Dr Gustavo Almanzar - Dominican Republic

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Hey everyone just sent a deposit for my wife and I...

Hey everyone just sent a deposit for my wife and I to get our plastic surgery with Dr Gustavo almazar. He has been great so far always responds quickly. I'm having a chest lift and tummy tuck my wife is having a chest lift implants and tummy tuck. Going to log the whole experience anyone else who used him or the recovery house he uses paradice let me know

great news

Want to drop more weght

Hey guys 2 months away and getting excited. Need to drop some more pounds I'm down from 420 to 260..need to pick a recovery house to. Doctor has been so cool

Yasmin recovery house

Decided on this house talked to yasmis very nice great price good reviews

What to pack?

Hey guys time is flying buy! Going to my pcp today get blood work make sure my hemo lev is good. I need a list of things to pack. Im so nervous like were going to get to dr and wont get the surgery. I have become obssed with watching plastic surgery videos. Learning everything I can. Going to have my pcp give me a rx for some percocets also. August 25th is around the corner n can wait!


Picked up this gem today in Paterson for 80 thing is great


Hey guys got a week and a half till we fly out to the domincan republic. Im getting so annoyed with people telling me that im going to that country were they butcher people. Anyone else deal with this? The sourgeons there are amazing wtf is ppls problems?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor always responds very quick. He answers all questions via text email and whatssapp. He is concerned about your health the most and will not do anything to put your life in jeperdy.

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