31 Year Old NY Mother of 2 Need Sx Buddy for a Mommy Makeover

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So look I have been following so many of you for...

So look I have been following so many of you for so long. I have finally decided to go ahead and get surgery. I want : BBL, body Lipo (back, arms, flanks, inner thighs) and Lipo to abdomen or possibly a tummy tuck. I'm 5'3" and weigh 204. I'm getting down to 180 to be on the safe side of the BMI. I am torn between Dr BAEZ and Dr Diaz Guzman. I wanted to be a duran doll but im over her. I've sent emails, whatsapp messages, FB inboxes etc with no reply. If shes that busy i,don't want her operating on me. Dr Diaz and Baez both make me feel comfortable and I speak with them daily. They answer all my questions. Dr BAEZ quote is a little cheaper but Dr diaz has an all inclusive package he is offering me.

Does anyone have any reviews ?? I've studied their work and pics. But i want to talk to some actual ppl they've worked on. I'm scared. No lie. But i want to be happy with myself finally. Im a nurse so i have access to most of the stuff I need if you know what i mean. I'm from NY. And i got a date of 1-31-17. I need help with recovery houses. I'm thinking of my home, tropical, or paradise. Still researching. I'm shi#$%% bricks over here thinking of what I'm about to do. I really want a sx buddy. I'm so look stuck on which Dr to pick. You guys have been motivation and inspiration!!!!!
I've got some wish pics and some pics of their ig work HELP ME DECIDE!!!!

Got my quote !!!

So,i have my quote. $3900 from Dr Baez. I've decided to go with her because I wasn't completely satisfied with all of Dr diaz photos. Everything was cool. But now that im.ready to pay my deposit i haven't heard from Dr Baez. I need to make sure my friend and I are both booked jan 31st. This is making me nervous. I don't like when I can't get in touch with the Dr. Has anyone had much reaching Dr Australia Fagoso Baez ???

I've decided on Gianna Colombo's Aesthetic clinic and recovery house. Apparently formerly known as dream barbie recovery house. Anyone have any reviews there? Im.so nervous.

Dr Australia Fragoso Baez emailed me back!! Aww shoot ima be a Baez Doll

Awww shit now!!! It just got real lol. Dr baez emailed me back and confirmed my friend and I's dates and payments. So its office now. Lol were gonna be Baez Dolls!!!!! Now onto the checklists. Can anyone help me out and put a list below. I'll upload my list of everything I am getting. I'm excited and a little more nervous.

Supplies for BBL TT Lipo ( mommy make over)

Can everyone be a hugggeeeee help and list,supplies below that anyone would need traveling to the DR to Santa Domingo to CIPLA for surgery. I'm getting a tummy tuck with muscle repair as well as a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction to my back arm hips and thighs and I am also getting a breast-lift without implants. What should I pack with me to make my stay the easiest?

TT with Muscle Repair, BBL, LIPO-arms,back,flanks,thighs, BL by Dr Australia Fragoso Baez, Dominican Republic ((SUPER EXCITED)

Getting a TT, BBL, LIPO, BA!!! Seems Baez is the best choice. My co-Worker and I have set our date with Dr Baez. We have paid out deposits via wire transfer as her email stated. We have chosen our RH. We're staying with Gianna Colombo at the former dream barbie rh. She changed the name. I'll screenshot the New name

Weight loss update

Hey dolls. So,my scale at home said I was 203-204. Dr office a week and a half ago said i,was 213.....none the less today im 200 !!!!! Happy dance happy dance !!! Herbalife, and the 21 day fix diet and containers are working!!! And by the way ladies I ordered it off Amazon for $8!!! The downloadable diet and menu and recipes all came free. Beats paying 60 bucks online from the actual site. #Winning lol. I can't get jiggy with these shakes tho. I'm nit and never have been a milk drinker, and it's soooo thick. Does anyone have a recipe for a smoothie or shake They made with herbalife????

Supplies rolling in

Most of my supplies are here. My hemo is 13 so im going to keep taking blood builder. I started phentermine yesterday and I have energy thru the roof. I'm hoping to loose 20 more lbs. Already lost about 10-15. Sx is Jan 31st. I'm using bio oil every day and a mix of organic oil and lanolin on my skin every day to prep it for sx. Taking multivitamins too. Is there anything else i should be doing ???? I'm excited and scared

Recovery Houses

Has anyone stayed with Gianna Colombo at her dream Barbie Recovery house??? I need more reviews and they're hard to come by for some reason---makes me kinda nervous. Please help me out guys !!!

Sorry ive been away so long!!!

