to be the best. There are a lot of great doctors with cheap prices but I rather pay more then pay less and the results are fatal. I have asthma since I was a little girl. I been able to control and manage my episodes but I still have it. So in this case is more about safety then just looking great. I will be leaving the Dominican republic in May of 2015 with my children. I want to take advantage of the summer vacation. I will be out there a total of 6-7 weeks. I will post some pics of me now since I have lost a few pounds.

What should I do with my arms: Laserlipo or SKIN REMOVAL???

I am having surgery May 2015. Breast lift, Lipo sculpture, Butt augmentation. But for my arms I'm not sure if I should do smart lipo which will help the skin shrink or have all the extra skin removed, which means I'll have a big scar on my inner arm. Comments, suggestion and opinions still help me greatly!!!! Drop your comments. Love you R.S family

Advise of motivation for my BARBIES!!!

Hiii my beautiful, gorgeous, delicious, sexy and intelligent DOLLS!!! Well this review is about us dolls trying to reach our goals. Now I will give you some helpful tips.
1. I know it is very stressful trying to get a hold of some of these amazing doctors like for example Dr. Duran or Dr. Yily. BUT Barbies please lets be aware that so many of us are in their hands in the moment of surgery. Would you rather know they are taking good care of those barbies as you would want for yourself? I am almost positive you answered yes! or they stop what they are doing to answer your email and put that barbies life in danger or mess up the results because she is rushing to respond to our emails. So please I know its annoying, its kind of a set back because we need to know quotes, we need to lock in a date, we need to start purchasing our supplies, we need to take time of work and much more the list is endless specially if you have children. Good things come to those who wait. In the end we will all look amazingly beautiful and not only look it but feel it as well...

2.Barbies don't get discouraged if things aren't going according to your plan. Remember there is only so much we can do. We can strive for perfection but the only perfect person in this universe is our God. Things happen, obstacles get in our way, but keep a attitude and stay focus on your goal that your working sooo hard for and head towards it.
3. My gorgeous Barbies just because you are set on one doctor continue to do your research. I am reading a lot of post that a lot of us including myself constantly change our minds. It's okay to do so but not at the last minute when you have already bought your ticket. Take the time now even if you already have a doctor you want. just in case you have enough time to get all the necessary info from the new doctor.
4. BARBIES prepare your Mind, Body & Soul. You know that us women are very emotional. Your body will go through some change, your emotions will be all over the place. Even now from time to time you will doubt yourself and your decisions. PLEASE DONT. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed make sure you talk to someone or better yet write a post or review let us know how you're feeling. Believe it or not most of us can relate to your situation. We are either married with kids, married with a pet or just single moms or single with no one. So log in to your RS and let it all out. Physiologist say its good to talk about what is making you feel any kind of way.

5.SEXY BABRIES be realistic with your results. Look at yourself in the mirror and look at your wish pic. No matter how good the doctor is, they can only get close to what you want. Every body is different. I'll use myself as an example. I am tall, my torso is thinner then the rest of my body. but I have these body arms. I know I can only get close to what I want to look at. Sometimes you may have to go round two in order to achieve that look you want. Sometimes the doctor is very well rested and if your the first patient of the day he might work a little extra hard to get you to look the way you want. BUT JUST BE REALISC PLEASE!!!

6. NOW NEGATIVE COMMENTS & FEEDBACK FROM OUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS> It has to stop (tienen k paral lol) for some reason as soon as we make the people around us aware of our plans, All the elf's run wild. Why? So to that I say take in the good and leave out the bad. Don't be discourage or fearful that something bad will happen to you. Realistically we are taking a chance with our lives undergoing these types of procedure specially because every person's body reacts different to surgical procedures. Stay strong and be brave and once its all done and over you will be able to continue on with your lives as if nothing happen but with a FLY ASS BODY AND A BIG OL BUBBLE BUTT lol.

BARBIES I hope these little tips of advise help you with your journey. Stay positive and stay strong. I mojo is encouraging other women to stay healthy and strong.
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