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REFLECTING ON ROUND 1: Hey Ladies!!!! Im BACK!!!!...

Hey Ladies!!!! Im BACK!!!! For those of you that didn't read my first review, I'll start from the beginning! 3 years ago, when I was just 25 years old and pregnant with my daughter, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent chemotherapy, had multiple surgeries, and both me and my baby girl made it :') Having all those surgeries (including having both breast removed and a total hysterectomy) left me self conscious and feeling less than feminine. A beautiful client referred me to the amazing doctors of the Dominican Republic, and after a year of stalking, I had a tummy tuck, body sculpting , and brazilian butt lift with the amazing Dr. Fatima Almonte. Ladies, let me tell you, Dr. Almonte and her team are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Beautiful, compassionate, knowledgeable, caring, talented, empathetic, the works! Lesley, the surgery coordinator, made me feel so calm after I arrived. I stayed at Betty Recovery House ( with Cisco, Betty and Tata. They are the best staff ever! The language barrier presents major frustration for us Americans, but they do there very best to accommodate, assist, and provide for you :) Ultimately, the surgery went great and I'm ready to go back. For full details of Round 1 please read my previous review :

When I went to the Dominican for Round 1, I wanted both an ARM LIFT and TUMMY TUCK. But Dr. Almonte said hell no, pick one lol. So I went for the TT, Liposcultpure, and BBL. I am in LOVE with my results and now want to return for an arm lift. But I figured hey, if I'm going, I might as well throw some lipo in there! So after stalking Lesley for 5 months (they had a non responsive interim assistant for a minute), I finally decided on the exact areas and received a quote. I'm having an arm lift, jaw lipo, arm pit lipo, upper back lipo, and inner thigh lipo with fat transfer to hips. I received a quote of $4400 and am too ecstatic! Ive already begun my "Dominican Hemoglobin Regimen" and reviewed my "DR Packing List" from my last visit. It's like having your second child, I feel like a pro this time around!

So, we all know those doctors will TURN YOU AWAY if your hemoglobin isn't at least a 13. While I was down there for round 1, 2 girls were sent home. Lipo (and any surgery for that matter) causes blood loss, and if your hemo is low, you can bleed to death. No tummy tuck is worth that, so the doctors would rather you be out the pocket for airfare, rather than your family planning a funeral (and them being sued for negligence). Since I had recently undergone chemo and pregnancy (both of which cause anemia), my hemo was somewhere between an 8 and 10 :( I was so anemic that I was pale, light headed, and fatigued all the time. So I knew they weren't going to touch my a** lol. After doing tons of research, and speaking with my own doctor, I begin a "hemo regimen". Prior to surgery, my hemo was up to approx a 13.5! Please talk with your own physician prior to taking any supplements. You can get iron poisoning from taking too much! I am not a doctor therefore not giving documented medical advice. I am simply sharing what definitively worked for me :)

~Beginning 3 months before surgery:
1) I drank 1 cap full of FLORADIX Liquid Iron every MORNING.
2) I took 325mg Iron, Folic Acid, B6, and Vitamin C every AFTERNOON w/ OJ (helps iron absorb).
3) I took Super Colon Cleanse from GNC as directed. (The vitamins cause constipation so you need this!)
4) (New) Drink 1 cup of green tea (hot or cold) every morning. Helps metabolism. (Recipe below).
5) I ate iron rich meats 1-2 times a week. 1 ribeye steak has 36% DV Iron! (Recipe below).
6) Add an additional cap of FLORADIX every night beginning at 30-45 days before surgery.
7) Drink a B12, spinach, and carrot smoothie throughout the day, every day. (Recipe below).

*(Smoothie Ingredients) 2 cups apple juice, 2 cups water, 1/2 bunch organic spinach, 2 shots of NOW Liquid Ultra B12 and half bag shredded carrots (approx 5 ounces). You can also add 1 cup almond milk and berries for more flavor. Only add half of the ingredients to the blender, blend, and then add the second half. This will fill up an 8 cup blender. Drink this throughout the day in addition to water, water, water!
*(Ribeye Recipe): Since red meat is such a heavy meal, Ill actually eat this for breakfast or lunch opposed to dinner. I like to thaw my ribeye steaks individually so separate them into ziplock bags before freezing. 1-2 times a week, I'll thaw one ribeye steak by placing it in bowl of cold water overnight. The best preparation is grilled, so I keep charcoal and lighter fluid on hand. Get your grill scouring hot and remove ribeye from cold water. You'll want your steak at room temperature before grilling. Takes about 30 minutes. While grilled is heating, mix 1/4 CUP olive oil with 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp onion powder. Completely coat steak with mixture and place directly onto hot grill. Use tongs so you don't cut or poke the steak. Cook for EXACTLY 5 minutes on the 1st side (set a timer) and EXACTLY 3 minutes on the other side. DO NO POKE OR CUT INTO YOUR STEAK. Remove steak from heat and immediately wrap in aluminum foil. Let rest for 10 minutes, unwrap and dive in! Ill usually eat half and give the rest to my husband to watch those calories!
*(Green Tea Recipe): Take a large tempered pitcher (about 64 ounces) and add hot water to it. I get water straight from the tap. Add 1 lemon cut in half, and 8 bags or organic green tea. Place in fridge overnight. I just drink one cup when I wake up, so only have to make this pitcher once a week! I don't add any sugar, so it is pretty bitter. But I've gotten used to and really think it helps because I've lost 5 pounds over the past couple of months.

