41 Years Old, 4 Children, Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

After having 4 beautiful children, I want my body...

After having 4 beautiful children, I want my body back. I'm working hard on losing weight. I'm never truly happy with my weight loss due to this Fupa of mine. My husband is very supportive and is traveling with me to complete my makeover. Any suggestions that any of Dolls have about traveling abroad would be greatly appreciated.

41 Years Old Much Needed Mommy Makeover After 4 Csections

We don't plan on having anymore children. I would like to do this for myself as well as look sexy for my husband. I've had this body since giving birth at 16 years old. No matter what my weight is, I always dislike my belly. I'm scheduled to see Dr. Baez in November. Nervous and excited at the same time. Thank God for my husband I feel very comfortable with him traveling with me. Any suggestions or insight is welcome.

Have to Grind to Get These Pounds Off!!

I'm 5'8" 232 pounds so far I've lost 40 pounds, my starting weight
was 272. My surgery is Nobember. I would like to loose at least 40
pounds or more by then. I've been grinding 2 hours in the gym mostly
cardio and walking with my children. I do cleanses at least ever other
month, I'm determined. I want to be at my goal weight because I want the
best results as possible. For me round 2 is not a option so I'm praying
that all goes well the 1st time so I'm doing my part. Now off to the
gym I go.

Wish pics She's Perf

The Fupa

I hate it!!!!! All my weight goes to this belly! Lost 40 pounds. Weight of this gut and Fupa still the same. Still working on my weight loss. It's coming along well but this guy remains the same. Smdh

Wish pics summer fine !

The only type of underwear I own

My underwear are all spanks, girdle or control bottoms every last pair are black. I refuse to walk around looking sloppy or having rolls everywhere. Not cute at all I know my body and what does and does not look good on me. I've never been in denial lol. I will be burning every last pair after I get snatched. My husband said I can have a Victoria secret shopping spree. I can't wait to wear cute matching bras and panties. Black is my favorite color but I want the option of wearing any color or cut that I want.

I'm really leaning more toward going to a hotel opposed to a Rh.

I really think a hotel during my stay will be better for me. My husband is going with me and he takes very good care of me. He has taken great care of me after csections also my breast reduction surgery. He understands my emotions when I'm not feeling well. I've never had Lipo before outside of breast reduction but I normally bounce back quick and I just don't think I would want to be feeling good around people. I'm a friendly person but I love my space. I will hire a nurse for the first 2 days or more just in case. Anyone else have stayed at a hotel or thinking about it ?

They are super beautiful

I love slim thick girls?????? it is something about a slim curvy body #perfection

Slim with nice curves #perfection

Love these beautiful slim thicks ??


Yasssss A girl can dream?? Love my beautiful Sista's!!! Can we say brown sugar? Pics from a fb page called beautiful dark skin women. I'm obsessed.


I wonder if Queen Baez can pull this off? Yasssss Porsha!

Swim Suits!!! Yayyyyy

Target still had swim suits on clearance may not be able to rock them this year but when Queen Bae gets me right I will be ready for summer 17 !!!!!


Yes please!


Can't believe in a little over a month, my snatch date is arriving. Just a few of my post op beverages.

Angel Love ??

Her waistline is sick!!! Who knew little Angel was working with all this #obsessedWithSlimThickGirls

Beautiful women

I look at all these beautiful women on ig! I'm like obsessed! So gorgeous! This surgery is making me semi lesbian lol. I truly love looking at my beautiful sisters tho

Getting my iron up

Pur Absorb at Walgreens for $10 the original price is $20 I hope it works with less than a month to go my hemo has to be right I have a history of anemia

3 more weeks!!!!

Nervous and excited!!! Wish I could think about something else besides surgery. #teamSnatched
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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