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I started my journey in 2013 but became pregnant...

I started my journey in 2013 but became pregnant after deciding to get operated.
I'm 32 and I have 4 beautiful kids, my last 2 were C-sections and that totally changed my body. I have been working out but my biggest issue is my stomach. I finally got my tubes tide, cut and burn lol so I'm 100./. ready for my tummy tuck.

I have 3 Doctors in mind.
Dr. Medina
Dr. Yily.

No the only was has so far responded very quick by the way was Dr. Medina and was very to the point.
After evaluating my photos she said she recommended the TT with Lipo of lower/upper back, flanks and waist and the bbl. Now Dr.Medina wants a $500.00 deposit, yikes.. On most reviews on here I have seen that the deposit is $250.00/$300.00 but she's asking for $500.00 and the remaining balance is due 48 hours before surgery. Any of you girls have any idea if she up her deposits???

She quoted me $4500.00 for just the procedures mentioned but it went up to $5350.00 with recovery stay, med and transport.

I have researched these 3 doctors and they all have done great work but I'm still awaiting for Dr. Duran and Dr.Yily to get back to me. I'm so excited that I'm finally getting my TT, my poor hubby is tired of hearing my babble all the time about my TT.... I will keep updating as I get responses from other Docs and in my quest for my 2017 TT!!!

Narrowing it down to Dra. Baez & Dra. Medina

I will tell you that Dra. Medina and Dra. Baez are both very professional and respond in less than 24 hours. I was set with Dra. Medina but now I'm not sure, because Dra. Baez on top of giving me a better quote she gave me a more detailed explanation of everything and I saw her work on here and she does good work. Medina offers recovery house in her package but I don't know which recovery house she works with.. Baez doesn't offer recovery house but I have gotten 2 quotes so far that are in my budget. De la paz and Maria's recovery home are the 2 so far I'm considering...Any ladies stayed at these recovery homes or can recommend a good one?

Made my disicion!

I've been a realself stalker lol. Checking out profiles, before and after's, and especially DR surgeries.
There are quite a few good doctors in DR but I have made my final decision to go with DR. Tactuck.
After coming across some profiles on here which Dr. Tactuck I loved his work and the way he responded back! I'm so excited everyday I keep thinking it's a day closer lol... Granted I'm 7-8 months away, I just want Jan 2017 to be here already. Now I have scheduled a consult with a teaching hospital close to me. They are known for performing plastic surgery for half or more of the prices plastic surgeons charge here in the US. I just want to exhaust all my options here where I live and reside. I'm about having a plan A and a plan B just in case. I keep working out and try to watch my portions, I'm at 165 right now and I expect to be down to 150's by my surgery date. I don't want to be too thin cause I carry my weight well proportioned. Dr. Tactuck said I'm a perfect candidate for a TT with Liposculpture. My biggest problem area for me is my stomach, I seem to be able to tone everything else but my stubborn tummy won't give in,lol.. After 4 kids and 2 C-sections who wouldn't.. But I'm patient and this time next year I will be a total different story so I can totally wait 8 months.

Final Stages of Decisions and my Views of how to choose your Doctor!!!

Update of Dr. Tactuck... I won't be going with him.. Just not feeling it and some reviews on here say great things about him but no pictures to proof his work. He responds very quick but I'm just not feeling him... I will update with my official DR soon as I have made my final decision but have to rule out the possibility of having SX here close to home, I have a consultation next week and that will help me make my final decision on weather I stay home or go to DR for my SX... All I can tell you ladies is research so much until you feel as ease with your decision with the DR, you choose.. Quotes aren't always the way to decide in what hands you should put your body and life.. Examine the response you get, how detailed the Dr is or how they just quote you like your buying tomatoes which is a big RED flag!!! I will update soon. Feel free to leave your comments below :)

Finally Made my Final Decision & Deposit Made!!!

After careful consideration and so much research I finally secured my surgery with Dr.Fernandez Goico.
I had a consultation here near home but I never did go. I thought my mind's already made are up and I was going to get a TT here in the states. With Dr. Goico I'm getting a Mommy Makeover so I'm thrilled. My surgery is scheduled for February 2017 and I can't wait. Now I just have to decide which RH to choose, my gosh I need some help in that Dept,lol.... And if there is anyone looking for a surgery buddy I'm open ????

