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Hey Girls!! Im not really super new to RS, i've...

Hey Girls!! Im not really super new to RS, i've been a lurker for about 2 years now. But now that im finally ready to actually move forward with this new body, i decided to become a little more vocal. =]

Im a 29 year old (birthday 2 weeks ago) mommy of 1, gave birth to a super healthy 11 lb baby (on a 5'1 110 lb pre pregnancy frame) 10 yrs ago, and was all belly. Unfortunatly i've hated my body ever since then, and im finally in a space where i believe that im doing it for the right reasons (me and only me), and i am able to do so. And it just so happens that i got it together in time for me to have the surgery by my 30th why not gift yourself the gift of a BOMB NEW YOU?! =] I have had a couple consulations with some doctors in the US and in DR, Dr Jimmerman in Atlanta, some guy in NJ (i cant remember his name for the life of me), Dr Hector Cabral, Dr Fatima Almonte, and Dr Manuel Diaz, all in DR (I also requested a consultation with DR Yily, but i havent gotten a reply yet). The doctors in the US quoted me more than double what the doctors in DR quoted, Also the results were either not great enough, or toooooo much and sculpted (dr jimmerman) in the US. Based on the promptness of the replies, the knowledge and the sincerity of the doctor and just the overall vibe i got through reviews, websites, pictures, and conversation with staff, i decided to go with Dr Almonte. She quoted me $4950 for TT and Liposculpture (abdomen, full back, flanks, waist, arms), plus a BBL. Anything will be an improvement, but im trying to get as close to Yaris Sanchez as i can lol. I've decided that April 28th will be the best day for me, and i am simply waiting on instruction so i can send my deposit and set the date =] This feels so amazing...reading your stories and knowing that im this close to having a body i've dreamed about having for years, is hecka awesome =]

Photos n all that jazz

so these are the right now pics. As you can see, the damage done to my stomach is really extensive. the skin has ZERO elasticity anymore. I know that the stretch marks will never go away, and im okay with that...but that awful it's just been the worst. Especially now with crop tops and body hugging matching sets are on trend right now....i have a funky style but i cant even look in the direction of a crop top, bikini, low rise jean...anything that might not cover my gross stomach.

I like to think that im realistically confident. I know my strengths...and i know what i could improve...physically, emotionally, spiritually and intelectually (for the most part lol). Physically, im pretty happy with myself. I think He was pretty generous when giving out genetic blessings when i came around lol. I've never been curvy, i've always been short and petite. im 5'1, pre pregnancy i was 110, present day, i never go below 125 and rarely go above 130. Personally i think all my weight is in my head, but thats neither here nor there haha. My sister is super curvy, full hips, full backside, full boobs. Im shaped more like my dad, really narrow, no hips, little butt, flat chested lol. I dont think i would have really bothered with PS if it hadnt been for the aftermath of my pregnancy. But since then, i literally hate it...i hate to look at it. i hate to know its there. I hate that i feel that for the past 10 years, anytime i have to disrobe in front of other people, i feel like i need to explain it before i take my shirt off.....if i have the guts to even take my shirt off at all. One of the things that made me fall in love with my last boyfriend, was one day we were laying down watching TV, he went to rub my stomach and i pushed him away. he looked at me, pulled my shirt up and kissed my stomach over and over again. All he said was "dont do that. i love every part of you." I felt like all the guys i've ever been with have never touched my stomach...i know it looks gross to them, because it looks gross to me and its ME. He was the only one who acknowledged my embarassment, and loved me past the ugly. (sucks cause he ended up being the worst anyway lol but i'll still always appreciate and love him for that moment)

But the good part about the times that we live in, is that if something on your body aint right....u can fix it, plump it, remove it, move it, hide it, take a lil out of it....watever you need to do to make sure that you are living in a body you love for the rest of your life. And not just love by default. lol

Anyways...enough yappin included =] Happy Hump Day ya'll! xoxoxoxox

New Consultation!

Hey Gals =] so, i've gotten a reply back from Dra Baez, she answered me back within that hour!! To be totally honest, i've been trying to contact Dra Almonte for a couple days now, via phone email and realself, and i've gotten nothing. When i called, the lady that answered said Dra Almonte doesnt work with her, but she would pass along the message to check her email for my message (seriously?). Anyways, i was 100% sold on Dra Almonte, initally she was great with getting back to me in a timely fashion. But after emailing her almost a week ago and getting no response, i'm already kind of sold on going with someone who can attend to my needs. (Am i being too anxious??).

SOOOOO, as i mentioned, Dra Baez has replied back in the meantime, and she got back to me SUPER quick. I was really pleased with the before and after pictures on her site, and i have seen alot of her patients giving her lots of Kudos on this site. She quoted me $3700 for a TT, Liposculpture to abdomen, waist, back, flanks and a BBL (including hips). It includes an inital evaluation, cardiovascular evaluation, lab exams, anesthesia, surgery, overnight stay in the clinic, first compression garment, follow ups and post surgery medications. Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound are not included, cost being $300 extra. She also said i can include an insurance for complications after surger for 150-200. She doesnt have a recovery package, which would have been awesome...considering Dra Almonte included all that in the quote that she gave me, and Dr Diaz Guzman could create a package for an additional $1000, but based on what i am reading, at around 70-90 a night, and having to stay for a minimum of 10 days in Santo Domingo, its just a matter of finding a good recovery house, they all seem to be around the same amount.

