32 Year Old,mom of 2, Getting Tummy Tuck, Lipo & breast lift and implants in DR March 2016

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I had been thinking about a Tummy tuck for 4...

I had been thinking about a Tummy tuck for 4 years, since having my daughter. My family is from the Dominican Republic and I have decided to use a doctor there. Although the price is a lot less there that is not the main reason for my decision. I feel that I've found the best doctor for the job. I am very impressed by his work and his staff's service. I haven't seen any real review for him on this site and decided I would document own journey. Tomorrow I will be sending a wire transfer to secure the surgery date of my choice. Lord willing it will be on Monday March 14, 2016.
I plan to arrive the morning of the Friday prior. I am nervous to go under the knife since I have two little ones, 8 and 4. But I am ready to take this step. I am on the small side measuring 5' 1" and weighing 126lbs which is on the heavy side for me. After three birth of my daughter my stomach didn't snap back. Now it feels like it's bulging out and no amount of crunches helps. I cannot wait to get a tummy tuck and lipo on my sides and lower back. I hope to journal about my process here. While March 2016 seems far away I am sure that it will be here before I know it. My mom will be traveling with me and we will stay with family for the post op. It will be very hard being away from my dear hubby and kids for so long but I hope it will be well worth it. So excited! !

Important items for me

I had to add the items most important to me when deciding on a PS.
1. Incision- I have seen some that have scared the crap out of me. I do not have a squiggly sloppy incision. I want it as small and as low as possible. Everything I've seen of Dr.Collado looks amazing
2. Belly button- another very important thing. I want to walk out with a better belly button, not worse. Cute and small is what I'm looking for.
3. Artistic sculpting- it is very important that I came out with a hour glass, curved figured. I do not want to look like a box with no shape. Another area of expertise of this doctor.

179 days to go! ! I will post some pics of me tonight that will serve as my before pics.

Posting my before pictures

137 days to go

But who's counting? I am so excited it is all I can think about sometimes. I will be Skyping with the doctor next week. I want to ask all of my questions before renewing my passport and booking my flight. I plan to buy my tickets late December or early January. I am very grateful that my mom will be traveling with me and that we have family in the capital. I know it will be here before I know it. Today I posted by before pictures on here. I am currently weighing 128 lbs. Last December I weighed 103 lbs! So I'm not sure exactly why I've gained so much weight since nothing has really changed. Maybe my metabolism has finally slowed down. I have always worked out on and off. So now I'm back on. I'm doing tabata 3 to 4 times a week or using the elliptical. I want to be in the best shape possible before surgery.
I must admit I feel selfish and nervous thinking about leaving the kids for so long! But I never do anything remotely close to it and I'm going to be so happy having my body back!

Wish pics

I wanted to post a few wish pics. These are actual pictures of his patients. What I love seeing about all his patients is the great, clean incision and great recovery results. Not all surgeries are alike so I will have realistic expectations but I love what I'm seeing and his overall philosophies.

I have my virtual Skype consultation with the doctor Thurs evening. I can't wait! !! I have my list of questions and alsother still considering the possibility of adding my boobs to the operation. Not 100% that will happen for financial reasons but I'm trying to convince hubby to make it happen :)

Spoke with the Dr just now!

I was scheduled for my virtual consult on Thursday but the office contacted me to see if I was available this evening! He was very nice, professional and patient. He answered all of my questions clearly.
he said drains will be in for about 7-10 days
pre surgery supplements should be- folic acid, vitamin c, & Iron
My hemoglobin # should be around 12 to be cleared for surgery
He would like me to be in DR for 15 days post op
the first night I spend it at the clinic overnight
the girdle will be worn for 2 months post op

So with that being said I'm contacting his office lady to see if I can move my surgery to Friday 3/11 so that i can take advantage of the weekend for post op instead of having surgery the following Monday 3/14. Flights to DR are cheap so I want to buy those as soon as possible too!! So excited and feel even more confident after having spoken to him. I'll be renewing my passport in a couple of weeks!!

Getting a little more work done

So it turns out that I will be having my boobs done too! I will need a lift and then will be getting gummy bear implants. A very exciting turn of events. I explained to my husband that I really wanted to take advantage of the trip and get everything I needed done at once because I doubt I'll be able to travel back anytime soon.
I mailed in my passport renewal this last week and bought my nice swivel suitcase today. Wednesday I buy my flights!! I hope they don't go up a dime more by then. So far it will cost me $870 total for both my flight and my moms.
My time off has already been approved at work so I'm just about ready to go! I can still hardly believe this is happening!! It is going to be a long 2 weeks away from my husband and kids and that's the part I'm dreading the most. I will also be spending my bday over there which is bitter sweet but at least my mom will be with me and I'll be staying with family and not strangers. 119 days to go.

94 more days!!

Passport... check! Suitcase. ... check! I also started my iron and folic acid supplements. I am very excited and can't wait. I need time buy some loose fitting dress especially and loose tops. I still want to look cute but practical. I can't wait! !