165 Day's to go for my Mommy Makeover!!!

My date is set for late Feb, 2017 with Dr. Fernandez Goico in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
I am so excited and I'm just wanting New years to be here already, lol...
I feel at ease with my decision in choosing Dr. Goico, his awesome and I know I'm in good hands!
Since it's official although I haven't gotten my passport yet, will be doing that end of this month and then book my ticket... I've decided to put some before pictures of myself. Now I have lost about 25 pounds and I workout 4x a week, don't necessarily want to keep losing weight, maybe another 10 pounds but do want to tone as much as possible before my surgery.. So I'll be posting some more before pictures prior to surgery.
My current weight is 150 pounds
Height- 5"4
BMI- Not sure but I'm estimating is somewhere between 25-29 ish???
Last time I measured my waist - 34 inches
Breast- 38DD

My Mommy Makeover will include
Tummy Tuck
Lipo of waist, flanks, armpits , back and not sure what else
Breast lift w/Implants not sure the doctor said he'll see when he see's me in person his final recommendation..
And I'm not sure because I'm pretty happy with my booty,lol but I might decide to put any fat that's lipo back there...we'll see.

Hurry up Febuary!!

About 4 months out and even though I slack sometimes I remind myself to get back on track. Dr. wanted to get a recent read of my hemoglobin levels and it's 12.4 so that's good but I'm going to try and bring that up to a good 14 by my sx date!! Keep exercising and I notice a difference around my waist, can't wait for my sx date and be on the flat side with you ladies who have gotten your sx already. I'm so happy I chose Dr. Goico, his the best. I keep seeing beautiful results that his done.

Pre-Op Pics

4 Months away!!

76 Days to Mommy Makeover

76 Days you guy's omg, it's getting closer.
I've sent for my passport , should be getting that by January and getting my ticket in Jan as well.
A friend who has surgery suggested booking 2 one way's for best deals.. we'll see.
So I'm not staying at a recovery home any longer, I will be staying at a near by hotel to my clinic in Santo Domingo. I will have family with me and it's cheaper staying at a hotel, and that's booked already!
I'm just inpatient at this point,lol... counting the day's till it's my turn.
Haven't done any shopping, not taking so much stuff as I get to DR a few day's before my sx date. But will buy some things in Jan, mostly like maxi dresses, sports bras, pads and just stuff like that.
My hemo is fine and I'm working to bring it up as high as I possibly can, so will be working extra hard on that once Jan comes along.. Other than that there's not much to update but me being patient...

So Confuse... Ladies I need your advice.

Lately I have been running into other women (surgery page on Instagram) who say it's a big no, no to have a breast lift and tummy tuck and lipo of my flanks, back and waist at the same time... Now my doctor has performed these surgeries many times and he specifically said my hemo had to be more than a 13 or I would have to choose one of the two..

Can some of you ladies help me out here.
I kinda of want to shut my ears and not listen but at the same time I would like to know you's experiences.. Have any of you had both procedures at the same time? I'm guessing the recovery time is more but if I can just do both at the same time and avoid another trip and time off from work it's worth it...

Flight Booked & Change Doctor!

My flight is booked!
Still have a few things to buy , but for the majority of things I should be all set.
One major update is that I change doctors and surgeries.... I'm no longer going to Dr. Goico and will only be getting a TT, BBL with Lipo. and I will be going to Dr. Carlos Mojica De leon in Santiago Dominican Republic.

Well my sx will be March 1st and I get there February 27th, so now it's just a few weeks away!
I'm excited, anxious and just want to get my sx already, long time waiting for this.

Made to the flat side ????

So surgery was March 1st and thank God everything went well. I'm in minor pain right now still in the clinic and it's been about 7 hours out of surgery. I fee alert and really good actually to have just had surgery. Will post more the rest of the week.

24 Days Post Opt

Today marked 24 days post opt and it's been a roller coaster. Good and bad days, I say bad because I feel more swollen on certain days and some days I feel like I can do this... Lipo is no joke ladies so if your getting lipo know that you will experience pain , bruising galore and swollenness for months and you have to live in your garment to keep that swellingness under control and achieve your results. It's a slow but sure progress!!! I went back to work on my 20th day post opt and since my job is flexible and sedentary I can leave early if I need to but now they need me longer hours so we'll see how that go's. The Tummy Tuck was for me the easy part, its the lipo that made me think I did I really need this (Lipo part).... But thinking about it I would have done it all again but never again would I put myself thru lipo, I will work my butt off in the gym for sure.... So here is a picture of my abdomen I took on 22nd day post opt first thing in the morning when my stomach for the most part looks flat but I'm constantly swollen on my lower abdomen and lower back area and at times it feels hard like cement so the massages help soooo much.
Fernandez Goico

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