So i have 25 days to go. My date is 1/31/17. My suitcase is packed and nownim focused on losing this last little bit of weight before surgery. Paid off my RH with gianna Colombo at dream Barbie rh. She has been an absolute doll to me , and im glad so far that i picked her. I will update you guys when I get there about her rh. Im stressing because my job is giving me a hard time about short term disability. They want to speak to the dr. As you all know cosmetic elective sx isn't covered under STD or FMLA so i just wanted the to email me the papers and I'd have Dr Baez sign them. Too easy right smh. Im probably gonna end up just takin unpaid leave with FMLA. Im thibkin of taking 6-8 weeks off. Im soooooooooooo nervous. I can't tell you how many times I've cried. I guess it's just anxiety setting in. Lord please let me lose more weight before I leave lol. Anything exciting i will update you guys ????????????????????

Changed from Baez to Manon

Omg so i dont even know where to begin. Well lets start with the fact that i was indecisive at the last minute. My flight left NY 1-30-17 @5:40 AM. I got to the airport only to find that i couldnt leave because i only had a passport card...not a book. My stupid self didnt realize every time i went to the dominican i was on a cruise smh. So i had to go get an emergency booklet made. It cost $170 and took 2 hours. So i ended up leaving out at 3:30pm and arrived in DR at midnight 1/31. So at this point i decided on Dr Manon.

I contacted Rosa and told her what happened and she insisted everything was okay and i could still have surgery 1/31. I slept until 8:30 am and was instructed to arrive at cecip for labs at 9am. Junior the driver was amazing and had WiFi in his car for me to contact my family. He had AC and the car was clean and comfortable. He took me to my RH - Gianna Colombo Dream Barbie Recovery House. The house was clean when I arrived but i was bothered that the RH did not come pick me up. I will just put it out there that Gianna Colombo was an absolute sweetheart!! I was however unhappy with my stay at her house towards the end. Thats another review. Any way....fast forward.....testing was fast and everything went smoothly . At CECIP (the original clinic not Dr Manons new clinic CECIPLER--thus one is across from the presidents castle) it was very clean and there was an English speaking staff there who gave me all my forms in english to fill out. I know alot of dr's had forms only in Spanish. I was taken to a room with a shower a bed a couch and a fridge and ac and a tv. It was basic but clean and spacious. The anesthesia dr came in first. She explained the meds and asked if I wanted a pain pump. I said yes and then paid her $200 for it. It is put in during surgery. I signed a release form for her. Next Rosa and Dr Manon came in. He greets you warmly with hug and kiss ladies!! Lmao. He marked me up, asked for wish pics and took measurements. He assured me I would be happy and told me to relax. He made me so comfortable! Rosa is a dream and a sweetheart. And i cant explain how beautiful she is!!!! So i paid rosa abd changed into my gown comoression socks and bonnet lmao. Someone came in and gave me my blue pill....and ladies that was all she wrote. I remember nothing else except waking up later that evening back in my room with my nurse dennise lara!!! I was hurting like a mf and i was shaking like a leaf because i was freezing!!!! Its a COMMON SIDE EFFECT OF ANESTHESIA LADIES SO BRING A HEATED BLANKET!!!!! Anyway i was pretty much pain free that night. Dennise called my family and video chat with my mom to calm her nerves and she took great care of me. The next morning the nurses brought foid but i wanted nothing but the fruit. The put some arnica on my back and stuffed me back in my faja. I was extremely swollen!!! Back to the RH I went. Dr Manon was a great choice because he snatched my ass to the gawds in one round! I did get a dog ear, and i experienced necrosis to my belly button. It healed quickly though because i brought manuka honey with me. Thank Goodness i did !!! Any questions feel free to ask.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr Baez over a lot of other doctors including dr. Duran because she seemed very genuine she seems to care a lot about me as a patient and my health and she responds very quickly and thoroughly to all of my inquiries. Weather I emailed her or text her with WhatsApp she always got right back to me. Her work looks great!!! I've seen some ladies on RS and I've stalked her IG page. Lol. It's definitely began to sink in. My biggest dilemma is losing weight. I have to get down to 190 but I'm striving for 180. Currently 5'3" 204. Any help with losing these pounds? I have 2 kids and that along with on and off again stress and depression has done DAMAGE to my body. I'm too young to be unhappy with myself. I've tried working out but to be honest -- that shit just isn't for everyone. I can't wait to be #SNATCHED And just be happy with the skin I'm in!!! Any advice on weight loss will be greatly appreciated. So many of you have inspired me to go through with this. My mother isn't happy about it. In fact she's actually terrified and scared. She's heard the horror stories. I tried to tell her ive done my research and I'm ready but shes not hearing it. I need help with the following ladies: *Weight loss tips techniques or supplements? *Packing list *Must haves to make rh life easier *unnecessary travel items RS is so much like a support group. And its so informative. I feel like I know so many of you already. I've been on here stalking wayyyyy before i became an actual member lol. #TeamBaez #BaezDoll

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