Canadian 42 Yo, 5"2, 123 Lbs. Looking for a Perky Firm Butt, and Bodysculpture - Dominican Republic

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Hello RS family, I'm a Canadian 42 yo, 5"2, 124...

Hello RS family,
I'm a Canadian 42 yo, 5"2, 124 lbs. I Had already a TT 6 months ago but I'm not totally satisfied. My lower belly needs more lipo.
Also, I'm looking for a perky and firm butt, and a great bodysculpture.
In my opinion I Have already had a "not bad at all body", but would like to have some improvements. I workout 3 times/week In winter. I play badminton, go hiking and bicycling in the summer. I diet nicely. However I still have some located fat wich doesn't want to go out since my 2 kids. Dan'm it!:(
After so many researches, I have chosen Dr Luis Tactuk Simo for my surgeries. I'm having a BBL, lipo of waist, flank, inner thight, full back, armpits, arms and chin. All for $3300.
Will post a full review of this amazin doctor soon.

Wishes pics

Should gain weight

Hello RS community,
Dr Tactuk suggests to gain a few pounds before my surgery. Grrrrr!!:((
He Said he should have enough fat to extract for proceeding to my butt contouring.... he prefer to have too much than not enough in order not to fail my expectations.
I'm so afraid and so anxious not to be able to loose the few fat wich will stay in my body after the surgery :((
Anyway.... I think 5-10 lbs suppose to be ok since I don't want a huge butt at all. What do you honestly think guys ???

Hemoglobine = 11,4. Should be increased

I should increase my hemoglobine. I've allways gotten anemia since several years.
So my nutritionnist adjusted my diete by adding red meat, lentille and liver.
I'm also taking iron supplement twice a week, and my Doc gave me 3 iron shots ( one shot every 4 days) before I started the iron supplement.
Hope I will be ok In September.
- I take a big glass of green juice every other morning. Actually it's red juice because it's included bet and carrots;)
- A big bowl of black or red beans with spinach and liver every other day for lunch.
- Vit C, Iron supplement, Folic acide ( every day).
I'm crossing my fingers for September.

My sister is having same thing as me + BA

Hello dolls,
Dr Tactuk is so nice, so professional and well mannered that my sisters couldn't resist for beeing his dolls too. My 2 grand sisters are having surgeries with him also. They already had her quote:
- Sister no1 is going in October;
- Sister no2 is coming with me In September.
So, We'll travel together (sist no2 and I) since Dr Tactuk Said he booked both of us for the same day. He won't perform any other surgery on any other ladies on that day. Let me tell you dolls that Dr T. usually makes 2 girls/day. Then he takes his time to do his job properly. Not like some doctors in DR. I have heard and read so much ugly histories about the number of surgeries doctors perform/day In DR. Doing 7-8 girls In only one day is logically non human. Thus now you have some idea how they arrive to do it when some ladies Said they woke up in the middle of their surgery and didn't recognize who worked on them :((
So Now I have no worries about who will actually work on me and I'm so Glad.

So, Sist no2 quote is 3300$ like my quote. But since she now wants a breast augmentation, Dr Tactuk add 1000$ on her quote for 4300$ That's a really good deal.
We are both very looking foward to see him. We Can't wait.
Ounce I get sist no2 pics, I will post some for you guys.
In the meantime, stay positive and stay focus on your goal.
God bless you!

Lab results and other wish pics

Hello RS community,
I received my lab results. My hemoglobine level is 13. I'm so happy. I came from 11,5 to 13 between 1 months. Then my diete program works efficiently for someone who is very dificult to absorb iron. Thank's God!
- Flight is booked for sept 11
- All post op meds are bought. My personal Dr here in Canada prescribed me all meds dr Tactuk has requested.
- Tonight I'm buying the tourist card via the web.
- I've already secure my date for my sister and I at Sea Lily RH with 100$/pers.
That's it!
I'm so Excited!
Now the countdown is begining!

4 days left ! I Can't wait.

I can't imagine how time goes fast!
I'm now 4 days from the big day. I'm taking my flight from Canada to New York (JFK airport) on sunday. I'm meeting my sister there since she lives In NYC. Then we both are taking the flight straight to Santo Domingo. Our surgery is on monday sept 12. We are so excited!
We both are very looking foward to go through this and put all that behing us.