She didnt require a deposit to hold the date, but i am going to deposit the money in her account this evening just to be safe. Coming from this far away, and anticipating the date so much, i dont need anything to go wrong.

Have any of you ladies stayed in the recovery house for most of the stay, and gone to a hotel or resort for the remainder of? I read an update once on here, a lady saying that she decided to spend the last 3 days at a hotel and enjoy as an actual vacation. She said that that really helped, and she really appreciated being out of the recovery house after having to stay for a week.

So, another thing, is i've never traveled out of the country (except Canada but i dont think that really counts lol). I wanted my mom to accompany me, but if she is with me, i'll have to either bring my 10 year old or find another travel companion (since she would be the only person i feel comfortable leaving him with for more than a couple hours). I cant honestly say that id be looking forward to bringing my son all the way to Santo Domingo for something like surgery, especially since it's not a vacation and i need my mom's attention if she's going to come. Soooo, that being said, im thinking of just doing the trip alone. That kind of makes the entire thing alot scarier to me. =[

Im feeling a little overwhelmed, but i think thats because im trying to consider so much at one time i guess.

Decisions, decisions hunny!!

Ok, so first off, lemme just say i apologize for the dripping wet blanket i was yesterday. It was Day 1 of Aunt Flo's visit, and im always a literal emotion WRECK the first couple days she comes around. I WAS stressed, and feeling overwhelmed though, because im anxious to get the process started. And i had so much to consider, i was just thinking about it a little too hard. I see alot of ladies on here begin documenting their journey like 2 months prior to the surgery. I have a whole 7 months lol. So i'll probably post a little more until i have confirmation for the date, and randomly post as i get things accomplished, closer and closer to the date.

I recieved the final consulation i was waitng for from Dra Yily. She replied back twice, one email all in spanish (which i couldnt really read...i kinda had to use context clues and wait for my mom to help me translate the rest), the 2nd email (which was probably not a generic quote email) was in english (it was a different email than the original one she sent). She quoted me $4300 for a tummy tuck, liposculpture, and a BBL. she said it would be an additional $300 to lipo the arms, and im still sitting on if i'll add that. She did tell me that i would need to gain weight to get the results i want for the BBL...she didnt say how much. I dont usually gain much weight out side of my normal fluctuation (120-130), so i hope that getting up to 130-140 will be enough. So my decision is between Dra Baez, Dra Almonte (well, not even lol), and Dra Yily. Based on the results i've seen with Yily, i've decided to go with her. I think that she will give me the curves and fullness i want in my hips and butt, and also give me that cool ass Coke bottle shape =] Im wiring the deposit over to her today, and i'm going to select the date 4/28/2014. =]

Waiting Game...

Mornin ladies =] I wired Dr Yily the deposit to save the date for 4/28/2015, i havent heard a reply back yet but i wasnt expecting to hear anything until some time this week anyways. Anyone who's going with Yily, how long does she typically take to reply back? Im thinking i purchase my flight after she replies back to me, and then i can begin the task of worrying about an RH. Im hoping to find some other dolls from here to maybe room with, aside from it being slightly cheaper, 10 days is a long time to be alone in a foreign country after having surgery with NO ONE to talk to lol.

Chileeee i cant stop thinkin about it!!

Can i just tell ya'll....i've been goin thru alot emotionally the past couple years. Life, love, growing pains, hell pain from everything. Im from NJ, but all of my family gradually moved down south, so i was the only one still in NJ. It was ok at first, but gradually being that far away from unconditional love started to wear down on my spirit, especially during the time in my life when i probably needed them the most. One day i just decided to do something about this shit....the way i was feeling felt too much like depression and i've come too far and gone through too much to let myself get too deep into those type feelings. So i decided to move to Atlanta...i probably should have been there all along. I'd been wanting to move there since Katrina hit, plus i had lots of immediate family down there. I let go of a relationship that had been doing nothing positive for me for 2 years, and didnt even have to quit my job to make the boss allowed me to take my setup to the south, and i now work out of my home, making more than i was making before (in a state where the cost of living is FAR cheaper, might i add). It finally feels like i have an opportunity to completely pull myself out of this hole. I feel that im at the point in my life where i have to make ME the best ME i can, if i want to live the rest of my life smiling. I want to fall in love again (for the LAST time lol), get married, travel (im not 100% but i think im done with kids...i had my first at 18 and that scared me straight lol), just pretty much experience LIFE...LIVE. I want to be able to love the body im in, and love every inch of it. I feel like getting The Physical in order will just be another addition to a whole better me.

