37 Yr Old, Mother of 2, Getting a Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants and Butt Lift. Dominican Republic, DO

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In 2005 I had a VBG. At that time I weighed 319...

In 2005 I had a VBG. At that time I weighed 319 lbs. I lost over 160 lbs and have been maintaining at 185 as an high and 160 on a low. As a result of this massive weight loss I have lost all the muscle in my breast and my stomach although some what flat has a lot of excess skin, last my behind is rotund but not shaped as I desire and somewhat saggy. I have been contemplating cosmetic surgery for several years and finally decided its now or never. I am done having children so what better time than the present. I am currently a size ten, I am five foot ten inches tall but I have A cup size breast. I am shapely but not proportioned. I look great in my clothing but when I begin to take things off its depressing. I am not happy with my physical appearance. Even if I worked out it wouldnt correct the excess skin issue and saggy appearance of my breast and behind. I am not going to lie, I am petrified of having these procedures performed. I keep reading reviews written by patients who are post op. It is helpful but it doesnt change the fear. I am getting more and more anxious as I get closer to the date. I will remember to keep you all posted on my results. Wish me well.


Started 250 ml of Venofer on 4/27 at which time hub was 8.4

My surgeon is wonderful she called me today very concerned caution in me not to waste my money to time coming to dr if my hgb is not 12 because she will not be able to perform my procedures. I can certainly appreciate her professionalism. With that being said if is very possible that I may be postponing my surgery however no matter what I will be in DR on Monday 5/4. My flight cannot be cancelled or changed. I need a vacation anyway and I already took time off work bla bla bla but I am praying all goes well and surgery will be underway. Pray for me ladies.

hemoglobin low :(

so mad


Wish pics

I get my hemoglobin checked again today!

Hey dolls and future dolls.....so today I have to get another infusion! After the infusion they are going to do a full CBC. I am praying the hgb is 12 or higher. Although I am optimistic, I have already engaged with United Airlines and found out that I can avoid a $200 change fee due to a medical emergency. My hemotologist has already written a letter that says that I am medically unfit to travel. I can use this letter as proof should the need arise to change my flight. I will decide after I receive today's CBC results. If I cannot go on 5/4 I will go on 5/12 according to my Dr. I should be ready by that time. I stalk my Dr. on IG and other dr's just to see whats going on and who is going to be in DR getting snatched when I am there getting snatched and I found this woman from Fl who is scheduled to have sx the same day as me on 5/5 she is staying 15 days (whoa!!!) I wish I could stay that long but I cannot be away from home for such a long period of time. I don't have to be back to work until 6/4 and then 6/19 is the last day of school ....since I am a school teacher I will have time to heal during the summer. My goal after I get snatched is to make all my scars look as if they never existed. I want to look as natural as possible.

Final / Total Cost $10,500

Ok so provided there are no more unexpected expenses associated with my upcoming procedures the total out of pocket expenses are in the excess of $10,500 give or take $100. Because of my hgb and my strong desire to get my procedures as scheduled I had to add $2000 to the cost of the procedures. So with the Tummy Tuck w/ liposuction of the stomach, waist, flanks, and underarms, fat grafting to buttocks (BBL) and breast implants, the flight, the recovery house the post surgical garment etc the total is referenced urggghhh so wasnt expecting this.

I'm ready. Prayed up.... Blessed up!

I am headed to the beautiful island of Dominican Republic I have been medically cleared by my primary doctor as well as my hematologist here in the states. I must admit I am so scared, anxious, happy, and any emotion you can think of that coincides with such a life changing / life altering experience. They are the same emotions I had almost 10 years ago when I decided to have WLS. I have out of that feeling renewed and here I am 10 yrs later happy about the decision I made all those years ago. I have a laundry list of things packed and I am so ready to go. Just want to thank everyone on RS who post because it really helped me.

What's in my suitcase?

