High definition Lipo, mini tt, bbl with Dr. Mejia

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I been considering liposuction for almost 3 yrs...

I been considering liposuction for almost 3 yrs now.

Before when I 1st started doing my homework on this I wasn't as big just need it a lil help but now I have gained a lot more weight so I am definetly going forward with the procedure. I have a major back injury so I am really concerned if they touch my injury it can make this worst for me. I am in pain 24/07 because of my back so it is super hard for me to work out.
Last yr I went to DR to be with my friend she had liposculpture with Dr. Cabral, I liked her results but I didn't want to have my surgery with him because during my consultation I explained to him I didn't want nothing done on my back because of my injury but he didn't listen much 1st he said I need it a tummy tuck and I didn't have no skin hanging or a big stomach than he wanted to make my a** bigger which a definitely don't need maybe a lil shape up but definetly not bigger. Bottom line is I didn't want to risk him doing something I didn't want to or hurting my back even more cause he didn't even care to look listen to my concerns about my back.

After my friend had her surgery I had a consultation with Contreras and I really like him, he understood what I want and the concerns I had about my back so he said he won't even touch my lower back to avoid aggravating my condition but unfortunately his clinic was close few days after I saw him.

I decided to take my time and find a doctor that understand my medical conditions, and I can feel at-ease.

I already pick my RH, I found them on IG and I been talking to the lady and I feel comfortable because is a new RH and I like what they offer plus the lady I been speaking to has answer all my questions and she being helping me and even offer to drive me around and translate till I find s doctor.

My goal is to find the right doctor the 1st few days than have surgery soon as I do. Will see I really hope I have better luck than last year.

Got a date with DR Molina

SO I finally decided to go with Doctor Molina, I been speaking with him for couple weeks now on whatsapp, I had to asked him if he had any major complications like most doctors there and he said so far he never had and issue so I spent couple days doing my homework and I didn't find nothing on him. I was planning on having my surgery in Aug but he said he had 3 opening for this month so I picked the 27th. I really like that he had a slots and he don't overbook himself like some doctors. I be staying in Dreambodydiva RH so far I like them they always replied to my questions and they change my dates without a problem, they a new RH so it can't be bad and I like how their rooms look. So will see.

Dr Molina change of dates.

So unfortunately I can't make my SX date of 27th June. My Dr. MOLINA was so nice he changed right away so my new date is 19th July. I can't wait

Deposit to DR cabral

The old me waiting on the better me.

I am happy with my skin but is always room for improvement.

DR Molina/Dreambodydiva RH

The more I speak with Dr Molina the more comfortable I feel. He always answers my question in a timely manner, I really like that he is super professional. He include all the exams in his price and I like that a lot because when I was going to do it last yr with Cabral I had to pay a lot of extra money for the medical exams and meds. Dr Molina is including the exams and a garment which I already know I will have to buy a better one but I already pick one from Dreambodydiva RH website so I don't have worried about it. They have the good ones that all my friends recommended.

Yesterday I asked him about massages, I didn't think about it until the lady from the RH asked me if I will be having them. Any ways I asked Molina and he said every case is different and not everyone needs them. Therefore I am hopping I don't need them lol.

Also I made my downpayment for the RH, I choose Dreambodydiva because from day one the lady has been super sweet and always answers my questions within minutes not to forget I saw the place in person and I was really impressed with their establishment. I got OCD so hygiene is a big concern of mines. Another reason I choose them is because they pretty much include everything, is no additional charges for transportation, or to have a hospital bed, with them you can choose a regular bed or a hospital so that was pretty neat.

I attached the picture the lady sent me from Instagram with everything that is included. I keep telling myself I a going to open an IG page for this surgery and I keep forgetting to do it.

Now all I need is to get my ticket lol.

All set with Dreambodydiva RH

This is everything they include, I feel great about my journey.

Dreambodydiva RH just made my date

So lady's this just can't get better.

I just checked my email the RH is going to let me take advantage of a sell they just started just cause a girl here switch to them after reading my post. So they are the clean, nice staff but also not money hungry cause I made my reservation and paid most of my stay before the offer. The sent me a email with my new quote and all I can say is thanks for saving me money. Thanks to dreambodydiva RH staff for making my day.

So excited couple more weeks to go.

Almost time

I am so excited between Dr. Molina and Dreambodydiva RH they had made this journey so easy.

