Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift with 300 CC -430 silicone Implants and Small BBL Rhinoplasty and Vaginoplast. Dominican Republic, DO

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This is going to be a blog. I'm 5ft 7inches and...

This is going to be a blog. I'm 5ft 7inches and weigh 150 pounds. I had the mommy make over in Dominican Republic and I'm very pleased. I breast fed all my kids from 3-12 months so after that my 34 B looked like a deflated ball on and my muffin top would not go away no matter how much I exercised. I don't want to be long as I wrote a review before but was unable to edit it completely. I had done consultations here in the US and almost had my procedure done by a surgeon here that was charging me $$14,000 for the tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift with augmentation. I really liked the US surgeon but started looking at surgeons in DR after I remember a friend of mine had surgery there and received good results. After much research I decided on Dr Luis Mejia due to his reviews and fast response.

Resting house: the cost of my procedure included a 10 day stay at Roccio Ortega Resting House and a week of massages. I really enjoyed my stay at the resting house the staff and food was great.

Reason for having the mommy makeover

As you can see from my pictures my breast were deflated from breast feeding three kids. I'm also a more than often healthy eater and I work out but I had this muffin to that would not go away no matter how much I exercise this is called diastasis where the muscles separate during pregnancy from stretching. The BBL I just threw in there because I always had a flat butt. So I was very self conscious of the flat tits and bulging stomach no matter what I wear so I did this for me. Initially after the surgery I was like what did I do especially after I felt the pressure on my chest from the implant and the nausea from the anesthesia. But after two or so I felt better. When I got back to the states I was a little down looking at my surgical sites but everything in healing so nicely and I'm so so happy I did it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Silicone not Saline

In my title I said saline but my implants are silicone 300 CC's and I'm loving my results

Excellent Doctor

I can't say enough about Dr Mejia and his assistant Paola. They are always there for me even now four months after surgery and is always checking in on me. Dr Mejia is really a master surgeon


I am not and have never been paid for my review. I'm just a patient of Dr Mejia and I love the results he gave me.

4 days post op Rhinoplasty

I'm now 4 days post op for my Rhinoplasty. I have minimal pain at this time it's just a nuisance having to breath through my mouth as my cast is still on and my nose is packed. I see the doctor on Monday so hopefully he will take the cast off and the packing out and hopefully I can breath normal again.

4 days post op Vaginoplasty

4 days since my vaginoplasty. Right now I still have a Foley in because I can't urinate on my own. I have no pain but my vaginas is really swollen. I pray that I will be able to urinate on my own by tomorrow which will be 5 days post op.

Cast off

Had my cast taken off today and I received my first shower which was great. I also started my massages today. I feels so good to breath through my nose and actually be able to smell. But as you can see my nose is still taped so hopefully that will come off on Thursday. Minimal to no pain at this time which is great.

My nose one pre-op

This is my nose 1 day pre-op so you can see what my nose looked like before rhinoplasty

Vaginoplasty 5 days post op

My Vaginas is still very swollen and I still have a Foley in due to in inability to urinate on my own and swelling. I'm on medication and the gynecologist Nokia had me do labia ultrasound massages in her office whichair is very modern, clean and beautiful. I see her again tomorrow which will be day 6 so I'll see you updated on how that goes.

Flipped implants less than 3 months after surgery

Missing my old breast but I was having a problem with the implant contracting when I would bend over in situations such as just putting cream on my body after a shower. Dr Mejia initially told me it was the muscle contracting which I believed and told me to take muscle relaxers which I did. This all started happening less than three months after surgery. Needless to say the muscle relaxers didn't work and this kept happening. When he went in he was honest enough in telling me the implants had flipped and the pockets were open and he had to sew the pockets up. Even with this happening less than three months after me getting the implants he still charged me $1000 to replace and fix them and blamed this on me not sleep in a bra after the two month mark when he initially had told me this was ok. Now according to Dr Mejia I have to wear a bra all of the time even to sleep in at night for the rest of my life to prevent this from happening again.

Three weeks post-op Rhinoplasty

Even though I have mixed feelings about Dr Mejia due to his customer service skills and communication. I like to keep it truthful as alot of people really on this site and the reviewsurgeon. With that being said I think he did a pretty decent job with my Rhinoplasty. It is only three weeks post-op and my nose is still swollen but apart from the scars on the sides I'm liking the results. People don't even realize I had my nose done or they just haven't asked.

Rhinoplasty care

It was hard for me to get information on my Rhinoplasty care from Dr. Mejia he actually seem like he was in a rush for my second and last appointment with him 11 days post-op. He actually taped my nose and told me to keep it taped consistently for two more weeks and not to get my face wet and after that consistently for another week. This is where I got annoyed with him because before the surgery I asked if going back to work after 15 days would be enough time and he told me yesterday. Then he's going to turn and and tell me I have to keep tape on my face for two more weeks. I couldn't even really talk to him as he was rushing to go do surgery. Anyway I contacted the doctor that he told me did him follow care as he was too busy to do follow care. I pleaded with Dr Rodriguez that I needed to go back to work after the 15 days and couldn't go to work with my face taped up. After Dr Rodriguez contacted Dr Mejia I guess it was agreed I could remove the tape and reapply in the evening. I'm still unsure of how long I continue taping or when it would be OK for me to wear sunglasses. But I guess I'll take it day by day and thank God my nose is not all messed up.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'll update my review after the whole process so I can have time to see how things go and do a fair rating to help other people on here.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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