60 Days to go

OMG!!! I blinked and bam! Only 60 days to go before my surgery. I really can't believe it. Next week I will start putting things in my suitcase so that I don't forget anything and am not packing last minute. My main concern right now is my boobs. I do not want big boobs so I'm going to find a few pictures of my ideal end result to show the doctor. I'd like to end up with a small C, anything bigger and I would be very unhappy. That is my only real concern is ending up with too big boobs. I think it will be alright as long as I'm clear. I'm going to prepare a file folder and take with me on my carry on suitcase since I'm going straight to the clinic from the airport. In it I'll make sure to have a list of my questions as well as color pictures of women with the size boobs I like. I arrive Thursday morning around 10:30 and my surgery is the next day, on Friday morning!
I have already started taking my supplements of Iron, folic acid and vitamin c, on top of my daily multivitamins, probiotics and omega oils that always take. The closer the date gets the more nervous I'm getting. I'm so glad my mom will be with me. I have to order a pair of comfy slippers and a toiletry bag but other than that I'm good to go. I also need a few cute and loose dresses for my post op appointments and going out anywhere. I am hoping my drains come out in 5 days after the surgery. The sooner the better because those look like a pain!! Well that's all for now. I am not sure when I'll be able to update after surgery. I need to make sure and pin this website to my phone so that I can easily login and update after surgery.

39 days left!

Time is flying by!! I can't believe it. But want to know what's better?? Both my sisters are traveling to DR on the same dates. One sister is getting surgery with her doctor who first did her boobs 10 years ago and my other sister is getting surgery with my same doctor Collado 3 days after me . My poor mom lol. But my sisters will be staying with other family and not with the cousins I'm staying with. This trip will be a trip of a lifetime not to mention 2 of us will spend our bdays over there too.
My husband is so sweet and amazing that he booked my mom and me a hotel at the airport the night before our flight. Our flight is very early in the morning and we are 1.5 hours away from the airport so it will be a lot less stressful to be right at the airport hotel and take the shuttle over. I doubt I'll sleep that night anyway.
I've been taking my daily pre-op supplements: multivitamin, vitamin C, Iron and folic acid and probiotic. From now on I'll only take acetaminophen when needed and steer clear of ibuprofen.
I'm going to be shopping for a couple of outfits for when I'm there. Loose, boho looking tops or short dresses. I don't want my girdle showing as I'm out and about.
I'll be paying in full for my surgery this week so that everything is ready to go! I've lost a couple of pounds and would like to lose 5 or 8 more before surgery if possible. I'm at 128 now.
Ladies if you're considering this doctor look no further! I have zero worries about the clinic, staff or doctor. I'll sing his praises more after the surgery Lord wilLing.
My next entry here will probably be post op!! Blessings to all of you getting surgery in the next few weeks.

8 more days!!

I cannot believe the moment has come!! I leave to DR in 8 days and my surgery is in 9 days. I am all packed and ready to go, I think! Starting to get a bit nervous but my mother and both sisters will be with me so I think that helps a lot. I am trying to be very careful to take all my supplements and not get sick! Everyone is sick around me but so far I'm good. I ordered my arnica tabs on Amazon and will take those with me. I'll update you all once arrive or right after surgery!!

The day has arrived

I met with the doctor today. He's super nice and easy to talk to. We discussed my breast implant size and the details of my surgery. I will have to arrive tomorrow at 7:30 am to see the cardiologist and my surgery will be sometime around 10:30. The clinic is very nice and everyone was friendly. I am not nervous at all for some reason. I'll update again at some point post op.

6 days Post Op

If you're considering using this doctor, do so. My entire experience has been wonderful from the start. I met the doctor on Thursday afternoon once I landed. Friday morning was my surgery. He is very sweet and takes his time to listen. My surgery lasted about 4.5 hours and I stayed the night in the clinic. The room was clean and spacious and the nurses were very professional and caring. My waist is super tiny and my boobs are the exact size I wanted. Not too big, I'm now at a regular C cup. The 1st couple of days were rough. My back hurts and I just felt super uncomfortable. Now im.much better. Yesterday I had a spa bath and had one drain removed. I'm at the clinic now to see if he can remove my 2nd and final drain. Once that isout I'll feel so much better. I started my massages on Monday, 3 sessions. I can't wait to see my final results once all the swelling goes down.

3 weeks post op

I'm feeling much better after starting my post op lymphatic massages. I've had 2 so far and they've made a world of difference! My right side waist area hurts the most from the lipo but I'm healing pretty much perfectly. I have to wear my Faja (girdle) full time for another month and then another month just during the day. I hate wearing it but it's really comfortable and provides me with a lot of support.
My belly button is still healing due to the hernia repair but it's about ready.

4 weeks post op

On Sunday I will be one month post op. I am feeling pretty good. No pain but still some swelling which is totally normal. I still have to sleep on my back for another 2 weeks. I finished my 5th post op lymphatic massage yesterday. The massages helped tremendously with the initial pain and swelling in my abdomen. I am loving the way I look and so pleased with my results. I have been using the scar cream for 1 week and the results are impressive. I doubt I will have any sign of a scar in another month's time. I am soooooooo glad I finally decided to do this. I struggled with leaving my children and even now not being able to do everything I'm used to doing, but it was the right choice for me and i will be looking amazing for summer!! If you are considering this doctor feel free to ask me as many questions as you want. What a great experience :)
I will post a better frontal picture as soon as my belly button heals. The massage ladies also gave me a marble to use to shape my belly button perfectly and I'll start using that next week!

One month pics

Still swollen, belly button still healing

A little walk without my girdle

Bikini time!!!

Ordered my new summer loot!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My communication with the staff has been a delight so far. Very prompt and professional.

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