31 Yrs Old Mother of a 13yr Old & a 6 Yr Old (Lipo, Tummy Tuck & Fat Grafing) - Dominican Republic

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I am 31 yrs old with a 13 and 6 yr old. I have...

I am 31 yrs old with a 13 and 6 yr old. I have been looking into three different doctors for a couple of months now. One is Dr. Jimmerson, Dr. Yily & Dr. Robles. Now I had emailed Dr. Jimmerson but no response. I emailed Dr. Robles and I got a response really quick. I was asked to send pictures so I can know how much everything would cost and told $5,200 which I think is great for what comes included with it. When on the other hand Dr. Jimmerson starting quote is $10,300 and while I am looking for a great doctor I am also looking for a price that I can afford. See I want good price but for the doctor to be good and im not trying to have this done cause I have kids and gain weight but more because I have had many surgeries in the past for my health almost all on the stomach so it looks very uneven and I want it fixed. I will never be able to wear a bikini but at lease I wont be embarrass wit an uneven belly. So I am scared be cause of stories we hear but this is why I am looking. Also I have two friends who just went and got work done by Dr. Robles and can't wait to see them. But also was told that she did a great job and they were treated good and everything was clean. I can't wait have to put the deposit down to hold date.

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Hello there all. I have been on here for about a yr now and finally found a doctor that will be doing my ps. Since the first time talking to the assistant Mekil and then yesterday going to Dr. Eric Sadeh for a consultation and let me say from the moment myself and fiancé walked in it was welcoming. Then when we met with Dr. Sadeh he was very nice and made me feel so comfortable. So he told me that Mekil would call me the next day which is today and she did for pricing and even though it is a lil expensive it is all worth it. I say this because I have had a few friends who have gone to DR and they have amazing results but I can't take that chance of going only because my health so I chose to stay here and if god forbid something goes wrong I don't have to do the back and fourth traveling. So my date is set for 3/28/15
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