Travelling day

Hello RS family,
Tomorrow is the big day for me!
But, for a lot of people In the world, today is THE very big important day... . I have to say that the feeling is very arkward when I think I'm travelling on sept 11.:( (( Let's have a little thought for the lost and the survivals of that horrible day:((

My days is started very early this morning. 2:30 a.m. I really have a long day ahead. I will spend all the day travelling. I guess I will be very tired for my surgery tomorrow. Hope that fact won't interfer in my health condition when it the time is coming for the surgery.

Will keep you posted about my journey.
God bless you

the little that I saw last night amazed me.

Well ladies,
After a big travelling day, I finally am In RD.
Dr Tactuk sent his driver to pick us up at the airport. He had our names on a paper sign. The driver Miguel Angel is definitly an angel.:)) Very polite and so professional. He didn't speak a word In english, but we both arrived to understand each other:))
He drove us directly at the clinic.

After 15 minutes, Dr Tactuk came to see us to say Welcome. Danm! A sunday evening! Seriously ???:)))
This Man is a passionnate worker . So kind, polite, well mannered and very grounded. He took his time to explain everything and made sure that he understood our expectations. He is very honest.
After our consultation, he suggested us another driver Julio, who speaks english very well, to go with us to the malecon for dinner. And yes! We had a great evening and excellent food :)

So yes ladies, the little that I saw last night amazed me. The clinic is very clean and modern. Since I didn't have high expectations, I was well surprised. My privaye room has AC, flat screen tv, Wi Fi and a very clean private bathroom. The staff is very friendly. They don't speak english though:) despite a nurse who tried very hard to speak with us In english and french:)
Now I'm waiting In my room before they are coming to pick me up for EKG, and then the Magic table.
See you on the flat side girls. Will keep you posted.
Bless you!

Satisfied with my results but want flatter stomack

Hello RS family,
Sorry for the delay but after the recovery period, time went too fast.
Here some pics P.O. of my blepharoplasty lipo and bbl. Please remember I'm petite frame and work out at least 3 times per week. Was 123 lbs before sx and should gainned 10 lbs more.
My recovery was nice. I was able to walk the stairs 4 times a day at the RH (Sealily RH) after 4 days:)
Dr Tactuck was so great. He's human profesional and kind. Her assistant Lesley was so sweet!
However, after 6 months PO I observe that I could have a flatter stomack. In addition I have some flat spots in my butt where I sit. Of course I still don't want a bigger butt. But I feel like my butt could be rounder because the Dr removed almost 7 liters of fat in my entire body and put only 100cc in each cheeck. He put the others away wich was suitted me. I really was afraid to get a big butt...
So now I restart my training at the gym and... I'm not totally satify of my shape. It could be more curvy you know? Smaller waist line, flatter stomack and so on... That's why I'm considering a round 2.
The Dr said I don't have enough fat left to make my butt rounder and he didn't think I will have the outcome I'm looking for (e.g a flatter stomack and a smaller waist line).
I'm thinking to go to see another DR but need some advices from you. I think it's doable what I want. Do you think guys I'm not reasonable ?

I'm having a round 2 after 1 year post op

Hello RS family,
I'm having round 2. Il so excited.
See my new review.
Hope everything is gonna be ok. Wish me luck!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

The compationate artist ! After so many researches, I have chosen Dr Luis Tactuk Simo for my surgeries. Let me tell you ladies that I work In IT and web fields since 24 years, thus I know how to dig deeper on someone (if you see what I'm saying :) So...after severals researches on the web and somewhere else, I think Dr Tactuk is one of rare PS in Dominican Republic who doesn't have a Skelton in his closet related to fatalities. In addition, he's so Human, responses quickly and definitely not a seller like the other ones. He's affordable, professionsl, so human and his work is so amazing. He's an artist ! He responded personaly to all my emails within 24 hours. Up to now, I think we have shared more than 31 emails. He has allways responded with the same enthousiasm, Dynamic and human behavior like the first day I contacted him. He doesn't focus on money. No need to make a deposit to secure your date with him. Just the flight confirmation is needed. He really is a nice person. I can't wait to be his doll. Of course I will provide on RS a lot of pics of his work on me;) **** BTW, I didn't get paid to write this review. I'm not obligated to. However, I know when I hit a good and professional one. I just want to share my experience and the excellent service he had provided. That could help other ladies to make their choice because I didn't see a lot of review on him .***

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