1. Maxi Dresses
2. Loose skirts
3. Tank tops
4. Underwear
5. Faja
6. Arnica salve
7. Vitamins
8. Pajamas
9. Post op bra
10. Maxi Pads
11. Baby wipes
12. Toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, towel, soap (antibacterial), lotion, deodorant, and feminine wash
13. Boppy Pillow
14. Books
15. iPad
16. iPod
17. Water
18. Warm socks and compression socks
19. Anti inflammatory medicine
20. Water pills
21. Slippers
22. Flip flops
23. Pain medication (Percocets)
24. Allergy medication
25. Sleeping medication (ambien)

On my way to the clinic

I am staying at paradise recovery house and I must say it's great. I am impressed by the kinder spirit and undeniable hospitality being exhibited by the woman who work here. They are very professional and sweet. The food is really tasty. Surgery scheduled for today don't know exact time but I am up, dressed, and ready to go. Pray for me every one I will soon be on the flat side, snattttcccchhhhheeed!!!!!

I'm on the flat side but no bbl

i am on the flight side. Surgery went great ...... Dra Bello is a loving caring passionate woman and her bedside manner is awesome. She is real and I appreciate that.

I only got a tummy tuck and breast didn't hav enough body fat for a BBL ???? I will post pics tomorrow

Print receipt for deposit and print quote

Instead of the bbl I got a breast lift which cost more than fat transfer .... So I am happy with that. I kind if knew I didn't have any fat but was hoping they could pull a rabbit out of a hat. All my sagging loose skin is gone which is what I have been wanting for years the bbl was an added bonus if possible because I actually have a nice ass. Bello is great you are going to love her. Her English is great. She was impressed with my body ..... As you can see from my pre op pics I was shapely I am going to share a few post op pics maybe tomorrow

Immediately after surgery

right off the table

More pics 3 days post op

just a few more pics

3 days post op

paradise surgical recovery house L

if you are coming to DR for surgery the last thing you want to do is stay at a recovery house that doesn't do what you need or want them to do ...... paradise surgical recovery house is clean. The staff doesn't speak much English but the owner Laura speaks fluent English. They use google translator to communicate and it works i speak in espanol so I am good. The cater to you from morning all thru out the night. They make sure you take meds, provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The food is delicious. They have wi fi and cable TV. Air conditioning etc..... I am so glad to be staying here because I have what I need and the care I deserve. I am on the road to recovery but I am not alone.

Pictures of Paradise

these are a few pictures of paradise

Lymphatic Massages are a must!

So I was contemplating weather or not I should invest more money and time into this journey because so far there have been some unexpected expense and frankly I am feeling like a cash cow...... Anyway I decided what the hell I have come this far let me see what these LYMPHATIC MASSAGES are all about. To my surprise and approval they are an absolute must after lipo / tummy tuck.

When the misusse starts you are going to want to punch him or her in the face but after a few minutes the area is soothed and you begin to feel a release and a bit relieved. The most important thing for me is to have my drain removed before I return to the U.S.A. After my massage I had emptied 200 cc's of fluid which is phenomenal. So with that being said I am going to have a massage on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before I depart and before the removal of the drain.

I was already doing well but now I feel some what rejuvenated. If the misusse worked on Sunday I would certainly go that day as well. I will continue getting massages once I return home for at least the first 2 or 3 weeks.

I will keep a close watch on the $$$$$$ and tally it up in the end I am sure I am still going to say it was worth it. Because I couldn't get a BBL two procedures I did get currently estimate to be around $7000 each.

Today's situation! ????????????????????????????

today when I removed my garment I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have hips yall and my stomach is flat and tight still a lot of swelling but OMG I feel and look great!!!

The new me ......yass

finally I am able to see my new girls ..... They are absolutely beautiful

Since my last post things have gone down hill

Buyers beware ...... Dra Bello is a fraud. On May 28 my wound opened and I was advised that I had a massive infection and that due to the implant being exposed it had to be removed (ex planted). I will have this procedure tomorrow in the states costing me thousands and thousands of dollars.


this is what I had to deal with

Phucked up after all this time

Things took a turn for the worse and its in going not sure if I will ever fully recover buy by the grace of God I am alive. Pleas pray as I continue the road to recovery mind you surgery was 5/05/2015

After my last surgery

I had to be cut all the way open again for am abdominal antibiotic wash
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

No words

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