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I decided to go with Dra.Medina she as others say....

I decided to go with Dra.Medina she as others say.. Responds quickly, her works speaks for it's self. I don't see a lot of men post on here even though she does men. So I will let my review help out any other guys that may be having a procedure with Dr.Medina. At an early age I gained a lot of weight at my heaviest I was 320.. Now down to 177 I obviously have a lot of skin left behind to remind me daily.. I'm going August 3rd for my surgery I'm getting a tummy tuck...lipo... Breast lift and flanks done. I'm so nervous I've not seen much work from her on men. However, skin is skin and she clearly knows her way around the body.. So I'll post this review and hope it helps any other men out there considering her for a procedure! Any advice anyone wants to give me would be amazing I read reviews. Kinda made a small list of items to bring with me.. But I'm sure I need more. Also looking for a buddy while I'm there lol! Anyways! Here is a picture of my body today I'll keep you guys posted!

Less than 30 days away.

Since my last update I've had to reschedule my surgery from August 4th to September 14. To be financially prepared

I'm still nervous, still excited still all over the place lol. I know that it's going to be an emotional roller coaster bc of all of the reviews I've read it seems to be a trend people are happy immediately following then miserable for the next two weeks and normally by week 3-4 of post surgery their in love with the results.

So since I know that I'm trying to mentally prepare myself. I've gotten my passport I've paid for half my surgery got 3k more that I'll be paying before my surgery.

I've attached some more pics below and I'll update y'all in a few weeks!

Well, here it goes.

My flight leaves at 6:45 and I must say I've never felt quite the way I do right now. I'm having so many emotions mixing up inside of me. Im mostly nervous... Scared... I have my tourist visa (I'll post link to get it later) and passport. I'm staying with a woman Gianna Colombo (probably spelled wrong) but I'll post a review of her later we well as her contact info and correct spelling????. So far she's been amazing !! Forreal. Well guys wish me luck. I'll post photos and stuff when I arrive and any tips for entering the country based on my experience. I don't know you all nor you me... But we're all brothers and sisters so if you would say a small prayer for me I'd be greatly appreciative. Goodnight y'all ????????

Flat side..

So let me say this... Idk what to say... This is overwhelming... My surgery came through great. My body swollen and stiff like a dead body.. Not much pain and this is the 3rd day so it's suppose to be the worse there is minimal pain just very very uncomfortable.. Like I can't sleep at night bc I can't get comfortable... My balls are swollen and tender. Guys I must say I wasn't ready for this... Not mentally. I don't feel like myself I don't like not being able to stand up and move around...brush my teeth... Get a glass of water. Wash my face. I am at a recovery house who takes care of some of those for me however. I'd still like to have mobility a few days ago I was dressed up drinking(not to much) and partying with locals and now I feel less then human. The picture below is me on the operating table as of now no major complaints in regards to the surgery I feel like one breast is noticibly bigger than the other but I'm also super swollen so we will see in a few weeks as of now I'm really really unhappy not because of the surgery just bc I want to be healed already lol but as soon as I'm at that point I know I'll love everything lord this is a emotional roller coaster.

Been super busy!

Here are a few pics! Not exactly where I want my body to be yet but just started back in the gym. Be back in a few weeks to give a better update!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far.. Very great at communicating.. Making me comfortable. She answers every question you ask her in a timely fashion completely satisfied this far!

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