I cant lie scared! The only surgery i've had is a c-section. I've never been out of the country, and i dont speak much spanish. I have only told 3 people that i am getting the surgery, and honestly i dont even want to keep talking about it to people, until after i am post op. Which is why im relying so heavily on this site. We are all at the same space in our lives, wanting to do something about a physical part of us that we arent pleased with. Not everyone is able to do what we are doing right now, and thus far, you ladies have given me more support than people i know personally. can i just say "you are appreciated" *In my Tupac voice* lol xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wish Pics

It just occurred to me i never posted my wish pics! After consulting with both Dra Baez and Dra Yily, both suggested that i gain weight (though neither said how much), in order to get similar results. I was told that Yaris Sanchez (who's body is PURE perfection now), went thru Dr Cabral. Not sure of the accuracy of that statement but ah welp. lol I also was told that she went for a round 2. Anyways, i've posted a before and after shot of her as well, as well as some more recent photos. She was heavier than I pre operation, and i am not sure of her height but have MERCY, he made her PERFECT!!!

Checkin in n stuff =]

Things have been pretty uneventful...i got confirmation for my date from Yily last week, now im just looking into flights. My biggest concern is the flight back, i've read that it can be quiet agonizing, so im planning to fly business class back if possible. I found and followed Yily on Instagram and Facebook, and in doing so, i think i may have figured out that she did Rah Ali's body from Love and Hip Hop NY. Her instagram only follows like 4 ppl, and Rah is one of them....Rah has recently had her body done and honey, it looks AMAZING. i'd noticed a couple months back that she had it done, but ppl are super secretive about their doctors and such and i figured id never truly find out. She may not have been her doctor, but i just assumed, her new body also looks like the work of Dra Yily. In my last email, i had lots of questions, and i asked if theres anyway that i can request that she, and only she work on my surgery and incisions. I've seen some ppl say they woke up during surgery and it wasnt the doctor they requested, it was one of their students. I also made my appt with my doctor to see what levels i need to work on. Since the birth of my son, i kno i am anemic, and i havent been keeping up with my iron, so thats definetly something im going to need to get in order before the end of April. I saw someone say they drank liquid geritol for vitamins and ensures with a cup of cream before bed to add a little extra weight. Id like to ask Yily how she feels about that, and maybe i will....she just takes so dag on long to get back to u lol

I dl'd WhatsApp, i saw some ppl say thats a good way to keep in touch with not sure who runs her instagram, as im assuming its probably not her, but whoever manages it will usually answer u back, and they post lots of pictures of her work.

Go time =]

Hey loves! In my last entry, i told u guys i'd emailed Yily a shit load of questions lol i emailed them to both her business email and her alternate hotmail account...she replied to both of them, but i could tell that she really read thru my questions and took her time replying from the hotmail account. Good thing, because i got all my questions out, and she answered most of them so i can chill out for awhile lol

1) i asked how much weight i should gain considering my current weight and body type and what id like to acheive thru the surgery. She suggested that i gain 20 lbs, but the more the better (20+ lbs in 6 months!!! omg omg omg). Im guessing that makes sense tho, a friend of mine had a BA (she's dominican and had it done in DR but she wont tell who did it...stingy lol), our bodies are sooooo similar, like the build...we're the same height, same weight, (pre surgery even our bra and panty size were idential), she opted for implants, probably for this have to avoid having to gain sooooo much weight in a short period of time...only thing is, i HATE the look of implants unless it is done in conjunction with fat girl's ass looks like she has 2 basketballs stuffed in her leggings lol, it's hugggge though and it gets her lots of complements from guys, but it looks totally unrealistic, and thats NOT what i want. So if i have to gain weight to use my own fat cells and to get a more realistic looking augmentation, i'll git er done!! =]
2) i asked specifically what blood tests i need to get done, she suggested Hemograma (not sure what that translates to in English, but i'll figure it out lol), to "asses my iron levels, which is essential for the surgery"
3) i asked if she suggests any recovery houses, she suggested Luxury Recovery House. I've seen some other ladies on RS suggest a recovery house that was started by one of Yily's patients...not sure of the reviews, it can be hard to figure out who is just advertising up here and who is giving an honest review....anyways, we shall see
4) finally, i requested that she be the surgeon to preform my surgery...i mentioned that i heard that people have woken up from surgery to find that students observing were sewing them up or preforming some other part of surgery....i told her that i have fallen in love with her work, and that id only like her to work on me. She said (translated) "it is private, and no students are allowed to work on you, my dear A**** (thats what she calls me lol she's cute =]), there will be 2 doctors, me and my anesthesiologist, then there are 3 nurses, and 2 assistants. They are not physicians and are not sudents, they are a technical team to help mobilization, washing, and the transport of the patients. (i also requested that i be the first surgery she preforms of the day, and what info would sheneed to confirm that, ie; flight this she said "yes, your itinarary would be ideal to confirm your space in my agenda for that day, thank u my dear A****" =]

As i mentioned, she replied to both emails, but the 2nd was way more personal and she answered everything i asked her.
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