Couple more days

Dr. Molina 1st visit

So a few days ago I informed Dr Molina I was in country few days earlier. He asked if I can come in today at 7am for my medical exams. I was planning on driving there myself but I don't know that area at all so I called dreambodydiva RH and asked her if she could give me a ride there. The owner picked me up on her way to pick up another Diva that have an appointment today with Molina as well. We arrived at the clinic around 0715 and so far I am not happy with this clinic. I guess people here don't know the meaning of 1st impression or I am just to picky but bottom line for the amount of money we pay to get this done the services and establishments should be better. As we go along with the process this place seems to be more disappointing, the office is super small, the exam rooms are even smaller, the waiting area is a hot mess can't fit more than 6 people and the staff don't even have pens for you to fill out the necessary forms. So far the only Americans here is myself and my SX buddy. Only thing I am still happy with is the service of the recovery house.

1st visit part 2

So Dr. Molina said he includes everything but here we are getting x-ray and we have to pay for it. Is not much but I had to asked Carolyn the owner of the recovery house to let me borrow some money to pay for it. I didn't bring cash with me and do not feel comfortable asking a total stranger for money. Also we had to leave his clinic to go to a different clinic to get the x-ray. His secretary sent us to the wrong building they had move the x-ray to a different location a while back. Anyways is not about how much it cost I just like to know the details on front so I can be prepared. I like to know what I am doing in advance so at this point I am having second thoughts not sure if I want to proceed with Molina. The more I keep talking to my SX buddy the more I second guess myself because the lack of communication. He told both of us late Sunday night to be here at 7am Monday now the secretary saying we don't see him until 1230. Is time to return to the clinic and finally meet Dr Molina but by the time I got there he wasn't there so I asked his secretary and she told me she didn't had a clue because he went back to surgery, than I asked her why she told me to go back at a specific time that we wasn't able to keep, his secretary replied with a stank attitude that I didn't appreciated since I am the one paying for the services not the other way around. Couple minutes after I left Dr molina sent me a message not saying much and I replied but I didn't heard from him till couple hrs later his wife asked me to return to the clinic. I explained that I been there multiple times today and she didn't said much but she understands. I don't know about everyone else but I like things clear specially if I am paying a large amount of money. So is now 2:59 pm and I am heading back to his office. I arrived at 1530 the secretary was nice I guess it was a misunderstanding between us but Molina wife was there. Dr Molina received me with a smart comment but than he apologized for the miscommunication and having me come there multiple times. The initial consultation was ok, once he saw me in person his recommendations change completely, I think he realized he was charging me a lot just for lipo on my stomach so he offered to do it in multiple areas. I asked to see one of his post op rooms but they were all occupied so he said I can see it prior to my surgery. The doctor was not that bad but again communication is not something they good at it, if you don't ask questions like when, why, who what you won't have a clue on what to do next. Oh well is not my 1st rodeo so let's see what happens Monday

Heading back home

I am sad not cause I can't get my SX done but the reasons why I have to postpone my SX. I just had to death in my family so I am on my way back home. I emailed Dr Molina this morning when I found out and hopefully I can get my SX reschedule for next month.

It sucks cause I have spent so much money on this trip to get this done. I was almost 70% sure about it this time which is way more than I was before but hey everything happens for a reason. I post later on when my new SX dates will be. Kind of feeling bad I had to leave because my SX buddy stay at the RH because of my post and now I am not there but family always comes 1st.

Rescheduling going smooth

Dr Molina already answered and told me just to let him know when I can come back and he will work with me. I was in such a rush to get home that I forgot to informed Carolyn the owner of the recovery house smh. I just sent her a message so hopefully she can accommodate me next month.

So frustrated and confused I need help

So I meet with DR Mejia last Friday because I heard good things about him and his staff, well let me start by saying this wow, the clinic is definitely upscale and him and the staff are the best, so after doing a face to face consultation I was almost 100% sure I wanted to change from Molina to DR Mejia so I proceed to schedule my surgery for this Monday Aug 1st. Well here goes my luck minute I left his office I was sick I got a major cold over the weekend so now I can't have the SX done until I get over this cold so I let Dr Mejia know and he sent me a list of medicines that I started taking. So here I am laying in the bed and I scrolled on Dr Mejia IG and I no longer want to do my SX with him, he does great surgery on big ladies but not necessary on thick ladies, also after scrolling to all his pictures I didn't see a WOW picture so I am back to square one I am seriously thinking about going back to Molina despite the bad reviews. I am just so afraid he will hurt my back even more smh.
At this point I am frustrated don't want to keep looking for doctors and spending more money.