I know this sounds like a lot, but taking supplements literally takes a few seconds, and making the smoothie, steak, and green tea only take minutes :) I'm a full time business owner, full time student, full time wife, and full time mother of 2 with a schedule full of doctors appointments and was able to get it done :D I was determined to get my hemo up and currently have a 13.1. I'm going to continue this regimen for the next three months and go to my doctor here in the states to have my hemo checked 30 days before surgery :)

So I used virtually EVERYTHING on my Round 1 packing list! I'm so glad I bought all of the supplies recommended by other RS sistas because they really came in handy. Ill list and describe each item:

*Anti Embolism Compression Socks- Wear the ENTIRE time (even on the plane) to prevent DVT and PE.
*Medication- I took augmentin, valium, omeprazole, ondastron, and ambien. (Filled by my doctor).
*Loose Dresses- A MUST!!! You are going to be so uncomfortable! Maxis are perfect!
*Comfy Shoes- Sandles, crocks, anything you don't have to bend over to put on.
*Baby Wipes- For wiping down and cleaning. You won't be taking showering/bathing for a while!
*High/Loose Underwear- So you ruin you own. They need to be loose for easy maneuverability.
*Urine funnel- I actually didn't use last time. I just squatted slowly lol.
*Spirometer- to help lungs after surgery. I only used a few times but am still glad a purchased it.
*Neosporin cream- You'll need a lot. Used on my incisions post op. I don't think I used it in the DR.
*Books and entertainment- They have WiFi at Family Recovery so I was online most of the time.
*Toiletries- soap, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash. etc
*Benadryl pills and spray- for itching. I actually didn't itch until about 3 months post op. It's terrible!
*Stool Softner- A MUST!
*Safe- For cash, passport, etc
*T shirts- To wear under faja and prevent faja burn
*Gloves- for any contact you make with your drain, incisions, etc.
*Arnica- Buy tons of it!!!! To help with bruising and swelling.
*Boppy Pillow- A MUST! To sit on after BBL
*Chux Pads- To keep my bed clean after lipo!
*Clorox Wipes- It's surgery so I won't to keep everything sanitized.
*Wash Clothes- Buy a hole pack. They have them at the house but I prefer to have my own.
*Massager- Was only $20, but I didn't really use. Bought 5 massages from Betty. SO WORTH IT!!!!
*Fanny Pack- For drains.
*Hibiclens- To shower with before surgery
*Cough drops- You throat might be dry.
*Robe- For home.
*Adult Diapers- To keep clothes clean from incisions. Don't think I used these. Gave them to Tata.
*Neck Pillow- A MUST! Comfortability after surgery.
*Sanitary Napkins- To cover your incision dressings and keep clothes clean.
*Gauze and Gentle/ Sensitive Medical Tape- Buy a lot!

Ill update soon ladies! :D


RS Sisters, my plastic surgery life is ridiculously -and hilariously- stressful at the moment!!! So as you know, I went to Dra Almonte last year for a tummy tuck, liposcultpure, and bbl. She did and absolutely AMAZING job and I am scheduled to return to her on 3/3/2016 for an arm lift, jaw lipo, inner thigh lipo, and fat transfer to hips. :) BUT (dun, dun, duuuuunnnn)........I came across this amazing physician named Dr. FG: Fernandez Goico. While he does not have nearly the fan base of the DR Queens Yily, Duran, Almonte, Baez, etc, his reviews keep popping up under my searches because I've researching facial work. He has AWESOME reviews and his buccal lipectomy procedure is FLAWLESS (fat removed from the inner cheek to give a more contoured facial structure). SOOOOOO, I said great! I'll come back in Fall 2016 to have a buccal fat pad reduction, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, and brow lift (you know how we are about our brows) with Dr FG! Almonte in March, FG in the Fall I keep telling myself lol. But now I'm getting hopelessly addicted to his facial work and think I want to do that first! I'm so confused! What is a Dominican Doll to do (LOL)??? Ill update more after I receive my quote. Gosh I'm a Realself stalker.


Sorry I haven't updated in so long dolls!!!! When I tell you the events leading up to round 2 were absolutely stupid.....they were absolutely stupid!! LOL! Sooooo, where do I begin??? As noted above, I had round 1 with Almonte and she was AMAZING!!!! I scheduled to have round 2 with her but was indecisive for 2 reasons: she does not provide buccal fat pad reduction and the date available was not working out around my carpal tunnel surgery scheduled for the end of March.

Soooo, I received a quote from Dr. FG (Goico) whose surgery assistant Karel has to be the best I've ever experienced. Goico had a great date available, but my quote was approximately $7,000 :'( Yep, couldn't do it. So I spoke to some friend who went to Duran and started to further research her because I had to have surgery directly before my carpal tunnel procedure. I spoke with Laura, who was great, and scheduled! After a major issue with my flight, I'm finally having my procedure this Thursday 3/10!!!!!

So I received a quote for $4500 and this includes full body lipo: waist, abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, arms, neck, arm pits, back + buccal fat pad reduction and BBL. Since I am not having any major incision (tummy tuck, arm lift, etc) I can get more areas lipo'd. I already had a tummy tuck and LOVE the results, but want more curves and lipo to the areas I didnt get done last time! I've been stalking Duran's IG and am ridiculously excited!!! The bags are packed and I have everything from my checklist above! My hemo is above 13 and my BMI is 32!!!!! (Spongebob voice) lmfao! Im staying at Family Recovery Recovery with Betty and Narciso and can't wait to get there. Stay with them before and had a GREAT experience!

I fly out on Tuesday and will post every detail while Im there! #ROUNDTWO!!!!! # DURANDOLL2016!!!!
Dra Fatima Almonte

Dra Almonte is a gift from God. She's beautiful, kind, talented, sweet, knowledgeable and compassionate. She truly understands a womans body and caters to your needs as an individual. I had surgery with her in April 2015 and am having a second surgery with her in March 2016. I am in love with my results and am a more confident woman because of her. Not to mention, her staff is amazing. I can't wait to go back :)

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