Any suggestion on a great doctor I am looking for that wow factor.

Final decision going with Dr. Mejia

Ok so I know this journey has been a Rollercoaster, it has been hard choosing the right doctor mainly cause my fear of them hurting my back, having screws on my lower back is painful as it is so anything can make my pain worst. Well enough about me lol, Dr Mejía assistant hit me up on whatapp and after an hour conversation she made me feel better, she also showed me pictures of before and after that he doesn't have on his page but she does on hers and that made a big difference, also I found out he does high definition liposuction which it really caught my attention. Anyways I am getting my test done tomorrow than Dr Mejía is going to do my SX Saturday, I thought it was weird cause they normally don't do surgery on Saturday's so I feel special lol now all I have to do is get over this cold.

Almost forgot different Doctors different procedures

So I almost forgot now I am getting lipo in the back, a mini tummy tuck with high definition lipo on the front, Lipo on my arms and a bbl wow now that I think about it that's a lot lmao.

Today's lesson

Don't judge the book by its cover, also there is always 2 side of the story. Anyways I paid my surgery in full today, and tomorrow I have to be at the clinic 1st thing in the morning. So ready to get this over with. Now I am debating if I want to lose the money for the hotel, or should I just get a nurse to come here for the 1st 2 days or just stay at the RH from the beginning, we'll I will sleep on it and figure out in the morning.

Ready for sx

I arrived at the hospital at 830 this morning, the owner of the recovery house meet me at the clinic. I decided I will pay for a nurse to spend the night with me and to stay with me at the hotel until Monday so I won't lose my money after that I will be moving in to the RH. The owner has been great so far. I had a bit issues getting ready for surgery due to my back problems they going to cedate me n put me to sleep, I took the Lil blue pill a while ago still waiting on the full effects. Oh the clinic is almost empty today I think is only to surgeons doing surgery today. No Oh well new me here I come.

Super happy with the Doctor surgery is done

Hi divas,

1st let me start by saying this best decision ever.

Dr Mejía and his taff was great from the minute I got here this morning but most importantly they all knew about my back surgery and the level of pain I am due to it, the anesthesiology didn't want to give me a shot on my back but between them they agree it was best for my back to just put me to sleep under general anesthesia. Well after the Lil blue pill I took the best nap ever by the time they got me I was wide awake lol so I walked with the nurse because they won't let me walk by myself to the OR, they had music in English and everyone was in a great mood and really nice I really like that, after the hook everything on me I remember receiving a shot n up to LA la land I went. I woke up in the room with the owner of the recovery house n the nurse they was holding my hands n trying to keep me warm. When I came out all I remember was telling them how much my previous back injury hurts n I knew is because I was laying on my back for long also it was so cold that I was feeling the screws on my back. The lady of the RH said I cursed out one of the doctors because he was trying to cover my feet n I was trying to tell them it was my back that I need it to warm up, anyway I do remember going of but I only remember the owner of the recovery house n the nurse lol. I will leave another comment to explain my gratitude to the RH staff. I sleep few more hrs and woke up hungry and thirsty. Pain is minimum it feels I just had a c-section again, my body don't hurt I am able to move my legs and arms without no point, ladies either Dr Mejía had magical hands or I have a really high tolerance for pain because I do not feel like a had surgery.

Hands down to the RH staff

My intentions where to take a cab to the clinic from the hotel but I called the RH last night to inform her of my surgery today, she immediately ask me what time I be ready to be pick up n where, I explained I had paid for a hotel because the keep pushing my surgery because of the bad cold I had therefore I will be staying at the hotel until Tuesday n after that I be staying at the RH . This morning she came up to the room and waited for me to go into surgery, when I woke up from surgery she was already here with a nurse, and they both make sure I was good, the owner left but the nurse is staying here for the night. Is no words that can describe how thankful I am, I forgot what I paid for but she was so honest about everything, so far I am happy with Dr Mejía and super happy with Dreambodydiva RH.

The things no one tells you smh.

So I received my yellow flower from Dr. Mejía that I was good to go and got released from the clinic, we'll on my way to the hotel the nurse realize my drainage wasn't working so back to the clinic we go, after almost and hr of blowing up the doctors phone he finally answer just to tell me the nurse there didn't know how to work it n to go back the next day, we'll to my luck another nurse walking in and she fix it. Ladies believe me when I say is a difference when you are not draining right you can feel liquids building up. We'll so far no issues other than no one tell you how hard it to use the bathroom in this garments, number one is a piece of cake but number 2 is something different lol, after 2 days of holding it in because I was so afraid I was going to get myself dirty my nurse cut a bigger hold on the garment but to my luck I am already constipated not a good feeling smh. The nurse got me some laxative and I was finally able to to use the bathroom but the other thing no one's mention is how hard is to clean your self lmao. I am not in pain at all but imagine if I was I'm some major pain I don't think I will be able to wipe my own behind. Ladies I really hope someone will had told me this things before seriously. On a serious note do not have surgery if you have a cold I got this cough that is killing me and when I say the only place I feel it is over the mini tummy tuck, only pain I felt since the surgery is when I cough.

3 day post op

So i had my complementary bath from Dr Mejía , it was pretty nice they even scrub my entire body. His assistant said I don't have much fluid only in certain parts so tomorrow I start my massages, I could have done it today but they charge $50 at Cecilip and the lady that does massage at dreambodydiva is only $30 and since I am going there tomorrow morning I matters well just get all of them there. Here are some pictures before surgery and from today.

6 days post on and they removed the drainage

I had my 2nd visit today with Dr Mejía, they removed the drainage he said I didn't need it cause I don't have much fluids once the swelling goes down I be pretty good. The one thing he noticed is the garment is digging on my sides so he told me to to put pads on it so it doesn't mess up my waist. Other than he said I look good I still don't see it I do see the flat stomach everything else I guess I will have to wait for the results see if I did get the high definition on my abs he said he sees it but I don't lol. Also he said he did a bbl and I don't see he did anything back there, I didn't want a full bbl just for him to lift it a bit more but I can see where he did the lipo on my arm and stomach because of the swelling but nothing on my back or my stomach smh. Only time can tell not to disappointed because I do plan to get back in the gym but if I am paying for it I was expecting to see some type of difference. Only time will tell. The RH is washing my garment today, and ladies is really uncomfortable moving around without it lol.

Almost forgot dreambodydiva RH welcome gifts

I almost forgot to post my gifts I received once I arrived to dreambodydiva RH. They pretty sweet. You definitely get spoiled here.

1st massage and no Bbl

Today I had my 1st massage, ladies all I can say is it hurts but I guess that's the point lol. It was really painful around my ribs which is the only area I guess he did liposuction on me cause nothing else hurts, we'll and my arms are bang up but they didn't hurt as much, now I am not to happy even the lady that did my massage said the doctor didn't gave me no bbl, I didn't want nothing major since I already got a pretty size butt I just wanted him to lift it up and fill in the spots where I got cellulitis. It seems he just added a small amount of fat if any on the top part but nothing on the rest super disappointed but best believe he will know next time I see him. Why charge for something if he can do the job smh

Dreambodydiva RH review

This is way overdue. Divas all I can say is this was definitely the best decision in my entire journey, I am not happy with my results but I was definitely happy with the treatment I received there. The food was great, the staff was great, Ela and Joanna have such of positive vibe they will lift anyone's spirit. The place was always clean and they literally include everything they even did my laundry. I will definitely recommend this RH house. Also am glad I meet Victoriasecret she definitely made every day a positive day along with great wifi and Netflix.

1 month 4 days post op

I haven't updated my profile because I am still waiting to see the final results. I still got a line on the side of my stomach that is not going nowhere, my back still looks like I didn't get no lipo other than that I do have a flat lower stomach. I contacted Dr. Mejia and his staff and they all keep saying I am very swollen and that's why I don't see the lipo on my back and that I will see results after 3 months but I know my body and I can guarantee was nothing done back there, my stomach looks great other than the line I have and hopefully that will go away because if not I will be seeing Dr. Mejía again in 3 months to fix it.

seeing results but not totally there yet.

So my stomach is flat, I am in a medium faja and is no longer tight on my stomach but is really tight in my legs so I figured the best solution is to get a large so it won't bother my legs and get it altered to fit my waist line. Also I am already considering a 2nd round next yr lmao, I really wish my doctor would have done a better job in my back, I got a flat front but still got handles on my back lmao. I also wish I would had reduce my legs, like get a gap in between my legs so I can wear shorts or a dress without getting irritated, but we will see I got a yr to hit the gym and see what I can't and can improve.
Dr Molina

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